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GOD and the Elohim Ascension Activation Meditation by Dr Joshua David Stone

We begin by closing our eyes.

We invoke the Platinum Light of Archangel Metatron to bathe this room and all of us with His Holy Purifying Light.

We now request from Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek and the Mahatma
for a full sweeping of their combined Platinum Nets through each of our
entire 12 body systems.

We ask that this triple layered Platinum
Net be run through the entire room, to further cleanse, clear and purify
all unwanted energies.

We request now that the Holy Spirit undo
any and all negative programming and negative energy patterns,
frequencies, vibrations or cellular memory that has lodged within any of
our 12 body systems.

We feel the gentle cleansing Wind of the  Holy Spirit, as She moves
through each of us,  clearing away any last remnants of negative memory
that we may have unknowingly carried within us.

This, we now reaffirm our connection to the Earth Mother, as we send
energies of radiant Love from our hearts directly into Her Heart.

We feel the tremendous Love of the Earth Mother as She sends us Her Love in return.

We call forth now to beloved Archangel Michael, to anchor us within His Golden Dome of Protection.

Archangel Michael does this now, and seals us also within the Light Radiance of His blue Flame Sword of Protection.

We look up together now, and see a translucent and luminous winged Merkabah in the shape of a spiral.

The spiral contains 7 tiers, each tier representing a pair of the 7 great Elohim, who are the Creator Gods.

Each of us enters the Merkabah now, intuitively taking a seat on the tier which we feel most in harmony with.

As each other Pairs of Elohim are on one of the 7 major Rays, we are drawn
to the tier that holds the Ray Energy that is most dominant in each of
our lives.

The Merkabah begins to slowly rise now, moving through the various dimensions of time and space.

We are carried upward through the various levels of our Planetary system.

Our Merkabah now pauses in Shamballa, where we are greeted by beloved Lord Buddha, our Planetary Logos.

He raises a golden colored Staff and gently tops our Merkabah, making contact with only the first tier of the spiral.

We watch now, as a golden green Light flows from Buddha's Staff and swirls
like a million twinkling Lights around each tier and curve of our
spiral Merkabah.

As the golden green Light moves around the
sphere that we are seated in, we feel a wondrous current move through us
now, awakening and enlivening every cell of our beings.

We feel our crown chakra's become extremely open as each one of the Thousand
Petal Lotus is stimulated by the golden Touch of the Staff of Lord Buddha.

We also feel a very definite aliveness stimulating the chakras within our feet.

We notice now a faint reddish/magenta glow emanating from within the foot area.

Lord Buddha smiles as He turns to make His way back to His meditation chamber.

Our Merkabah once again makes its' spiraling ascent upwards.

We move now through the various dimensions of our solar system.

The Merkabah pauses again, within the core Ashram of Helios and Vesta our Solar Logos.

These resplendent Beings of Light walk towards our Merkabah now, each holding a Staff similar to that of Lord Buddha.

Helios and Vesta approach our Merkabah each of them positioned at opposite ends of the spiral.

Helios taps the second tier of the spiral Merkabah, with His golden Staff,
while Vesta taps the first sphere standing at the opposite end of the

Yellow gold and blue Rays like soft but intense Sunlight and electricity spiral around and around the Merkabah now.

This yellow golden and blue Light also spirals around each one of us blessing and stimulating our entire 12 body system.

We are filled with a feeling of incredible Love, as Helios and Vesta whose
Solar Body we live and move and have our beings within, begins to
vibrate at a higher and higher frequency.

Infused with this Solar Love Light, we continue to journey upward into a greater dimensional expanse of beingness.

Our Merkabah lands now, at the foot of the Temple of Melchior, our Galactic Logos.

Melchior moves towards us, holding an orange Staff in His right Hand.

He taps the third tier of our Merkabah and a beautifully resplendent
shimmer of yellow Light begins to spiral around the Merkabah and within
each one of us.

We feel now an intensity of energy within each of our own hands
as if we ourselves hold the Power of Creation within our own hands.

This yellow Light moves to the seat of intelligence
within our crown chakra's, awakening our level of understanding and
clarity now, to new expanses.

Once again our Merkabah moves upward through Interdimensional Space.

We are now at the Sanctuary of His Holiness Lord Melchizedek, our Universal Logos.

Lord Melchizedek has been awaiting our arrival.

He holds a golden orange Rod in one Hand and a golden green Rod in His other Hand.

He now taps both the 4th and 5th tiers of our spiral Merkabah simultaneously.

