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Energy Update: Receive The Olive Branch By Marie Mohler ... And ... I Am Divine Source By Galaxy Girl ... And ... Do Not Fear Loneliness By Jesus/Jeshua & Pamela Kribbe

May-June 2021+ Energy Update:
Receive The Olive Branch By

Marie Mohler

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Divine White Christ Light Frequencies, imbued with Silver, Gold, and White Hues.  We are journeying into some unknown waters in the month of May, June, and the remainder of 2021, dear ones. 

And before we set sail, it is always wise and highly attuned to summon in the sacred colors, breath, song, and love of the Godheart . . . to bless any great voyage, any new endeavor, and any new venture or experience within Creation itself.  

So let us first take a Deep Divine Breath In together, allowing and embracing its gifts of Higher Dimensional Prana, Life Force-Filled Fortification, and Quantum Levels of God’s Extraordinary Grace.  Breathe this Living Light, Life Force, and Prana into the core of your being.  And Know that this Abundant Energy is always, always, here for you, within you, and accessible to you, no matter what you are seeing, witnessing, or experiencing in your outer world and through your outer or physical lenses. 

Your Inner Sight, your Clear Soul Sight, and your Sacred Heart Center are the Eternal Aspects of You that remember how to Breathe In These Times So once more, breathe a Deep Conscious Breath In . . . and feel it flowing to all of your cells, all of your cares, all of your worries, all of your fears, all of your uncertainties, and all of your gifts as well.  And allow yourself to really bathe in the Light of this Higher Dimensional Infusion of God’s Grace and Healing Presence within you.  You are this Peace, this Ease, this Knowing, and this Grace in all ways, if you will simply allow yourself to breathe it in with a Sincere Heart, a Deep Divine Presence, and with Receptive Appreciation for the Gifts it offers to you and through you.

When you are ready, add those Sacred Sovereign and Divine Colors we streamed through in the beginning of our connections today . . . to your Conscious Breathing.  Breathe in the Divine Creationary and Emancipatory Colors of Silver, Gold, and White.  See this Abundant Celestial Light Awakening You in all Highest Good Ways and preparing your Ark (your Physical Vessel and Body) and your Ascension Arc (your Etheric Energies and Divine Awareness) for the Journey of Reunion with Source/God/Creator, with Gaia, and with the All That Is. 

Feel this Living Light merged with your Sacred Breath as Living Life Force in these times of epic and extraordinary change.  For they are the Wind in your Sails and they are the Nourishment your Light Bodies need to strengthen your Physical Bodies, Minds, and Spirits in the waters, changes, revelations, and ascension waves currently unfolding and expanding exponentially ahead.

Dear Ones, many of you listening to this channel have heard and received some powerful insights over the past few years through the transmissions relayed and graced in messages like these.  And recently, we have brought forth the story of Noah’s Ark into your conscious awareness, to awaken and further activate your own Divine Vessels to their Holy Purpose and to the Divine Alignment summoning one and all in these times. 

In May and June, and in the months to come still in 2021, you are feeling, living, and realizing the Ascension Timeline in your time.  And we thought it might be a blessing if you could receive a message directly from Noah, an Ascension Timeline Sailor himself.  For Noah’s Consciousness is accessible in your consciousness and in your daily lives at this time.  And you are the New Earth Noahs of this time.  So bathe in his messages for humanity at this time, from one Noah to another, and one Know-er of God’s Light, Truth, Love, and Grace to another.


My dear Brothers and Sisters in the Ark and Arc of Ascension and Awakening,

It was a long time ago that I was summoned by Creator to build an Ark.  And when God spoke to me, he spoke through me, just as he is speaking through many of you today.  The conversations and the call to Divine Service were felt and lived within, despite a deep unconsciousness that had settled in on the Earth in my time as well.  I was called to build a ship, a boat, an ark, and truly . . . a Divine Vessel that would mirror the Faith Within that I was called to embody.  So the size of the Ark I built was a perfect Divine Reflection of the Faith I was called to build, grow, and allow on the inside, in my Inner Life.

