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The  Transition experience of my mother to the Other Side

From Ron Radhoff


My mother made her transition to the other side three years and three months after my father. The following is what she shared about her experience when crossing over to the spirit plane.


“The walls disappeared from my room and it was as if a band of angels with snow white wings and a heavenly chorus took me up to the horizon where I could really see. All earthly material and earth people disappeared with all things physical. Those who had promised to be with me at the end of my physical life came in mass as had been given to me during my meditation and prayer states, those times when you visited me and thought I was out of it, All around me were angels and singing and your father Ron, and several others I knew on earth.

Mother Mary and Jesus, who had promised to be with me, were there to greet me also. They were too beautiful to describe in words and they emanated a very powerful love. I was reminded of the saints who were born on angel’s wings. So indeed my journey into spirit was on angel’s wings and it was accompanied with beautiful music that filled every cell and awareness. It was beautiful beyond words and it filled all that I could perceive with such great beauty. And there was golden light all around as far as I could see. Even sunlight could not compare with the beauty and brightness of this golden light and then it turned into the whiteness of angel’s wings and I was born, so to speak, upon the wings of these beautiful beings of light. 

Very slowly I moved through various levels of sound and what appeared liquid, at times, of color. Moonlight became tangible in a sense because I could experience it through sound. In a sense, I felt one with everything I perceived. I felt a part of it all as I was born up on all this.  I had never felt really special in any way on Earth so I thought of what a glorious way that God would create this beautiful pathway into His home as I was taken into these beings of light and angel’s wings and those that were with me, into what would be called a heavenly place that I had traveled to many times while my spirit went out of body during my sleep state, and so it was very familiar. 

In this place, or dimension as I have learned here, there was a beautiful reception and what I perceived as a party, like a birthday party celebrating my birth back to spirit. I was overwhelmed at the people there that had remembered me and had come to welcome me back home again. I am home now and I feel so very happy and peaceful here. Henry was looking so young, like when we first met. He said that I could look any way I wanted to look relative to my past life. So, I made myself look refined somewhat. I am still Helen but I prettied myself up like I always wanted to look, and now I look beautiful like I did in my twenties. We can all do this here on this dimension. 

Yes, I am so happy now. After we arrive here we come into the fullness of our being. We are, in reality, so much more than we know ourselves to be in our physical life. I am going to school here and I am going to make myself useful in some way, probably working with newly arrived children for awhile. Your sister Marilouise is working with children at times also. I will be here with all of you in the family at the end of your physical Earth life when you come here and you will have a reception also with many people you’ve known, and I’ll be one of them. 

Know that there is no need to fear death for it is like closing one door and opening another. Because I knew that from you, it helped me to cross over more easily because I was not afraid and therefore I could more easily close my eyes to the physical and open my eyes easier to this life here through that understanding – and so, if you choose, will all of you who are not afraid. I have become aware of what a great barrier fear can be, not only in crossing over but also in all aspects of physical life. 

In this dimension where I am now, it is very much like Earth. There are magnificent buildings, etc. but everything is of a higher vibration. My mother and daughter Marilouise are in a higher place or dimension. They can visit your father and I here but we cannot go to a higher dimension because it is too intense until we spiritually evolve to a higher dimension. We can go to lower dimensions but we would have no desire to do so unless we wanted to visit someone we loved or knew. We will continue to learn and grow into higher dimensions. As the Master said, “In my Father’s house, there are many mansions.” Whenever you think of me, I will be with you.

Auf wiedersehen and God be with you. 

 I am your mother who loves you.”


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Thank you for sharing your Mother with me. It is a  comfort to me to know all is well.

My Brother died in 2013 and he has been coming to me sometimes and he said he is learning this  all the time,

like in a school, and he looks younger. This put a smile in my heart as I read it  Thank you

God be with you


Synchronicities are paving our way ... have a look at Faunaserene's latest blog, please ... we are transitioning!!!

Love Light Blessings,

Sonja Myriel

And now this - I opened this mail right after sharing this and Faunaserene's post ...

The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for the Highest Good in Action

Here's a Vision / Intention that just came in from Kayla Chantra. It is short but very powerful. Thank You, Kayla!

We see a world where the energy of each and every intention that is for the Highest Good of All is consciously coming to expression on a daily basis in the minds of everyone everywhere. We likewise intend to optimally utilize the power and magnitude of divine synchronism to the fullest extent possible for the Best and Highest Good of All.

My dear Ron, it's a honor that you share with us your intimate experience of your Mother  passing...I know what you and HER mean, when say that that 'Place' is another Dimension, my Mom went beyond the Veil 2 years ago, and not knowing what i was doing, about 3 hours before her passing, while meditating, i accompanied her to the other Side, our sister Sonja told me what i did, because i didn't realize that! When  i was on the other Side with her, saw a blinding white-golden Light, incredibly beautiful, and a strong sense of Peace, Love, Harmony and lightness was everywhere...i was really tempet to stay there with her and all the other people, playing children, laughing joyously...but couldn't, thinking to my elder and beloved dogs.

I've met her many times during meditations, sometime to her white dress was added a belt or the dress was a very light blue, i felt that she changed a kind of 'level', and is always smiling, and told me many things about that place, and now that one of my pet has passed, i meet him  during meditation, and when i say ' say hello to Mom, please', Grain says that she is a little far from him, and this is a confirm to me, that she's growing, free and merged with ALL THAT IS.

Love is everywhere, i hope and wish to each of us, to have the right 'filter' on eyes, being able to see, feel and live this wonderful Energy that LOVE is.

Sorry for the long comment!

Love to each and all of YOU!

Patrizia :-)

:)) Ron, What a a beautiful way to begin my Sunday Morning with a trip to source. It is dawn here and even though it is cloudy and overcast my Crows and I are Calling the Sun up. It is now Light so it must have worked. I focus on Light a lot when I center myself every morning or when I am stressed or when I go to sleep and I am free to travel around the dimensions. I have some interesting visions and insights. I have read all of you comments below or above and give you all Blessings of Love, Light and Peace . Thank You  All for sharing :))

Thank you for this inspiring story.





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