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Ragnarök is often depicted as a battle, and sometimes as a beast of some kind. But I like the image above as a depiction of Ragnarök.

Part of Norse mythos, Ragnarök is usually interpreted as the  'final destiny of the gods' and alternatively as; The destruction of the old, and rebirth of the new. It/he is also posed as 'renewal of the divine powers.' This description of Ragnarök has relevance later in my story, as you will see.

Big day today, and a great meditation. I'll have to ramble for a little bit up front, but I promise it gets more interesting as we go.

Unlike many of my meditation sessions, I did have some inkling of a plan today (now it was yesterday). Being 12/12/2014, there were many around the world doing 12:12:12 gateway meditations, my sole intent was to participate in anchoring and integrating these energies.

I started with a short guided meditation from Archangel Gabriel that has been circulating through blogs, websites and social networks. I read it aloud before I got into the hot tub, as a precursor. This was not the main event.

I tried to time my meditation so that by the time I reached the actual 12:12 invocation, it would be 12 past noon. I don't have a clock outside, so I planned to be close, and to let spirit guide the rest. I trust I was right on the money (it was about 12:45 when I got out of the tub).

My meditation prep started with pushups. I figured I needed a little extra physical grounding, and I was right.

I entered the hot tub, and started by thanking the trees around our home for protecting us in the strong windstorm the previous night. They were strong and flexible and I appreciated them. I had a brief discussion with Archangel Michael asking him about the past life angel clearing I did with Barbara Davies earlier in the week. I didn't understand why an angelic aspect of myself would require clearing. I had asked Barbara this same question and her interpretation was that the clearing was about eliminating the pre-conceived notions of what an angel is and what angels do. That some angels get mired down in these assumptions and projections/expectations from us. What Archangel Michael said to me in the hot tub is escaping me, so this is what he is saying now.

Archangel Michael: "You have had so many different experiences in many forms. Now that you've decided to ascend as a Dragon, there were some angelic aspects to clear because you didn't choose to ascend as an Archangel. Preparations had been completed for both eventualities, and the way is now cleared for your Dragon self to be fully focused upon. This is also why Barbara had never seen, or been guided to do an angel past life clearing before. It simply hasn't been required by any of her clients until now. Do not worry about your angelic aspect, Archangel Everian, for he is very real and will continue as a part of yourself in higher dimensions, and he's available, as you, when you choose to take that energetic form. If you had chosen to ascend as an Archangel, this aspect of yourself would have been your focus in your light body, instead of your Dragon self. This is not a good, better, best choice, and there are no losers in the results. Choosing Dragon is an evolutionary path that elevates your focus in different ways than Angelic, and your Dragon 'mission' is very different from Angelic. Just to set your mind at ease, we, your Archangel guides, certainly would have welcomed your ascension as an Archangel, but we are overjoyed by your choice as Dragon as well."

Thank you for explaining this Michael! :)

Now, back to my story of 12:12:12...

I did my usual 'ritual' of becoming centered and acknowledging the many aspects of myself. As I've said recently, these many aspects are within me, not external, so it is pretty quick and easy to acknowledge 'me.'

I've noticed that the energies I'm experiencing lately are much stronger than just a couple weeks ago. Considering I am quite accustomed to high energies flowing through me, they have a smaller impact now, compared to when I first started anchoring energy through my physical body. Today was more like those very strong earlier experiences, so they must be exceedingly high for me to feel them so intently.

When I started acknowledging Luna (Dragon), I also acknowledged the other Dragons around me (the usual group, plus several friend's Dragons). I very specifically invited Arak's (my Eagle/Man, God-head) Dragon who I have been calling Ragnarak (notice that Arak's name is part of this Dragon name). I talked about him in the post Recreating Maldec, so he is also Maldec's Dragon essence, just as Gaia Sophia has the Golden Dragon I've talked about so much.

I had heard the name Ragnarak before, but I didn't know what it meant. It appears this Dragon name is a reference to Ragnarök (I was just spelling it wrong), which I learned after doing some research on the name. The association of this particular Dragon and Ragnarök is being acknowledge by spirit for me. It's all getting deeper... So, like Shiva, by working with Ragnarök, I'm working with the energy of destroying the old and creating the new. This seems right-on when ascending into a Dragon form, for it is so different from the old I have been. The other definitions of Ragnarök at the beginning of this post seem accurate as well.

This Dragon, Ragnarök, was present at my healing session with Barbara Davies and he was very insistent I work with him on healing Gaia, elevating my Dragon energies, and improving my focus.

Being that Arak is a very high aspect of myself, and Ragnarök is an aspect of Arak (maybe I'm spelling that wrong too), it means that Ragnarök is also an aspect of me. We're all connected. Like I said, it all just get's deeper and deeper.

I continued acknowledging aspects of myself with the Archangels and ascended masters, Gods and Goddesses. With the acknowledgement of Gods and Goddesses, I met Tsie Na Ta Ra again, and Sekmet arrived as well. These feline Goddesses are so awesome. Along with them came the 'big cat' aspects of our house cats, which was wonderful.