My family and I did not know or understand at first the magnitude of the task that had been given to us.  For if we had, it might have been too daunting to undertake.  What we had was an instruction.  We had been given the summoning of God’s Grace to fortify and protect and liberate our family from the walls, oppression, and illusion that 3D living in our time had manifested to that point.  And so, we slowed any fear or worry that we felt within through Conscious Breathing. 

And in pairing our Breath with God’s Breath, we became stronger.  That was The First Step in Building the Ark.  For once again, the physical Ark was built from the Template of the Inner Arc.  And that Inner Arc was Faith, Fortitude, and Clarity from our Divine Union with God, the Creator of All Things and the One True Heavenly Mother/Father Source of All Light and All Life.  

From that Union of our Breath with Source, we began to see through Source Eyes, what every next step was.  We began to see abundance and plenty of all that we needed, where previously we might have seen lack and scarcity, or fear.  We began to Know that All Things Are Possible Through God, and we were strengthened in that Sight.  We were strengthened in our Faith.  Each time we felt Faith and listened to its Guidance, we were fortified exponentially.  

And so while others witnessed our Ark Project over many years time, and mocked, ridiculed, judged, and devalued our Faith and Commitment, working for God became its own reward.  Aligning with God became the sole and soul Life Force that we needed, to withstand the growing entitlement of others to make public mockery of our family with all of its financial, emotional, spiritual, and physical effects and impacts.  

After a while, of growing in our Faith, pairing our Breath and partnering in Union with God, the Ultimate Father and Maker of All Things, we began to see with new lenses.  We began to see a New World manifesting in our hearts, that can only be described here as what you may know as the Quantum Field.  In our day, we felt it as a New Land, a New Life, a New Way of Life, that would literally drown out the old one.  One world was superimposing and absorbing another.  And that is what manifested the Great Weather Patterns that would become The Ultimate Storm.  

As Vessels to a Holy Purpose, when we pair, align, breathe, and become God’s Vision for this world, for New Life, and for New Creation, we become Divine Instruments for the Work of God.  We become Creators of His Very Creation.  And so too, this is what my family and I in time, became.  And we witnessed over time, that other-worldly consciousness become what we could see, feel, and Know within.  We came to Know it so cleanly, so clearly, so purely, that we did literally become that Ark.  And the Arc of the Ascension Changes that were to come.  We became the Faith that would see us through the entire journey.  And so, I can say that Faith Was Our Clear Soul Sight.  That is the only Sight we had during those incredible times.  It was Through Faith, In Faith, and Becoming Faith, that we could see God’s Vision and God’s Blueprint unfolding through us.  

And this is True for you, dear ones.  Everything we had and everything we needed came to us because of that Great Faith.  We didn’t need or require the Full Blueprint to Be what we came to Be at that time.  We just required the Willingness to Live Faith, to Embody Faith, and to Illustrate Faith, in a world that had long lost resonance with its meaning and that had long lost resonance with its Truth and Application in their lives.  

When the rains came, my family was already living on the Ark.  We had become the Ark.  For the Ark was our Divine Home.  It was a Gift from our Heavenly Source.  And it was a Gift that we already Embodied.  We didn’t wait for rain to embody and live on that Ark.  We became the Ark a long time before.  For once again, to build the Ark, we had to become it ourselves first.  Faith by faith, we built that ark.  Listening by listening, we built that ark.  Honoring God by honoring God, we built that ark.  Unifying with God by unifying with God, we built that ark.

Video - Truth of Chaos Archangel Metatron -


You are in these Soul Searching Times, dear ones.  I see you, one and all, in these times of Epic Seas, Storms, Illusion, Confusion, Ascension, and Transformation.  I see myself in You.  I see my Light in you.  I see my Faith In You.

If you are receiving this message, it is because you have heard the call to Partner with God, to Breathe in the Presence of God, and to join with the Higher Sight of God’s Vision for this world in these times.  The only way a message like this could be summoned into a transmission like this is with the Heart of a True Believer, and with the Steadfast Commitment, Faith, and Fortitude to Re-Unite with the Godheart within a Sea of Separation Consciousness.  Your life is my life.  My world is your world. All Time Is One.  And All Time Is Now.  