Golden orange Light flickers like the Light of ten thousand suns, as it spirals around the entire Merkabah.

green Lights of every imaginable shade and hue spirals around the
Merkabah, intersecting and blending with the golden yellow Light.

The Lights from these combined Light Rods of Melchizedek move into and through the very core of our being.

We have now the most profound sense of healing that we have ever experienced.

We also feel filled with the Divine Light of Courage, as we now know as we
have never known before, that we are Blessed, Graced and Love Empowered
Members within the ancient Order of Melchizedek.

Our Merkabah once again begins to climb, landing now at the summit of the multiuniversal level.

The Light at this level is so brilliant, that we are at once immersed within the Essence of pure Light Itself.

Our Merkabah lands now upon a platinum indigo surface.

We sense and feel the Presence of the Multiuniversal Logos, as He approaches us in a Form of Light.

Raising up His platinum indigo Staff he touches our Merkabah at the sixth tier.

We each immediately are filled with the deepest most sincere and all powerful sense of pure devotion imaginable.

Our hearts instantaneously embrace the entire Cosmos with unconditional
Love, Light and as we now know that their is nothing we would ever hold
back on any level, in order to be of service to all creation.

As our Merkabah once again begins to climb upward, we feel our hearts
continuing to expand in ever greater devotion to the pure Will of God,
and to creation upon all 352 levels of existence.

We feel a sense of utter joy, as our Merkabah begins to climb higher and higher within the expanse of GOD.

Finally our spiral Merkabah comes to rest on a crystal mountain.

The brilliance of the Light here is unfathomable.

We perceive it to be almost colorless, yet radiating the faintest and most refined hues of platinum, gold, violet and pink.

We sense the Presence of Divine Mother and the Divine Father.

The Divine Father holds a platinum/gold Rod.

The Divine Mother holds a violet/pink Rod.

As they come closer and closer to our Merkabah we feel completely infused
with the purest and most perfect blend of pure Divine Will, Love and

As the Divine Mother and the Divine Father now
simultaneously top our Merkabah at the 7th tier, we become immersed in a
brilliant Light flickering the most refined platinum, gold, violet and
pink colors.

These colored Lights spiral throughout our entire 12
body systems and into and throughout every cell of our beings on all

As we bathe in the complete and total Bliss of Light,
Love and the Will of God, we feel our Merkabah once again begin to
climb higher still.

Our Merkabah now lands upon region of pure colorless Light.

We now sit at the top of the 352nd level of Creation, within the Temple of the GODHEAD His Self.

We notice within this Grace of this pure Light Essence, that 14 Beings of indescribable beauty walk towards us.

We bask now with a sense of power and grace that we have never before felt.

Unable to stand, we realize that rainbow colored cushioned seats have manifested directly besides each one of us.

As we take our seats now, and relax comfortably with the soft cloud like
feel of the cushions, we notice that the 14 figures are in pairs, and
have encircled our entire group.

Through Their all creative Power these Blessed Beings now give us vision that extends 360( in every direction.

In one voice they tell us that they are the Elohim, the Creator Gods, and
that it is through their power, in combination with our free choice,
that they have facilitated our journey to their sacred Retreat within
the "Temple of the Godhead."

We now feel even a greater increase of Light, Love, and vibrational Energy as They begin to introduce Themselves.

By the power of a super-telepathic link we hear the Voice of the Elohim of
the First Ray resonate within the very core of each of our beings.

Speaking as One, we now hear the words, "We are Hercules and Amazonia, the Elohim who overlight the First Ray of Creation."

We hear the words, "We are Apollo and Lumino, the Elohim of the Second Ray of Creation."

Now the telepathic words "We are Heros and Amora, the Elohim of the Third Ray of Creation."

We hear the telepathic words, "We are Purity and Astrea, the Elohim of the Fourth Ray of Creation."

Now the words, "We are Cyclopia and Virginia, the Elohim of the Fifth Ray of Creation."

And the telepathic words, "We are Peace and Aloha, the Elohim of the Sixth Ray of Creation."

Now the last Pair telepathically speak the words, "We are Arcturus and Victoria, the Elohim of the Seventh ray of Creation."

They ask to please prepare to journey with Them, share with Them the Vision,
Purpose and some of the Cosmic Secrets of Creation Itself.

We now enter into even a deeper telepathic rapport with all 14 Elohim.

The first thing we become aware of, is their perfect link with the mind of the Godhead.

We feel their incredible Will, Power and Purpose.

We also feel their Cosmic Love, as it embraces all of creation as various aspects of Themselves.

They tell us now that it is through the very Essence of Their own Beings,
that all of the manifested worlds are brought into being.

