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We Are Your Galactic Family - The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie ... And ... Federation of Light Message On Jan 24, 2017 ... And ... Transmission: Avalon Starlight By Steve Noble

We Are Your Galactic Family - The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

We are YOU & You are US
Arcturian Message through
Suzanne Lie & Shawnna Donop
Sue Lie: Hello everyone. I decided today, or maybe I heard today. I’m not sure. Sometimes when we hear from our Higher Self or the Higher Beings, we’re not sure if it’s coming from us, or if it’s coming from them. Actually, that is good, as that is a form of merging – right Shawnna?
Shawnna Donop: That’s true, and I suppose that as we expand our consciousness, we aren’t really separated anymore. Instead, we become ONE consciousness with a constant stream of guidance.
SL:       Yes, and of course that constant stream of guidance was always there, but the frequency of our consciousness was not able to catch it all—yet! Therefore, we have to meditate and raise our consciousness to be able to turn up the volume of the messages that were going on all of the time, but we just didn’t know. However, we’re starting to know it NOW. People are really, really tuning in, aren’t they?
SD:      I think we can all feel the heightened energies, frequencies, and streams of information, guidance, and Unconditional Love coming through.
SL:       Yes, and maybe that’s why I got a message from the Arcturians to give you a call Shawnna. They have something that they need us to pass on. 
And, first I want to talk a little bit about getting a message.  When we first started to get inter-dimensional messages, we would have to meditate and do different things to re-calibrate ourselves to somehow receive the message. But, NOW the messages are coming in fast and furious, aren’t they?
SD:      Absolutely, and it’s just as simple as taking a moment to tune in. It definitely feels like the connection is stronger then ever.
SL:       Yes, it’s definitely very strong. In fact, now I’m going to pull in the Arcturians. Shawnna if you would just ask a couple of questions? We will just have a quick conversation, and a hello to everyone from the Arcturians.
Arcturians:  Hello everyone, we are the Arcturians. We are so happy to see how you are waking up. From our perspective, it’s already spring, and you are millions of blooming flowers. Within your consciousness, you are just like a bouquet of lotus blossoms, and you’ve sent your roots all the way down deep, deep into the soil of Mother Gaia.
You have opened up your “Flower of Life” to the higher frequencies of Light and Love that are coming into the planet. It doesn’t take much more than a moment to be still so that you can feel the Kundalini rush up your spine to welcome the Light. 
Do you feel that Shawnna?
SD:      Yes absolutely.  That’s a perfect description.  You just align to that intention and frequency of Unconditional Love and the rise of higher energy is just automatic.
A:        Yes, and it’s important for us to share with you all that it doesn’t take any “time” to prepare for this experience because all of you are so awake now. 
All of you are holding so much Light. 
You can call to us now in the same manner that you can call out to your husband, or your roommate, or your children.  We are right HERE.  So, all you have to do is take a moment and say,
            “Beloved Arcturians, we would like a quick message,”
                        and whoosh, there is an incoming message.
Hence, right now, we are going to direct you to take a moment to make sure that your spine is straight. So whether you are standing, sitting up or lying down, make sure your spine is straight.
You want to keep your spine straight because as soon as we send you our Light, your Kundalini is going to start rising up. This is occurring more and more now because you are getting ready to transmute into your Light Bodies.
NOW, take a breath to the count of
and feel the Higher Light as it comes in to the base of your spine. 
As the Higher Light comes into the base of your spine it moves slowly up
            past your First Chakra,
                        past your Second Chakra,
                                    past your Third Chakra,
                                                into your Fourth, Heart Chakra,
                                                            into your High Heart,
                                                                        into your Throat Chakra,
                                                                                    and into your Third Eye. 
Then, feel how the Higher Light goes back towards your Crown Chakra
            to meet with the source. 
                        Feel how Source comes in and merges with your Crown Chakra.
                                    FEEL how Source is merging with your Crown. 
You are All representatives of the Source.
And each of you represents a slightly different version of the Source because planet Earth is so diverse. Isn’t is wonderful that Gaia is diverse, and that there are people from every planet and every galaxy on Her Planet.  If these beings haven’t been here before, they are there NOW.
If you can use your imagination and look into the sky, you will see an armada of ships that are surrounding your planet, sending you Love, sending you Light and encouraging you by saying,  
“YOU are wonderful, YOU are Ascending, and WE are so happy to have you join our Galactic Family.” 
Take a moment, bring in that message, feel that message, feel, know, remember, and share that message of: 
I AM a member of my greater Galactic Family.
I have come to Gaia to assist with Planetary Ascension.
Thank you for being YOU, and please remember the above Mantra.  Write it down.  Say it while you are doing the dishes, while you’re driving in traffic, while you’re taking a walk, while you’re changing your baby’s diaper, while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store.
Remember to remember to tell your SELF that:
“I AM a member of Gaia’s Planetary Ascension!”
Blessings to you all, and we wish to thank you so much for taking a moment of what is remaining of your third-dimensional time to listen and/or read our message.
Shawnna, did you have anything you wanted to say in closing?
SD:      I like the reminder that we are all unique representations of the ONE source of Love and Wisdom. It’s wonderful that each of us can contribute to the creation of this lovely harmony.
It is wonderful that we are ALL contributing to and sharing our messages with each other. We also thank each of you for shining so brightly.
A:        Yes, shine away, shine away.  Blessings to you all.  Thank you very much Shawnna for assisting us to ground this information and for your great contributions.
We also wish to say thank you to everyone who listens to our message. 
In closing, we wish to remind you that we are your Galactic Family. Please remember that:
We are YOU