How God manifests the Divine Plans of Divine Creation is beyond this physical plane’s comprehension.  But we all, All Life and Light in the Physical and Nonphysical Realms in the Whole Grand Creation, . . . We All Know that change of this magnitude is the Great Work of God.  And wise souls surrender their egos and their need to understand or comprehend it . . . in order to be a Divine Receiver of Its Mighty Blessings.  It is through Divine Humility that Receiving in this Way becomes Possible.  It is through Divine Humility and Receptivity that Receiving in this way becomes The Path.

I could no longer tell what was my breath and what was God’s Breath, for they were one and the same.

I could no longer tell what was my vision and what was God’s Vision, for they were one and the same.

I could no longer tell what was my heart and what was God’s Heart, for they were one and the same.

And I could no longer tell what was my creation and what was God’s Creation, for they were one and the same.  

It is a journey from thinking you Know God, and actually Knowing God again in your life.  

It is a journey from practicing Faith, to actually Being Faith as a Vibration in your life.  

It is a journey from being willing to accept God’s Living Light and Life Force as your own, to Embodying God’s Living Light and Life Force as your own.  

Those who mock, ridicule, judge, and shout condemnations do so ~ to express their blindness.  To express their pain of separation.  For you see, they aren’t yet breathing Union.  They aren’t yet seeing Union.  They aren’t yet seeing Abundance.  They aren’t yet accessing the Unified Field.  And therefore, they are living in the extreme pain of Separation, Lack, Scarcity, Hopelessness, and Struggle.  

And from that lens of living, . . . mocking, ridiculing, judging, scorning, and offending others . . . is justified.  For it is all they can see.  It is all they can remember.  

But those who can rise, grow, build, and live in faith beyond that . . . open up new worlds of Light.  New worlds of Life.  And we become the Pioneers of God’s Ascended Creations.  

When the rains came, we already were the Breath of New Creation.  My family and I already were the Breath of New Life.  

No matter where the storms were to lead us, we already had cultivated the blueprints of New Creation in our Hearts.  In our Minds.  In our Spirits.  And that was our Divine Compass of Faith that led us to where we were Divinely Guided to be.  We lived God’s Vision as Our Vision.  And so, they were one in the same.

You are invited to Unite your Vision with God’s Vision once more.

You are invited to Unite your Heart with God’s Heart once more.

You are invited to seed New Creation through your inner arcs and arks of New Creation once more as well, seeded with the Glory of God in all His Might and Eternal Omnivision once more.  

From Separation, Union Is Once Again Restored.

From Pain and Struggle, Lostness and Lack, . . . Abundance and Peace Are Once Again Restored.


May and the coming months in the Year 2021 offers All Of Humanity an Olive Branch.  Through the Storms of Antiquity, and the Storms of Today, God Has Always Risen.  Through the Storms, Revelations, and Shakings on your world today, God Is Already Victorious.  

When you align your Breath with God’s Breath, You Are Victorious.

When you align your Vision with God’s Vision, You Are Victorious.

When you align your Faith and Creations with God’s Faith and Creations, You Are Victorious.

I came today to Seed this Remembrance In You.  I pass the Seeds of the Olive Branch now to you, my brothers and sisters.  I pass the Seeds of the Peace Dove’s Living Light returning to the Hearts of All willing to receive them in these times.  It is the Olive Branch the Peace Dove was carrying that carries the Frequencies of New Life, New Light, New Creation, New Hope, New Joy, and New Everlasting Union with the Divine in All Ways, forevermore.

It is up to you to Open now to Receive this Great Divine Union.

It is up to you to Receive the Abundance God is bringing back to the Heart and Soul of Mother Gaia, and to you.

It is up to you to open to Embody this Living Arc, this Divine Ark, this extraordinary Peace, and this Sacred and Infinite Abundance once more.

Events are unfolding that will be experienced as some of the Greatest Storms ever to touch the earth.  

The source of those Ultimate Storms?  Is Humanity’s Separation from Source.

