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EXCERPT from Peter Melchizedek's book "The Elemental Grace Alliance - The Awakening"

Maha Chohan - Guest Speaker - Narayana and Divine Grace - The Elemental Grace Alliance Council - 9th - January, 2016

Beloved Spirits of Immortal Truth, I Am the Maha Chohan and I have come accompanied by My Beloved Divine Consort Lady Pallas Athena. I Am the Representative of the Holy Spirit Comfort Flame and I Am the Over Lighting Chohan of All Seven Chohans of the Seven Rays. My Qualities are Power, Love, Wisdom, Purity, Healing, Service, Freedom and many more! I Am the Over Lighting Director of the Elemental Kingdoms; and it is My Authority that Shines upon All manifestations in Nature. I Draw and Supply the Energy used in all Nature and by mankind. I also Magnetize the Radiation and Power from the Solar Sun, while I Administer In Service the various forms of culture and civilizations through the minds of embodied individuals, so they may unfold and develop according to God’s Divine Plan. In All Faith and Trust, you can now begin to accept and understand that by My ‘Forcefield’, My Essence and Pressure of Radiation, being here to Speak with you, is My Endorsement for this Divine Plan of the Elemental Grace Alliance equally.

So why have I Addressed you as Beloved Spirits of Immortal Truth? I Address you thus, because each one of you is a Spirit of Truth in essence, because only Truth lives Eternally, and the very fact that your presence in the Universe has been Guaranteed Immortality, signifies to life that you are a Spirit of Truth. That with which you have clothed this Essence may be less than Truth, but in a flash, in the Flame of Purification, the accretions of the ages become ash, and the Divine Image in which you were created from the Bosom of the Eternal Father stands revealed.

There has been great interest generated across the Heavens of God’s Inexorable Awareness, to such a degree, that as this Alliance has progressed there has been Created yet another Circle of Light that has indeed formed concentrically around this Beacon of Light and It’s Esteemed Members. A Circle of Other Divine Representatives of God’s Grace and Benevolence in Oneness, that Adore Beloved Humanity and their efforts within the Narayana Journey of experience, where mortal man and woman show their intended determinations to evolve themselves into the Higher Realms of Universal Love, Light and the Life of God.

Such has been the growth of this most unpretentious endeavor, this simple down-to-Earth human desire of one individual to make a difference, that the information gathered and presented has reached new levels of anticipated awareness and thus warrants, no, Demands, even more precise explanations and Knowledge, so as not to see anything ‘lost in translation’ by anyone who truly sees the value of this single, yet multidimensional and multilayered experience. So I, like My Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Light, who have requested to come as Guest Speakers, I also wished to come forward before the close of these proceedings to bring another matter of significant importance forward, to assist anyone who may come into contact with these Discourses; allowing them to make the most qualified choices as possible, appropriate for them. So I herewith bestow My Admiration and Gratitude for this Elemental Grace Alliance for creating such a new benchmark, that warrants Me to come and Speak here within this Gathering of such Esteemed Entities, a propitious opportunity indeed!

I have therefore come today to bring a message of even more profound refinement, purification and honing to the requirements needed in achieving, in the shortest times possible, the success of these Proposals and Work that are being outlined herein; especially with regards to that of the formation of your Proposed Christ Councils. Today, I wish to speak of ‘Forcefields’, as I Know them to be, and shall explain the meaning of such things, for these are not readily understood within the consciousness of humanity today, not to the levels We would Desire at this summit within the Ascension Program.

The message of ‘Forcefields’, has been shared with small selective groups which began back in the 1950’s. Yet while all these groups were and remain vital to the progress of the Evolution of the human race, today We are asking for an even Greater commitment of a different sort. You see Dear One’s time changes everything and therefore the Nature of the demands We require of unascended humans, Disciples, before they are given Greater Powers to work with, there must be yet Greater Ratified, Gratified and Authorized Advances within the Covenants of their commitments and focused attentions. It is all about the continuation of Perfecting One’s Whole Being, physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually.

Now before We go any further I wish to Honor what Beloved Helios brought to these Discourses about the differences between teachers and Educators. For this is also the next stage of development for these relationships to be both respected and honored. With regards to the Perfecting of the words, ‘students’, ‘aspirants’, ‘chelas’ etc, of any newly formed Groups, let Us reevaluate such names. Students have now been explained and clarified by Helios. Chelas can be both seen as slaves and servants or disciples and pupils depending on whether one comes from Sanskrit or Hindu background; and aspirants are really those who show the ambition in achieving something, not necessarily something Spiritual in Nature. So I am putting forward the name for these Dear Souls from this time forward: let Us Call them ‘Disciples’ of the New Golden Age. Within this name it is understood and acknowledged that they are academically endowed with the Memory to remember their own Individualized Connections with God; That They are willing and eager to research and rediscover that which They Already Are, as part of God’s Desire for Them; and that They are and hold within Themselves the God Intelligence of Unity Consciousness just awaiting for Real Realization and Full Expression. So from this time forward We shall refer to These Blessed Souls as ‘Disciples’ of the ‘New Cosmic Light’ or the ‘New Golden Age’!

