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Your Purpose Is So Simple ! By Ann Albers ... And ... You Are Always Wrapped In Wings of Pure Love By Shanta Gabriel ... And ...The Greatest Gift By Jenny Schiltz

Your Purpose Is So Simple ! By Ann Albers

Hi Dear Friends!

Our purpose is much easier than we think. Read the angels' view on our shared purpose and I'll share a sweet story of feeling it in a small miracle.

Love you all!

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many of you upon the earth wonder, “What is my life’s purpose?” You seek to find meaningful work or meaningful projects, hoping that once you “find your purpose” you will also feel significant in the greater scheme of life. You want to feel like you matter.  

Dear ones, you matter right now, whether you are sitting in your house recovering from an injury and doing nothing at all, or whether you are out feeding or inspiring millions.  Each one of you plays a beautiful part in the tapestry of life. Each one of you is important. There is not a single one of you without purpose.

No matter what you do, what you build, or how many souls you care for, there is always and only one underlying purpose to life – to remember, to re-experience your connection with the eternal source of love in yourself and in all of creation, and to allow that love to have unique experiences through you as you use your free will to create.

We can sum it up very easily… see love, be love, allow love to flow through you into your creations and your life.

If you are laying on the couch recovering from an illness or injury watching endless hours of TV to pass the time, love yourself. Love your tenacity to keep going and healing. Love the fact that you are doing something that distracts you from pain because you care about your own comfort.  Pray for your healing. Pray for the healing of all others with this condition, or any condition for that matter.  Your love is your service. Your love is your truth.

If you are feeding or inspiring thousands, do so from a place of balance and love. Love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Know when to rest. Develop healthy boundaries and a healthy routine of self care so you can keep going strong. Put your heart, your family, and your personal priorities on an equal level with those you serve and then you will serve from a cup that “runneth over” rather than serving from a need to be needed.

Dear ones, it is your internal state that determines whether or not you fulfill the purpose of love here upon this earth. No matter what you are doing, you can see love, be love, and live in the flow of love.

It is easy to love in heaven. It is easy to feel your connection to the sun when it shines upon you. However, when that light is hidden by clouds or the gray shadows of winter, can you still find and feel a warmth within and share that with others?  This is your journey here upon the earth.

If you were to lift very tiny weights you would not become strong, but if you gradually increase the weights you lift, you would become mighty indeed! If you love when love is easy, that is beautiful, but if you really want to learn to love, then you incarnate on a planet where loving – self and others – is not always easy. You grow that “muscle” in small ways at first, choosing to care for yourself, to accept yourself, to be kind to yourself, and then you increase your “weights” by loving others – even those who are hard to love.

Love the light within them, dear ones. You do not have to even like the personality or the behavior. See and witness the light in others using your imagination – your inner eye. Imagine those souls who hurt and confuse you burning with a very great light emanating from their hearts. Imagine this light expanding with them, embracing them, dissolving the illusions of their pain and suffering until they too can feel the love that sources their very being.

You could bring the dead to life and the emotionally dead to love if you could do this strongly enough, from a place of knowing the light within yourself as well.

Dear ones you have purpose – now and always and forevermore. Even in your darkest moments, you deepest sadness, you most fiery angers, you are seeking to reconnect with love. Realize this and suddenly the smallest act in your life becomes imbued with deep purpose. 

Wash your dishes with love.  Pack your lunch with love. Send an email with a blessing and wish of love for the receiver. Pay your bills and bless them and give thanks for the eternal flow that will provide the refill. 

The simplest, smallest act or thought achieved with love is greater than the mightiest contribution achieved with out.

We see your purpose and your light at all times. Our service to you is to bear witness to the truth of your being so you too can step into that light, experience its bliss, and become the light, the way, the truth for those who are not yet there.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Experience Your Infinite Love & Light Self By Melanie Beckler"

Ann's Message .....

Hi Everyone,

Some days the newsletter takes hours for me to write. The angel message is easy. Mine is the one that takes time. I wonder, at times, how I can say something meaningful after writing over 900 newsletters in the last 18 years. However, as soon as I drop into my heart, re-read the angels’ message, and wait, something comes to mind.

This week the angels’ sentence, "You could bring the dead to life and the emotionally dead to love if you could do this strongly enough from a place of knowing the light within yourself as well,” brings to mind an incident that happened a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if the little one I brought back to life was actually dead or merely comatose, but it does illustrate the power of love.

I was hobbling around with my broken toe when the sudden impulse to go out to the pool hit me. I know what that means. Some bug or other critter has fallen in, and wants help out. It never fails. Sure enough there was a sweet little bumblebee floating sideways, wings soaked, and not moving in the chilly water. By the time I got outdoors and saw him, he looked nearly gone. I fished him out, but he wasn’t moving. I feared he was dead.  Oddly enough I had just been praying to strengthen my ability to help others in miraculous healing.  Here was an opportunity to assist...

