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I've been focused on my own physical healing and doing some healing work on and with others lately, so I haven't had many multidimensional adventures per se. But I have been in a highly energized state of being and processing a lot of stuff.

When I lay down to get some rest, either for a nap or at night, I ask for help to integrate the energies and whatever changes are needed.

I took a nap today (just woke up) and entered into this nap with these same intentions. I had to write this down before I forgot the dream.

I was in a house, office, or very small hotel with my wife and some other people. I was very tired and needed to take a nap, so I laid down to do so in a bedroom. Periodically I would get up and talk to my wife in another room, or see other people in the hallway.

Frequently I would see female beings floating around that were nothing more than an attractive upper torso, head and face, with an orange sweater. Sometimes there were just head, face and sweater, or 'orb' and dangling orange cloth/energy. They were all generally smiling, and seemed friendly.

I went into a room where a girl who seemed troubled earlier, was now sitting on the floor in a daze, staring at the wall and a mirror. She was wearing an orange sweater just like the ones the floating beings were wearing.

She looked up and said "I can't remember where this sweater came from."

I of course said "It must have come from one of the beings floating around with them."

She moved over to the edge of the bed where another person was sitting, like she was looking for some comfort in her confusion.

I asked if I could talk to her about the sweater and she shook her head no. I said I would be gentle, and she still said no.

I went back to my room to continue my nap, and was becoming a little uneasy with all these floaties around. I made the comment "I wonder if they are already inside of me too?" In other words, would I be wearing an orange sweater soon and be in a daze.

So I'm back napping within my real nap (which is always weird), and I feel like I have on several layers of clothing. I was trying to raise my head to see if I was wearing an orange sweater and couldn't raise my head. I couldn't turn over either. I didn't feel completely paralyzed, but I couldn't move either. I tried walking and my legs were walking in place laying down on the bed. I tried calling to my wife and daughter and just had that little squeak of a voice that you have when paralyzed in a dream or nightmare.

In my dream within a dream, I was convinced I was wearing one, of not more than one, orange sweater.

In my non-dream reality, I was realizing I was dreaming and just needed to align my spiritual bodies with my physical body to awaken and end the paralysis. Rather than struggle awake, I just said "Guides and Dragons" and I was instantly awake and aware, and no longer paralyzed. Quick as that!

A few seconds later, my alarm went off, which I set to make sure I didn't oversleep too much. Seems like divine timing in that regard.

So now I'm trying to figure out what the orange sweaters are about. In the dream I wasn't really scared of them, but rather beheld them in fascination as they floated around. I did however stay out of their way, and it only got a little uncomfortable when the girl was transformed by them without knowing it.

My gut feel is that like most weird dreams, this was filled with symbolism about my own and other's awakening process.

As I've mentioned before a few times I'm taking a chakra class and next week our class is on the sacral (second), which is orange. As our class approaches, we start seeing this chakra activate more and become prevalent in different ways. This could be part of it, but I think only a small part.

I have met many faeries over the last year, and these beings were very faery-like. Always smiling and graceful. Why they wore sweaters and didn't have wings or legs, who knows... Just more weirdness I suppose.

The confused girl seemed to represent humanity being exposed to things they don't understand, being bewildered by it, and not yet ready to talk about it.

I've had a lot of other weird dreams lately too, but wasn't able to capture them effectively, so this one will have to do.

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Hi Paul,

I have encoutnered what I would call a "frequency fence" around me, lately, and I wonder if this has anything to do with your dream ... braking through this fence is what all my endeavors are about these days. I know I need to acquire more power - which fits with the HARA centre which is where the Sacral Chakra is, is it not? Maybe something you can ask in your chakra class ... I don't know exactly how your dream and my experience connect - but they do, I feel it.

I suppose we are all trying to break free some more - no matter where we stand exactly ... all moving forward, but this forward movement being "paralyzed" somehow ... but supposedly not for very much longer ;-)

Seems that we need to remember that we are in a DREAM, lol! And then simply call on the higher creative powers of the universe - and YEP - there we are, just as you did in the end of your dream ...

Love Light Blessings,

Sonja myriel

Hmm, I will ponder this Sonja. I have to assume, to some degree at least, that this frequency fence is of your own creation... The question may be "why?"

I'm glad I posted about the dream, I wasn't sure it was worth it, but I figured maybe someone else had a similar dream or type of dream.

It doesn't feel self made, but who knows. I suppose I at least agreed to be put into it, lol ;-)

Love Light Blessings and THANK YOU for sharing,

Sonja Myriel

I've been thinking about this frequency fence. You might want to read my latest post (Receiving Eleven) as there might be something in it relevant to this. My other dream post could too I suppose.

The gist of it is this (I think). As we shift, our perceptions may change, or we may not immediately recognize the change. For me I was looking external for something internal. Even though I intellectually know that I AM ALL, and that the universe is inside of me, I still behave in very human ways and forget the bigger picture. So as I shifted, I was interacting and expecting, as I did before this latest shift. So I became blind to the shifted state.

I am convinced this was/or would have been, a very temporary illusion, and through listening to guidance was able to understand what is going on, but I suppose I could have been 'stuck' for a little while with no idea why.

Maybe for you, the fence is an old one, that isn't any more real than any other illusion. Maybe you had mechanisms to get around the fence, before so you didn't notice it anymore, or maybe it was just outside of your experience and as your frequency shifts it came into your awareness as something to deal with.

You are such a powerful being, just acknowledging this fence and letting the universe dispense with it might be all that is necessary.

As it ties into the orange sweaters, the fear in the girl wearing it, and not knowing where it came from wasn't something to fear if she had embraced it as a beautiful new sweater. Maybe the fence you are feeling isn't what you think it is, and you are empowering it to be something you don't want?

I'm asking more questions than I'm answering, but maybe something buried in here will unlock something else that helps you find the answer.

Love, Everian

Yes, you are right, Paul, this is something I have pondered, too. Waking up to finally PERCEIVE it is the first step to work with it, lol!

This fence is not one which can hinder my evolution - but that night that I experienced it for the first time, I clearly felt how it subdued my energy ... now that I'm thinking about it: as if the energy I was mobilizing was flowing into it instead of into my liberation from all earth bound illusion ... well, I am learning a lot these days about my own energy field, my weaknesses and how to empower myself again. Perceiving this fence was like the first glimpse I caught ... I have begun to study the five elements and their body meridians again. 

In order to evolve we need to acknowledge what we perceive - and from there we get started ... this is what is happening to me ... I feel that this time before the March Equinox is a time of preparation, of release and letting go, and of TRAINING ... 

The picture of the girl and the orange pullover going into fear about it - a frequency fence, too???!!! - is interesting! Orange is the colour of the Sacral Chakra - and the connexion between misguided sexual energy and this frequency fence is giving me a new clue, here - especially as sexual energy is FIRE energy - and fire nourishes METAL, the lung, my weak point, as I had pulmonia before Christmas  ... it is all falling into place.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights with me Paul, you are helping me a lot to persue this further!

Love Light Blessings,

Sonja Myriel

PS: In today's connexion I realized this fence can also be seen as a portal - a well protected portal which I need all my skills for to pass. I need to gather energy ... or so it seems ... And so I find myself in the middle of a process of transformation, thus, an INITITATION ...

Hey look, 11 views on 1/11...

Okay, when you look, it won't be 11 views anymore.

hahaha! 19 now - the sign of the STORM in Mayan Cosmology ...



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