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Angelic Star of the Christ By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio ... And ... Tercy Logan: 'Desire for God Realization' and 'Connecting The Antakarana'

Angelic Star of the Christ By Natalie Glasson

Archangel Metatron:

I stand before you now as a star illuminating a pure white energy that anchors the colors, vibrations and frequencies of the universe. As I stand before you emanating my light, I send a star shaped orb of my light to your soul. I name this the Angelic Star of the Christ and I wish to share its energy with you. This star of light is comprised of the love of the entire angelic kingdom, the archangels and my own energy.

It is a sacred energy capsule that when activated will pour the love of the Angelic Kingdom into your being.I AM Archangel Metatron, I am the leader of the archangels and the angelic kingdom; I am a holder of the Christ energy at a universal level.

The Angelic Star of the Christ melts into your heart chakra; it maintains its form as it begins to emanate light and love which pours into your soul and body. Sit peacefully in meditation and accept the energy of my Angelic Star of the Christ into your being. Know that it is healing and cleansing your being assisting you in accepting and anchoring the energy of the Christ into your being and reality. All negative emotions are dispersed while positive emotions are amplified. Feel, sense, absorb and relax into the love of the angelic kingdom.

When you are ready imagine the Angelic Star of the Christ moving up to your third eye chakra. The energy of the star continues to pulsate from this new position into your body and aura. The Angelic Star of the Christ seeps deeper into your third eye chakra at your brow. The energy of the star is activating your third eye to bring forth a new clarity and comprehension. It is also clearing and healing your mind of any negative energy or thoughts to anchor love of the purest form into your mind, actions and reactions to your experiences on the Earth. Surrender to the angelic energy of love and allow it to wash over your mind.

When you are ready and your mind feels as though it has anchored love, feeling refreshed and awake, then send the Angelic Star of the Christ down through your chakra systems slowly until it reaches your root chakra. The light will flow through your throat, heart, solar plexus and sacral chakrasuntil it reaches the root chakra at the base of your spine. Allow the star to rest here for a moment feeling the vibrancy, power and loving energy of the star. Remember that the energy of the star is connecting you on a deeper level with the Angelic Kingdom.

Imagine the star flowing down into the center of the Earth, imagine or know that it melts completely into the soul of Mother Earth, so much so that the form of the star dissolves. You are assisting in the anchoring of the Christ Consciousness into the Earth to aid the ascension of humanity at this special period of accelerated growth.

The energy that you have absorbed from the star has increased the amount of light and love in your aura and being. This will aid you in your focus on your spiritual development process on the Earth. The purpose of the Period of Transformation is to anchor the energy of the Christ into the Earth and to aid people in eliminating fear while mastering their minds to create abundance in all form in their life.

This meditation will aid you greatly when practiced to anchor the Christ Consciousness into your being for your own growth and the evolution of humankind. The star is healing and cleansing and so will remove many blockages in your being and obstacles in your life to allow you to achieve your goals. This meditation can be completed as many times as you wish, simply invoke my energy to stand before you at the beginning of your meditation.

I AM Love, I AM the Christ.

These can be used as affirmations to anchor the energy of the Christ into your being.

My blessings and love to you always,

Archangel Metatron

Video: "Gateway of Light Transmission" By Anrita Melchizedek -













Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

When mice and men, soon to be friends, all that has passed will become new again. Refreshed and refined, the infinite light, bringing wisdom and hope to your hearts and minds. New laughter to speak, gales of wind in your sails, for the love in your hearts to truly abound.

Infinite wisdom and grace upon your sweet angel’s face. Open your heart and your mind, walking into what it means to be Divine. Claiming your power, absorbing more light, finding your purpose and crossing the divide into the web of existence beyond all time.
The hope laying forward a new way to find the light in your heart, a beacon of hope, springing forth the new vision of a world now afloat on deep sea of love from Great Mother Herself – the wisdom of God returneth to Earth – the hope and great blessings now poureth forth.

For you are but beacons of light, vessels of love walking out of the night, home to yourselves, the souls of great light – the harbingers of hope, Children Divine.

For I AM your Mother, great lady of light and you are my sacred children, holy and bright.Free to choose which path to take – choose to help the ones with the most at stake – the weak and the vulnerable, set them now right, giving your right arm to hold them tight, for your light and your wonder and your sense of dismay is the bounty of love needed to sway - the masses of darkness now to give way to the legions of love abounding in great faith.

Finding your way to the life beyond this, the world of infinite bliss.

As Earth is your shepherd, know you are blessed, for happiness truly can exist.

Wrapping you in arms of de-light, I AM your Mother Divine and you are all the dearest children of mine.

Welcome home to the human angelic tribe. Welcome home dearest children of light for you are a blessing, holy and bright.

Peace, Love, and Blessings –Via Karen J. Vivenzio,, www.karenivenzio.comAuthor – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your LightIt’s time to embrace the Divine in YOU!
Video: "I Am Unity Consciousness. I Am Divine Love" By Steve Nobel
Please have a total commitment to achieving liberation and being of service. An all-consuming desire in life to attain God realization, liberation and Ascension, and to be of service is so powerfully uplifting. Do not allow lower self to steer away.
And try to strengthen the Christ quality of being focused and maintaining that focus. This spiritual fire, in combination with owning personal power and practicing unconditional love, has cultivated in the unceasing quality of enthusiasm that is so pervasive in personality.
Love God with all my heart, soul, mind and might and do not afraid to demonstrate this. Personal commitment is not just for planetary ascension, but for complete cosmic ascension for ourselves.
Wish you a Very Happy afternoon to you with love & light. Tercy.
Video: "Jai uttal & Ben Leinback - Bija Mantras - Watering The Seeds" -

Sit in meditation call forth the radiance of all seven rays and the combined full power of the seven ray Ascended Masters to shine through your Third Eye Center and connect the force of the rainbow bridge into the Light of the Ascension Column, through all chakras and to the Monad. Also ask for a perfect opening and balancing of all chakras, NOW.
Wish you a wonderful day to You with lots of love & light. Tercy
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Video: "Tune Into Your Cosmic Christ Self" -


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