By the Power of the Alchemy of the most high Godhead, we see the Elohim merge into the 7 primary Rays that govern all Creation.

We now watch in amazement as the Light Essence of each of these Cosmic
Rays, which are in actuality the Mighty Elohim, move through all 352
levels of Divinity, actually creating these levels by putting forth
Their Own Essences.

We see now with utter clarity how it is by
Their Essence of Light, as it moves downward from the Throne of Creation
to build and source, level by level, all that has form and substance.

Magically we seem to have our Vision move to the physical body of Planet Earth.

We watch the Elementals building the outer forms of all Kingdoms.

We watch in amazement as the overlighting Deva of each plant, flower,
mountain, tree, blade of grass, droplet of water and great ocean, are
revealed to be sourcing and creating all these myriads of aspects of
Creation from their own essence.

They who source and overlight
all of Creation, in a similar way as do the great Devas source and
overlight the manifestation of specific aspects of Creation.

The Elohim tell us that this is true, even as the tiniest Elemental who work
in group formation in order to create a single blade of grass or the
smallest grain of sand.

We now find ourselves face to face with a
most magnificent being, who is 14 feet tall and whose greenish Aura
seems to radiate a hundred feet in all directions, forming a most
luminescent pearlessent glow.

He tells us that He is the overlighting Deva of the beautiful field in which we now find ourselves.

He magically reveals to us, how it is from His Aura or His Light
substance, that all the lesser evolved Devas and Elementals drawn on to
do their creative work.

He tells us that just as we who are the
sons and daughters of God follow a certain lineage and line of
evolution, it is the same for those who are Devas and Elementals.

Even the tiniest of Devas will one day evolve to be an overlighting Deva such as Himself.

He shows us now, to our amazed inner vision how he too is evolving and
will some day be the overlighting Deva of an entire planet.

He tells us that should one of us choose the path that leads us onward to
hold the position of a Planetary Logos that we would possibly be working
within Him.

Before we can respond to this incredible statement, the Great Elohim now, turn our vision to the Fairy Kingdom.

They tell us that Fairies are on the line of evolution of Angels.

The Fairies work closely with the Elementals in a similar way that the Archangels work in conjunction with the Mighty Elohim.

They once again tell us that all in the Cosmos is on a path of evolution and expansion.

They mystically and magically show us how an aspect of our Monad in eons past inhabited the mineral form.

For the brightest of an instant now, each one of us re-experiences the most rudimentary consciousness that inhabits a mineral.

We feel ourselves, ever so briefly inhabiting the body of a planet.

We now experience being within the form of a wild animal.

Now a beloved animal held in the embrace of a human heart.

We now are once again, returned to our expanded consciousness as the Great
Elohim continue to teach and reveal the process of creation to us.

We see with great clarity, how the Deva overlighting a group of shrubs
gives His Light to the little Elementals who then build form of the
shrubs out of their own essence.

We become aware that there is an
overlighting Deva of each shrub who acts as intermediary between the
overlighting Deva of the groups of shrubs and the tiny Elementals doing
the building.

We see how each aspect of Creation Sources every
other aspect of Creation and that the seemingly over used phrase "All is
One," is in truth, a statement of pure fact.

Suddenly now, our consciousness begins to expand upward and outward into the Cosmos.

We see before our inner vision, the creation of worlds.

We see how the Mighty Elohim are the Source of the substance of all creation.

We see by their side the Mighty Archangels who serve through Love and help
to create through their contributions and gifts that are similar yet
uniquely Their own.

We see now how lightworkers evolving through
the graded ranks along our own line of evolution, contribute to the
Creation of Worlds.

We envision countless universes, galaxies and star systems appearing and disappearing before our inner eyes.

Once again we become slowly aware that we are seated on our cushions within the Sanctuary of the Elohim.

Our vision remains at 360( and we now see the 14 Elohim standing in circular fashion around us.

Telepathically they tell us that in truth we have been within Their Hallowed Sanctuary in the Temple of the Godhead.

They go on to tell us that we needed to experience creation in order to
understand even an aspect of that which in truth, comprised "The Order
of the Elohim."

They telepathically assure us that They are ever available to us, and all we need do is to call upon Them.

They tell us that They can be of service to us the greatest in matters
dealing with creation and manifestation, ask us to never hesitate to
call Them.

We understand that They wish to be more actively called upon, much as we call upon the Archangels and the Angels.

They tell us that the very purpose of our journey to Their Sanctuary was to inspire us to attune to Them more frequently.

The Elementals which are miniature Elohims advise us to speak to them
mentally and remind us to notice that even the name ele-mental contains
the word mental with it.