I had almost forgotten Divine Mother, who told me (through Barbara) that she wanted me to work with her more. She said that the work I am doing, and will continue to do, requires that I can relate to, and be accepted by men and women equally. She said that in order to do that, I need to bring more of the divine feminine and nurturing Mother into my being. Good thing I remembered!

With all of the acknowledgements done, I asked Sananda to bring the 12:12 gateway, golden 12 strand DNA helix into my crown, through my chakras, and into Gaia. I asked him to bring this next level of unconditional love into my being and to activate and integrate it into my DNA. I felt my body warm with golden light. I could see the swirling DNA helix rotating through my body in a big column. As I mentioned earlier, the level of energy and the buzzing and pulsing in my body was VERY high during this, and I let it progress at it's own pace.

When I felt the 12:12 part was completed, I asked the archangels to anchor their energy into the mix, and added the other guides, Gods and Goddesses in as well. Now we were really humming along.

I always acknowledge the Faery and Dragon portals, as well as Ascension portal, and when acknowledging my Galactic self and brothers and sisters, the ships contribute energy as well. Not surprisingly I was drawn to visit my ship and Dragon Light Body again.

I immediately entered my Dragon Light Body and decided it was time to take her for a spin. Ragnarök had said he wanted me to work with him healing Gaia, so I figured there's no time like the present!

I stretched out, spread my wings, tucked them back, and we (Dragons) dropped through the floor of the ship. We plummeted toward Gaia, and I swooped by my physical human self sitting in the hot tub at home. We were trailing sparkling golden particles and breathing Dragon Fire.

I realized that we weren't flying over 3D Earth anymore, and were now flying over 5D 'New Gaia.' I'm not sure if someone suggested it, or if I decided on my own, but we went to the Ascention Center I/we have been creating in 5D, to be manifested in physical 'after' the shift. I landed on the grass near the largest pyramid and landed kind of hard. This new Dragon body is larger and 'heavier' than I am used to and I hadn't landed with it before. I found the awkward landing humorous.

The pyramid structures were very physical looking, and seemed quite small from my large Dragon viewpoint. I could also see the energy flowing in and through the pyramids, both the physical ones and the energetic ones overlaying them. It was obvious that the energies were VERY intense and strong. It made me wonder if humans will be able to tolerate the energy... I was also shown that not only will each smaller pyramid represent a different primary chakra, but will also represent a different realm and the energies associated with that realm. I could see that Sekmet and other Divine Feminine Goddesses were associated with one of them. The Fae realm had one as well. Each pyramid I looked at had beings from that realm working with and in that pyramid. This was above and beyond the portals and natural areas allocated for some of these realms. I could see the energy flowing from each smaller pyramid to the next, and flowing in graceful curves to their associated nodes within the large pyramid. It was very beautiful to watch.

We returned to the ship and I was ready to end the meditation and start recovering for the benefit of my human body. Just as I was about to do so, Ragnarök said we needed to do more healing work for Gaia. He was VERY insistent, and apparently what we had already done wasn't what he had in mind.

I asked if we could do it another time, and he very clearly said NO.

So, back into Dragon form, we dropped through the ship again.

This time we appeared inside Gaia, in Inner Earth, and flew directly into Gaia's central Crystal Heart. Directly into the central sun. There were many other Dragons watching and supporting, outside of the core.

It was myself, Ragnarök, and Gaia's Golden Dragon in the core. Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, and me rotating in a merkaba of sorts, speeding up and building energy. We were holding 'hands' and as we stared into each other's eyes (which are beautiful by the way) it was like laser beams formed between them, including our third eyes as well. This was SUPER intense.

As these lasers were firing, our focus was very intense and it was like the world around us started drifting away. It was now just the three of us, inside Gaia's heart, and the galaxy was rotating around us. More accurately, we were spinning like a giant merry-go-round, making it look like the Galaxy was spinning faster and faster.

By now, the energy was feeling explosive. So much so, I questioned if we should stop (for the benefit of my human body...). Ragnarök said to 'overload' the core. I said; 'WHAT, you want to overload it?' I was thinking this is nuts, we're going to blow up the planet... (of course that was my human mind thinking this). He reiterated to speed up more and let the energy build to overload.

Then it blew apart. The explosion was physically forceful, and the three of us were pushed backward away from each other.

I watched crystalline shards spray outward in the blast like a big net or web. If I new what sacred geometric form it was, I would tell you, but it had countless nodes, and was spherical. I saw that each shard/node was destined for the heart of a specific being on the surface of the Earth. Each shard was the seed for new crystalline hearts all around the planet.

The overload took my breath away, literally. When I returned to the awareness of the hot tub, I was breathing VERY hard, and did so for awhile. The energy flowing was as intense as I have ever felt, and I was asking for help to ground it into Gaia. After a few minutes, it was semi-normal and I started recovering to my mostly human self again.

Sitting in the tub, I strongly felt that I am permanently connected to my new Dragon Light Body, and that it is moving with me all the time. It's like it's no longer growing on the ship, but is now growing in me and around me. We share the same DNA.