I scrapped my plans for the evening and sat with the little guy. I put one hand under the net and another above him. For many minutes nothing happened.  I felt no energy moving. His little spirit was clearly out of body.  I didn’t know if he wanted to stay or go and was too attached to get a clear answer, so I prayed. “Dear God if he is ready to leave, get him into the light. If he wishes to live, then work through me to help him.”  My hands started heating up.

 I felt a fire inside of me that burnt from the center of my belly and flowed out through the palms. With my eyes open I saw blue light glowing around my hands and flowing into the little guy. 

I stayed still and continued to surrender to the energy. The heat turned off after several minutes.  “It is done now,” I heard the angels say. You can go inside and leave him out here. I wasn't so sure. He still looked dead.

I got out my magnifying glass. He lay with legs splayed out to one side and without movement. His wings were still soaked and stuck to his furry wet body. I sent him love and wished with all my heart he could know how deeply he was cherished and how precious he was in all of creation.

Suddenly he started to move. His legs twitched. I was looking at him through the magnifying lens when suddenly he turned his head and looked at me. I went spontaneously into gaze mode. I felt the Presence of love flowing through me witnessing itself in the form of this tiny bee.

He came to life. He started moving his antennae, cleaning himself off.  This went on for some time, yet still there was no flight. He’d move, then get still, move and get still. I finally offered him a rose petal to climb onto so we could get him off the net and placed him on a patio chair surrounded by lavender buds and rose petals.  At least he'd be more comfortable!

The angels told me to leave him “bee” and go eat dinner. "Surrender, Ann,” they told me. "Trust."  I know trust is imperative in healing, so I went inside, praying that he not be eaten by the geckos or other natural predators. I was still attached. I surrendered more deeply.

The next morning he lay immobile. I thought he was dead, so I prayed once again. “Dear God if he’s gone give me a sign. If he wants to live, let me know.” My hands started heating up. I aimed them at the bee. I got the magnifying glass out and gazed for him. He looked back, started wiggling and wagging and looked me straight in the eye through the glass. I burst into tears. I had no idea why I was sobbing. I just felt SO much love.

“I love you! I hope you get back to your family…” I cried. He looked at me again, and wagged even more. I knew he would live, fly, go back home, and have a few more precious days of life on this earth. He did take flight after a very long night, and my heart soared right along with him.

I help thousands of people. I teach classes, do readings, do the newsletters, social media, gazing, etc, but my soul knows that in a moment of unabashed pure love with that little bee – with God inside of me looking at God inside of him – there I found purpose, meaning, and another one of the most beautiful moments of my life.  

Never, ever feel you are without purpose. In the words of Emily Dickinson:

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.


Here are a few ways to find purpose in the simplest acts of love….

1. Choose to love and accept yourself

When you catch yourself in an act of self criticism, use your willpower and stop. Shift and acknowledge three positive things about yourself.

You just chose love. You just lived on purpose.

2. Do something mundane with love

Wash the dishes, fold the laundry, cook dinner, drive to work with consciousness and love. Treat the dishes like you are washing the hands of God. Fold the laundry as if you are soothing the clothing of God. Cook dinner as if you have been gifted the ingredients by the Presence of pure love. Thank your car, and bless the drivers on the road.

The simplest acts become profound prayers and offerings of love in this fashion. They matter.

3. Practice a Random Act of Kindness

Leave a flower or a note for a co-worker who seems down. Pay for the next person's coffee at the drive through, or buy a lottery ticket for a stranger. Hold a door. Say something nice to a stranger on Facebook.

Whenever spirit moves you leave a trail of loving kindness... always making sure you are being kind to yourself as well.

It is easy to look for the big things to bring purpose to life, but the real bliss comes from finding loving purpose in the smaller things, because life is a series of tiny acts, and simple thoughts that can be turned into pure, purposeful, spiritual gold!

Love you all!

Video - "Archangel Gabriel Meditation - Activating Your Spiritual Power" By Melanie Beckler -


You Are Always Wrapped In Wings of Pure Love By Shanta Gabriel & AA Gabriel

For this week's issue, the message from Archangel Gabriel is reminding us that we are not alone and there is never a time when we are not cared for and loved beyond our capacity to understand.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week


There is never a time when you are not
wrapped in the wings of Pure Love.

Shanta's Message .....

I remember receiving this message from Archangel Gabriel at a time when I felt very lost and alone. It soothed my heart in a deep and comforting way.
So many people feel alone right now, and they don't have a sense of connection to God or the Angels who have supported them throughout lifetimes. It takes intention and some effort to retrain your thoughts to create a focus on this Divine Presence within you.

