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I Am Archangel Metatron, and with Lady Nada,we greet you with Love & joy. Today,  we invite you to participate in a 9th dimensional initiation in which we will be activating within you your 9th dimensional portal and a 99 Petaled Flower of Love, & this will help ignite
the Divine Flame of Passion arising from God's Unconditional Love within the core of your Being.  Lady Nada will be leading us in the activation of the 9th dimensional portal located about 2 cm beneath your throat chakra which absorbs light through the 99 Petaled Flower of Love, giving birth to a deeper awareness of the meaning of enlightenment, of spiritual illumination, of unconditional Love, and of our process of co-creation from the point where creation & Love meet to come into manifestation & form. 

The Ascended Masters present will also help
facilitate all of the healing, transfiguring & transmuting work of 
the Sacred Fire Love  throughout your 4-body system - and everything is only done with your permission. 
So in this meditation we will be helping you go deep within the core vibration of the 9th dimension where  you will be in the vibrations of the Ascended Masters receiving many Divine Blessings, including the opportunityto access Higher Dimensional Wisdom in the form of many aspects of Spiritual Illumination; blessings that include the higher aspects of anchoring and living within the Rays of Unconditional Love,  plus blessings amplifying your
creative power & strengthening your ability to manifest form thru the creative cortices held withiyour sacral & throat chakras

Let us begin by each of us calling forth our I Am Presence,  our Soul & all aspects of our God Self to help lead us in this meditation, & to always be in our awareness leading us in every moment of our life.  Now let's all call forth a Divine Grounding Cord from Source in the Great Central Sun. The grounding cord extends thru our central channel to the heart of Gaia on one end, & to the heart of Mother /Father/God on the other end, and keeps us simultaneously anchored & grounded in the heart of Father/Mother/God in the Great Central Sun and the Three Fold Flame & Christ Love within each of our hearts and within the Crystalline Heart of Gaia.  Empowered with the Sacred Fire Love & Creative Intelligence from Source in the Great Central Sun that we now call forth with Love & Gratitude,  this Divine Grounding Cord now keeps our Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, & Physical bodies totally  grounded in all these key points in every moment of this meditation & activation. Thank You God for making this so. And so it is ! ! !

And we ask each of you to also call forth now from AA Metatron & Lady Nada a Golden Net of protection enfolding each of us now & totally protecting our 4-body system in every moment of this session. Thank You God for manifesting our total grounding & protection in every moment of this meditation & in every moment of our lives as affirmed or better. Thank you God. And So It Is!

In the name of the beloved Victorious Presence of our Creator, the I AM That I Am in me, and my very own beloved Holy Christ Self -  I acknowledge that I am an instrument of our Creator on this earth, and in the fullness & full force of our I Am Presence and heart flame -  we decree & accept our Creator's Perfection unfolding & flowing in us & thru us with our every breath,  and our Creator's Perfection & Will flowing & manifesting thru us with our every word spoken & action taken.  Aum. Aum. Aum.

And let us breathe deeply in & out of our heart chakra, expanding the abdomen as you breathe in & contracting the abdomen as you breathe out, and feel our Golden Sun Presence within our heart chakra......then feel our Golden Sun Presence radiating out from our Heart Center throughout our emotional body... throughout our mental body....throughout our physical body.... throughout our spiritual body. Let's affirm out loud together now: I AM THAT I AM THE CONSCIOUS EMBODIMENT & PRESENCE OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE bringing all us the most perfect Divine Blessings IN EVERY MOMENT. Aum. Aum. Aum


We are still breathing deeply from our heart center while expanding the abdomen as you breathe in & contracting the abdomen as you breathe out - but now visualize after breathing in from our heart center having your out breath going to encompass the Divine Heart that is our Mother Earth. Then imagine breathing in from the heart center of Mother Earth back into your own Divine heart center. Continue this cycle of breathing for a few moments letting yourself feel our Golden Sun Presence expand throughout Mother Earth....  feel our Golden Sun Presence become ONE with the Great Being that is our Mother Earth. And let's affirm out loud, "I AM the Conscious Embodiment & Presence of All That I Am merged with Mother Earth & All that Mother Earth Is (repeat twice)." Aum. Aum. Aum

Still breathing from our heart center,  visualize your next out-breath going  to encompass the Divine Heart of the Great Being that is our physical sun. Then imagine you are breathing in from the Divine Heart of our Sun and breathing out into your own Divine Heart, breathing deeply and expanding & contracting the abdomen..... and continue this cycle of breathing for a few moments..... & let yourself feel our Golden Sun Presence become ONE with the Great Being that is our physical sun. And we affirm out loud: I AM THAT I AM THE CONSCIOUS EMBODIMENT & PRESENCE OF MY SOLAR CRYSTALLINE BODY OF LIGHT (repeat twice).  Aum. Aum. Aum.

