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I am being guided to start channeling as a medium for Obsidian. This is the first of whatever comes through. 

I AM Obsidian, an ancient dragon that has played many roles and incarnated as various people in Earth history and in other places and 'times' in the universe. I AM far more than a singular being, for I span the universe and many of you have met me directly in one form, or another. My scribe knows me well, for we are one in the same, yet individuals at the same time. He, and others, provide physicality as a conduit to humanity, and to Mother Earth. This physicality allows us spirit beings to energetically reach into physical dimensions to help uplift and aid in the awakening and ascension of all.

We know you are having a difficult time as you awaken, as you come to grips with who you truly are. These are growing pains, and they ripple through your being. Each ripple can be a trigger for some other ripple to begin. When the ripples become waves, and the seas get stormy with waves crashing into each other, that is when you need to rest, to regroup and let all that turmoil go. Let the storm blow itself out as the waves calm and tranquility comes back to the forefront. Sitting on this sea of tranquility, is the calm before the next storm, but with each storm you get stronger, and better able to weather the turmoil. Your sea legs don't get knocked out from under you so easily anymore.

These ripples that turn into storms are not generated externally, but rather are reflected from within. The initial triggers for each ripple, the stones tossed into the proverbial pond, may seem external, but in the big picture of unity, they are not. A word said, a look, a song on the radio, or a scene from a movie can all be a pebble that starts a ripple in your being, and ALL of these stones and pebbles are reflections of what you need to experience at that exact moment.

Think of the people and events in your life as mirrors. As you gaze into a mirror you see yourself looking back. What is it you see in these mirrors? For each person, the view is different, for while we are all part of the unity of ONE, we are also unique individuals as we dance in this experience of perceived separation.

Whether you have lived a few lifetimes or thousands of lifetimes, each of you have at least a few things buried within, that need to come out. Sometimes it is just attitudes and beliefs reflected in the mirrors that present to you. Sometimes it is deep dark demons of your own creation, or from lives lived long ago, that have never healed or been resolved.

Let me tell you about deep dark demons. Sounds scary doesn't it? The truth is that some have agreed to play roles that to most are abhorent, dreadful, evil, and downright cruel. I, Obsidian, have played these roles many times. I volunteered to play these roles because we dragons agreed to be mirrors for humans losing their sense of divinity, their conscious connection to source. Being a mirror for humanities darkness isn't an easy job... but it was, and has been, needed. The experiences that come from this, cannot be experienced in any other way.

The good news is that humanity is awakening, and I no longer need to play such dark roles being a mirror for humanity. Yes, there are still some that are facing very dark visages of themselves, but most now are seeing mirrors of old attitudes, beliefs, and grievances simply so they can finally see that the old no longer serves them. They must look in the mirror and say "ENOUGH" and let that old shit go. How else can you move into the new without letting go of the old.

These old energies have collected for thousands of years, both as individuals, and as the human collective, so it takes effort to process all of it. The more people that make their way through, the easier it will be for others, as there are now many people to help them find their way.

As Gaia raises her vibrations, and as the galaxy of energies and various beings help humanity to raise in frequency, the urgency, and the drive to purge the old, increases. We who hold these mirrors for humanity overall, and for all people that hold mirrors for others, will be there for you to see for yourself what lurks inside of you.

Eventually, as the old energy is released, mirrors won't be required at all, and then you can stop looking for these mirrors. Finally, just take that last step into the new. This eventuality is actually NOW, not some distant time in the future. It is up to you 'when' you are ready for that final step into the new energies.

It is with great love and joy that dragons can now let these mirrors for humanity as a whole drop and shatter on the ground. We are celestrial beings of creation, here in this moment to do our part to lift humanity and help Gaia (and all of the galaxy) into a realm of peace and love.

Some of you are starting to see us grace your skies as your physical bodies make the transition to what you call 5D (the 'new' Gaia), and because you are awakened, you realize there is nothing to fear.

Reach out to the dragon realms and meet the dragons waiting for YOU to acknowledge them. Feel the strength and wisdom which we have waited many millenia to share with you.



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Thank you so much for this and the other three messages which led up to this new stage, Paul! 

I have read them all and was fascinated especially by the first two here:

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I will now continue with your most recent posts:

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You are SPECIAL :-)

BELOVED Angel, Dragon, Human Master .... THANK YOU FOR SHARING!

Sonja Myriel

Cool, a whole list of things being shared. :)

I had a bit of a dry spell with posting, and there are many beautiful experiences I had that I can't share due to privacy issues for other people, but I do have a discussion thread here where I was trying to catch up on some of the ones that had already happened before. I don't think many know I even put them there.

Thank you again for commenting and appreciating the stuff I share. <3

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Started by you

Wow, indeed, I had no idea, lol! Will print this out and read in bed :-)

THANK YOU, Paul! I love to read about your experiences as they always seem to trigger remembrances within mySELF, too :-)

Love Light Blessings,

Sonja Myriel



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