You see Dear Souls, to become ‘Immortal’, a Christed One if you like, one has to take a completely different view upon life in relationship to the concept of being human. Within the Immortal Flame of Life is the call, which must be answered by every Deva, Angel and God; but mankind uses it not, and the Priceless Stream of Electronic Light flowing into it, is spilled into imperfect living. There are many levels and stages to being human and sooner or later one must come to the next ‘ring passeth not’, make new choices and pass through, leaving everything of the old consciousness dissolve away and return to the Solar Sun for Re-Polarization. For those who have studied religious doctrine you may have heard this saying, ‘Be Ye Perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is Perfect’. For if you do not, Life ‘will’ return you to your next incarnation and then the next, and this rendition of one’s individual consciousness, again, again, and again will align to one’s conscious beliefs of each previous lifetime, taking it to the next embodiment, only to continue where you left off. That is until you fulfill the Supreme Edict of Life; that of Ascension as A Christed Soul. When the Decree of the Laws of Life are obeyed, We shall find that the Manifestations of the Constructive, Positive, Beneficial, Loving Way of Life will all become Immortal.

Beginning in 2016 the Cosmic Motion and the Movement of Earth’s Radiation and Light will expand toward new potentials within mankind. Many are already feeling the Energies intensifying and unless these Radiations/Forcefields are used in a constructive and benevolent way, the individual who applies them, will only qualify them with his/her own feelings of anxiety, confusion, irritation, bitterness, resentment, anger and feelings of abandonment, Projecting them against those around them in all situations and circumstances. This shall only continue to create human frustration and chaos within their own mind and body, which constantly embeds them and others within the limitations of fear based manifestations.

During the present Expansion of the Light in, through and around the Earth, it is absolutely imperative now for those individuals ready, to keep a more concentrated and focussed control over their own thoughts, emotions/feelings and spoken words; compelling them to be constructive, positive, beneficial and functional while giving recognition to ‘nothing’ that is not for the Greatest Good of All Concerned. If they are to avoid continual distress and countless loss to themselves and their World, they must elect to follow this Path! At no time in the history of the Planet has this been so important as it is at this present moment.

The Earth is passing through the throes of pangs, upheaval and struggles of a new birthing process and it will only be a few scant years ahead that Earth and Humanity will be in a very unique transitional period. Everything is changing now, entering into the New Cosmic Consciousness, a New Cosmic Way of Evolution; from the attitude of war into that of Peace, from hatred to Love, from selfishness to unselfishness, from greed to benefactor and philanthropist; and into the full recognition of a future where people must bring to bear their New Cosmic ‘Forcefields’ with Love, Wisdom and Power exercising their Strength, Steadfastness and All God Knowing, enough to live within the Human Biology in accordance to the Law of Divine Love.

The hour strikes in the evolution of every Planet and its humanity when every human must express the Full Peace, Harmony, Perfection, and the Divine Plan of the System to which they belong. When that Hour comes, humanity either moves forward and fulfils God’s Plan, or whatever portion will not come into alignment with the new activities has to remove itself to another Universal Schoolroom; until those personalities learn the required Obedience to the Laws of Life.

The Law of Life is indeed Heaven (God or Christ Consciousness) where Peace, Harmony and Love to every Living or Created Life Form Reigns Supreme. Even the Ethers of Infinite Space express this Harmony everywhere. Human beings are the only creators of ‘hell’ within the Universe. Now here on Earth they can either accept and obey the Law of Life, and enjoy every good thing of the Father’s/Mother’s ‘Kingdom’, or they can disobey that Law and be snapped like a reed with the storms of their own making, all through their own self generated mis-conceptions, misunderstandings and discord. Each individual carries his or her own Heaven or hell with them every moment; for these are but the results of mental and emotional states of belief Systems and programs which the individual has created because of their own misaligned attitudes. There is no other way, it is that plain and simple!

I will now define that which I call a ‘Forcefield’ just as I did many years ago to the Disciples of the 1950’s and I would like ask those who wish to take this to a new Zenith of Their Being and Purpose, that you revisit and review that which has been placed into motion by the Founder of this progressive ‘Forcefield’ called The Elemental Grace Alliance. I also wish to use this Alliance as an example of that which can be instigated and achieved through the correct engagements of drawing forth the Appropriate Energies or ‘Forcefields’ of the various Directors, Ascended Masters, Elohim, Chohans, Archangels and Angelic Host. Although this definition or understanding herein given, is representative of this Alliance and It’s Proposals for execution and implementations, they are certainly not limited to this. For indeed the same ‘Forcefields’ are Created at all levels of Creation and Helios and Vesta Created just such a ‘Forcefield’ when Their Plan was Created and Executed through the Seven Mighty Elohim and Seven Majestic Eloah while applying the Seven Steps of Precipitation. For indeed this Law is the Foundation Stone for All Creation Itself!

