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It's a full moon, and there are new portals opening and high energies pouring through.

It is overcast tonight, but I know the moon is bright above the clouds, and the hot tub is beckoning me to connect and merge as Gaia merges with these new energies.

I AM the Iridescent Flame

I AM the Iridescent Pillar of Light

I AM a Multidimensional Being of Light and Love



Thank you Gaia Sophia for holding me in your loving embrace, for healing me with your energy, for grounding me.

I accept with Love and Joy the new energies flowing into me as I open my heart for healing and expansion.

I can see Sophia smiling as I start the Kundalini flowing up my spine through my lower chakras. I open the upper chakras to let the higher energies flow in.

I see Shiva sitting across from me smiling. I ask him to help me integrate the energies. He takes both of my hands in his and says, "it's time to go."

I said "But I'm not finished preparing."

"That's okay, I'm with you, and you are more prepared than you are able to see."

With that we spirited away to Helios Lightship One and my waiting Dragon Lightbody. I sat myself down next to her as she appears to sleep. I'm nestled in next to her leg and belly so I can listen to, and feel her heartbeat.

My group of heavenly guides and aspects of myself are now gathering around us. A loving circle of beings watching. I feel only love as tears stream down my face. My sleeping dragon is still translucent and the iridescent flames of her being are burning inside and outside of her body.

Goddess Sophia approaches me and tells me I can step into her body now. I become/merge with my Dragon-self Luna, both in the hot tub as my physical body, but also on the ship in our ethereal bodies. I then step into my sleeping Dragon. Being she is 5th dimensional, it isn't like I just became a physical Dragon per se, it feels much like when I am merged with Luna anyway, but I can feel the details of her body, the energy flowing, the feel of the floor, the breathing and heart beat.

I can feel Goddess Sophia stroking my neck and shoulder with her hand, filled with warmth and love.

I open my golden Dragon eyes and take a deep breath. Looking around the room, I am surrounded by many beings all watching intently. With every breath, more tears flow. The feeling and the love from all watching is just too intense not to cry.

A song, or a mantra is sung, and I start singing it in the hot tub as well. I have been meaning to write/channel a Dragon song, and what I was singing will be the beginning of creating this song. It sounds very old, very raw and native, like a cross between something from American Indian culture and Gregorian Chants. I'll share it when it is sharable (hopefully it will get to that point).

Anyway, I just wanted to stay there, enjoying the feeling. I didn't want to go on any trips or adventures, just sit and lay there as my Dragon friends blow fire into me.

But, alas, I did return. I asked Luna to stay with my Dragon Lightbody and she reminded me that she is Our body...

When I returned to the hot tub, I greeted the Archangels and asked Archangel Sandalphon to join with me. With this musical chant flowing in me, I invited him to work on the song with me. I sang several counterpoint melodies and some theme and variation. I started to explore if lyrical content in English would work. We will be working on this together, which should be fun. :)

I asked to see the Moon in all her full brilliance and noticed that the deck and railing suddenly brightened a bit. I moved to the other side of the tub, and the clouds opened up as they drifted by so I could now see her. There were several black holes opening and moonbeams were streaming through them, like god rays, but only with moonlight. I realized that when she was brightest, those moonbeams were aimed at me.

I opened up to let her beams in, to let the magic of her fullness penetrate into me. It is her brilliance and silvery white appearance that caused us to use the nickname Luna in the first place, for she is brilliant in the darkness of the night sky.

As I lay there staring at her as the clouds streamed by, I started noticing that circles were forming above me. First a circular ring would form in the overcast, then the center would open up, and would slow down or stop, even though the other clouds were still streaming past the moon. I'm sure I was seeing ships positioning above me, then drifting off after a little while. At one point three of these circles formed together into what looked like a perfect (albeit very large) triangle.

Then, the overcast spread out and the show was over. It was my cue to get out. So be it.

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Cool image my dear. :)

BTW, what is your native language? I wonder if a different language than English would be better in this song. Latin might be nice...

My mother tongue is German, Paul ;-)

Awe, okay, well I am 50% German, with my Dad 100%.

Wow, so you speak German, too? Amoran does as well :-)

Sending a Rainbow of LOVE :-)

Sonja Myriel

No, when my father's family moved to America, they refused to speak German, or teach their children the German language. It was after WWI and they were ashamed and didn't want to be treated poorly.

I did take some German in high school, but I'm down to just a few words now.

Who knows what all this is good for, lol! I think that all nations have gathered dark aspects - and now they are being transmuted through us having incarnated into them ...  and we bring back the LIGHT to our brethren all over the world - incarnate in ALL nations, all the corners of the world!


Sonja Myriel

Thank you PAUL I so enjoy your posts!  I too was entranced by the moon that night...beautiful, soft light that seemed so feminine to me.  I had got home from work late and sat on my back porch moon gazing enjoying a glass of wine..then I just had to grab my pastels and proceeded to draw with only moon light.  there was a great ring around the moon...sort of looked like a giant afro  :)...three stars or planets were clearly in-concert, in and out of the ring. Will try to post picture(camera broken, phone a mystery to me so)...suffice to say somewhat successful drawing.  

So glad you were enjoying your Luna that night.

"keep looking up"

Love, Amanda

Beautiful, thank you :)

More beautiful imagery. Thank you as well :)



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