That is why I loved the beautiful visual image of being surrounded in Wings of Pure Love. I could sense with my imagination the feeling of being wrapped in feathers of white light that were imbued with the sweet feeling of Love. I could even imagine that these feathers were brushing away any sadness or pain. I could also taste Divine Love in that little sweetness I sensed at the back of my tongue.
There is a quote from Einstein I love: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."

Through our imagination, we have a powerful tool that will allow us to become creative and open to new levels of consciousness. These images raise our vibrational frequencies and create empowered connections to Source energy and our guidance system. Even though it may not seem very sophisticated, this visualization practice inspires our heart's intelligence.

One day a friend and I were walking. She told me that she would receive a white feather whenever she doubted the presence of Angels working in her life. For fun, I said I also wanted a sign like that. Within the next two steps on the path, there lay a fluffy white feather.

I still have it. Here it is:


Within our hearts is the greatest level of guidance, love and intelligence that we have ever known. Our heart is more powerful than our brain (according to It is certainly more resourceful than that part of us that judges these practices as childlike.

In fact, our spirits respond to the magical way in which our inner child is filled with the devotion of the heart. The magic of synchronicity has become a clear indicator for higher frequencies in the dimensional shifting. When these deep feelings of love and wonder raise our frequency, we become capable of creation at a level we have never before experienced.
Allow a little sweetness to enter your very practical, grounded world. Allow the wonder of a child to become your new open-minded approach to life. In Buddhism, it is called the Child Mind and is a requirement for allowing yourself to be trained by a wise and enlightened master.
Divine Presence,
I ask for a sign that I am being guided and blessed in every moment. I want to have such a powerful experience within my heart that I know that I am always being wrapped in Wings of Pure Love.
Please help me to open my mind and heart to my Divine Presence and the universal flow of energy that allows me to have a full experience of the Divine working in my life.
I dedicate my life and all my actions to bringing more Peace into my heart, and into the hearts of all humanity. Thank you God. And so it is.

Video - "Affirmations - The Power To Heal Is Within Me" By Steve Nobel

AA Gabriel's Message .....

This is a time when the forces of Light and Love are very close to your daily consciousness and you are blessed in a way you have never before known. You have only to turn your attention away from what does not work in your life, and turn toward that which is positive and worthwhile.

This may sound simplistic and too good to be true, especially when you have such overwhelming problems in your world today. However, you are not alone. In fact, there is never a time when you are not wrapped in the Wings of Pure Love.  
Turn your attention to the feeling of love within your heart, and the feeling of love that is hovering around you. With a little imagination, you can even feel the presence of the angelic beings who are working closely with your earth at this time.

The Angels carry a vibration very different from your normal world. It is a powerful force of love and light.  Imagine being enfolded in this light, with an incredible sense of Divine Love flowing into your heart. Let this love spread throughout your entire body. As this love fills you and surrounds you, your fears begin to drop away, and beauty becomes a greater part of your life.

Imagine what it would feel like to be filled with so much beauty and love that it would not matter where you were, or what your physical eyes could see at any moment. You would be basking in the warmth and goodness of the loving presence of your Divine self and the Angels, and this would transform your perception of reality.

When you can continue to remember that you are wrapped in Wings of Pure Love, and that you are filled with loving light, you will begin to vibrate at a higher level of consciousness and this in turn will create change in your immediate world, on a physical level. Just this small shift in your awareness can create miracles.
To have a "miracle" consciousness is to have an awareness that this is your true state of being. To be in that miraculous glow of love, to trust in the universal flow of your life, and to receive a new level of goodness — this is the way you were meant to live.

To actually live this way, however, you must turn the focus of your attention away from problems and troubles toward the essence of God You & within all things. Sometimes this means that you must close your physical eyes and really feel the Wings of Pure Love surrounding you.

So take time every day to turn within yourself to the presence of God and the Angels. Where your attention goes, energy flows. Ask yourself if you are giving more attention to the challenges of your world or to your miraculous link with the Universal Power of good that exists in all things.
You are not alone. You have powerful forces available to you in order to begin this transformational work in your life. You have a guardian Angel whose job it is to assist you, and you have the benevolent force of the Divine that is the One Presence within all things.

These gifts exist within you, and within all situations occurring in your life. At times it may be difficult to see the gift in your present situation. But the gift is there, and asking to see it will help to bring this awareness to your consciousness.
So as you go through your day, keep remembering that you are incredibly loved. Not only by the Divine Presence within you and within all things, but the Angels are with you, blessing you in every moment. Remember also:

There is never a time when you are not wrapped
in wings of Pure Love.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
May 21, 2019

Video - Bamboo Flute Music - Relaxing, Meditation"


The Greatest Gift By Jenny Schiltz

This weekend I received a wonderful confirmation and it wasn’t lost on me that it was Memorial Weekend. Let me start from the beginning.