Now still breathing  deeply from our heart center, this time visualize breathing out thru our crown chakra & into the Heart of our Creator, then breathing in from the Heart of our Creator, & back out into the Three Fold Flame within our Divine Heart. As you continue this cycle of breathing for a few moments.....  feel our Golden Sun Presence become ONE with Mother/Father/God. And we affirm out loud: I AM THAT I AM THE CONSCIOUS EMBODIMENT & PRESENCE OF MOTHER/FATHER/ GOD MANIFESTING FULLY & COMPLETELY in every moment THROUGHOUT the THREE FOLD FLAME IN MY DIVINE HEART (repeat twice).  Aum. Aum. Aum.

I am Lady Nada, Chohan of the 9th Ray of Spiritual Illumination, and I welcome you in Love & joy and thank you for being with us today. With your  permission, we will now take each of you in a group Mercabah body of Light  into our 9th dimension Sacred Temple. Now we are in our most beautiful Sacred Temple, filled with Divine Rainbow Light & geometric forms. .Knowing we are safe & secure, we allow this dimension to present itself to us in a way that we feel safe & comfortable with..... letting ourselves relax & focus on our breathing, following our breath as we breathe deeply....we feel our body relaxing completely....following our deep rhythmic breathing and the natural cycle of our breathing....we allow our heart & mind to rest in our breath.....letting go of all thoughts & concerns as we breathe deeply & rhythmically..... we  allow ourselves to enter into a deep state of peace...of contentment....of understanding... and INTO a deeper state of Love with every breath we take. 

There are many Sacred Fire Rays always emanating from the 9th dimension, & we now.let the Violet Flames bathe our entire Being, lifting our vibrations, & transmuting everything within our 4-body system not of the Light.... and we let ourselves surrender and feel the
energy and vibrations and impulses that all of the other Rays offers us ..... for in the 9th dimension each Ray holds a specific opportunity for souls to master lessons and understand the principles of the 9th dimension and how each level of consciousness within the 9th dimension serves as a conduit through which to learn, and through which to develop tools contributing to the ascension of consciousness and the expansion of awareness.

Now we ask you to call upon your personal Guides and the Beings of Light whom you
work with. Ask them to create a spiral of transformation around you. And as you imagine this, ask your healing
Angels to create a Star of David around you using crystals and 12 candles of transformation placed
in a circle around your Star of David. Imagine & feel this as you breathe deeply. The spiral draws your consciousness upward from the material world into the emotional world....... the mental world..... and into the world of Love beyond form.

So now we present you with a task that is very simple, though not always easy....... We simply ask you to love yourself unconditionally. Spiritual illumination brings deeper levels of understanding what unconditional love entails. Each of you are being taken into the realms of our inner child in this meditation so as to understand what our inner child requires in order to fully integrate unconditional love, and move into the frequency of Spiritual Illumination. Working with the inner child consciousness also strengthens our creative ability to bring
form into your life in ways that previously seemed impossible. The inner child is your inner core
stabilizer, and is a vital aspect of stabilizing your creative power in your physical reality.

The onset of this activation, brothers and sisters, brings a code of balance, which will show you how to create balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself, and how to choose what energy & thoughts you wish to focus upon that will help you thrive in the highest ways. So as you sit in our 9th dimensional temple, ask your I Am Presence or God Self what would be your highest focus to thrive upon and further expand your Consciousness & Spiritual unfoldment at this time.

As many of you are already perceiving, our Sacred Temple is full of Rainbow Light Sacred Fire Love & many geometric forms. Let yourself be drawn now to one of the geometric forms that attract you. Feel & visualize yourself breathing in  thru this geometric form present
the high vibrations being emitted in our Sacred temple ....feel & visualize this Divine Energy entering your Heart Center as you breathe in thru the geometric form that has attracted you. Even though this energy signature could be any of the geometric forms, it may also be any affirmations, invocations, or life goals.

Whatever comes to you at this time is what you will thrive upon & further expand your Consciousness & Spiritual Illumination  Feel the Divine Energy you are attracted to penetrating all of the bodies that make up your collective Self. This 9th dimensional energy begins to awaken the Language of the 99 Petaled Flower of Love within you,  and it is through that quality of energy that you serve as an anchor for the 99 Pillars of Spiritual Illumination that are anchored throughout Gaia. Relax into the energy and imagine each cell of your body responding to this vibration, raising the frequency of your spiritual, emotional, mental, & physical bodies until everything inside of you is vibrating in divine harmony with the 9th dimensional frequencies.