A ‘Forcefield’ then, by definition, herein the understanding for Earth Purposes, is a consciously magnetized focus of Energy Created by a person or a group of persons or Beings, for the objective of Benevolent Service to a particular Principle, Facet, Function, Condition, or Area of Life and ultimately to the entire Earth itself. In the case of the group activity, the Director/s, Ascended Master/s, Archangel/s or Elohim/Eloah who have been elected to Over Light the Group in cooperation with the Group, first designs within the minds of its Disciples and Members, the particular activity to which the group service is to be consecrated. ‘Therefore, the actual design of the ‘Forcefield’ should be brought into a visual activity, as in an image or picture, so that all may be sure to direct their energies into the same activity. It is essential that this picture remain the same at all meetings once it has been drawn forth so that it will grow and expand its Blessings through the group into the entire declared parameters of the particular Principle, Facet, Function, Condition, or Area of Life’.

The use of the image created for the transmissions for the release of the pressures of the Cascadia Zone herein described by Peter is a perfect example of this process. By continual contemplation and by constant directing of the Qualities and Radiance of Over Lighting Energies desired within the ‘Forcefield’, this can be made to grow in and with intensity to a point where it is a potent force for good in the particular Principle, Facet, Function, Condition, or Area of Life. Once a person or group can become more Masterful in use of such ‘Forcefields’, then it can be employed throughout the atmosphere of the whole of the Earth itself. A ‘Forcefield’ is in constant motion, and through it will pour the limitless Gifts of the Divine Beings to whom it is dedicated to, as it is strengthened and expanded upon at each group meeting.

I call it a ‘Forcefield’, due to its Pressure of Radiance that cannot be disturbed, dissolved, diminished or changed by any dark or lower vibrational thought forms, depending upon the levels of Radiance of those Who Create It! So let Us continue with this identification so as to Create from it and to remain within the Natural Protection of Love Substance that it is Created from. Remember, do not misunderstand the word ‘Force’, for it can be likened to the word ‘Power’. The Power of God is not destructive and only enhances the Qualities of Love and never allows for any dissolution of anything that Is Divine Love or Divine Truth. It will however, move aside, to whatever degree necessary, anything that is not of Love and Truth and therefore always remaining within the Laws of the Life as to God’s Creations. The word ‘Force’ comes into the same Radiant Substance as the word ‘Power’. Human definitions of both ‘power’ and ‘force’, are not created in Love and so in Truth have no reference or validity here, indeed no Reality in Christ Consciousness.

A ‘Forcefield’, a controlled, constructive, harmonious, positive ‘Sphere of Influence’ does exactly what its name implies; influences the generation of similar Qualities of Faith, Hope, Charity, Harmony, Spiritual Aspiration in those it connects to and is in contact with. The power of contagion, so aptly demonstrated in the transference of fear and panic through mass hysteria, is equally applicable in the transference of God's Qualities and Nature. There really is no difference between a ‘sphere of influence’ and a conscious thought form and a ‘Forcefield’ apart from the truth or Truth that it is founded within. I use herewith the word ‘Forcefield’ to convey the picture of a battery of constructively and positively charged energy made up of the combined Auras of Groups of Conscious Disciples, gathered together in Cooperative Service to mankind in one place.

The ‘Forcefield’’ is made up of the Fusion and Amalgamation of Energies gathered together by all in attendance; the unascended humans, the Elementals, Angel Devas, Angelic Host and Builders of Form. These combined with the Decrees, Visualizations, Invocations, Songs and general application of the group of Disciples who wish to form a Radiating Centre for God’s Blessings in their particular Principle, Facet, Function, Condition, or Area of Life amplify the Essences available for dissemination. In exactly the same manner that the individual ‘sphere of influence’ is a combination of the energies released through the contributing centres of thought, feeling and action, so is the corporate ‘Forcefield’ of the group composed of the consciousness and application of every member of that group.

A ‘Forcefield’ renders several services. First it is a magnetic centre which draws the Presence of the Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings, and all Divine Intelligences Who Desire Always to find an Open Door through which to pour Their Radiation and Blessings to mankind. As the pollen in flowers draws the bees, so does such a consciously created ‘Forcefield’ draw and Magnetize the Presence the Beings to Whom it is dedicated and for Whom it has been formed. Secondly, it forms a concentrate of consciously Qualified God Energy which is funnelled down from the Octaves of Light, and which provides a Spiritual nourishment to all those who enter that ‘Forcefield’ beyond the Natural Radiation ordinarily present in the sphere in which the individuals dwell. Thirdly, it forms a Radiating Centre of these same God Qualities into the atmosphere and locality, just as Beloved Archangel Zadkiel explained about His Temple of Light over Cuba, in which it has been built. Each Centre, physical or Ethereal, acts as a physical Sun Itself, sending forth Light, warmth, nourishment, and God Gifts into the city, town or village, or indeed country, where it has been created and where it is sustained by Rhythmic Attention to Its Presence by Divine Intelligence.

