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Part 1 – Adam Kadmon Race – Metatron

Part 1 – Adam Kadmon Race – The Christ Councils – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Archangel Metatron – 10th, August, 2016


I herewith call forth the Elemental Grace Alliance Council to reconvene Now, for the purpose of a Discourse that will assist myself and My Dear Sisters and Brothers in this Divine Plan, as part of the unfoldment of the Elemental Grace Alliance Project. I wish to ask how does the New Adam Kadmon Man and Woman, fit into this God Design for the Christ Councils and Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries, to be now made Manifest upon Earth? Also, I ask how can we, the Beloved New Disciples, who have, or are aligning to The Elemental Grace Alliance Plan, who shall Bridge this Expanding Consciousness, begin to Co-Create these potentials? May we hear from a Beloved Member of the Alliance regarding this matter.

“Esteemed Council Members of the Elemental Grace Alliance, Beloved Peter, and All those Dear Disciples of the Golden Age who shall read and become part of this Alliance. I Am Metatron and I have come to you this day as Part of this Elemental Grace Alliance Divine Plan that has not only now been placed before humanity, but has been Inaugurated, Consecrated and Sanctioned by All of God’s Holy Creators and Creations! My Name Metatron, means ‘The Garment of Shaddai or God’, and I Am the Manifestation of this Garment around All of God’s Creations in this outer Universe.

“I Am the Teacher and Divine Guide to Enoch, and the Keys that Enoch brought forward to humanity in the early 1970’s, Known as the ‘Keys of Enoch’, as part of this unfoldment of the Divine Plan. My Work is to place My ‘Garment of Shaddai’ around all that is not yet expressing God in His, Her Totality! What is this ‘Garment’ I speak of? It is the Body of Light that is made up of The Electronic White Fire Light Substance of the Sacred Flame. I Metatron, Am the Creator of the Electron!

“I have waited until now to truly come forward and Address this Alliance with My Garment, for until now, what I am about to share with you would have made little sense to those reading!  It still may make little sense, yet there are a few with Whom I can now converse, that will understand all that I am going to share, and with a few, many others will follow! Even you Peter, the One who has brought forward most of the pieces of this giant puzzle in these Alliance Books, have not, until now, seen the bigger picture and that has been for a very good reason!

“Now with My help this picture shall be outlined in greater detail for others to see as they pass through their ‘Rings Passeth Not’ within this Journey of the Soul!

“The Topic of today is the Adam Kadmon, and I will Address this as I go. However, there is much to this Story and to garner what is needed for those reading, there shall be a time of deeper integration needed, so I will take it slowly and keep it as simple as I can along the way!

“I cannot begin to tell you Dear Souls just how profound the Books that you have read or are now reading, called the ‘Elemental Grace Alliance’ are! Alpha Himself has called it a ‘Book of God’, and So They Are! It may not be as detailed as others we could mention, but just the same there are many Keys, many Signs, many Pieces to the Puzzles that will free humanity from their present states of anger, frustration, bitterness and disappointment. These Elemental Grace Alliance Books are like road maps of sorts, and it is not until one has followed the roads through Higher Guidance and who have taken in all the Sights and Points of Interest along the way, that they will be able to pass through the Next Ring of Consciousness. Each aspect of this Soul Journey must be fully Self Realized, Accepted and then placed into each Life through Integration and Experience alongside their Own Exclusive I Am Presence’s Participation!

“So before one can understand the Adam Kadmon Race Principles, first one must come to a point in their life that understands fully the impact that ‘Touching’ these potentials have! This Universe, and I say this Universe for this is not just about Earth, is far more than you may realise yet, but you as humanity, or perhaps I should put it in this way. You as representatives of all the Human Races within this Universe are the one’s who have agreed when you had the Minds’ of God, to come and show Us how to Evolve a Planetary System, indeed, an Outer Universal System.

“You see Dear Hearts, Earth is your temporal home, one that has been governed by universal beings of lower vibrational frequencies and intentions. The Earth and this Universe continues to be controlled by these dark energetic influences. And so, it was decided by the Grace of God, to use this opportunity to discover what type of Consciousness, what type of Intelligence could or would be able to traverse and eventually rise above such fallen realms of imperfect bodies of Light, who see themselves greater than God!

“And So Dear Hearts, you have been told by Beloved Shekinah, how They, the Elohim, having reached the Throne of God, was asked to go forth and Create a New Universe. It is ‘This’ Universe They Created while Holding the Potentials within Their Hearts and Supreme Minds’ of a Universe, that would Transcend, Transform and Transfigure a present Universe held in control by lower vibrational beings and planetary bodies. They did this by planting a Seed of Consciousness through a Series of Energetic DNA Encodements throughout certain Lineages and Races of Human Beings. The Seed Race is called the Adam Kadmon Race or the Adamic Race!