Breathe deeply, and while you are exhaling, begin imagining 99 Pillars of Unconditional Love Light extending directly from the 9th dimension & connecting with Mother Earth. Image each Pillar of Unconditional Love being anchored in a chakra of Mother Earth with every breath you take. As each Pillar is anchored in the chakras of Mother Earth’s body, it begins the 9th dimensional planetary activation initiating the next cycle of endings and new beginnings for you and everyone who is ready to elevate their consciousness beyond thriving on drama and negativity.

Your base chakra is receiving a high voltage energy shift right now, which bring about intense structural changes within your entire 4-body system. Each molecule of energy is transforming into a new body of life, and the 99 Petaled Flower of Love you are connecting with is supporting the creation in you of a Solar Crystalline Body of Light... & the creation of everything you have chosen to thrive upon.... which will come into form over the next 99 days. You are being attracted to and attracting a new opportunity to assist you in understanding the purpose of the 99 Pillars of Unconditional Love, & the 99 Petaled Flower of Life in your life.

Imagine yourself weaving now what you have chosen to thrive upon into the collective web of the 99 Pillars of Unconditional Love. This creates a Grid that will hold the consciousness of your new Thrive Intentions. Please bear in mind that what you are focusing upon now is what you will draw into your personal life - so be clear in your intention and inhale this intention into every cell of your body. Take some time now to imagine yourself experiencing in your life right this minute what you have chosen to thrive upon. See yourself benefiting from the energy.  Imagine what you will feel like.... imagine what you will look like.... imagine what you will be doing then..... and imagine yourself merging with these images, becoming one with them, absorbing the energy as well as the information. Take some time every day to focus upon that which you have chosen to bring forth, using your imagination and merging with the picture every time. The power of the imagination combined with your Creator's Divine Will manifesting thru you will empower your visualization.
Breathe deeply, exhaling fully as the final alignment takes place and the vibrations of the 99 Pillars around Mother Earth are balanced and aligned with the electromagnetic fields of all the subtle bodies of Mother Earth in the base chakra areas of her physical body. Continue to breathe deeply & rhythmically as I, Lady Nada, bring to you the Divine Blessings from a Magenta Ray of Divine Love. This Ray is the vibration of Spiritual Illumination and the Divine Ray of understanding the power of creation in form, & understanding how You are the Creator that is manifesting everything in your life in every moment.

Please move your focus now to the 9th dimensional portal on your body ( about 2cm's below your throat chakra), and imagine the Magenta Ray penetrating this point just beneath your Adams apple. Now move your concentration to the point where the bone meets the indentation by your throat. Place the middle finger of your right hand on the indentation of this bone and press down on it firmly. Very gently begin tapping it and use your imagination to draw to you the intentions you have chosen  magnetically to align with.

Now call to your inner child consciousness; increase the rate of your tapping, and visualize your inner child as a little one moving up your chakras and settling in your 9th dimensional portal. This intensified tapping vibration increases the flow of Spiritual Illumination and Unconditional Love, giving your inner child the opportunity to integrate this high frequency and move him or her out of any state of arrested development which has led to self sabotaging patterns of any kind. Continue tapping as you breathe this energy in, acknowledging your inner child’s need for acknowledgment, acceptance, recognition, and understanding for unconditional Love.

Begin moving your tapping motion down to your thymus gland (your 9th dimensional portal) and start tapping in a clockwise
motion. This strengthens the energy of your thymus gland, and aligns your thymus chakra with your 9th dimensional Spiritual Illumination Chakra and strengthens your solar immunity and also helps your conscious understanding of the purpose of the higher dimensional chakras.

Now tap directly over your thymus gland and feel energy moving into the back of your heart chakra; feel the energy moving down your spine, into your base chakra Imagine the energy you have drawn to yourself today  creating the energy shifts needed to manifest your thrive intentions. Now tap around your thymus in an anti-clockwise direction, continuing to balance the flow of light, love, truth, trust, faith, and awareness.

Now move your middle finger back to the point where you started, where the bone is just beneath your throat, and press down firmly upon this point again. Breathe in deeply; exhaling fully, draw your shoulders back, move the muscles in your back a little so that
your spine can align and click into place, if it needs to. Rotate your head.

With your breathing now, you may be aware of the air being very cool. You have cleared the energy meridians between your thymus chakra and your 9th dimensional chakra. This will support a very important flow of consciousness between the two chakras, for you will be accessing the
understanding of the knowledge through your thymus chakra, which is the passage to your inner core soul consciousness and awareness.

