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Happy 2014 Winter Solstice everyone!

It has been an odd few days. Very different for me anyway. I would say very 'normal' or pedestrian for the actual Solstice if anything.

I'd decided to rest a lot before the Solstice so I would have the energy for anything that might happen. As I posted previously, I did some cosmic Dragon 'work' prepping for the Solstice, which was well within the Solstice gateway energy window, as it starts a few days ahead, and will continue well into 2015.

The actual day of Soltice however was pretty quiet, but not entirely uneventful. I spread my efforts out across the day, with several meditations throughout.

Friday night, I meditated in the hot tub (after my previous post), and focused solely on integrating Diamond Light into my bodies. It was great, and I had several conversations with different beings, but nothing stood out strong enough to lodge in my brain as something to write about later. Still 70-90 minutes of continuous energy work is a lot, and I felt it was needed.

Saturday morning, after sleeping in, I rode Jericho (one of our horses) with my wife riding Buddy.

2014_Solstice_Ride_01  2014_Solstice_Ride_02

I don't ride often, but when I do, I always connect my energy with the horse's energy. I allow the horse to look through my eyes, and I get to see through their eyes as well (when I choose to). As I rode, I saw myself as illumined, glowing brightly as Archangel Everian, my wings stretched wide, yet relaxed. Jericho was a glowing black unicorn under my seat. Walking at our side was Chatana, our deceased horse, that was Jericho's love interest, and a white unicorn in spirit. Walking next to my wife was Nina, another unicorn, and part of her. We were connected to each other, to Gaia, and to the sky above us.

As we passed the brook and pond I listened to the water and honored the water elementals. As we passed by boulders, I honored the Earth elements. As we passed by the trees, I spoke to them and honored their presence, and so on. We heard and watched birds nearby, heard a solitary frog (unseasonably warm), and felt the cool breeze of the first day of winter on my face.

At 2:00 (Pacific time, West Coast of the USA) was my Winter Solstice ceremony.

Solstice_2014_02  Solstice_2014_01

I don't have many crystals to build an elaborate grid, so we worked with what we have. I combined some items of mine with my daughter's and mother's items and held the ceremony in my Mom's garden where we have concrete markers in remembrance of loved ones that have passed away. I included the ceremonial painted skull Raven gave me as a holiday gift, as part of the honoring of our ancestors. I also used a laser etched crystal globe which seemed appropriate for the occasion, and the mirror ball ornament that Mother Mary gave me recently.

I opened a sacred space for the ceremony, invited all of my guides and spiritual beings I work with, opened a faery portal and dragon portal, and waited for my daughter to walk across the street to join us. We opened ourselves to embrace the Winter Solstice energies and focused on what we are manifesting for 2015. We then offered rose pedals blessed by Mother Mary to Gaia and the spiritual world, and thanked her (and all) for our blessings. Then I closed the Dragon and Solstice portals and left the Faery portal open to enhance Mom's garden (with her approval). :)

The actual ceremony was quick, and felt very normal and comfortable.

About an hour later, I meditated again in the hot tub and spent entire time embracing family and friends, one at a time, with my Diamond Dragon Light Body. It was really nice and felt great as each person's energy was different and I enjoyed just giving in this way. The image at the top of this blog entry is a nice one as it feels like the Dragon is warming the child, and I felt kind of like that as I was embracing people. I also received warmth from people too, which is a nice balance of exchange.

At the conclusion of this meditation, just before getting out of the tub, I spotted a very large bald eagle about 100 yards away. He flew toward me at a pretty fast clip, and passed directly overhead not more than 40 feet away, just over our house. He was awesome, and eagles are special for me. I sent a protective bubble of energy around our barn cats, and then went inside.

The rest of the evening was primarily family time getting the little potted Christmas tree decorated, watching the Seattle Seahawks, and then watching a movie together.

At the end of the day/evening, I spent one more session in the hot tub and focused additional energy on manifesting peace, joy, prosperity, and truth for 2015. I anchored St Germain, Sananda, and Archangel Michael's energies into my body, and let it flow into Gaia. I was buzzing along quite nicely and started thinking about the whole idea of ascension and what that process feels like. I imagined the 'final' process of rising 'up' and fully becoming my Dragon Light Body, not just as a temporary use, but as a resident. I considered Commander Arryn, my Pleiadian self, as my walk-in and wondered what it will feel like to exchange with him in a way that has finality, as opposed to sharing my human body. I felt pangs of concern, wondering if I can do it or not, if my family will really be okay, etc. I realized that I will eventually need to surrender and trust myself and what is happening. I guess I'm just not there yet, and I'm probably not supposed to be 'there' yet. I did get the message that I do have help at my side whenever I need it.

Strangely, I didn't feel overwhelming energies until today (Sunday). Maybe I was just tired after yesterday and Friday, but I had to go to Costco to do some shopping (mostly food), and I had that familiar feeling of nervous energy, like not being grounded enough. I was floating around the store, and really wanted to get done so I could go home and rest. I used this energy by acknowledging the diamond light within, and let it shine to whomever was around me. I think that helped a little. I had a couple items to get at the grocery store after Costco and when I went into the store I passed a woman ringing a bell for the Salvation Army. She was a real chatterbox, and clearly wanted to talk my ear off. So I stopped and listened to her. I smiled and nodded, and talked to her about being nice to people and how her boss would find his Christmas spirit soon. She was very sweet, and clearly had very little money, some mental issues and problems with depression, and I stayed and talked to her until she realized I needed to go, and let me do so.

