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Taking The Next Steps To God Consciousness ... And ... Let The Truth Be Told By Natalie Glasson ... Divine Mother: This Is Personal By Jennifer Crokaert


Taking The Next Steps To God Consciousness

By Christine Day & The Pleiadians

Pleiadian Article From September 2022

Beloved ones we greet you,

You are being called forward within the vast spectrum of God consciousness light to begin to enter and anchor within a different arena of yourself. There is a parallel state of existence that is in essence a more complete multidimensional aspect of you. This higher state of your being   has been directing you through intuitive guidance that you have been receiving within the space of your Heart.

This guidance has brought to you a level of clarity, of inner knowing and a deepening of the understanding of your mission here on Earth. This guidance has been instrumental into you self-launching beyond the illusion of the drama in life, to align to the vast light of Truth which co-exists simultaneously here on the planet.

You have been enabled to re-align yourself to paths of higher consciousness and growth beyond the 3rd dimensional drama, and this guidance has been providing you a support system of how to work with your human aspect.


The sum-total of your human experience and spiritual growth of remembering has brought you to where you are and who you are in this moment. We witness you and acknowledge your journey thus far, we honor your courage to walk on this pathway, of having your human experience on this earth plane.

Meanwhile you are in the process of remembering the vastness of your own power, the full potential of your multidimensional beingness and moving into a place of self-realization within your sacred Heart.


We wish to encourage you into taking a next step of your path. Through a deeper understanding of your Ego mind’s process, by building your awareness you can move forward into another alignment process to your higher consciousness that works outside and independently from the Ego mind.

The Ego mind is totally unaware of anything that exists outside the 3rd dimensional drama and illusion of your world. The only thing that your Ego mind knows is illusionary. All the limitations involving struggle, fear, lack and what has come before, as well as strongly holding onto ‘a story’ of what may come to pass in the future.


What is essential, for you to be clear how the Ego mind brings a very limited and negative focus into your life. Its decision making is always based on what has happened in the past or on a story about the future, founded on total illusion. The Ego has no capability of perceiving Truth.


The Ego minds dialogue is constantly reinforcing the existence of fear and lack in your day-to-day life. Know that in Truth, that you are not your Ego mind. The Ego mind’s story will always keep you small and limited. Your Ego mind will negate any experience that is beyond the 3rd dimension and will never acknowledge or ever understand the magic and power of your potential, that exists and arises within you.


Each individual moment is precious, every moment has a multidimensional potential. You have an unlimited potential to create from the very space that exists within the moment. Every moment there is a blank canvas in which you can create an expansive reality from your Heart’s desire. Truth can only be accessed in the moment, within your own Heart.


You are a creative being and now is the time for you to activate consciously your creative frequency and anchor that which is your desire for yourself. In Truth there is no past and no future, this moment is your only reality. Each moment is multidimensional, this means that as you focus within this moment in time, you can enter a timeless space of unlimited potential for yourself.


From one moment to the next you have an incredible space to create and plant seeds for your future. Like planting seeds in the ground, you plant your desires within the moment and set your desire in motion through that moment of existence.  

Video - "Pleiadian Broadcast September 2022"

As you link into the frequency of the moment all things are made possible. This is because you enter a multidimensional frequency of your own light that allows a manifestation of your thoughts. Your higher light becomes the manifesting agent that interacts though the universal principles of anchoring light form into your world.


This is a natural creation principle being made self-realized through the space of your Heart.  The energy of your desire is the active ingredient, which creates the elemental frequencies.

Remember your Heart is your multidimensional tool. Within the space of this one ‘moment’ you begin to build the thought of your desire through your Heart. This can be achieved by allowing your desire to build like a wave, so that you are filled with an arising joy and energy as you create the details of your desire.

Nothing is too large or too small. Whether you see sense or feel this desire activate does not matter. What is an essential step is for you to fully receive the moment and your creation essence in that moment however it presents. Then you simply let go, releasing the thought of the desire while honoring this moment knowing all is in hand.


Your Ego mind will not be able to relate to this creative process on any level and your Ego mind is not required for the success of the manifestation. Your Heart has always been fully engaged and active, holding pure alignments of action for this highly creative process through the universal principles of light. 