They ask us now to please realize that these Beings are open to commune with and co-create with, even as are the Elohim.

They also advise us to keep calling upon the Angelic Kingdom, from the
tiniest Flower Fairy all the way to the Mightiest Archangel.

We tell Them that of course we will, and thank Them from the depths of our
beings for the gift of the Wisdom Light of Creation They have imparted
to us.

They now in turn thank us, and remind us again that the Order of the Elohim is available to assist us in all manner of creation.

They smile in unison now, as they tell us that when we want or need to
create a home, car, a painting or a job, they are as qualified, willing
and able to assist as are the Archangels or any of the Cosmic or
Planetary Masters.

We intuitively know, it is time for us to etherically journey back to Earth.

They acknowledge this, and as They turn to take Their leave, we each hear
within ourselves Their Choir of telepathic Voices saying "In Truth,
their is nowhere in the cosmos you can go where we are not."

Magically our spiral Merkabah appears now in front of us.
We now once again, enter our Merkabah.

We find our seats and now settle comfortably within them.

We are aware that it is from the Light, Love and creative Power of the Elohim that this Merkabah was manifested.

Feeling now blessed with a deeper and intimate connection with these creative
Gods, the beloved Elohim we feel our spiral shaped Merkabah lift up from
the Sanctuary of the Elohim with the Temple of Godhead and begin its'
descent back to Earth.

As we travel down through the various
realms and levels of creation, we no longer have the sense of up or down
in the same manner we did at the start of our journey.

Instead, we feel the circular aspect of the Cosmos, the Sphere and the Spiral
that, although it is filled with a multitude of levels and various
grades of evolution, is truly One Whole all GOD, all eternally bonded
and connected.

We pass again through the multiuniversal level
where our Merkabah and ourselves are bathed, cleansed and shaped in the
color tone frequencies of platinum-indigo.

Descending further still, we reach again the universal level.

Here we are now bathed within the golden orange and golden green of beloved Lord Melchizedek.

Lord Melchizedek tells us that we indeed have the courage of a Master Priest and/or Priestess of the Order of Melchizedek.

He also tells us, that we will more easily be able to transmit these qualities and color tone frequencies to others.

Lord Melchizedek assures us that He will ever be with us and invites us to call upon Him whenever we so desire.

He tells us now that we can even use His Name as a Mantra to invoke Courage, Healing, Light, Love, and Power.

He tells us that we should do the same with the Names of each of the
Elohim and with the combined tonal frequency of simply "Elohim."

Our Merkabah now moves through the Galactic sphere, where we are immersed again in the golden yellow frequencies.

Again our Merkabah begins to descend in further.

We find our selves once more in the radiance of our Solar Logos Helios and Vesta.

Copper gold Sunlight softly permeates our Merkabah and fills us with the
intense Love and Light that is the every core essence of our Solar

With Joy, Love, Light and a feeling of an extreme Grace in our hearts and souls, we descend into the radius of Earth.

We are filled with the golden green Light of the Earth's Fourth Ray frequency.

We are also filled with the gift of greater attunement to Lord Buddha.

As we descend toward Earth, our Merkabah pauses within the Ashram of beloved Master Djwhal Khul.

He comes to greet us all and raises forth a Rainbow Staff.

Now entering our field of vision the Mahatma stands to the right of Djwhal
Khul, stretching forth a pearlessent Rod faintly ordained with luminous
rainbow colors.

Together they telepathically speak the words "In the name of Synthesis we now bless thee."

We are now the receipts of the most resplendent Rainbow Light Shower that we have ever seen or imagined.

We feel the deepest Sense and Oneness with all of Life at every level of Creation than we have ever felt before.

Our Merkabah begins to descend once more.

As our spiral Merkabah lands in the room where we first sat to meditate, one by one we silently exit the Merkabah.

As we do so now, the Merkabah magically disappears.

Slowly filled with Grace, Love and Illumination we enter our physical bodies.

We give thanks to the Mighty Elohim, who play such a vital role in
creating the form of all creation, including our physical vehicle.

We now feel ourselves fully grounded inside our bodies.

We send our grounding cord to our beloved Earth Mother, channeling deep
Love and gratitude for the part She holds in the Creation and
maintenance of our Earth.

We now send Her healing Love and healing Light.

Having done this, we move our attention fully back into our bodies, becoming
aware of our feet touching the floor of the room in which you are sitting.

When you are ready you may open your eyes.

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Dear Steven,

I like this Meditation and is very very effective...

God Bless you....


Love Dr.Stone's work-so powerful!!!!

Love and Light,




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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




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I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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