After shopping, I really wanted to give her money and I looked in my wallet to see what I could offer. I had a few bills, and I asked Archangel Michael for guidance. I got the distinct impression that if I gave her money, in that setting, knowing her supervisor was supposed to arrive any minute, that she would likely be fired. So, I put the money back in my wallet and headed for the door. I stopped and put a couple dollars of spare change in the bucket, and she thanked me for talking with her. She made a point of how much it meant to her that I stopped to listen and talk, and how it genuinely helped her.

I went to my car and cried. I wanted to go back and give her money, or a hug or something, and I thought about it for a long time. I know that as an empathic person I was processing her pain, and I asked my angels to lift that pain away. I also realize that this encounter was important for me too, that I need to make time for people, even though I don't know them, that I can help them by the simplest of actions.

I embraced her from a distance with angelic wings, and I saw her angels standing with her. I'm still not sure if I should've given her money, or a gift card for groceries of something, but I left it as it was. Maybe the gift of listening to her, and talking to her was enough. I certainly hope so.

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Beautiful shot. :)

Oh Paul.... this is what I seen months ago in that horrible restrictive group that kept giving false hope... I was led there to meet you.. I found that group terribly misleading(everything serves a purpose)  but I am so grateful for the experience. For one person stood out to me in the 13,000.. YOU! This kind of love and compassion and healing in your future.... is what I saw way back when... I am so overjoyed to feel what you felt with the little lady. You NEVER KNOW who someone really is.. Money wasn't the blessing needed, your compassion WAS!! Your crystal tears, your love, your HEALING...  There was an aspect of your own struggles seen within the woman.. but in truth your are one of the most blessed people I have met on this incredible journey..  I was so truly touched to read this my dearest friend... I do so love you and your precious family with all my heart... Please give them my warmest love and holiday greetings...  I don't do personal readings.. its sometimes hard not to share these things with those I "SEE" but all in Divine timing.. My patience and never asking questions has kept a beautiful flow of information coming forth. The way you gave reverence to Gods Body.. of Gaia and the horses.. and all that is.. You have been blessed beyond measure dearest brother!! I love you.. MamaFoo

That is well beyond kindness to say Tonya, I am one of many, just feeling my way through all of this.

I do feel my encounter with the Salvation Army woman was a very important one, and a great way to end the day. I did really struggle with it though, and it still brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.

I appreciate your words and that you are sharing your inner truth with me (here and below). It means a lot.

Love you too, Everian

 I have been given the go ahead from my higher self to tell you... You and I share many mirrored incidences within our earthly families.. I have seen you rise up, become the butterfly, the angel, the dragon with great wings and break the chains of oppression that has bound you within your earthly countenance... The oppression was necessary to create a force within that can NOT be held back. The least of all these things of you dear brother, you wouldn't ever leave Earth at this time... for you came here to do what you did in that parking lot.. FOR THE MASSES!! FOR THE GRID.. FOR GAIA.. FOR ALL OF THE COSMOS AS WE ARE IN THE "SUPERBOWL OF THE COSMOS"  here and now.. we are here.. helping heal the Omega and the Alpha's physical body.. together.. so we can all ASCEND together one day... Blessings to you... Wings of Grace to YOU and YOURS..  Malachi also says.. whats up Paul... you guys are old friends.. Obsidian.. says welcome back.. you are old friends...  I as Tonya say.. bring that beautiful healing to our group.. lets build this together and invite all who want to heal and uplift each other... In grace, mercy and compassion..  LIGHTWORKER & EMPATH SUPPORT/facebook..    MamaFoo

I don't know that I can keep up with your pace on the internet, you are blistering fast...

Just so you know, when the time comes to ascend in physical, I don't plan on leaving Earth. I know that I have an ongoing mission here. The only complication I have run into at this point is being a Dragon. While I feel very blessed as such, it is also very different. I feel like I have been so many expressions of God already, and fully expressing Dragonhood (that's a fun term) is a leap of faith and a big change. I know that what is most important for me is to be my true self, which I am becoming.

Last night I had a long discussion with my daughter who was expressing her fears that we will get a divorce. I can't say it hasn't been a strong possibility off an on over the last 2o years, but my guides have indicated all is well and that I need to exercise patience. The biggest issues being financial pressures, insecurities, and the drastic difference in belief systems. I am very confident all of these issues will resolve as we expand, and as the truth of ourselves becomes known to all. I did tell her the one thing I won't compromise on is being my true self in all respects, and standing in my power and standing up for others. When I had addressed her concerns, she started talking about all the animals she wants to care for (in her mind, pets, and in my mind, partnership, stewardship, and love), and joked about having a Dragon pet. I told her she will need to find her Dragon. She is a believer, and is on the very cusp of breaking through the veil, I can just feel it.

Thank you also for passing on the love and greetings of your guides. I'm finding I 'know' far more than I ever realized.

Thank you again,


LOLOL.. you go as fast as you can.. I have a lot of help.. here... and I know exactly what you meant on ascension... Your conversation reminded me and led me to an article I had written of this same conversation within myself.. of the same mirrored issues.. Now I will dial back my messages for I generally don't share personal insights unless asked and feeling led... anyway.. Your daughter sounds blissfully darling.. and your wife...  my point of reference was to a male in your life...  I have a similar sibling issue.. What I found out though.. and what is amazing  is it all was and is as it should be... concerning the force that is rises in all the lightworkers today... but we all have our own perceptions.. There is a kinship of past knowing here, just as with Sonja on here.. through the Mother... I am drawn to Sonja as well, and likewise for we have a past connection.. I hate to sound like a group is less than.. for I don't feel that way... I do however take note when my angels light up a name for me... or nudge me.. I pause to see what Akash gives me.. have a glorious day.. with your beautiful girls... and happy holidays... 

You too Mamafoo!



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