These energies of light become active and are made manifest into reality within your world through the initiation of your Heart’s desire and Conscious breath.


Remember your Ego mind was never designed to run your life, it was originally intended to support you in organizing your human aspect in the mundane 3rd dimensional details of your life.


There are many dimensional shifting potentials opening to you at this juncture on Earth as you begin to actively claim ownership of your multidimensional powers. This is your time to reclaim the space of light that you occupy within the universal frequency collective.

This is about you choosing to reinhabit this space of Self; to coming Home within a higher spectrum of consciousness that is yours by birthright. As you actively begin to realign to the moments in your life, you naturally return to the higher vibrational settings within your multidimensional Heart. Like turning on a light switch you begin to reinhabit the sacred frequencies of your spiritual inheritance.

This is the time for your returning. These are your original frequency settings of your own multidimensional light, likened to tuning yourself in like a radio, a natural recreation, the manifestation of your pure source intelligence being reopened.


There is much rejoicing at this juncture, there are a series of holy openings taking place within your planet and this will allow many of you to be launched to return within this higher paradigm of consciousness. This is an aspect of the promise held in place within the ‘new dawning’ prophecies of Earth.

Be not discouraged by the 3rd dimensional upheaval and drama, this has no bearing on the higher realm reality. Witness the drama and the pure light prophecies taking place, understanding they run parallel within different multidimensional arenas; however, they do not influence each other.


Let go and be in your Heart. Allow the influences of the light, your light to bring you into higher pure alignments to Truth by simply aligning into the ‘moment’ creating manifesting through your Heart’s desire.


You are being held within a space of universal light to support you in launching yourself Home. We witness you in love



The Pleiadians


PORTALS & Galactic Chakras" -


Let The Truth Be Told By Natalie Glasson & The Andromedans

Greetings, beloved beings of light, we are the Andromedans. We come forth as a civilisation to share our energy, love and peace with you now. We invite you to open your hearts to our presence so that we may gift to you all that is appropriate and necessary to aid your ascension at this time.

There is throughout the Universe of the Creator, a wave of energy and intention flowing. This energy wave holds a very specific purpose and intention, which is drawn from the source of the Creator. This energy and intention is to let the truth be told, and as this energy flows, its vibration is quickening.

Every being that it connects with is it invites to open, to awaken the truth within their being and most importantly to express that truth into their reality, whether they exist on the Earth or the inner planes.

Each soul will be invited to let their truth be told; this is a very exciting ascension shift. It means that the truth of the Creator is awakening, its rumbling, and blossoming from the very depths of the essence of each person or soul. Their essence is rising to connect with reality to be grounded, to be expressed, to be created into beauty

Those upon the Earth have the most beautiful reality to experience because you will be able to physically feel, touch, taste, sense, here and see the truth of the Creator. This is such a tremendous gift. It is why you are in existence upon the Earth now because your soul truly wishes to sense the Creator in so many ways that are real and tangible.

As this energy wave and very pure intention flows, it is for you to call it forth into your being, to connect with it, to let that energy flow like a waterfall or a shower over and through your being. It will be like glistening light, awakening the essence, the purity and the truth of your being.

You can imagine where the essence, the truth and purity of your being is within your body, or you can simply allow it to activate. As the energy flows like a shower over your being, we the Andromedans encourage you to repeat in your mind or out loud:

Let the truth be told.

Video - "Let The Truth Be Told By The Andromedans"


As you repeat this statement breathing deeply, inhaling and exhaling deeply between each repetition. You will allow yourself to absorb the energy. You are allowing and encouraging the energy to flow into your essence.

This may take some time, or it may occur instantly. As it merges and mixes with your essence an activation will begin to occur. As the activation occurs you may feel a different sensation or different energy flowing from your being. You might find that you can no longer keep your mind focused on the statement, or maybe you will have a vision, there will be something that allows you to recognise that the activation has taken place. You can enjoy that activation, and when you feel ready allow yourself to repeat:

I express the truth that needs to be told.

As you repeat this statement silently or out loud. You may feel, sense or acknowledge the energy, beginning to flow into your being and your reality. It is important to allow the energy to flow into Mother Earth, and into your Earth Star Chakra, below your feet. This will automatically awaken more truth from your Soul Star Chakra, above your head.