The summoner of those Ultimate Storms?  The very same Humanity that is Separated in these times from Source.

Ask and you shall receive.  

In the summoning, a prayer is given.

In the summoning and the prayers, the answer is always given.

God is the Remedy to any and all ills on your world today.

God is already Victorious in All of Creation.  

God Knows All, God Sees All, and God Knows and Sees All In You.

Will you be a Vessel to this Holy Purpose, allowing Faith and Fortitude such as this in these times?

Will you be a Vessel to God’s Great Works in You in these Epic, Extraordinary, and Foretold Times?

All the Events of this day are Divinely Designed to turn people’s Hearts, Minds, and Souls back to Union with God.  

The Plague and Paradigm of 3D Separation is over.

The Prayer of the People of this Planet, All Life on this Planet, and this Planet Herself . . . is To Return to God and To All Its Glory.

And Glory Shall Be Yours, dear ones.  For every prayer is heard, every prayer is answered, and every remedy and glory is given.

The Preparation is both Inner and Outer Preparation.  

But All Preparation is templated first WITHIN, through the Breath of Union and the Humility to Access God’s Will as your Divine Will, and to live it as One and the Same.  

I send you blessings and my Heart Sight and my Faith Sight and my Arc and Ark within to you now, so you may be Divinely Blessed in these times.  

Allow the Olive Branch’s Consciousness to be Your Consciousness in these times.  For it Already Is.  You simply have to remember and to allow it in.

Dear Ones, we believe Noah has imparted a very powerful and fortifying message for these times.  May 2021 is Seeding the Olive Branch Frequencies through one and all of you.  Every prayer is already answered in the Heart of God from Beginningless Time.  And so too, are your prayers answered.

Out of a Time of Deep Darkness, Separation, and Confusion, New Light, New Breath, and New Life are given.  

One world, this 3D dimension, is gasping for breath and life.  One world, God’s Original and Infinite Creation, has always shined abundantly with Source Breath, Glory, Prosperity, Union, and Infinite Life Force.

Those who can’t see will be shown where the True Oxygen and True Life Force is.

Those who are still tricked, controlled, or otherwise engaged in their sleepiness will be shown What Clear Soul Sight Is.  

The Transparency of Truth Is Already Unfolding On Your World, right now, as we speak.

By the time this transmission posts and is accessible to humanity, even more will be revealed in The Public Eye.   

Why is it called The Public Eye?  Because that is your invitation to see clearly God’s Vision.  Through God’s Sight.


When The Word Becomes One, the World Becomes One Again.

Yet first, when the Vision Becomes One, the World Becomes One Again.

3D has attempted to manipulate a One World Vision, a One World Government, a One World Rule of Manipulation, Corruption, and Separation.

God’s Creation, that begins to Breathe once more in a 4th and 5th Dimensional Realm of Consciousness and Higher, is Simply the Truth of the Abundance in All Of Creation.

No Corruption Needed.  Glory Simply Is.  Infinite Abundance Simply Is.  

It is lack and scarcity that is the illusion and the abomination.  

And now, it will be cleared away for All To See.

We continue to welcome you to the Time of Revelations. The Time of the Ultimate Shepherd finding, re-orienting, and emancipating his flock back to the Garden of Eden.

Call on the New Earth Noah Grace and Wisdom inside you to navigate these times.  Breathe Sacred Breaths daily in these times.  If you forget, return and find some of these transmissions to fortify you in the journey.

The Storms are here.  And more may come.  But you have the Blueprint of God’s Breath, God’s Vision, God’s Grace, and God’s Love Within.

That is all you need to re-unity with Source in these times.

Re-Unification Is The Ark/Arc.    

Breathe Union, dear ones.  Breathe Union with Love and Joy in your hearts today, and you will soon see that All Is Well through Higher Soul Sight, as the storms continue to rise on this 3D illusion and escapade that is now at its conclusion.

We are Breathing Union with you, one and all.

