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04 – Quality of Life And Freedom of Spirit – Elemental Grace Alliance – Helios and Vesta – 16th August, 2015


“May The Sun Light fill the Hearts of All, and as God’s Truth eliminates man’s misperceptions of life, so does the Light Shine away all darkness. I Am Helios, and Vesta, My Beloved, Envelops Me with Her Brightness and Her Beauty As The Life and Presence of God!

“All We can say Dear Ones is Bless You, Bless You, Bless You. For what We Are witnessing here is something extraordinarily Enlightening. It is a most resolute attempt to bring together all the tentative thoughts of imbalance for humanity within a very confined space to heal and make Whole again. And what this does, it gives Us, The Messengers of God, the Freedom to Respond in Action, bringing forth an even clearer understanding, of not only the Journey of mankind, but the relativity of Who They Are within the present perceptions of confinement throughout the experiential discovery of the practice of becoming the Divine Human Angel.

“Such a Sterling job has been done to Create a New Foundational Platform for Greater Truth toward the Golden Age; to assist with the blending and merging of present day human beliefs and programs of thinking, with Hope and Faith to attain the Eternal Excitement of Joy and Peace for All. May We begin by clarifying the quintessence of Peter’s endeavor within his delivery of all human concerns by shedding further Light upon these phases; those particularly set out in Point Number 2 and 3;

  1. Removal of the Powerful Life Streams That Control Human Malevolence.
  1. Remove Or Dissolve Consciousness That Works With Purposeful Intention To Inhumanely Mislead, Mis-Inform or Mis-Create To Gain Power, Control Manipulation Over Others Without Conscience.

“We first Respond to Peter’s request and share Our accepted Wisdom in this message;”

“Helios and Vesta are determined to bring Earth into a Golden Age. They have asked us to call upon them, especially when we are dealing with conditions of evil in the world. We can give the fiat, ‘In the Name of My Mighty I Am Presence and Holy Christ Self, in the Name of Jesus the Christ, I ratify the judgment of Helios whereby the plug is pulled on the seed of the wicked’.

“Beloved St Germain has very clearly defined what is transpiring from the Point of View of Over Lighting the practical Divine Prerequisites of how The Golden Age is to be brought into the full flow of the I Am Presence. And this is indeed a very accurate account of where We Are All going, over the next 2000 year period upon Earth; albeit not entirely from within a 3rd Dimensional reality. But there is more to this story of Human Evolution and the understanding of these points raised by Peter and acknowledged within the mind sets of human beings and conducive to the human ‘mine fields’ of present day beliefs that concede and give power to such discordance, chaos and shall We say, evil intentions that blow up in their faces.

“Regardless of whether or not humanity can fully embrace what I Am about to share with you, is irrelevant to the Truth, for the Truth remains what it IS, regardless of the mis-understandings, mis-information or mis-creations of mankind. We the God Parents of Humanity and Who Are Responsible for All Action upon Earth, in One Way or Another, must continue to Hold the Divine Plan firmly in place, for this Whole Evolutionary Cycle, regardless of the consequences that mankind itself has inflicted upon itself and thus is continuing to be played out through the lives of humanity. The moment We and All Our Divine Brothers and Sisters make any alterations against the wishes of Alpha and Omega or Our Own Original Design, will be the moment that All the Billions of Years of Planning, Design, and Manifestations will fall apart. The Protection from this happening, is the Love of the Elohim of Peace and Aloha, and LOVE IS ALL THERE IS HERE, regardless of how it plays out within its perceived opposing realities based around fear.

“Yes the statement made above, about the seed of the wicked, was an excerpt of a message that was given for the purpose of information, to once again provide a premise that if one desires to find Freedom from that which is perceived evil, then the Invocation of calling in the I Am Presence and Jesus The Christ Within, that St Germain has so clearly explained in His last Address, is the next step toward this release. Now, what I Am about to tell you all comes from within the understanding of the physical and inner planes of this 3rd and 4th dimensional world. It is directly related to that which humanity, as a collective, over eons of time, have indeed manifested consciously or unconsciously, by their own God Powers, throughout time.

“From the earliest time of Eden man there has been two opposing forces within the human being; one that would inspire and uplift him to the highest potentials of his experiences and the other of the lowest thoughts, feelings and actions, that restrict and bind such experiences. It was not long before the lowest vibrational frequencies of these aspects of ego self became known as the devil or evil, which would in turn move man into the most malevolent of deeds and actions that opposed every aspect of God and His or Her Divine Love and Life.

“Now remember this if you would, In All of God’s Creations there is The Law of Balance and so this Love and Fear relationship is nothing more than the Balance of opposing Realities that must be present within a physical reality, until such time as the Truth is Revealed and Acknowledgement manifested As the Truth of God; where Love is All there Is and fear no longer exists. This Solar System is a physical domain, even though it does play out through various levels of conscious dimensional levels. This is done either in form upon the physical planes or form and Formless Consciousness, upon the Inner planes of these Realities.