Lastly, it provides an Ever Present Conductor which the Guardian Intelligences of this Universe may use, upon a moment’s notice, to flash forth Protection, Purification, Balance, Healing, or Harmony when the need arises. Thus, much time is saved which would ordinarily have to be employed in creating such a funnel through which to give a Blessing and Protection in times of crises. A ‘Forcefield’ takes different forms according to the particular types of Disciples who are developing such a Magnetic and Radiating Centre. Sometimes the Group Director or Leader, whom We shall refer to from now on as the ‘Attracter Fields’, due to the mis-perceptions of these representatives mean, in such Creations as Christ Councils for example, chooses a design and the form is built by the obedient Members or Disciples, Elementals, Devas, Angelic Host and Builders of Form around the thought form of that Group Attractor Field. Sometimes, when such a one does not take the initiative, the ‘Forcefield’ assumes the pattern of an etheric focus which previously was active in that locality. Often times it has only a vague blurred outline and looks like a vapour cloud in the atmosphere over the locality. Of course, the more Perfect the mental design of the ‘Forcefield’ the more it is shared by the Conscious Creative Centres of the Disciples, the more valuable and productive it is to the Hierarchy.

When I originally perceived that My Beloved Colleagues, El Morya and Saint Germain were going to endeavour to again present certain Truths to interested people upon the Planet Earth, I conceived the idea of developing, outside of the Ascended Master Retreats; certain specialized foci of Harmoniously Qualified Energy which could be used for the expansion of the Nature of God through the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric Worlds of mankind.

These foci would depend primarily, upon the interest sustained, the enthusiasm and inspiration of those who desired to contribute to the Impersonal welfare of humanity and the Planet. In the Ascended Masters Octave, all Beings, while Fully Mastering All Energy entrusted to Them by God, chose to specialize in the Magnetizing, Qualifying, Expanding and Sustaining of some Specific Service by which the race as a whole might benefit. It was thought worthy of the time and energy to expend, to try to encourage and inspire such an interest in groups of unascended beings and thus the anticipation came to accelerate the progress of the entire evolution in, through and around the Earth. Each Ascended Master Retreat is dedicated to the expansion of some such Divine Blessing. In time, with Patience, Harmony, Constancy, Rhythm and Love, unascended beings will create and sustain some Divine Blessing which is a Power that can be invoked at Will by any and all other interested Life Streams in times of crises. But to date even though it has worked to varying degrees, now We need to expand the potentialities of this original conception.

A ‘Forcefield’ usually takes on the form or pattern of the actual activity which a group of individuals desires to Magnetize and Radiate forth for the Impersonal Blessing of All Life. I emphasize, This ‘Forcefield’ is as Powerful as the Interest, Enthusiasm, Faith and Constancy of the Endeavour of its component parts, the Disciples of unascended beings. A ‘Forcefield’ will take on the shape or form of the Service to be rendered, without the conscious use of the mental faculties of its Members, but this form becomes more powerful, more clearly cut out of Universal Light and more enduring, if the mental faculties of the ‘Attractor Field/s’ and the Disciples help to sustain It in a certain definite pattern.

If the pattern is constantly changing, according to the whim of the Group Attractor or Educating Principal, it is more ephemeral and the responsibility for its sustenance lies primarily with the invisible Builders of Form. If, however, the Principle Attractor and Disciples work together to create and sustain a particular ‘Forcefield’, energizing it with and by their own lives, through Visualization, Song and Decree, it gradually becomes more distinct, powerful and efficacious in the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric Worlds, wherein the greatest requirement for assistance is presently being called for. In the early ages, these individuals and their particular groups of dedicated life streams worked always in the privacy of the Great Temples of the Sacred Fire and the amount of Spiritual Wealth that infiltrated the mass mind in those ages was determined both by the development and Nature of the Conductor, and the Strength and Vitality of the ‘Forcefields’ which were voluntarily created by the individuals who stood around such a one.

This acted both as a Magnetic Field to draw the Truth and the Presence of the Master and as a Radiating Centre through dedicated life streams who were prepared to carry that instruction to the people. So many example on both sides of the ‘Spheres of Influence’ could be mentioned here, but I Am sure that you could create your own lists.

In the previous Golden Ages, these ‘Forcefields’, were well known to the Priests and Priestesses Who officiated in the various Temples dedicated to certain specific God Qualities; i.e. Protection, Healing etc. The mass of the people often made pilgrimages to such foci of Specialized Blessings and Benedictions, bathing in the full, gathered momentum already established there by those dedicated to this Service of Magnetizing, Sustaining and Radiating their Gifts of Life for the Impersonal Blessings of all mankind and Earth.