You are US
Download this recording HERE
As we expand our reality into higher and higher dimensions!
Video: "Diamond White Fire Transmission. Clearing Fear From Your Ancestral Lines"
Federation of Light Message On Jan 24, 2017

Federation of Light (FOL): We are ready to begin.

Blossom: That’s a first … you starting!

FOL: There will always be firsts … in all things. For everything begins with a thought and then depending on whether one chooses to follow that thought through, it becomes an action… if it is of that way of thinking.

Dearest one’s, as you travel down your life’s pathway … how often do you find yourselves wondering if you are indeed walking along the pathway that is best for you? For within your Beings sometimes, is it not that life seems to have let you down? Disappointed, you stumble over every hurdle, instead of leaping over it and oft times do you feel like giving in, giving up?

We ask that you take a long hard look at your thoughts. Is it ‘they’ that are causing your pathway to be so full of stumbling blocks? Is it the way in which you allow your mind to wonder that determines as to a good or bad day?

We ask of you also, to be vigilant in recognising these thought patterns of yours. You have to understand, if you are to fulfill your desires and increase the Vibration of your Planet … that it is down to you … or would we say … up to you.

We are aware Dearest Blossom, that you were sent a document regarding words and their connotations and yet, you were unsure if this would be a topic we would care to discuss.

Indeed it is. ‘Down to you ... up to you’ … there shall we begin. Far better to use the sentence containing the up! In all things, in all manner of words that you speak … search for the Higher Vibrational one. It is not difficult to do, yet, it takes some time and mind training … in order to let go of that which is imbedded within your brains … to  change words around to suit that which serves the Higher good.

We would say this.  We are reminding you of a long while back when White Cloud told you that it would not matter if God was named ‘knitting needle’ instead of God … For it is the intention behind the words that matters. It is THE FEELING in your BEING … in your HEART as you offer words that allow the Vibration to be of a Higher or lower one.

Blossom: A bit confused as lately, when you have been speaking your words of Light Language … you say it is the sound of them, which in turn carries the Vibration,  which in turn can penetrate into our Beings.

FOL: That is correct.

Blossom: So, how could God be called a knitting needle, and it still carry High Vibration, for it is a completely different sound.

 FOL: If … since the beginning of vocabulary … the word ‘God’ had been ‘knitting needle’ instead … it would have resonated on the Higher Vibration throughout time. And therefore, carried with it/within it the same Vibrational frequency that the word ‘God’ now does.

Blossom: Oh dear, its going to be one of those confusing chats. I can feel it already. Yet, is it not that the word ‘God’ is no longer as High in vibration as it used to be, because of the abuse that has been ‘laid’ upon it. It is often used as a swear word now.

FOL: And again we state … it is the INTENTION behind that which is said.

Let us go back to the word ‘Blessed’. When you say it Blossom … when YOU say ‘ How blessed am I?’  … as you often do … what are you feeling?

Blossom: Joy and Gratitude.

FOL: Therefore, due to the Joy and Gratitude that you are feeling … you are giving off a High Vibrational tone as you speak the word ‘blessed’.

However if one was to ‘think/feel’ that the word ‘blessed’ meant to ‘be less/ to not be worthy of’ … as it was spoken … then indeed the Vibration of that same word would offer out a very much lower vibrational tone.

Let us stress again … It is the INTENT … the FEELING behind words offered, that give it the Vibration.

Our Light language is no different.

Blossom: I thought you were going to say ‘IS different’.

FOL: If our intention behind the tones used in this ‘figure of speech’ was that of causing havoc or bringing one’s vibration down … then those very same words could do that very thing.

However, when we utter those tones through you, our intention is to raise the Vibration within YOU to the HIGHEST THAT YOU WILL ALLOW YOURSELF TO REACH … within your knowing … OF … how High you can reach.