I went to Raven's Chakra class later that evening, and I felt like a Dragon sitting in class. Even if I'd wanted to separate from my Dragon self, I don't think I could.


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It was obvious that the energies were VERY intense and strong. It made me wonder if humans will be able to tolerate the energy... I was also shown that not only will each smaller pyramid represent a different primary chakra, but will also represent a different realm and the energies associated with that realm. I could see that Sekmet and other Divine Feminine Goddesses were associated with one of them.

I am so glad you talk of this above... I seen the pyramids as well as chakras and gateways to anchoring in these energies.. so amazing.. This was wonderful Paul, truly... just wonderful.. It is so amazing how we see things with the same foundation yet in our own realities.. its glorious.. Really enjoyed this today Paul... LOVE >>>>


I do greatly enjoy seeing synchronicities as they flow through us. Thank you so much for your continued validations and helping me/us in this journey!

Love indeed!

Paul, this would make the coolest book, talk about catching the younger generations attention with meditation and dimensional travel.. its good, really good and would be cool... To write from a dragon perspective... and share... What you said about the cats.. loved it... My Sha was attached to my house cat Lucy.. LOVE!!

Well, thank you for saying so. I keep getting the message to write a book, and I know these blog entries are the basis for it. Not sure exactly how it will end up coming together, but I definitely want to have something for kids/teens as well. There are so many characters practically begging for stories to be told.

I know this is why I'm not working a 'real job' right now.

Yes I love that idea.... Bringing in youth is so important and to cater to their vivid imagination and melding the spiritual... MUAH!! Love!!

I went to an annual event last night that Raven Many Voices runs. This was the first time for me, and it was great.

The event is 'A Holiday Blessing from Mother Mary.' In this event Raven channels Mother Mary for 45 minutes to an hour and she talks about the past year and what to expect in the next year. 2015 should be amazing, and next Fall, even more amazing.

When Mother Mary is finished with her talk, she gives each attendee a personal blessing and message, and sometimes other beings will come through to speak.

When I went up and took her hands in mine, she changed from Mother Mary into a Dragon. As anyone that has read my stuff knows, I've met a bunch of Dragons, but this was different. This was a Dragon in physical form, with Dragon energy emitting from physical. With words and power emitted from physical. When I started into his/her eyes, they were not Raven's eyes. They had changed color, the pupils looked different, and I could literally see fire in them!

I won't try to convey all that he said, but it was strong validation for what I am doing, what I have experienced, and where I am going. Having the message empowered by physical made it even more impactful.

When he was finished, Mother Mary came back for her hug.

After all the individual blessings were done, Mother Mary finished with a last statement, and then Archangel Michael came through. What a difference in energy. AA Michael is so direct in what he says, and how he says it. His message was about taking responsibility and action, and not standing on the sidelines. This was a theme for the night, and for the coming year.

Yeah, we are getting empowerd now through this portal fo the Winter Solstice to STAND TALL in our TRUTH!

What a powerful journey, Paul - I LOVE the ending!

 watched crystalline shards spray outward in the blast like a big net or web. If I new what sacred geometric form it was, I would tell you, but it had countless nodes, and was spherical. I saw that each shard/node was destined for the heart of a specific being on the surface of the Earth. Each shard was the seed for new crystalline hearts all around the planet

These hearts have taken seat in the Crystalline Ceratrix - like the baby dragons I think I remember having heard Amoran talk about!!! For new life on Earth - on fifth dimensional and sixth dimensional earth, first, where we can all meet ...

Much inward perception is taking place these days for me. Much to learn about myself, my wishes and fears - and how to let go of them to be free to CREATE from the HIGHEST Perspective possbile at any moment in time ... 

I suppose we are all preparing for a galactic Equinox in our very own and personal ways, lol!

We shall meet in the ethers, Paul, MamaFoo :-)

Sonja Myriel

I've been saying this to a few people that I know can relate. I sat in Dragon energy today for quite awhile with Rognarok and not only did it wipe me out, but my back has been sore every day since the meditation in this post. It is pretty interesting sitting in a hot tub and having a Dragon body overlaid on top and towering over you...

When I ended my meditation today I opened my eyes and a very clear Dragon Cloud was just passing over me. It stayed in form until after it started passing beyond my roof line. Very cool. Just behind it was a round cloud with what looked like an infinity symbol coming out of it, plus what looked like an Egyptian ankh (or most of it anyway). Very interesting. Unfortunately I don't take my phone into the hot tub.

HEALING for you back, Paul, is coming your way :-)

Would have loved to see the cloud formation but can imagine it quite vividly ;-)

Infinity plus Ankh and Dragon ... LOVE IT!

Love Light Blessings,

Sonja Myriel

Yes we will.... Much love to you Sonja!!!!! Big ole sloppy southern hugs.... MUAH!!!!

Oh, BTW, I'm going to attend a Winter Solstice event in Raven's medicine wheel (large outdoor, physical and energetic wheel/portal) on Sunday. I'm sure it will be a very powerful and transformational event. :)



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