You may wish to repeat this statement for as long as feels appropriate, then simply sit in the energy and enjoy it. You may even feel like you need to walk, or run, or dance, or move to allow full expression of the energy and full grounding.

This is a powerful activation that is coming forth to aid the ascension of all, because it is activating truth from within your being, truth that you may be unaware of, truth from past or simultaneous lifetimes and truth that serves you in this moment.

You will find that the truth influences your own personal reality first. Things that may have been illusions in your reality may fall away, or you may have inspiration that guides you upon a different pathway. The wisdom, the truth that comes forward will most likely be to serve your own ascension, rather than the greater ascension of all. However, there will be some who receive the truth to serve many.

The more you practice this activation the quicker your vibration will become, you will shimmer with light brighter and brighter. Becoming more luminous, and more empowered in your truth and your ascension.

Please be aware that you may be guided to look at things differently and this may be challenging and even painful at times. However, it is all to bring you into alignment with your truth. The truth of your soul and the expression of the Creator through your being.

It is those who are courageous and adventurous that take up this activation and allow themselves to experience it. Each soul and person, especially on the Earth seeks the truth. However, sometimes the truth is not always what you expected or desired, it is exactly what your soul needs and requires.

We, the Andromedans will leave you to contemplate our words and the activation, considering whether you wish to participate in this next phase of ascension. It is entirely your choice. The truth always exists within you, and you always have opportunities to express your truth.

The current ascension wave is simply a booster that encourages you to connect on a deeper, more intimate level with your truth and supports you in doing so at a greater acceleration.

Our love is with you, eternally.

We thank you,

We Are The Andromedans


Video - "The Next Step Of Preparation For The Holy Innocents" By Patricia Cota-Robles -


Divine Mother: This Is Personal By Jennifer Crokaert

My beloved Children, consider this: there is a storm raging on your planet. There are many people saying they know this or that, they have the truth. At best, they have a partial insight. Don’t get caught up in the drama, in being ‘right’, because ultimately that is about ‘power over’, and that model of human relations is what you came here to dissolve.

Come from inside. Come from your heart, your compassion, your love and your willingness to assist, to share your journey if it helps someone else. This is personal. All that you see play out on the global stage reflects the personal constrictions you came here to heal.

Where you are caught in the external drama is where you are caught internally.

Welcome it. Embrace it. Love it.

Love yourself even more for discovering more healing, compassion and forgiveness you can offer yourself and the collective. You are in this together: a team. Each member of the team has their own strengths and their own challenges to embrace, in order to create internal spaciousness and healing within the collective.

When you are exhausted, you have gone too far. Don’t exhuast yourself. You are too precious to me to be worked so hard physically, mentally, emotionally or psychically.

You have not known infinite tenderness in this lifetime, but it’s what I offer you, it’s where you are going.

When you are flagging, when you know you need to recharge, come to me. Imagine my arms around you, comforting you, softening your mind, your muscles, your heart…

Imagine a cocoon of blue love wrapped around you, the softest touch, a gentle relaxing scent, soothing colours… Be nourished within by me, for no one will ever love you as I do, and the gifts I bestow on you are the perfect gifts for your expansion in this lifetime. You can embrace them and work with them, or you fight them and increase their energetic impact on you.

As you embrace your life, all of it – the best bits, the worst bits, the bits you want to change, eject … evicerate! – consider how every tiny aspect of your life is part of the perfection of You. Your higher self chose to come here for this mission, this now moment. You are fed up of hearing it, yet it doesn’t take from the truth of it.

What can get overlooked is that you can make this easier or harder, depending on where you place your focus: internal peace, trust in the unfolding of every detail of your life, knowingness that you are precious.

Or you could chose to see yourself as a victim, never getting a break, ‘the world against you’, as you are thrown about by an uncaring divine power that ignores your pain. That is programming, dare to let it go!

Dare to trust the inner knowingness that you are loved and special, a soul of incomprable beauty, love and power.

You are majestic. You are of the lineage that chose to bare witness to the light, to be the light and you are irredescent. I see You. I honour You.

Allow yourself to honour yourself as I honour you.

Jennifer Crokaert You may also like to check out my YouTube channel

Video - "Higher Light Decree: Daily Alignment With The Light" By Steve Nobel -


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One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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