If you recall Blossom, in past conversations we have said that if you did not have words to communicate with … how very different your lives would be. If you communicated thought through … if you connected via feeling only … so much more would be understood.

Blossom: It is hard to think that through feeling alone … more could be understood. Yes, sometimes words seem useless to express a feeling, yet other times … words seem to be exactly what we need in order to express ourselves.

FOL: With respect, you only ‘think that’.  Many of you are now sensitive enough to pick up on another’s Energy. You can almost ‘feel’ what they are feeling. It is quite easy when one is exuberant. Yet sometimes, one is trying to disguise their feelings, yet, you are able to ‘see through them’. It is not because of ‘words’ that allows you to do this. It is because of feeling … ‘telepathic feeling’ if you like. It is an empathy that you are sensing … with/for … another Being.

Within that picking up on another’s feelings …. would you not say that so much more is understood just by the feeling that you are sensing, rather than anything that soul is saying?

Blossom: I know what you mean. Yet, we do need/use words down here on Earth. I can’t imagine myself walking into a shop and ‘telepathizing’ … ‘Could I have a half pound bag of potatoes please?'

FOL: Yet, if one had PRACTISED communicating telepathically for a long time … to ask for a bag of potatoes would be the easiest thing to do. You simply visualise the half pound bag of potatoes in your mind … smile … and send that image through to the soul you are communicating with.

Blossom: Now, you say ' simply’ … I have a game I play with my grandkids or even folk my age, when in the car on a long journey, whereby one person things of a number or colour or object or whatever and we then say ‘Go’ and the others know they are being sent through that image to receive. VERY RARELY does anyone get it right … no matter whether we are really, really concentrating or just mucking about.  So, in honesty … I wouldn’t say it is ‘simple’.

FOL: You are defining the object too intensely.

Blossom: What do you mean?

FOL: What image are we sending through to you? Close your eyes … ready … go!

Blossom: An orange, then an = symbol, then a banana.

FOL: Wrong!

Blossom: Laugh! You see what I mean … very rarely do we get it right.

FOL:Now ... close your eyes again, only this time … breathe deeply and concentrate on the breathing … not the image you are wanting /hoping to receive ... ready … go!

Blossom: Ha ha! Found that hard because I am concentrating on the breathing  yet, somewhere in my mind I am anticipating the image coming through. I can’t seem to let go of that! I’m also thinking it’s odd because when I do a reading it is all about images coming through and then being interpreted! Let’s try again ... What fun!

Odd. I saw a spade … and felt the words … dig deeper. I then felt my eye balls roll up and found myself counting 10, 9, 8 etc… at no 4 … I clearly saw an image of a young boy in war time with a knitted jerkin etc and little grey shorts, amongst bombed buildings and he was flying a toy plane in his hands, making the engine noise with his lips! Not the sort of image I was expecting at all.

FOL: Exactly. For it is also about letting go of all expectations! You were expecting a fruit or vegetable, or colour, or number, for that is how you usually play. Yet, by letting go … we were able to give you a far clearer image.

Blossom: Yet, did you give me that image? It just appeared and it was like I was looking at it … for real … as if I was there.

FOL: You time jumped!

Blossom:I must do that quite often, for sometimes when I close my eyes …  I see a street scene from long ago or something odd like that. Never seem to go to the future though.

FOL: Oh, but you do. You just don’t recall it when you jump back.

Blossom: Why not?

FOL: Because somethings are only to be recalled as they are actually taking place.

Blossom: Like a Deja vu? Isn’t that something that you feel has happened before?

FOL:That’s what you are led to believe. Yet, perhaps it has happened in your future and you have now caught up with that future. Perhaps, you time jumped even just a few Nano seconds ahead of yourself before something happened and that’s why you feel you have been there … done that before.

Blossom: That makes sense. For a lot of my Deja vu’s (not that I have them that often) seem so insignificant. So, back to the time jumping … was the little boy an image from you … as well as a time jump?

FOL: Yes. Close your eyes once more … we are hoping too, that our friends reading this are also joining in the game. Remember to concentrate on your breathing … listen to that and think of that only. To assist … say to yourself the word ‘breath, breath breath’

… …

… …

Blossom: Ok, did that. After about six or seven breaths my eye balls went up and I went into a lovely ‘space’ of self where mists swirled. Then the words of a song came into my mind … ‘I’m just a soul whose intentions are good, Oh lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood'. I thought about those words for a second and realised how apt they were. Then, to be honest … I didn’t get anything else.

FOL: Yes, you did … you felt good.

Blossom: I felt wonderful.