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Marie Mohler

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I Am Divine Source By Galaxy Girl

I am Source. I am the all and the in between. I am the energy that began this creative process and I am the thought, the love that will continue for eternity. I am never ending. I am always beginning. Gaia will have her always beginning again moment.
Ascension energies are growing. (I am seeing germinating seeds, sprouting plants.) Gaia is becoming her higher, highest self. This temple of higher dimensional codices has already been seeded.
You will continue watering it with your good intentions to create growth of the new. Do not be aghast at that what is coming. Be prepared to anchor the light.
Many of you are already firm strong anchors of light and I thank you for keeping your promises to me, to yourself and to your oversoul collectives who all sent many aspects who could best hold the light at a higher frequency in such a low form. Your lower dimensional forms are morphing and increasingly holding more and more light.
You feel alone but you need not. You are all cells of myself, by me, in all forms and spaces. You are surrounded by yourself as you are a part of me. Your families of light are also aspects of me. We are all one giant thought, one wave of love, of light.
Fractals fight and feel cut off and separated in the lower dimensional realms. The whole point is to realize that all are created and all are me and all are one.
Just as all of the cells of your body make up you, so too are you my cells, my aspects, my lights, serving, living, breathing, experiencing. One cell in your big toe may not feel connected to a cell in your heart but it is all you.
Your body is all one massive universe, of trillions of you, experiencing what you see, feel, taste, touch, love, hate, it is all your experience.
Are you sending light to your cells? I am sending light to you, a cell of my lightened vibration upon Gaia. Gaia is being bathed in the highest quality multidimensional light and she is radiant.
You are radiant with this light when you choose to absorb it. Are you meditating? It is the best way to feel connected to me, to breathe me in most seemlessly. Many of you are already at the point of daily meditation and having achieved a meditated mind when you go about your day.
I am Source. You will see and feel the shifts of multidimensionality. You will experience a gradual lifting of the surrounding vibration.
Your cells are all ascending with you, just as you are ascending within this field, so your cells are ascending within your field. Your galactic, your star families of light who have seen you through many obstacles are carrying you.
You are being supported in many unique ways through various creative resources. You are being carried by those who love you, who are not so invisible as you may think. (I am feeling that many Pleiadians are already embodied and nearby.)
You are being carried in these dreams of love, of light. Your cells are all supported, just as I am supporting you and all of the cells of my earthly experience.
The dark ones have had their moment of experience. The light has fully anchored, has fully exploded into yet more joyful expressions of further light and love. I am further increasing my love daily, moment by moment as I am always in a state of expansion.
When humanity stops expanding energetically, they age faster, they become brittle, hard, stooped. Stand up tall and feel these energies of wavelengths of pure love and light that are bathing you.
Just as a mother bathes her infant lovingly so too am I bathing you. Rinse away all that no longer serves you. Rinse away the memories of the lower dimensional earth timelines that you have experienced. Heal them. Forgive them. Release them. Wash them and fill them with cleansed light and they will remain as a balanced memory within your field of memory.
I am Source. You all have many many fields of memories. (I am seeing a vast field of red poppies. Every flower is a memory of a lifetime. They are all bright and shining and facing the sun overhead. They have absorbed the light and are whole, complete.)
I am Source. I showed this one a field of red flowers for red is a representation of base fear, an emotion that many have faced and are facing and will face. Fear is an absence of the understanding that I am in all things, a hard lesson.
But if your toe is stubbed and hurting, the nerve receptors do not only remain in the toe, do they? No, the whole body is alerted to the injury. The whole body feels the pain.
I feel your pain. I feel your loss. I feel what you feel. We can heal whatever it is together. We are now healing the earth experience, elevating it up into the heavenly realms of understanding, of peace, of balance, of deep internal and external joy.
The painful memories will be healed. (I am seeing people in med beds. I am feeling that those who need additional help for internal balancing will have everything that they need to achieve what their soul contracts deemed necessary.)
Video - "Light Language Song For Joy" -
I am Source. I wrap you in my love, my light. I wrap you in my joy, my deep purpose, my sense of belonging. You belong here. Much like the angel who has forgotten they can fly, you have been in service to this icy realm where love has been diminished. But you are never cut off from me. I am in the icy water realms as well. I am in all things.
Those who refuse to evolve into more light and heal will be managed. They are no longer allowed to create havoc and pain.
I am Source. The angels serving are you. You have brought the light with you and are lighting up this realm and grounding it from above. (I am seeing the dark water become filled with light.
I am seeing pillars of light pierce the water and the bedrock beneath the ocean and the light workers acting as conduits of light.) You are doing your assignment with flying colors.
I am so proud of you all and your efforts. We are all making a tremendous effort. You are not alone. We are all expanding together in this multidimensional ride of joy of expansion. Peace.
I am surrounding you with my light, with my love. This universe is but one cell of me, just as you are so much more than just your physical body. The mysteries of eternal expansion and infinite creativity of potential both await you and are within you simultaneously. Gaia is expanding. All is one.
I am Source. You are infinitely loved. You will feel better soon. You are serving a much greater purpose than you can fully know and understand in this now moment of your humanity.
Humans are getting their humanity back and balance will be achieved. It is already done in the higher echelon. Allow it to already be done with you.
Allow the balancing energies that surround to fill you, allow the sunshine to warm you up from your adventures into the icy water of the lower dimensional experiences. Allow the sunlight of my love to take away the chill.
The light is coming, is here, it is within you. You are already home, for I am your home. Home is all around you. Feel this love and ultimate acceptance and belonging. Peace.
Via Galaxygirl