“It is only through Knowledge that mankind can traverse the opposing characteristics of Love. Wisdom is the Key that will allow this Knowledge to surface more dominantly within the consciousness of humanity. Beloved Archangel Lucifer engaged Himself to play a part that brought this ‘devil’ concept into a focus for humanity, so that they could see and experience fully, the difference between Love and fear and the battles endured by Archangel Lucifer and Archangel Michael were the manifestation that humanity had unknowingly implanted into the collective consciousness of humanity.

“Beloved Peter, was Guided back in 2008 to finally put an end to this misconception and through his endeavors with his Brother Mel, called in the demonic human perception and representation of evil; ‘Satan’, who became man’s personalization of evil, and through a series of events, much like this Elemental Grace Alliance, received Archangel Lucifer’s Agreement to dissolve the physical, mental and emotional personification of Satan and to no longer support the physical inner or outer Realms of manifested evil; thus began the movement away from these lower vibrational illusions of mankind, called archetypes. All manifested thoughts that are not of Love are archetypes and have no power, unless one gives them such powers!

“Now even though Lucifer is now working beside Michael in Love, and indeed is here today in His True Light as ‘The Shining One’, all those dark dominions that have been manifested are still working with the masses of energies that still permeate the atmosphere of Earth. Yet, they are no longer able to use freshly cultivated energy from the Master of dark, Satan, to maintained their rule and so the demise of these illusional dominions of dark, up to 9thDimensional Beings, are slowly diminishing to have no further lasting effects upon humanity. You see Satan was the force that kept this illusion in play, it was the Balance in accordance with the Law! Now Lucifer no longer gives His Energy to this thought force; the continued perpetuation now is only that of what was left in circulation prior to His resignation and withdrawal from these Realms of destruction. It is only maintained now, by the self generation of such fear energy that mankind themselves are producing from their fears! If no encouragement is sustained, then things would recede at a much greater rate than if allowed to continue unabated. Are you listening, Peter? He is nodding his head! Lovely!

“It is here at this point that I shall request this facet of misaligned darkness and perceived evil to be allocated a position within Peter’s Proposal List, for this is yet another aspect of human mis-creation that needs human attention to Etherealize and to remove such entities from Earth’s Atmosphere. I shall call it the ‘Etherealization of Evil Dispensation’ if Peter has no objection? For this is not about physical human beings who manifest upon the planet regards to points 2 and 3, but the energies from which they draw upon to attain their goals! Can you see this?

“As mankind becomes more aware of the facts that they are solely responsible for the manifestation of so called evil, they will realize that in just the same way they will be able to completely eradicate such energies simply by no longer giving the old thought forms that created evil, any further attention or power of their attentions. So when the information said ‘to pull the plug upon the wicked’ this is what I meant!

“When mankind understands that they are not evil and that it is just the false impressions upon the consciousness that opposes God’s Love, they will be able to draw upon The Love of God to dispel evil from all aspects of their lives, indeed from this world. Light dispels dark, Truth dispels illusions. That which is darkness cannot live in the Realms of Light and We are so Delighted to say, that humanity through the aid and help of so many Divine Beings, has managed to turn the tides of evil and darkness away from these physical and inner planes of Earth with nothing more than Love and Truth in their Heart. The Enemy is no longer a person or persons, it is just a concept that humanity once gave their energy to and no longer wishes to entertain or experience ever again.

“Now what of those who continue to play out the evil characteristics of selfishness, control, manipulation and greed, through the use of slaves and servants that perform all such tasks to meet their ends for false aggrandizement, pleasure and power? To understand this, one has to realize that just like within the Light there are indeed Masters and in according to the Universal Laws of Balance so there must be Masters of the dark.

“These Masters are mostly not incarnated upon the physical planes but reside within the Inner Realms, the Astral Realms and other Dimensions. And just like the Masters of Light can imbue human personalities with their Rays and Virtues, so do the Masters of dark do the same from the opposing rays and virtues. Peter has done well to distinguish these as the first part of his thought processes, although he did not have any clear perceptions of the two. But His Higher Self did and so placed these two points 2 and 3, thus conjoining them together. Now he has the third to integrate and implement.

“So the Masters work from the Inner and Outer Realms, The Light Workers from the Light Masters and the slaves and servants through the dark Masters, work on the physical and or astral planes. While the Masters are not of two minds, both being True to Their Own Light and dark realities, the Light Workers, can be swayed either way in accordance to their strengths and weaknesses. Depending upon the hold of their ego mind. Both Masters will work to hold the Essence of Their Realities and envelop man in accordance to their will, either the will of the ego or God’s Will. The Masters of Light Work in Accordance with God’s Will and the Laws of God and the dark Masters work against God’s Will and break all the Universal Laws. So one can begin to see how the Evolution of Humanity has evolved and why so much evil has been allowed to dominate for so long. It is all part of The Plan.