FOL: Maybe that’s a place you jumped to. Or, maybe we sent the FEELING of loveliness through to you

Blossom: Mmm. Not so sure about all this! Not that impressed with the outcome! We have ‘jumped ‘ all over the place today … yet, mostly gone round in circles. Not sure how beneficial it is for everyone, yet, each channelling I do … I post up.  So … take it or leave it. Maybe some readers ‘got the game’ … I don’t think I was on the ball!

FOL: Yet, if we were to tell you that during those deep breaths … not only were you in a lovely space … you were also intrigued by a session being held in High Court in China dated back to the early 1700’s. Or was it the late 3017’s?

Blossom: You’re having me on!

FOL: Are we? Our intention is to speak only Truth.

Blossom:My intention is to find it!

FOL: WE LOVE YOU. May we have permission to send you visions and feelings at random times in your tomorrows?

Blossom: You have.

FOL: And we shall do the same for those of our friends who give permission also. As you say, … what fun!

Blossom: And we all need more fun in our lives!

FOL: Then intend it.

Blossom: I just did!  Cheer ho my friends … until next time.

*Sometimes these conversations seem to go all over the place … this was one of those times. Not apologising … just recognising. Many thanks.


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Video: "Ascension Activations For You" By Susan Shumsky

Transmission: Avalon Starlight By Steve Noble
Listen to this transmission inspired by countless visits to Avalon/Glastonbury. This track was recorded by Steve Ahnael Nobel, January 2017. 

Calling all Starseeds and Lightworkers. This transmission is intended to help you step through the Starlight door to reconnect with a lifetime in either Golden Atlantis or Lemuria. This journey will help you reclaim a gift or skill you developed at another time and space.

Glastonbury is the Isle of Magic…
The myths associated with Glastonbury are extraordinary. Glastonbury Tor has been called a magic mountain, a faeries’ glass hill, a spiral castle, a Grail castle, a Druid initiation centre, an Arthurian hill-fort, a crossroads of leylines and a centre for Goddess fertility rituals and celebrations. It is certainly an extraordinarily magical place.

Accessing the Power of Avalon…
This transmission connects us to four power spots in and around Glastonbury: Wearyall Hill, The Old Abbey, The Tor and Chalice Well Garden. These energies combine to open a starlight gateway to another time/space/dimension.

Golden Age of Lemuria and Atlantis…
Lemuria and Mu are interchangeable names given to a lost land believed to have been located somewhere in the southern Pacific. For thousands of years the Polynesians have recalled in stories how a continent in the Pacific was motherland of mankind. Lemuria was not a 3D physical place, it existed in a higher dimension. Following a collective decision to experience greater physical density Lemuria eventually sank under the waves and its inhabitants fled to find homes elsewhere. It is said that when Lemuria sank, seas levels altered and newly emerged land rose to form ta new continent known today as Atlantis. Atlantis grew into an advanced civilisation with advanced technology. They used crystal technology and had advanced forms of energy that powered different forms of transport. After a golden period Atlantis began to become ‘dark’ and the Atlanteans, were eventually brought down by their use of black magic.

Both Lemuria and Atlantis had golden periods where spiritual knowledge, practise and connection were at their height. In this time of global transition many are awakening to memories of these times. Such knowledge, skills and experience developed there are needed now as we move from a dark age of spiritual ignorance to a golden age of spiritual awareness. Many of the souls who are now drawn to visit Glastonbury have experienced lifetimes in the golden periods of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Avalon as Gateway to Atlantis and Lemuria…
Glastonbury is a gateway into other worlds for those who know the way. The energies of different sites around the town can be invoked and used to open a doorway to another time and place where you worked magically. The intention of this transmission is to connect you to a time in either Lemuria or Atlantis when they were at the height of their spiritual knowledge and practise. Perhaps this door leads to a lifetime as a dreamer in Lemuria. Perhaps to a high priest or priestess working with ceremonial white magic in a temple. Wherever it leads you can be sure you are reconnecting with a time where you had healing, mystical, soul travelling or manifesting abilities. (Please note that many have had lifetimes in other earth dimensions where Lemuria and Atlantis developed along different timelines. There are still Lemurian and Atlantean civilisations existing in other dimensions right now)!

Intention is Key…
In this transmission intend only to step through the door that leads to a lifetime where you developed a skill, gift or talent. In this transmission all other doors are sealed with Diamond White-Violet Fire. (Please note that lifetimes in the final periods of these civilisations carried a certain amount of challenge and in some cases even darkness. This is why they are sealed in this transmission. Some of these doors can be explored and cleared using Soul Matrix Healing. If you feel this relates to you then feel free to drop me a line.)
Video: "Transmission: Avalon Starlight" -

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One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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