By practicing the tapping we have just performed with you at least twice per week, you will maintain the harmonious flow between your 9th dimensional chakra and your thymus chakra. This will also help you to remain aligned with your soul consciousness,
and also strengthen your ability to relinquish your lower ego’s control to the soul when having to make
choices and important decisions.

When you seek insight and answers, push down upon your 9th dimensional chakra & ask your Higher Self the question, and then begin the same tapping process. Then bring your finger back to the 9th dimensional chakra, press down on it and allow the consciousness
to flow and receive whatever insights your soul is projecting toward you. If the answer does not come immediately, be patient, and know that it will only be a few hours in your Earth timeline, and  the answer will come.

Now place the middle finger of your left hand on the same point, turning your right palm to the Heavens, allowing the energies to balance their flow and align with masculine and feminine, Mother God and Father God within you.. The meridian in the middle finger of your left hand now sends an impulse to your spine, in alignment with the back of your heart chakra, and begins releasing impulses of energy, bringing
greater conscious understanding and awareness of the purpose of choosing to thrive on the energies of positivity, lightness, and divine love. This also anchors the 99 Petaled Flower of Love within your heart, your thymus, and your 9th dimensional chakra. And please be aware how extremely important it is that you ensure that what you have chosen to focus upon is in the highest alignment with the Divine Will of your soul.

 Please place both middle fingers of your left and right hands now on the bone just beneath your throat and press down firmly upon this point. This draws an impulse of energy from cervical one in your spine and activates the Star Tetrahedron Technology through the 9th dimension into the structure of your material world, and into your 4-body system.

Release the point; move your hands down to your sacral chakra, breathe, relax. Raise your chin to the ceiling, and then very gently lower & hold your chin to your chest for a few seconds. This connects the chakra on the point of your chin to the energy points of your 9th dimensional chakra and thymus chakra. And now raise your head to its normal position. If you are feeling a little light-headed, just take some deep rhythmic breaths until it passes.

Now I, Lady Nada, with the assistance of the Great Brotherhood of the Light, fully activate the energy of the 99 Pillars of Unconditional  Love in all of the base chakras of Mother Earth, and the 99 Petaled Flower of Love in your heart chakra connected to them. Let yourself imagine & feel this energy & consciousness streaming through your body now. Pause for a few moments as this energy merges with you. You are now fully activated and anchored within both of these forces of light. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the energy of the 99 Petaled Flower of Love and the 99 Pillars of Spiritual Illumination will be spontaneously shared with all. The frequencies will become one with the Grids of Divine Creation, and the Great Brotherhood of the Light will guide the energies so that all merges in divine harmony.

And I offer to each of you now, a crystal 99 Petaled Flower of Love. I ask you to place this Flower now in whichever chakra in your body you choose. The chakra you have chosen will determine the way in which you spread the Love of the Flower of Love. The properties of that chakra will reveal to you the way in which you will teach, guide, and live the Principles of the Flower of Love. 

Take a deep breath in and give thanks; and I, Lady Nada, give thanks to each of you for the anchoring you have facilitated and the role you have chosen as permanent anchors for these energies. May the Will of your Divine Self be your compass. Light and love be with you, namaste.
Greetings, I Am AA Metatron.  Please focus your consciousness on your heart chakra and breathe in deeply as you draw your consciousness back into your physical body, maintaining your connection with the 9th dimension, feeling the presence of your inner child, and anchor yourself firmly back in your physical body. Some of you might feel heat in your body - your temperature rising. If this is the case, please just breathe into it. Bringing this level of energy into your physical body needs time to fully align and orientate itself. If anyone still feels a little off balance physically, we also suggest that you eat food that will help ground you in your body.

Now just to make sure we are all clear about the location of our 9th dimensional chakra  & our thymus chakra ( I was confused about this at first), our 9th dimensional chakra revolves around the bone just beneath our throat, & our thymus chakra revolves around a point about 2 cm's beneath our 9th dimensional chakra, but in back of our 9th dimensional portal close to our shoulder blades. So Precious ones, take a moment now to focus again on your 9th dimensional chakra & your thymus chakra, and imagine a pyramid in both of these chakras. Imagine the pyramid in your 9th dimensional chakra facing to the Heavens, and the one in your thymus chakra facing to the Earth.
Just imagine these two pyramids filled with powerful light and love, and now merge them together, and so you manifest Heaven and on Earth.