Again, as We enter the Gates of the New 7th Golden Age of Freedom, We are endeavouring to stimulate the desire within the hearts of the ‘few’ once again, to so establish such ‘Forcefields’. Thus, each group becomes a Radiating Centre of certain God Virtues; also learning the Power of Concentration and Impersonal Service. Mankind ‘en masse’ suffer from many limitations but the range of possible Services is unlimited. Usually, in the unascended state, one individual strongly impressed by a desire to help his fellowman, will catch a glimpse of one particular Service and then, in turn, through the Power of Influence, Inspiration of gentle and unimposing degrees of Truth, gather around him/her self, others who are interested in a similar Project. These ‘Forcefields’ are like beautiful flowers upon the surface of Mother Gaia. In time, all Disciples of these Radiating Centres will know what specialized activities are required to Magnetize at certain points upon the Earth's surface and they, in turn, can and will, ask for the assistance of such already established ‘Forcefields’ to assist them in other particular local areas of crises.

The purpose of the establishment of such ‘Forcefields’ is not to exploit the personality nor the efficacy of any individual or group, but to so Magnetize and Sustain certain God Qualities so that they are “always available free of charge for the use of all”; not just those who can pay for such privileges. It is so that the Ascended Host Who offer all Their Momentums of Perfection to anyone, absolutely free and without encumbrances, and the Universal Progress that results is an act of such Selfless Service. I wish to once again establish My Transmission Flame Classes upon these Principles, which were originally instigated at My Humble suggestion, so that the individual ‘Forcefields’ might Magnetize into Their Momentums the already gathered Cosmic Momentums of the Ascended Masters Retreats. This is done, primarily, through the inbreathing of the Substance of the Flame and Virtue of the Retreat? Then, the sincere and selfless Disciples, using the Magnetizing Centre of their ‘Forcefield’ will expand these Virtues into their localities through the expansion and Projection in and of their Inner Breath. Thus, unascended beings can learn and discover a new experience to work with and expand the Services of the Ascended Masters Retreats, thus being of benefit to all of mankind.

I have asked Peter to change the font of the last paragraph for a very good reason and without further elaboration shall leave it there for your own investigations and appraisals to decipher and discern what is being presented here for those open and wise enough to act upon! But what I will say is that one of the greatest misalignments of previously formed groups has been the emphasis placed upon individual personalities and the importance of financial Projections and focus. In the New Radiating Centres, based on the development of and through the Greater understanding and implementation of the Seven Steps of Precipitation, such focus shall no longer play any part. No priorities will be deemed acceptable for the discrimination toward those who can or cannot partake due to financial remunerations. The New Radiating Centres shall not become personal financially motivated businesses as has some to date of which they remain very attached to! These old ways are conditions and limitations and are not based within the Truth of God. They are not part of the New Cosmic Consciousness and the elevated status of the New Golden Age of Freedom. There can be no conditions or limitations, placed upon ‘anybody’ who is Guided by Christ or the Holy Spirit to join and unite with such groups or truly desires to be a part of the new ‘Forcefields’ of these anticipated New Radiating Centres; only to be turned away due to their inabilities to pay certain sums of money. These conditions are boundaries that continue to sustain old thought forms and programs of lack in Trust, Faith, Abundance and Well Being! These things only inhibit and suppress the raising of Vibrational Frequencies of the Group and its Members and Disciples and Their potentialities, and certainly does not promote Unconditional and Divine Love. The Bridge to Friendship cannot be fraught with any type of condition or limitation.

In saying this however, We are very well pleased with the sincere interest in these old group Endeavours to date and the kindly cooperation with it by so many individuals across the face of this sweet Earth. These present ‘Forcefields’ in time can be made permanent through some very simple changes in the fundamental outlines and foundation Principles and may indeed remain long after the original Group Director and his or her group have Ascended into the Realm were We abide.

I recommend most strongly then the necessity for examining the motive behind any such establishment of existing or proposed ‘Forcefields’ as well as recognizing the need for Absolute Unity, Cooperation, Constancy, Freedom of Endeavour and True Loving Desire to Impersonally help the race in its uphill climb back to its God Estate. The New Radiating Centres shall not be about one person, but about the Impersonalization of the entire Group of Disciples, although a particular Group Director may begin by offering their time and energy to promote, organize and administer to such Centres; but this is only foreseen as a short term introduction rather than a long term arrangement.

