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I have been a very busy boy the last month, even though I haven't blogged about much of it. I have found that I have a gift for healing very dark souls, dark energy, and whatever is 'out there' that most seem afraid of. It has also gotten to the point where I feel no fear in doing so, especially as Tok, who I talked about in my previous post.
I will be posting a series of stories about the last month, but this one is from last night, so it will be out of sequence with older stories. Hopefully the fact that it is current, when the other stories yet to be published are older, won't affect the learning opportunity from it.
I was called to help a friend (Jenn) who was having issues with energy depletion that was above and beyond normal depletion from ascension symptoms or light work, as well as concerns about some negative energy/entity that was amorphous and difficult to describe. Friends of hers had seen it and she felt this presence was masquerading as a light being.
What I am going to describe, I do so purely to help you understand why I believe what I do. I am not the least bit frightened by it, and you shouldn't be either. Besides, it could all be a crock of crap, who knows... If you want to skip the next two paragraphs and go straight to the experience, that is totally fine. :)
I felt, and still do feel, that there are, or have been, beings on Earth that were, or are, a core element of the dark agreement which was struck so long ago. These beings have been known by many names throughout history and in many cultures. Today, many refer to them as 'Archons,' although I'm not sure what the significance of that name is. They are described as requiring the negative energy produced by others to survive. Thus, they feed off of the fear and other negative energies produced by humanity, and actively promote fear to generate it. War, and killing each other produces more fear than anything else, so these events are promoted more than anything throughout this dark period of history. Many modern theories about Archons is that they achieve this with mind control, technology, implants, and other nefarious mechanisms. This may be true, but the best explanation I've heard is that they are able to spread fears and paranoid delusions through human's minds and thinking, who in turn act on those fears. Getting past fear with love and light, is an antidote for this, which we are all working toward, but it can be very difficult for individuals, and the mass of humanity, to do this, especially when it has been ingrained into society for so long. Archons are also described as being amorphous and difficult to visually describe, and by directly affecting human's mental states, can appear as different beings. Many also believe that the Archons project illusions for humans to perceive (whether through technology, or mental projection is not consistently described).
So, that is what I believe we have been experiencing as the last throws of darkness are desperate to feed on, and control humanity. Gaia has been in quarantine for negative ET's, many of which have been removed from the planet and solar system. Archons are described as the last holdouts. Due to the quarantine, they have had nowhere to go, and were effectively trapped in the 4th dimension, which is now mixing with our reality as we pass through it. Some say the 4th dimension is collapsing as we move to the 5th. Whatever is actually happening, realities are converging, which is another reason why I believe this is coming to the surface of our perceptions.
Last night I worked in phases as I knew I would likely be interrupted mid-stream (actually I wasn't aware of the second phase until after the first one concluded). 
In the first phase, I became Tok, met my guides, asked Obsidian, AA Michael and AA Metatron to travel with me, and headed to another friends home (Mamafoo) whom I know can be greatly affected by the clearings I've been doing. I wanted to make sure she would be okay and protected. Her guides stayed with her as protectors.
After that, we passed through a portal to Jenn's place. We energized her, placed a shield around her, and started the blast furnace of healing light throughout the building. I asked Michael, Metatron and Obsidian if we were dealing with Archons, and how we should be going about this healing operation. I received confirmation from them, about what I wrote earlier, and that it's possible a healing could take place. I had the distinct feeling that galactic beings had sort of 'given up' on healing, and that is why a quarantine was used instead (or at least part of the reason).
As I write this, I'm feeling that when the quarantine was established, the Archontic influence was so strong, that they would resist any offers of healing, feeling they were 'untouchable' and 'undefeatable' (my words for lack of better ones). Maybe this was the origination of feeling that a healing would not be possible.
What the heck, I'm totally willing to try...
So, we went to the basement, which seems to be a hotspot for Jenn's building. We opened a portal straight to 'the light' and imposed Sacred Universal Law on all that would pass through it. You could think of it as an ascension portal as well.
I asked whatever Jenn was experiencing to manifest for us. When nothing showed up, I demanded it manifest for us. What I perceived was a shadowy figure, not clearly defined, but did seem to be whom I demanded appear. I talked to it about what is going on.
Me/us "Are you the being that has been draining Jenn?"
"We need to feed."
Me "Are you willing to be healed and go to the light?"
"We are trapped here, and have no options remaining. They want to cage us and remove us as prisoners."
I would periodically rejuvenate the flames and light within myself. I also realized I hadn't grounded myself with Gaia Sophia, so I asked for that and the familiar vines and flowers grew around me, both in the hot tub where I was meditating, as well as throughout Jenn's building.
Me "Are you willing to be the first to try being healed? What do you have to lose? Do you fear it will cause pain?"
"We do not feel emotions or pain, we feed off of it. We don't understand what this healing is you refer to."
Me "I will touch you with my sword of light, not as a weapon or to try and cause pain, but as a tool that can transform you into a being of light. All I need is permission to do so."
This went on for some time, and eventually, this being consented to being touched. I was not going to use my hands, and I wasn't even sure if it had hands itself. 
