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Becoming Pillars Of Light By Jenny Schiltz ... And ... The Chalice Of Our Relationships By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Choices, Choices...Ultimately You Can't Make Wrong Ones By Ann Albers

Becoming Pillars Of Light By Jenny Schiltz

Everything is magnified right now, our thoughts, words, and actions are carrying more weight. Manifestation can feel instant, for good and for bad. It has to be this way in order for us to really see what we are still carrying within that needs addressing. This is preparing us for 2020, which will be a pivotal and profound year.

I was shown this so clearly the other day at the grocery store. I couldn’t find the bags to grab corn and said outloud “It would be nice if they had bags nearby.” This woman near me agreed and then proceeded to talk to me for the next 5 minutes about everything that is wrong in the world and that humans suck.

It was uncomfortable on my field and it ended with me having to create an exit. I was honestly a little flustered because my experience out in the world is usually very positive.  I got to my car and sat there thinking “What was that??” as I replayed the incident in my mind. I then saw that I absolutely started it. The moment I complained is the moment I changed my frequency and then I was shown a magnified version of complaining and the effects on another’s system to be near that.  

I was reminded of a time when I complained a lot, I held a lot of negativity and it was something I worked hard to get out of, yet in moments the default programming comes back. It is those moments that I need to be fully responsible for now as I can no longer allow it to come through me. 

As everything is magnified the world can really feel odd. One minute it is full of happiness and potential and the next it can feel so off. It is important to really be in observation mode as everything is conspiring to teach you. If we are in reaction mode we often miss the valuable things we are being shown.


The Boxes of Limitation

I went on a journey to gain clarity on this and was shown a cube floating in the air. Within the cube were other cubes smaller and smaller as if it were a nesting box. It was explained to me that many people expand their consciousness out of the cube they were occupying and then call this awakening, and it is to a degree. Yet what is being asked of us now is to expand to the point that the cube no longer exists.

I asked what the cube is made of and was told that it is made up of constructs that build a wall, it is separation itself. These can be beliefs, societal expectations, limitations, and wounds. These are the challenges we have to move through to uncover ourselves completely. 

I then asked what determines where one is within the stacking cubes and was told it is a reflection of how well one knows themselves. When I found this puzzling, I was shown beliefs that I had carried at one time about concepts such as health, religion, even money.

As I challenged my belief systems I expanded into the next cube.  Yet that next cube while it felt expansive for a time had bound me just the same. I was shown where I had simply replaced one belief for another and it wasn’t until I was able to observe and move into neutrality that the belief collapsed and I expanded into the next space.

I was shown how the unhealed shadow & inner child can lock someone into a particular cube. How unforgiveness (of self and others) and fear halts expansion and distorts reality. The magnification process we are in is designed to show us where we hold these things so that we can see that they are a leash tethering us in place. It is the only way to move into a reality where there are no limitations. 


Pillar of Light

We are now being asked to expand to the point that the cube itself no longer exists. We are being asked to un-tether ourselves from anything that keeps us from being the truest, most authentic version of ourselves.

We are being asked to become the pillar of light. To be the conduit of the highest Divine Source light on this planet. To anchor that light with every step we take and with our in and out-breath. It means creating a field all around us that is strong, pure and has the ability to shift anyone and anything that comes in contact with it, should they choose. It means stepping back and allowing our field to do the work.

Yet in order to be this pillar of light, we must shed all that is not the truth. Our beliefs, our fears, and our limitations must go.  

As I sat with the knowledge that we are being asked to be pillars of light, the understanding that it will require Radical Responsibility and Self Love.  To be in service to the Highest Divine means that we can not coddle ourselves or others, no more excuses. To do so would bring validation to the limitations and programming held and this serves no one. It means accepting all of ourselves and allowing ourselves to not be liked, to not know the next steps, and to simply flow with the truth of our existence. 

I hope that this message finds you undoing all the things that have kept you in a box and that you are uncovering just how powerful and extraordinary you are. Sending you all lots of love.