“In the coming Golden Age and with the Second Coming of the Christ Consciousness, all those who are presently over shadowed by the Masters of dark will slowly begin to feel the innate goodness within them, coming to the surface. So when Peter explained his desire for amnesty for these particular Soul’s, this was his unconscious Knowing of the difference between the 2nd point and the 3rd. All God’s Children have been endowed with the Love and Goodness of God, The Three Fold Flame burns within them, whether they know it or not, whether they feel it or not. And All people of Earth have the right to be lifted away from all incarcerations imposed by the Masters of dark. But none will do so until the I Am Presence is both Acknowledged and Responded to, in absolute alignment with the Divine Universal Laws of Love, or as I have suggested that which is above, that will aid this potential exponentially.

“What is really being asked for, and shall put this firmly within the hands of Enlightened Christed Ones to deal with, just like Satan was relieved of His Duty through Love and Blessings of a unascended human Souls, so can all the Masters of dark be relieved of their undertakings within this Evolutionary Cycle; untethered and removed from this Solar System? But ‘beware’ Dear Ones, the correct processes must be admonished and although We will be Over Lighting such procedures, you as representatives of humanity will have to face head on, these demonic presences. To do that your, I Am Presences’ must be fully empowered with your Divine Sovereignty. And without this, your Sovereignty will be challenged most fervently, as Peter can give witness to from past encounters of demonic presence!

“Let Us recap this most important point on behalf of all God’s Children. All human beings who are presently committing life atrocities are not in their Own Minds. They are under the influences of Higher beings that have been created by mankind’s own mis-beliefs collectively, called archetypal energies. These Soul’s have an equal right to Ascend and they indeed will attain such an achievement, provided that they change their minds about who they think they are. We cannot and will not just remove their life streams. However, what is already happening is that as they pass over away from their present lives, they will be streamed in accordance to the consciousness that they hold while passing over and those who continue to hold dark consciousness will not be allowed to re-enter Earth planes within this Solar System. Instead they will continue their existence upon the Karmic Wheel, upon other Planets that will allow them to follow their own free will personal evolutionary path. So there are no lives lost. Death is an illusion as you all Know!

“Those innocent beings who lose their lives due to such terrorism, murder and as the effect of malevolent actions, through sickness, lack of cure, terror, acts of war, natural disasters or whatever, they will return to Earth having completed a karmic fast tracking along their own evolutionary path. There are agreements made by so many now who have agreed to pass in this way for the Soul purpose of bringing Greater Light upon the illusions of life, and their rewards are again Dispensations already in place that relieve them, for such Divine Service. These people are not victims, that is just man’s perception, they are indeed heroes and heroines of the New Cosmic Consciousness of Freedom. The Greatest Gift one can give to another in the Eyes of God, is One’s Life! Think about that, for it is not the personal life that is given, for that is an illusion in itself, it is the Life That God Gave You to Do His Will! There is Great Power in These Words! Reflect upon them if you will!

“No man can truly know Good and evil, until he has tasted and eaten to satiation of the fruits of evil; has been so taught and led to the limit of selfish indulgence by the creators of evil; ‘one’s self’! He or she must learn the foolishness and emptiness of it all, and finally awaken as a ‘Prodigal Son or Daughter, a Christed One’, that longs for His or Her Father’s House and the place at His or Her Table for goodness and abundance which He or She discarded, for the husks of the outer world. For those who have not yet awakened in this life, to the knowledge of their Spiritual Self, must then wait until another opportunity faces them; for indeed they cannot return to Earth from this time on, during the wondrous New Cosmic Consciousness that has been prepared for God’s Children who have listened to the I Am Presence within.

“So with all this in mind Dear Souls, We ask you to be mindful of a few more facts.

“First, this process of the New Cosmic Consciousness of Freedom has just begun and will take several generations to see only God Loving Beings on the planet.

“Second, Brothers and Sisters will now begin to gather in Circles of Like God Mind and will if they follow St Germain’s explicit instructions, begin the removal of mass effluvia of human influence of the remaining dark consciousness.

“Third, The Energy of Light and Love now pervades the planet so that all those processes can now be fast tracked, and with this it will all depend on the commitment, dedication and the lives given Wholly to God’s Divine Plan having denounced the life of the personality.

“Four, evil is nonexistent in the Hearts and Minds of mankind, it is only the belief to this effect, that stands between Good and evil.

“I Am Helios And I offer My Love and My Service to All human beings who desire Our Presence within Their Lives! And So It Is, As Above So Below.”

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Read this message thoroughly and understand the present situation of the world...

After reading this discourse one can understand it better...and will not confuse for the present circumstances...




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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


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