When my sword touched this being it exploded in light. Not an explosion of destruction, but the light was very intense and took my human breath away for a moment. It immediately went into the portal. I asked it to spread the word that healing is possible and is a joyful experience.
To wrap up this work, we returned to Jenn and made sure she was still energized and shielded, and protected by her guides.
I had the feeling this was turning into a mass clearing, which I hadn't planned on doing. I asked AA Michael, AA Metatron, and Obsidian if this needed to happen tonight, or if I could finish this in the morning. The answer was that, with the healing of this first being, there is growing excitement and willingness of many more to be healed, and that we should take advantage of this tonight and not wait. Thus, phase two (there was an interruption between phases, but it isn't relevant to the story).
We returned to Mamafoo to make sure all was well there too.
Now for phase two.
I asked if I should have closed the portal in Jenn's basement, and received a yes on that (which I knew I would after forgetting to do it). So first up was to return to the basement to close it, which I did. 
We found several beings already gathering to be healed. I really didn't want to do mass healing in an apartment building, so I asked for guidance. We ended up back in the desert (a place where other healing on a massive scale had occurred)  as it is wide open, with few if any human population around.
Standing in the desert, in a huge column of flames and light (that I like to call a blast furnace for it is very intense), I asked for all those that wished to be healed to gather in the desert.
Immediately, flying beings, shadows in the night sky appeared, zipping around, and seemed very eager. I was not going to touch each with my sword as that doesn't make sense when healing large numbers.
I asked another friend (Samuel) to come and participate and create a pyramid of light. He instantly arrived and soon the pyramid was humming with incredible power. With Samuel's participation, I realized that the group I have worked with (of which all of these friends are participants) should also be present as much for the group's benefit as anything. A
vortex formed toward the top of the pyramid and we opened a portal to 'the light.' Gaia was also flowing energy upward toward the portal.
With this energy in-place, we opened the doors for healing to start. Immediately many of these beings flew into the pyramid and flashed into light, and into the portal. It was a lot like how I imagine standing in one of the huge Tesla machines with electricity arching around with bright flashes going off.
I don't know how many came through, but there were a lot, and it was our job to stay focused and hold the energy.
Eventually the 'big one' came forward and entered into the pyramid. It was larger than the others and didn't fully fit in the pyramid, but it worked just the same.
After this the landscape was 'deserted,' so I asked if any others wished to come forward. A being, kind of like a bull, but not a bull (walked on four legs and had horns) appeared and was considering entering. I have no idea who it was, but eventually it ran into the pyramid and passed through it to the other side, engulfed in flames (healing flames, not burning flames). As he burned and entered back into the pyramid, dark thoughts and feelings, and imprints were being pulled to him, like it was fear being released from people around the world and from Gaia. He stayed in the pyramid for some time while this happened, and we just held the energy to support the process. When the flow of stuff gravitating to him stopped, he ascended through the portal.
So, I figured we were finished... and that it was time to end the meditation. Before doing so, I wanted all of us to enjoy this healing energy for ourselves and for Gaia before shutting down. Gaia had been flowing healing energy outward, and it was time to reverse that flow back to her.
When I wanted to fill my human body (in the hot tub) with this healing light, I wasn't feeling it, and I had the feeling there were some holdouts taking advantage of our focus in the pyramid. 
So, back in the pyramid as Tok, I called to these holdouts and asked them if they intended to be healed or not. They were gathered now in the desert, but were not convinced this was best for them. Maybe they didn't 'witness' what had just happened, or maybe they were just not of the same opinion as the others. I watched the galactics, who had previously, and intentionally, only been observing, create a force field around this group. I asked them if they wanted to stay in the force field and go with the galactic crew or enter the pyramid (which was still humming along). It was like I was proposing two horrible options... Some in the force field decided to take their risks in the pyramid and angels escorted them to it for their healing while the force field bubble was moved closer. With the passage of these few into the light, others wanted to as well. Soon the force field was dropped and they passed into the pyramid, except for one who flew in the other direction. Obsidian ate that one (sorry if that bothers you), whom was transmuted to light in the process ('eating' negative energy is something he does periodically...).
Now, with that done,I had no problem filling my human body with light and feeling quite calm and serene. Before the pyramid was shut down, we, as a group, reversed the flow again for Gaia's benefit, and connected to the 144,000 diamond light grid and reinforced it.
I asked my guides about this as I relaxed in the tub. They indicated not to worry about whether there are any more around, and that other light forces will handle the rest.
I felt pretty good this morning and still do. Sometimes big events like this can make me tired, but these days, it's only particularly difficult when I try to do several sessions in rapid succession.
As I pull together some of the stories from the past month, you will see a recurring theme of healing darkness, some of my own misconceptions about it, and uncovering some of my own dark past long ago...
It is very important to note that this healing of darkness and dark energies is a loving and compassionate alternative to a battle between light and dark. Such battles are really just continuing on with the concept of duality, which does not serve us. For Gaia and humanity to ascend, we must heal the darkness to make way for the light.
Many would say it is impossible to heal such dark beings, but within everyone there is at least a spark of light, even if they themselves don't know it. Some of the dark energies have been dark for so long, they cannot believe there are alternatives for them, but when they are healed it is a wonderful thing for all.