Jenny Schiltz

Video - "Experience The Divine Power Of Light With Judy Satori"


The Chalice Of Our Relationships By Natalie Glasson & The Celestial White Beings

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Greetings beloved beings of light and truth, we are the Celestial White Beings. We are a soul group that was present at the birth of Mother Earth and we have enrolled to support her ascension and all present upon her.

We hold a strong connection with Atlantis, as our energy was grounded into the Earth at that time so many could benefit from our guidance and wisdom. We continue to heal and unravel stagnant energies from that time to bring healing and sustenance to the now reality you are experiencing.

The Earth and all upon her are constantly moving into new phases of ascension, and each phase has a different focal point. Each area of focus is orchestrated to create the most beautiful and relevant blossoming within all upon the Earth.

The current phase is centred around relationships, inviting you to consider your position in the world and your view of the world unfolding around you, for the world around you is your mirror, allowing you to gaze deeply into the truth of your being.

Are you happy with the world around you? Are you willing to accept your connection with everything and everyone, even if it feels like you are a million miles away from the world you view. Are you willing to recognise that even small shifts, transformations and openings within you will positively impact the reality around you in magical and awe-inspiring ways?

We, the Celestial White Beings, feel it is time to more deeply realise your relationship and connection with the world around you, not only as an individual, but as a collective/community also. In doing so you will become aware of and access your inner power. A power that is all knowing, doesn’t need the guidance of your mind and can create shifts beyond your imagination.

Video - "The Chalice Of Our Relationships" -

Imagine if the majority of people upon the Earth focused upon exploring and healing their relationships with themselves, Mother Earth and every soul upon the Earth. Everything would transform, healing would be abundant, and love would be the new foundation of all relationships formed; the love of the Creator.

It is with this in mind that we, the Celestial White Beings, wish to draw your attention to an extract from our story from our existence upon Atlantis. It is a part of the workbook and additional guidance to encourage personal ascension which runs through the narrative. We direct your focus to this extract as we feel it serves the current phase of ascension beautifully.

In every relationship and interaction with ourselves and others energy is created which is a combined synthesis of the energy and wisdom each person is willing to share. We can imagine the combined synthesis of energy and wisdom to be a chalice which can be overflowing or dry.

It is first important to notice how much you are willing to share and give to others, whether they are strangers or loved ones because everything you are is reflected within your reality back at you, especially your relationships.

Throughout your day notice the different forms of relationships you create. There are relationships with loved ones, friends, animals, strangers, nature and even your environment. When stranger approach you, do you hold your energy back or do you try to be open to share, knowing you are always safe and protected. Do you understand this person is creating a relationship with you, a connection if only for a moment?

Do you wish for all forms of connection to be fulfilling? Do you recognise the Creator within yourself and the stranger, thus an opportunity of magic? Do you recognise the stranger as a reflection of yourself, thus wouldn’t you like to be open to yourself?

If you are offensive and hold your energy back - the chalice between you would be completely dry. If you are open to share, give, and receive, then the chalice will fill and maybe even overflow from just a simple moments conversation.

Although you may not meet the person again, the chalice of energy will almost be like a battery of energy for you and the other person to draw from whenever you need to, thus an awareness of having plenty and being supported will grow. This interaction actually fills your own chalice, as if nurturing your soul and creating a fountain of plenty for you to draw from within you.

It is about recognising the flow and abundance of the Creator with the willingness to be of service to this flow so you may always draw from it abundantly. Imagine the energy you can create with a loved one, a chalice that replenishes your energies and inspires you.

Simply being open to communicate, express yourself, and be accepting of others allows your chalice to take care of itself. Throughout the day, try to encourage yourself to be open, communicative, accepting of others, and aware of your reaction to others.

When you discover yourself pulling away, feeling frustrated, or as if you do not have time, this is simply resistance. Look at how you are truly feeling. Are you fearful or is the other person taking from you without giving in return thus draining your chalice?

It is important to realise that not everyone will have the same intention as you, some may be grumpy, angry or unpleasant. Use this as momentum to dive within and recognise whether you have acted that way to others in the past, or whether you hold a similar energy within you and do not let it show. Now is your chance to imagine the energy you would like to experience within you and the chalice you desire to form. Just by imagining this, it will form.