The Projection of the consciousness of the Disciples into the actual Radiation Centre does not neutralize the activity performed by their physical bodies which are actually breathing the Flame from that Master’s Ethereal Retreat into and out of their bodies. It rather increases the capacity of each such a one to be a Conductor of the Light and Power of that Retreat through the New Radiating Centre into their local orbit and thus in its appropriate time line around the whole World. If you have not yet decided upon the types and quality/ies of your group and Individualized Impersonal Service, I strongly recommend that you soon do so! I foresee that the Elemental Grace Alliance may assist in these areas as they become available for wider interest, if other enterprises prove unacceptable or unresourceful. Regardless, Your I Am Presence Will Lead you toward the right Attractor or Educator, no matter what your direction if you Heartfully engage Them.

The purpose of this New Endeavour is to bring to mankind the Law of Life, the Truth, which mankind in applying, might weave into his own Energies, thus regulating harmoniously all appearances in this World, becoming Master of him or her self and as such, a Master of Self; each such one will then be a contributing factor to the Light of the World.

Graded Radiation is not understood by individuals who provoke or scratch at the capacities of other life streams to draw and condense certain Qualities and Gifts of the Godhead. However, it must be understood by at least a few, to begin, in order to form a proper nucleus for the Magnetizing the greatest amount of the Law which is applicable to the conditions which Govern the Evolution at a given moment, that the Magnetic Field which is the ‘Sphere of Influence’ or Aura of every Life Stream is a Powerful Factor in determining the Grants by the Cosmic Law of more than ordinary release of Instruction into the lower atmosphere of Earth. The discipline and preparation of the individual units who choose to offer their Energies as such a Magnetic Field will determine how much of the Law which We have at Our Release can be infiltrated through the consciousness of the receiving channel/s and then in turn sent forth through the Messengers including the written word to the people.

All people are no more ready to hear the deeper Truths of Life today than they were at the time of Jesus, or of Buddha, or of Krishna, nor are they more ready to act as Magnetic Fields to draw that Powerful Concentrated Energy, nor to take responsibility through their Own I Am Presence within a group dedicated to such a selfless and arduous task. That was until now!

Time and Cosmic Law is seeing to that! When this is understood by a group of individuals and ‘I Am’ Enabled, through limited Karma of those who choose to so avail themselves to create a permanent ‘Forcefield’, ie a Transmission Centre or Physical Retreat, a Christ Council or a Light Radiance Community, I can in Good Conscience release the activities of the Sacred Fire which, if applied and drawn through the Energies of those participating, will be all the proof that is required of the efficacy, effectiveness, value and proficiency of the practical application of the Law. Those incorporating the Truths given in the Energies of their own bodies will then be well prepared to carry that Truth into the World of Form.

This was Our Original Design, and although We have deviated over time due to the commotions of screaming free wills We can now see new potentials arising very quickly through the concentrated efforts of those more awakened Way Showers. We now recognize there are many who are now ready, willing and able in both receiving and offering Their Energies and Divine Qualities to hold a harmonious ‘Sphere of Influence’ long enough for the Presence of the Master to convey not only the Word, but the feeling and, allowing it to enter the consciousness of the Disciples of that Group, to make a workable and practical pattern, whereby the miracles and marvels will become fact.

The Creation of a Spiritual ‘Forcefield’ for a Radiating Centre such as We, had on Atlantis and on Lemuria, becomes the obligation of every Member of such a Loving Community and the sustaining of that ‘Forcefield’ without a flicker of the vibratory action of discord or inharmony, becomes the responsibility and obligation of each Member through the Mastery and Control of his/her own Energies while he or she remains a part of such a Living Organism. If, as has been said through the years, ‘Indestructible, Incorruptible and Untouchable Harmony’ could be maintained through the component parts that make up that ‘Forcefield’, We would have then a proper Conductor of Energy and into the World of These Centres, These Communities, would flow the Sacred Fire, with the applicable Conscious Knowledge, by which all conditions could be handled as We handle them in the Inner Realms, by Light and by Love.

The Beloved Ladies of Heaven, Beloved Mary, Beloved Kwan Yin, Beloved Nada and Portia, Beloved Venus, Meta, Magda, Amethyst, Faith, The Mothers of the White and Pink Roses and so many more, are eagerly seeking opportunity to bring forth some of the Laws on Spiritual Love and Healings. It is one of the Greatest Services that could be rendered to mankind today and the capacity of the Life Stream of a Member of one of the Radiating Centres, to connect within these Energies already Qualified within the Healing Temples is merely dependent upon their control of feelings. As My Centre and Focus of Light is directly concerned with the feeling World, I Shall Endeavour in every way at My Command that is possible to assist you individually.

Then in your collective groups, when you come to draw the Power of the Sacred Fire through the worded expression and sit consciously at the feet of the Master, if you will help Us with these ‘Forcefields’, say for an hour or so prior to Our entrance, We will have then, Energy voluntarily emitted from your own bodies, like a Great Open Lotus through which the Master Presence can direct a Permanent Gift for the Blessing of All Life as well as for yourselves. As the Energies expand the time in preparations will decrease for the Radiation will become so Commanding within the Centre that Our Presence will be a Permanent site for all to see! Within the Radiating Centres, besides the Study, Practice and Development of procedures and the drawing forth of the Spiritual Law We must have practical levels of application made available to Us. ie; a particular Principle, Facet, Function, Condition, or Area of Life, or Proposals as are outlined within this Elemental Grace Alliance, where the Law is put into Action.