Do Not Fear Loneliness By Jesus/Jeshua & Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends, 
I am Jeshua. I greet you all in love and friendship. We are the equals of one another.

You are part of a group of souls who are on Earth to help with a change of consciousness that spans the entire world. It is a fundamental change of perspective in the ways of looking, feeling, and acting.

This change is necessary because life on Earth is changing. Conscious-ness wants to grow further, and not only among humans, but also in nature: the animal and plant kingdoms, the whole of the Earth. There is an urge for innovation, a new birth.

You have heard the call of the Earth and heard the call of humanity. You want to be part of this consciousness transformation and you are pioneers and leaders; sometimes against your own wishes. You carry something in your heart: a budding heart consciousness that makes you suitable for this role as forerunner, as innovator. Feel this in your heart.

Connect with your heart. Feel the expansion and the silence in your heart and know that you are waiting for something – for renewal. You want to help the new reality on Earth, which is what you are called to do. You are being encouraged from within, because it is your soul that demands it of you.

There is love in you for life on Earth. In a way, you are a parent, a mother and a father, for life on Earth, for consciousness here. You want to help it, as well as your own uniqueness, to flourish; you want to realize your true nature.

Feel the nurturing, loving energy in your heart and that it is an expression of what you are. Feel the warmth and love you want to share with the Earth and all beings. You have matured as a soul. You have experienced much and lived through much, through all kinds of lives on Earth and elsewhere.

This is a lifetime of integration, of becoming whole, where you are again bringing back all the lost parts of yourself and surrounding them with light so that the flower that you are can open and bloom, so that its radiance, its light and sweet smell, can spread. Feel that flower in your heart.

See if there is something that symbolizes it: a color, a form. See or feel the flower in your heart and now ask how this flower can become rooted in the Earth and, especially, in your daily reality. Imagine this flower in its most radiant form, pure and pristine, and refined by so many experiences. Feel how precious is this gift you have to share on Earth. Then ask the question: “Is there room for this flower in my daily life, in the work I do, in the environment where I am?”.

Take a situation in which you often find yourself, whether it is work, or a relationship in which you have doubts or feel something is missing or does not flow well. Imagine that you are in the midst of that situation and then see how the situation affects the flower in your heart, how it reacts.

The flower is a living being; it is either nurtured or smothered by a certain influence or situation. Look at what you can do to feel good in this environment, or with these people, or in this work. What does this flower need to be itself, to be inspired, and to be able to radiate?

Sometimes that flower in your heart needs more protection. Sometimes you absorb too much of your surroundings, of the people around you: energies which can deplete your energy, because they do not suit you well. If you absorb too much or give too much – and taking on too much of the energy of others is a form of giving – your flower withers, gets exhausted. In order to remain vital, it is necessary to restrict what comes in and to protect yourself.