When connecting and communicating with others it is always appropriate to consult your intuition as what is appropriate for you in each present moment. Remember that which you give is what you receive in return; your willingness to receive also enhances your ability to give.’

Many souls upon the Earth are in a pattern of taking for themselves while blaming, judging or ridiculing those that do take some form of action. When this cycle is released so everyone will be able to recognise the power created through acceptance and expression of the Creator’s light, love and truth.

In loving magnificence,

Celestial White Beings

Extract from White Beacons of Atlantis by Natalie Glasson, Page 133: (Link to find out more and purchase the book -

Video - "Shifting A Relationship Into Light Meditation" By Steve Nobel


Choices, Choices...Ultimately You Can't Make Wrong Ones By Ann Albers & The Angels

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Paths appear and disappear in your lives. Doors open and close. Opportunities come and go, and yet, never can you ever “miss the boat!” It is not possible to bypass your growth, for it shows up always in one form or another. It is not possible to bypass the essence of your desires, for if you miss one opportunity another will simply arise. You cannot lose!

How would you live if you knew you couldn’t lose? How would you live if you knew you couldn’t “miss the boat?” How would you live if you knew a “wrong choice” for the future was really a “right choice for the present” that would ultimately lead you to an even better future?

We know you would live with less fear. When faced with a decision you would ask yourself only, “What feels right, right now?” You’d trust that. You’d live in the moment. You’d stop strategizing, manipulating your own hearts, and trying to convince others that your way is correct. You’d relax, knowing that, in your human words, you cannot truly mess up your own life.

You are here to learn. You can learn quickly or slowly. You are here to grow. You can expand into greater love gradually or instantly. You are here to create. You can manifest your dreams with a single combination of pure thought and pure surrender to love, or you can manifest more slowly by trying to remain in control of how they have to look and when they have to occur.

Dear ones, there is no race in life. There is no finish line in eternity! There is only a gradual, beautiful unfolding of your awareness into love. Even in the heavens when you choose to graduate from your earthly incarnations you will find new opportunities to expand, grow, and learn.

So, relax. You can’t truly make a “bad choice” – you can only make choices, learn, grow, expand, and then make better choices.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Angel Card Reading For The Week of Nov 3-9th - Re-Align

Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

I’ve had some intense discussions with the angels about my choices. I’ve asked them how to make better choices when in my opinion I’ve made bad ones! They always answer with love, "It wasn’t a bad choice, Ann. It didn’t give you the outcome you desired, but you did your best, you learned, and now you can start creating again with a greater understanding."

For example, in my thirties, after a relationship in which someone cheated on me, I jumped into the next one because the man pressured me, and although I didn't have feelings for him, I didn't want to hurt him, and wished I could be in love. I lied to myself. “Maybe this can work. He seems nice." "Angels will I grow in this relationship?” I asked. I didn’t ask them if I’d be happy. Something in me already knew. I didn't want to hear the answer.

They answered what I’d asked. “You will indeed grow. He’ll release his childhood anger and you’ll learn to honor your own heart, and not to take things personally. You’ll be together about three years.”

If I was who I am now, I would have run! Instead the needy, wishful thinking, wanting validation, version of Ann that I was then dove headlong into the relationship.

He did release all his childhood anger on me. I did learn to honor my heart and not to take things personally. When I finally became honest with myself, and started speaking up a bit more, asking for kindness, he dumped me. It was nearly three years to the day. I did learn. I did grow. Yet, I was flaming mad at the angels!

“Why didn’t you tell me this would be so miserable?” I demanded of the angels. They answered with great tenderness. "You didn't ask. You already knew and you didn't want to hear it." I became quiet. They were right. "You tried to fit something you already knew wasn't what you wanted. You tried to make something work that you already knew didn't. You didn't want to look at that three years ago." They were right. I didn't.