These must be identified by the Disciples of the Group. Therefore, I Am hoping that somewhere, someone will receive the understanding behind Our Endeavours Now and know that, in order to draw forth instruction that has not been given since the last Golden Age, and that it shall require the cooperation of dedicated Groups. Perhaps one member of the group is Qualified to draw the Grace, others Qualified to Conduct the feeling and all Qualified by the giving of their Individualized Impersonal Life Energies in the creating of a Qualified ‘Forcefield’. One which is not only a Magnetizing Centre for Truths and the Laws of Life that have never yet manifested upon Earth beyond single Identities from time to time, but which may be a Radiating Centre for the Qualities of the Being or Beings Who Invest Their Impersonal Life Energy while Initiating the masses further into Cosmic Consciousness.

The ‘Priceless’ ‘Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit’ is not yet understood by unascended beings, apart from a few more dedicated Souls. Know that the Love, Light and Life within your own Precious Hearts is exquisite and priceless. There is no man or woman who can hold or sustain it such the Will of God, when the Will of the Great Individual Source causes it to withdraw due to its unbalanced Nature. However, Life which belongs to a God Free Being, every Electron of which has been Qualified with some Dynamic God Quality and which can be Invested in Cosmic Service by which millions upon a Planet and countless trillions within a Universe may be Blessed, benefited, raised and redeemed, cannot be idly invested in a handful of individuals, except in so far as they become Radiating Centres and Double and Treble the Investment in the Work We the Masters of Love of Light, Engage in, with them!

Every Dispensation that has closed the door between the Ascended Master Octave and the well intentioned human, was closed because the investment from The Masters was not Balanced by work fulfilled below and it has nothing to do with personal favour, this is The Impersonal Universal Law of Life. The Christian Dispensation, which has functioned in Blessing Life for two thousand years, lived on the Vital Energies of Jesus in those Works which He pressed into the three short years of His Conscious Ministry. After His passing it lived on within the Magnetic ‘Forcefield’ drawn by Mary, His Mother, the Disciples and the Apostles, which during the thirty years She and They remained after His Ascension, was stored into the Etheric Substance of the lower atmosphere of Earth.

It was then easily accessible to the Christians up to and through the fourth century after His physical presence had Ascended. That is why the early Christians were so vitalized with the Power of Light. The sustaining of the Christian Dispensation, making possible the Radiation vitalizing it since that time, has been due to the few who, beyond that fourth century mark, were able to individually and in small communities, pierce into the Higher Octaves, connect with the Presence of Jesus and through themselves paying the Balance for the Christians who followed the Teachings set forth to the best of their abilities.

In every activity, you have your advanced thinkers and risk takers for community advancements, you have the workers who support societal living, you have your conscious Disciples, aspirants and chelas all willing to sacrifice self, and then you have those who without conscience, expect life to support them while not working or contributing anything to that life. Those who do not consciously promote God’s Love, We say, one day this WILL become Law upon Mother Earth. There will be those who by the very proximity to the Light will be transformed, but the length of the Dispensation, as well as the amount of instruction placed into the substance of the Earth is the written and spoken word which will remain as a heritage and guide for the peoples of the future; all now are dependent upon the ‘Forcefields’ that are to be created by dedicated, consecrated, selfless men and women, willing to bring the imbalances of life for their release.

Dear Hearts, I know that I have gone beyond the scheduled time for Discourses but I Am sure that you will, as I do, deem this subject of the utmost importance. The World and its people require Health, Peace, Illumination, Financial Freedom, Faith in God, Liberation from the many “woes” that spring from conscious or unconscious allegiance to the ‘shadow World’. I Am therefore sending out a Clarion Call for any or all those who know themselves to be the Way Showers of the New Golden Age.

The time has arrived to establish the New Cosmic Consciousness upon the Earth, and I mean Upon the Earth, not within the Etheric Atmospheres of Earth, not within the mental Planes or even the emotional Planes of expression, but deep within the physical domains, which shall include a well Balanced mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual countenance, just as this Elemental Grace Alliance is proposing and exemplifying. Therein We will together, Light Up, Magnify, Demonstrate and Epitomize the ‘Forcefields’ of Earth through such Radiating Centres or Temples of the Sacred Fire. All large activities have a “small beginning” from the embryo to the seed idea of a Planet, a Universe or a Galaxy! Just as this Elemental Grace Alliance has sprung up from a simple thought, how will you respond to its Proposals herein, Dear Soul? We Who abide within the Inner Realms await your acceptance to this Call and more so, wait to see what actions you will make, toward these New potentials.