Imagine a Ray of White Light coming through the top of your pyramid facing your crown chakra, and a beautiful pulsation of energy moving down your spine from your pyramid facing downward. These pulsations of energy ensure the flow of your 9th dimensional and thymus chakras throughout your entire body, and your upper and lower chakras. Take a deep breath in, and just allow the image to settle in your imagination and in your body.

It is a wonderful time now to manifest resolution of all past & present negative patterns, and to clear the way for all which is to come. All of you who are serving as the anchors for the 99 Pillars and the 99 Petaled Flower of Love will move through this cycle very quickly. You are the
support for those who will undergo their immense change.
Lady Nada embraces you in the 9th dimensional Magenta Ray once more, creating magnetic fields around you which extend to your partner, your children, and every other member of your family. Magenta Grids of protection will remain in permanent place for you.

Beloved ones, the Gateway we have activated today, with the help of Lady Nada, and under the guidance of the Great Brotherhood of the Light, will implement the ending of many cycles. You will see that unfinished business from any time period will
come to the surface to be completed. You will feel an inner need to resolve that which has caused upheaval inside of you or around you, & you also will be magnetically drawn in the direction of your unfinished business, since you now have the tools to resolve any such issues. 

It is the clearing out of the old, making way for the new, and that is exactly what all of you are going through at the moment. You are having to clear out the old because the new is before you. Relationships with friends, family, acquaintances, and partners may appear a little volatile at this time, but ride the wave, it is a very important cleansing, one that you must not run away from, but should rather surrender to and flow with. Beautiful healings will take place and the avenues to new ways will be wide open to you. Spiritual Illumination is a very powerful energy and reveals what has been responsible for that which has caused pain, imbalance, and disharmony. Trust that all is and always will be well in your world. I am AA Metatron, and I bless you in love, Adonai.

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Thank you so much for your reply Glo. I certainly enjoyed having the loving & uplifting energies of AA Metatron & Lady Nada flowing thru me as I was recording this.

Glo, I've been meditating for about 38 years - but channeling for only about 2 years.

 STEVEN L HUTCHINSON, TY for sharing. Blessings

I have never had a feeling like this before.Just so great. Thank you Dale.

Comment by jan marie price 3 hours ago           Delete Comment

Steven I did the 99 petal meditation and found I did enjoy the connection, the only thing I would like to be sure as you bring down each pilliar of light, I visulised each one of the 99 entering into the heart of Mother Earth, can you explain where they are suppose to be, because on the next statement it says Base Chakras, so where are you suppose to see the pillars of light as you bring them into Mother Earth,

Did sense several elements of energy, and above my head a sworl of light so my crown was open as I connected with the Mother, Father God and Christ as I like the part where you breath in from the heart of God, into the three fold flame and vise versa, this felt wonderful.

When I went to reconnect the next day I saw Lady Nada, well A woman came in she had full lips, she did not speak but I felt the majenta

Very lovely thank you for this.

May we all manifest Transformation in light with LOVE

Moonglow, Dale, Jan, Thank you all so much for your replies.

Jan, the 99 Pillars of Spiritual Illumination are already anchored in the key power centers of Gaia, such as Gaia's heart center in the Tor of Glastenbury, and the Lake Titicaca portal in Peru.....and each time we visualize connecting our 99 Petaled Flower of Love in our heart with the 99 Pillars in Gaia, we help energize the 99 Pillars & awaken spiritual illumination & unconditional love in the hearts & minds of every human being. And when we visualize this, it is sufficient just to have the strong intention of connecting your 99 Petaled Flower of Love with all of the 99 Pillars of Light ( we don't have to know the exact location of each Pillar).

Blessings of Sacred Fire Love to all,



I just want to thank everyone for for meditating with this video & accepting the many Divine Blessings embedded in it.

And while I'm here, let me invite everyone to check out a new video I just finished producing & posting from Natalie Glasson's 12-12-12 Devotional Heart Chakra workshop from Glastonbury. I love to meditate with her audios as well, & I make them into videos to make them accessible to more people. You can find this video with the text on:

I just want to thank all of you wonderful meditators & light-workers helping bring us all back to an age of peace & joy..... and thank you so much again for all of your comments & photos. On this day when our meditations and prayers are so exponentially enhanced and magnetized with the Creator's Energy, I also want to give everyone a chance to also bring in tremendous Divine Energy from 12-12-12 to this day thru meditating with the video of Natalie Glasson's 12-12-12 heart chakra workshop called "Expanding Your Devotional Heart With the Ascended Masters & Natalie Glasson - Part 2. You can find this on this page of our website:

Blessings of Love & Light to all,




Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


Lightgrid CONNEXION Groups

This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!


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