More humbly I asked, "So if my entire lesson was learning not to take things personally and learning to honor my own heart, then... Well, you mean to tell me if I had just rejected his advances right away, up front, honored my own heart, and let him deal with his own feelings of rejection, rather than me feeling guilty, then I would have learned this three-year lesson... in ONE day?" I sighed internally. I already knew what they'd say. "Yes." What an eye opener!

We get to make many choices in life. The more honest we are with ourselves in the moment, the easier the choices, and the kinder the outcomes will be.

So, was it a “bad” choice? I don’t think so. I needed the growth or I would have made a “better” one. I learned, grew, and have been happier ever since. He and I made peace and celebrated the growth. My “bad choice” actually turned out to be one of the most educational and liberating experiences of my life.

So often, I meet people who beat themselves up for their choices in the past because they didn’t get the outcomes they desire. In sessions the angels always lovingly point out how they have grown in wisdom, love, self-love, compassion, strength, or any other number of beautiful ways. The angels proceed to tell them how they can create what they really want, starting in the present.

You are never too old, too sick, too poor, too ignorant, or too whatever to create the essence of your desires, starting from this very moment.

So, as the angels like to say, let us all live, learn, grow, and get going on our next creations!

Here are a few pointers to help you choose kindly, and to move forward even when you don’t… 

1. Be honest with yourself in the moment

When you have to make a choice, consider your options. See if one feels exciting, compelling, and like you really, really want to make it. That is a definite "yes." See if one feels heavy, unpleasant, like a duty, a chore, an “I’ll do this really unpleasant thing now to get something better later” kind of choice. That is a definite "no! "

If you’re unclear, let the choice go. Wait for clarity, even if you lose an opportunity. As one of my dearest clients said years ago, “I get it! If it ain’t a hell YES, its a hell NO!” She was so right! If it feels right now, it is right now. If it doesn’t feel right now, it isn’t right now. When I’m unclear I choose not to decide.

2. Listen to your body - Do the gut check

The angels like to say that "the mind can lie to you, but the body never will." Think of your choices. Pay attention to your stomach. If you feel loose, relaxed, and comfortable, the choice is a kind one. If you feel tense, tight, jittery, or nauseous, the choice is likely an unpleasant one.

The body, especially the gut, tunes into the possible future in the quantum field and knows instantly if it likes the vibration or not!

3. Bless the mess, get on with the rest 

If you have made a choice in the past or even recently that has given you an unpleasant outcome, the angels like to say, “Bless the mess, get on with the rest.” Even if you signed a contract that holds you bound, for now, you can start to energetically create the desired future. Look at what you’ve learned. Congratulate yourself for the growth, and immediately start visualizing and feeling into a better future.

Don’t indulge in self-criticism, blame, or any of those other patterns we get into when we can’t control something in the moment. Bless the mess, get on with the rest.

While we all strive to make choices that have happy outcomes, the truth is we’ll all have a happy ending! We may as well make choices that feel good in the moment because we have an eternity of choosing, and now, now, now is the blessed moment in which we experience life on earth. Enjoy the journey and remember, "If it ain’t a hell yes, its a hell no! "

Love you all!

Video - "Star Soul Family Activation Journey" By Solara An-Ra


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The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Mercy

We envision a world where mercy has resurfaced in the collective awareness; where all fighting has stopped, all arguments resolved, all violence turned to creativity, and all vehemence transformed into love. We see a world where soldiering is unneeded because no one wants to harm anyone else; where we've all realized that it is far better to help than to harm, to uplift than undo, to bless than to badger, beat, or bomb others into submission.

We see a world where all guns are holstered, all knives and swords sheathed, all weapons destroyed, dismantled, and reformed into tools for the betterment of our lives.

As a result, we see peace everywhere, and humanity, as a whole, breathing a collective sigh of relief because every person who walks this planet has stopped what they were doing long enough to put themselves in the shoes of the other; where every person knows, beyond any doubt, that we all need each other, that we are all connected to one another, and that to bring harm to another only brings harm to oneself.

And we envision our hearts open and our minds unfettered and creative now that our bodies are safe because we have learned to give mercy in all situations; to let others go free so that they can live out their entire lives without our interference or imposition.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
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One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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