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Sorry about the lack of separation between paragraphs. Makes it harder to read...

Wow I was meant to find this. I live in a very remote village and my job involves dealing with dark energies and when my shift is done I can hardly keep my eyes open. This village is abroriginal and there is so much is needed of what you can do be done here. Today I asked the Creator to protect me and send One Million blessings to anyone that comes near me. I ask the Creator to use me as a vehicle to send the light where it is needed, I had my nap and feeling better. Love what you are doing.

Thank you Carol, it can be taxing work, but I do okay as long as I pace myself. So much has been done recently that most of the remaining darkness is stuff individuals need to address themselves on a personal level. Old stuff, past lives, etc, and only they can do effectively. As waves of energy come in, it will be easier, or at least more strongly encouraged for individuals to do this work. External influences are waning if not gone completely.

Thanks for this post Paul, I too have been removing a lot of dark energy attached to individuals in the past few months, I did wonder why they had becme so obvious to me recently and this explains a lot. I simply love your second phase mass healing what a fantastic way to move them all on. I realise that the picture above is an illustration but that figure looks exactly like the last one I encountered even down to the hat, can you tell me what that is or is this just synchronicity (as I can't buy into coincidence). Thanks again and many blessings.

Hi Deborah,

That is an interesting synchronicity about the picture. I'm sure whomever created has seen such beings before as well. 

I was primarily looking for an image that conveyed the idea, but was lighthearted enough not to be perceived as evil or too scary.

I'm glad what I wrote has helped you understand more of what is going on. 

Hi Paul,

Was this the day before yesterday? I feel a strong connexion to your story and that day was one I would have liked to sleep out entirely ... nothing special that happened, but an underlying feeling of negativity which I counteracted as well as I could by inviting loving forgiveness into my being.


One Light

Sonja Myriel

Hi Sonja, yes I think it was. There was a one day delay before I posted here. Days kind of merge together...

So it was that day ... LOVE this kind of synchronicities which hel us wake up to our true essence which is that of UNITY in LIGHT :-)

Sonja Myriel

The Good Force be with you!

Nice posts, thanks for sharing & Godspeed!

What I know is AA Raphael or Rafael as the Healing Archon for many & also the patron Saint of Medical Doctors!

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)

Hi Paul, I love that I've found a fellow Arcturian who does the same work as myself, Archon simply means you give your power away to them as leaders over you by simply saying the name, it's why I call them pinky fluffy marshmallows lol. I'd love to PM with you some time over demon and rep removal if I could learn anything new, I'd read your msg when you first wrote it and I took it away and pretty much worked on them solid over the past 12mths since my twin flame and I were first attacked by them, he took a runner while I stayed to clean up the mess and well apparently there are only 7 of us world wide who can seal and unseal demons as we do, I recently learnt how to copy demon abilities and polarise them back into loving light work as I figured their ability to do the same to us is a significant learning point, I'm wondering if you've heard of quickening energy and soul stoning of demons, I copied these off of 2 recent werewolf/ energy vampire hybrids and plus both are quiet affective, my first demon take down using the soul stone effect it's funny those demons yes they pretend to be light workers and I play their game finding their weakness point and when they realise that they've been played by their own game and you've learnt their skill base its quiet effective turning the tables on them some aren't so volunteering my recent adventure was having one trying to shove my soul into his vampire girlfriend which well through my shadow work I had to learn a few of their games to stay on the ball, but hey, lovely to meet you X Liane
Ascended Master Amáre Starlight commander of Athena Arcturian Starfleet aka Cor papilio "Heart of a Butterfly" <3



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