I have known a guy we will call Lance for a few years. He is a friend of a friend of my spouse. When I first saw him, I was curious about his story as I could see that his nervous system was shot and he had blown out the 3 lower chakras.

I soon found that he was a Disabled Vet with severe PTSD so what I was seeing in his energy system made sense. I wanted to reach out but heard my highest self say, not yet, he will come to you when and if he is ready. I honored this and created the space for healing to eventually happen

A few months ago, he came for a cookout at my home. My oldest daughter was also there and she was really struggling with her impending move to Turkey and having to wrap her life up into 6 suitcases. Her energy was chaotic and her adrenals were pumping. She was on the verge of a decent panic attack.

A friend of mine, who is also an energy healer, helped me to calm her down and ease her overloaded system. I saw that Lance was watching with curiosity. Once my daughter was feeling better, Lance asked what was happening and told us how he has panic attacks and sometimes can’t sleep all night from the nightmares.

We asked him if he wanted us to assist and he hesitantly agreed. Once we got him comfortable, I tapped in and immediately started seeing war scenes. I knew that he had experienced significant soul loss. I explained that he needed a soul retrieval and he said he didn’t deserve to be the person he was before all that happened.  Just then I saw a group of children come into my vision. One boy around 6 or 7 was holding the hand of the soul piece he had lost.

I asked Lance if his pain and self-hatred had anything to do with the children. He looked away and said, yes and would tell me no more. The child that was holding the hand of the 20-year-old version of himself told me that Lance had run him and the other children over. I told Lance what I had heard and he looked so ashamed and said “We had orders not to stop, others had died stopping, some kids had bombs. I had no choice.” The pain and guilt in his voice were palatable.

I explained to him that when he ran over the group of people, he had lost a piece of himself. The soul piece still looked shocked and confused but was held onto tightly by the little boy. I told Lance that while he may struggle to forgive himself the child already had and that in fact, the child had watched over him all these years.  Lance kept repeating that he didn’t deserve to be healed, to be happy, and the more he expressed that the more my friend and I were able to remove the gunk from his field.

The entire time the little boy refused to let go of his hand. He told us that he would not let go until “the soldier is back home.”  I told Lance what he said and that it is time for that child to go home too, to the Other Side.

Lance reluctantly agreed for us to bring his lost aspect home. Once I brought the soul aspect into his heart chakra, his bodies energy field began to change immediately. It was like watching an oxygen-deprived person finally being able to take a huge gulp of air.

Then a woman came in and grabbed the little boy, it was his mother. I realized that she had been in the group that was hit and killed as well. She looked at me and pointing to Lance says “Tell him it is done, he is forgiven.” she then took her little boy into her arms and I watched them both cross over.

I told Lance what I had heard and what I saw and he cried. I told him that now the work is on self-forgiveness. That the child found him worthy even immediately after the incident. The child saw his soul, saw his pain and understood that there was no malice in the action. 

Now it was the time that he saw himself as worthy too.  We healed his blown chakras and harmonized his field bringing in calm. I told him to contact me if he was struggling with the integration of the piece but I knew he wouldn’t.

When we were done he went outside where the men all were and told them he had a lot of self-work to do to be worthy of himself and went home. My husband was only half joking when he told me that I was going to scare all his friends away. Nothing like making a man cry at a cookout…

We had a little get together over Memorial weekend and Lance came out. He greeted me with a huge hug. His eyes were clear, his energy system looked amazing and he told me he had actually just gotten a job. He was ready to live again. It was the best thing in the world to see.

What is so amazing to me is the Power of Forgiveness. The child loved him and forgave him all those years when he couldn’t forgive himself. The mother forgave him and her words helped to set him free.

Most importantly though was the Self Forgiveness. When he received healing, Lance had a choice, he could continue hating himself or he could as he put it “become worthy of himself”. I am overjoyed that he chose the latter.

It is such a beautiful reminder that in reality, ALL is Forgiven. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to forgive ourselves completely and to create a life that says “I AM WORTHY!”

Sending you all so much love.


Video - "Affirmations: The Power To Heal Is Within Me" By Steve Nobel


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Relative to the message regarding Our Purpose in Life, the  statement  "one underlying purpose to life – to remember, to re-experience your connection with the eternal source of love in yourself and in all of creation, and to allow that love to have unique experiences through you as you use your free will to create." really hit it on (within) the head.

When , finally I learned my purpose in life , everything changed for the positive and allowed me to feel so much more fulfilled and of being of value.

Nice posts, thanks for sharing! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)

Thank you both for sharing Ron & Melvin.

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, & Abundance to All,




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