In the endeavour to bring the consciousness of the Holy Spirit into Active Radiation through the Energy of the individual Life Stream, I Shall again and again stress the great need which arises from the Life imprisoned in the shadows, for the Comfort which comes alone from the Presence of God. Comfort is not the negative condonement of imperfect patterns of thought, feeling and action, but it is the positive, kindly, encouraging, enlightening consciousness conveyed by thought, word and feeling, by which the individual may self consciously cooperate with the irrefutable and Impersonal Laws of Love, Harmony, Purity, and Perfection, whose Causative Centres will yield in effects only Peace.

Comfort, like every other Quality of the Godhead, is interpreted by each man according to his place upon the path. To some it means no more than to lie in a bed of ease, freed from the necessity and responsibility of sustaining the body's life. To another, it is embodied in the presence of a loved one; to still another, an occupation of delight to the natural talent of the Soul for the essence of comfort received. The Mystic Law of the Universal Works upon the Principle that the Self Conscious Intelligence must give of itself the first impulse carrying the Vibration of the Quality that he desires on the return current to receive. A smile begets a smile, and a frown, a frown. A man must be a friend to have a friend. He must give up one breath to receive another.

It is, therefore, My Expressed and Deep Heartfelt Desire to help you, individually, to comprehend the Peace which you can enjoy when you become a Comforting Flame Presence to Life. For then will you experience the active return of Comfort through every externalized form, the Invisible Ethers, and the Great Beings who have foregone the Glories of the Higher Spheres to remain the Comforting Presence by which mankind can sustain Their Life and progress in a World, whose aura is so heavily charged with shadow that it would not be possible even for the Elemental Kingdom to sustain a physical garment through which the Life Flame might find expression, were it not for Their Presence in this Universe. When you call to your Own Great I Am Presence, and to Me, The Maha Chohan, for the Feeling and Desire to be a Comfort to Life, you will find opened within the Realms of your Own Consciousness, a New Attitude toward the Life around you, and that which has seemed a battle for survival, will become a Joy, each day free of the old human consciousness and thus externalizing through your Creations, Your Comfort In Life.

I Am The Maha Chohan and I Give My Humble Gratitude to each of you here for this opportunity to share the needs of the people of Earth in this New Golden Age. Just one last thing; ‘no-one’ reading these pages, does not already have an Ascended Master Sponsor already waiting upon your full conscious commitment, co-operation and Covenant to agree to your part within the New Radiating Centres of God’s Love Substance. I, In All My Love, Power, Wisdom and Light have already Over Lighted these Sponsorships between all of you, We Know Who You Are; so Know that it is not a matter of are your Qualified or not? It is simply are you now ready to make your commitment to the tasks now being asked of you again, through these Discourses? The answer is yours, not God’s; yours and yours alone! If you accept, then it shall be the Holy Spirit’s Comfort Flame, Me, that will Lead You! I AM that Comfort Flame that Loves and Nurtures You! In Love and Light I Adorn You With My Comfort Eternally! And So It Is!”

I have been moved to the core with this communication and in so being has given me so many images and visions as to what Beloved Maha Chohan is alluding to from our unascended points of view. In fact I would have to say, for myself at least, that this single Discourse is proving to be the most moving, the most powerful and the most inspiring to date; although that would not be True in relationship to all others, but to I must say it is indeed something that I would love to have elaborated upon, either within the last few Discourses, or within others that may come in the near future. I can see a huge potential in so many fields and facets of human endeavours now! Bless You Maha Chohan for your Divine Wisdom in bringing this forward at this point of the Discourses! I Love You, what a Gift to humanity YOU ARE!

A few days passed before I became aware that Jesus would come forward next.

With deep respect and gratitude  to Peter Melchizedek, the messenger of this information. If you wish to receive his book of AWAKENING, please contact him by sending a message to him here on site.


Sonja Myriel

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Dear Sonja,

Thanks for posting here from the book..." Elemental Grace Alliance".

Our other friends can know and may try to join with us..

I am reading the book now and do not know when I will finish it...

But ready for the Attunements....on Sunday at 10.P.M.....

You can suggest to read the book to our members here...


The Good Force be with you...excellent posts, Sonja, thanks for sharing & forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen!

This message, in my opinion, is not only powerful and loving.  It is a call to let the past go and become what we agreed to be.

In the last months, I was experienced  so many energetic changes into my body. However, now it is clear for me what was happening.  I took a vow with creation long ago and with this discourse, it became  stronger than before.  

I don't have many images in my mind; I just have one.  And for me that it is the one I will share when it became ready.  Thank-you Sonja and Peter for this message.  Lots of love to all. Anakin Rama.

Amen and so we soar to better heights and understandings.



Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


Lightgrid CONNEXION Groups

This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!


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