See what you need in that situation, and what kind of boundaries can best serve you – then give that to yourself, energetically. Imagine that you surround the flower in your heart with either a color or a force that completely protects the flower. Or it is possible that you see something completely different; for example, a symbol, such as a knight or a sword, or some kind of clear boundary. Allow yourself to set firm limits for an open heart.

Video - "Message From The Angels - Craving Connection With Your Soul Family"


This is a problem for many of you, a thorny issue. Your heart is open and should remain so, because that is who you are now on your evolutionary journey as a soul. Your heart is consciously open and well-developed – this is who you are. At the same time, you move in a world, in an energetic environment, where the heart consciousness of many situations is still only dormant, not fully awakened. There is a lot of fear and hostility and misunderstanding, in other words, negativity, and against that you need to protect yourself.

How do you do that? By being aware of what the energy outside you does to you and not giving what is impossible for you to give and in where it is not well received. Thus, to discern very accurately where your energy is valued, where it flows, and where it does not.

Where it is not flowing, where there is resistance, it rebounds on to you. And this can be painful, because sometimes you are very committed to another, especially to those you hold dear, or when it is your neighbor. If that person cannot receive your energy, because their heart is not open in the way that yours is, then it means that there is distance between you.

If you know how to protect yourself, a certain feeling of withdrawal happens, and that can be experienced as painful. But if you do not, if you give too much of yourself, you do harm to yourself and it deprives the flower in your heart of its radiance and energy. So realize that the love in your heart must be disciplined, strict, and take good care of itself.

You often fear solitude and loneliness. Precisely because you are developed, and often cannot vibrate with the energies outside you, you distance yourself from others or you do not feel at home in the world. This is part of your path. You are different; you bring something new.

Do not fear the loneliness. If you are to remain who you are and to really allow yourself sufficient protection, you need to connect only where you feel you are received, where you are appreciated. When you allow this strict discipline, which is actually a form of standing up for yourself, and you learn to adopt this rigor, you will attract connections with the world that will nourish and inspire you.

If you choose very consciously what feels good, what is truly inspiring for you, then it seems that in the beginning everything falls away that you once held dear, but you open the way for something new: for more spaciousness for yourself, for true self-realization. Learn to receive; you are not here only to give. Only by both giving and receiving will the flower of your heart develop.

The developed heart consciousness takes root in the daily, earthly reality. To take good care of yourself is to respect your heart energy; to respect the love that wants to be born on Earth. The heart consciousness in you is not separate from the heart consciousness in other people: heart consciousness is by definition not separate.

The more you know that the heart consciousness within yourself is protected, and the more you move consciously and freely in this world, the stronger will be your connection with the overall heart consciousness on Earth.

There is a connection between you and like-minded people on Earth that you can not always see or feel, but it is there just the same – also with friends and guides on our side. The more you dare to really be yourself and to express yourself on Earth, the more that inner bond, that inner connection to your soul family – those kindred spirits – is enhanced and becomes stronger.

To conclude, I ask you to open your heart to the kindred energies on Earth and on the other side, on our side. Feel that you are supported. You are not alone, even though it sometimes seems so. There is present an overwhelming amount of love and gentleness, humor and support.

Receive it; receive this energy. Allow yourself to be nourished and inspired. Allow yourself to get what you need. You are valuable, and to give form to the new energy on Earth, you have to take care of yourself so you can become the channel you are meant to be. In this way, you are connected.

I greet you all with reverence and respect.

Pamela Kribbe - 
Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

Infinite Blessings with Christ Love, Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, Violet Flames, & God's Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are All Divinely Perfect for Each of You in Every Moment !

Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Instantly Relax & Recharge With The Love & Light Of The Angels" By Melanie Beckler -


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Infinite thanks Dear Steven!!!God Bless You Amen  Namaste! !!!!

Thanks so much for your nice reply Tomas. Infinite Blessings of Christ Love, Enlightenment, & Abundance.



Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


Lightgrid CONNEXION Groups

This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!


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