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I have been 'working' steadily on anchoring high energies (high in vibration). While focused on 'being' in a higher dimension, I am reaching through the veil to interact with physical existence. Particularly sensitive people can physically feel my touch when doing this.

It seems that anchoring energy in physical is an extremely powerful way to do energy work. It's like being a bridge between dimensions.

I am aware that crossing dimensions in this way could freak people out, and so I generally will only do this with willing partners. It is subtle, so most people absorbed in physical experience, will not likely notice anything, no matter how hard I try or intend to interact.

My first experience with this was when I was helping my aunt find her lost cat (blog post 'Multidimensional Catness'). She was able to hear me striking the fence bordering her yard.

I have now taken this to new levels of experience, of which I will not describe every instance or detail. I have selected a couple of cases where I have focused on manifesting as physically as I could, in order to bring light to the world in a physical way.

First I want to say that I have been merging with Obsidian, my guardian Dragon, and through merging aspects of myself with aspects of himself, we become a much more physical Dragon than he can easily be as a spiritual being. My physicality anchors his energy and all aspects of both of us, into this dimension-crossing being.

I am also finding that by merging with Obsidian, including my own Dragon self and Archangel self, that I can become this 'Dragon Man' that is amazing to experience. I will blog about that separately.

State of the Union

When I heard the President was scheduled to hold a State of the Union address, I planned to attend the event as a Dragon. At this point in my experiences, I hadn't yet merged with Obsidian, but was able to focus on my Dragon self, the Iridescent Diamond Dragon. The Dragon I have blogged about a lot.

I was listening to the speech on the radio as I sat in my car in a parking lot waiting for my daughter. I was there for the full speech.

What I did was become my Dragon self, project myself to the congressional assembly room (or whatever it's called), and sat myself down behind and to the left of the President. I invited other dragons, and many angels to attend with me.

The whole purpose was to bring as much light to the proceedings as possible, to fill the room with light, and to do the same for every person in it.

The way this diamond light seems to work is that light beams out of my heart like laser beams from a mirror ball, and it goes to other hearts. It is a trigger, a catalyst to open and heal. This is one of the things I was doing.

I and the other dragons were also breathing dragon fire into the room, along with the Violet Flame of Transmutation, the Blue Flame of Truth and Justice, and the Golden Flame of Unconditional Love. All of these had been invoked before the speech started.

I created a pyramid of light over the entire assembly, with a mirror pyramid below, and a vortex within it to clear the room. I also imagined and saw spirals of golden light over each person in the room. When I did this, I saw a few (not many) dark energy beings leave the bodies of people in the room, escaping if you will. I breathed fire to them, and the dark images transmuted into light particles.

As I was sitting behind the President, I was asking him to tell the truth, whatever it is. I was tapping him on the shoulder with my finger while I did this. Then he started a sentence with "To tell the truth..."

I had to laugh at this as it was just a lead in to whatever he was saying, but seemed so perfectly aligned with what I was doing.

I know that the speech was largely more of the same politics as usual, and I'm sure there was truth and non-truths spoken, but I felt most of the speech as good.

Holding dragon form and focusing for that long was tiring, but since then I have done much more for longer periods of time, so progress is certainly moving along.

Superbowl XLIX

I wanted to attend the Superbowl merged with Obsidian, as well as in my constantly evolving Dragon Man form. I invited many other lightworkers to attend with me, as well as a large number of dragons and thousands of angels. My intent was to be most active during the halftime show, but I also had some success at points during the game.

We were at a friend's Superbowl party, and I was intent on still doing this. It was the greatest challenge I have faced yet to anchor energy in physical and project myself, because I was surrounded by 40 or so party goers shouting, talking, cursing, dancing, and all that you expect at a party. Somehow I was successful in places which is an achievement for me.

I started before the game even started by gathering the dragons and angels together forming circles, having the dragons perched on the edge of the roof opening, just waiting and breathing dragon fire down into the hole. I stood on the field in my dragon man form and pointed my flaming sword into the stands and beamed diamond light to every heart in the place, and into the cameras, and into the people at the party where my human body sat.

I told my wife and daughter that I was going to do some 'Woo Woo' during halftime. My daughter said, '"Please don't Dad, that's so embarrassing." I stood firm and she said "Okay but don't close your eyes!" So, all that I did during the game, I did with my human eyes wide open.

When the USAF Thunderbirds were shown on the TV, I pulled my merkaba around me and shot out and into formation with them along with two other dragons, it was an awesome feeling and brought tears to my eyes.

I flew as Obsidian around the stadium spraying violet flame and leaving a trail of golden light behind.

As the first half of the game progressed, I focused on Gaia projecting a huge column of light upward through the stadium. I would periodically jump into dragon form here and there where I could.

Before halftime I stood in front of Katy Perry backstage and said "Now is the time to really shine your light, to share your love with the world." I know in my heart that she is a light worker and I believe she did just this in her performance.

The halftime performance was great, and Katy riding the giant cat was very cool. One of my good friends is strongly in the feline goddess realm, as is my daughter, so I thought of them as I watched the show.

I stayed as focused as I could to stay in the moment, to be right there with her. Standing behind her breathing dragon fire.

I opened a dragon portal and many dragons streamed through and we flew in circles around the inside of the stadium, then I flew straight up in a corkscrew, as the golden tornado formed inside the stadium.

Thousands of angels stood with their human charges, as archangels stood vigil. I saw dark beings standing in the shadows with their mouths hanging open like they were thinking, what the hell is this?!

As Katy Perry sang Firework, it was like every person in the stadium just lit up with their inner light. Like the flashlights in the audience, but in each heart.

Several of my friends validated much of what I experienced with their own experiences, each an opening and awakening moment for them.

It was great, and I was pretty toasted afterward.

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Dear Paul,


Blessings to you

For some reason I can't see the image you uploaded, but I'm sure it's wonderful :)

You take dragon energy to another level. My inner dragon nudges me.... :) 

Follow your nudge. Dragon energies are very strong and getting stronger...

That was awesome Paul!  That's what I call inner work!  Well done! And so much fun! I have never read your blog but,  I will! Thanks for sharing!

Please do, I would love to know what you feel about it. I am basically writing about my accelerated awakening.

Thank you for sharing!  What a wonderful story of encouragement for all of us! 

Thank you and thank you for reading it. :)



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