“I Metatron, through Beloved Enoch and in turn through the Elohim offered Light Commandments and Ordinances of Fire Projections to Create such New Worlds and Universes. Can you see Beloveds just how complicated things are from your perspectives of human consciousness?  It is impossible for any of you to comprehend any of this in your limited capacities while you remain incognizant of the Practical Truth of Who You Are! In other Words, The Truth of Who You Are, Expressed Practically through Love In Action there, within and upon the Earth Realm.

“However, Now is the time that those of you who are ready, may Ascend beyond those limitations, by fully accepting the Reality of All The Many Mansions of The Father in The Kingdom of Heaven as you understand it, or at least can appreciate it to be. The Mansions of The Qualities of Life and Freedom of Spirit!  You must understand that nothing is separate and even though We refer to all these lower vibratory beings and planetary systems, they are all still part of the Infinite myriads of Creation that evolve through a Finite Plan of Processes that ultimately lead back to the Mother’s Love and The Father’s Light for Life!

“To do this once you have separated yourselves from the Godhead you must work through vast educational programs of the divided soul or the fragmented part of the soul before one can return back to the Parent Soul.  Through these processes one can return to the Higher Love, Wisdom and Power that reunites your Bodies of Light and then provides the Foundations for your own Creative Experiences Individually, Expressing The Mother’s Love and The Father’s Light In, Through and All Around You! Each Ring of Consciousness that you pass through, allows you to use and Express Greater and Greater Awareness of the Higher Worlds of Light within your every day earth bound reality within and through your physical biological body!

“Our Teachings, The Teachings of the Masters, through All Their Individualized Educational Programs help to make you aware of the Divine Light, in through and all around you, thus offering vast opportunities to Co-Operate, Co-Participate and Co-Create with infinite Worlds, Universes and Divine Intelligences that are all part of your Original Birth Blueprints and DNA Encodements. You see Dear Souls, the Blueprints and Encodements that you already carry are not random, they are not new, they already exist in other Realms and Other Dimensional Vibrational Fields of Light and dark!  They existed long before you incarnated into any physical domain or materially manifested worlds.  So you see, your physical body, your DNA Encodements, your Divine Blueprints come from a Timeless and Infinite Foundation of Love and Light, now offering each of you, a new opportunity to rise above, to Ascend beyond, that which no longer Serves you or the Human Race now upon Planet Earth. It is the Adam Kadmon Seeding within you that is calling to complete the final stages of this Divine Plan on Behalf of The Godhead, The Ancient of Days, YHVH, Alpha and Omega, The Supreme Mind of The Infinite Mother’s Love and The Father’s Light!

“You, the New Disciples of the 7th Golden Age hold the biological Encodements and Divine Blueprints of the Christed Ones, the New Christed Race, The Adam Kadmon Race! You are to Evolve and Now Ascend into the Image of Your Holy Father and Divine Mother through what is called the Paradise Sons (Sons and Daughters) and not through the realms of the lesser forces of Light.

“It is time for you who have chosen this potential to now come forward and begin the final stages of this Ascension Process! This Universe and its worlds within it, are awaiting for this to happen Now, and it is not just about the human races, but whole Solar Systems and Worlds within this immediate Universe. For like Ourselves and the Masters, who have connection and Total Unity Consciousness with all these Systems, so too will you have these Gifts, Talents, Qualities and Virtues upon the Attunements and Attainments of your Adam Kadmon Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience, there upon Earth!

I cannot express enough, how important the merging of your I Am Presence is now. Through your ability to communicate with and through your I Am Presence, the Greater the Gifts of Spirit shall be given to the Christed Race to mankind.  It is time for the Masters, The Angels of Light to prepare all Messengers to Gift other Disciples of Earth for the Coming Christ Councils of Light which shall ‘Be’, in one way, but not limited to, through the Elemental Grace Alliance and the Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries for the New Erthe and the New Heaven.

“Once these Akasha Sanctuaries are Founded, Incorporated and are In an Active State of Co-Operation, Co-Participation and Co-Creation with the Councils of Higher Light We can All Truly get down to God’s Business here on Earth!  All Radiation Centres will have to be established in the Name of the Mother’s Love and The Father’s Light. After which, the Brother and Sisterhood’s of Archangel Michael and Archaii Faith, The Brotherhood of Enoch, and the Brother and Sisterhood’s of Lord Melchizedek and The Councils of Light, can step in and fully embrace this world in Service with Greater Intelligences, through the New Members of the Adam Kadmon Race, to ‘repair’ all human races and Planetary Systems of this Universe.

“Through the human beings of the New Adam Kadmon Race a new Spectrum of Light will be able to biochemically recalibrate and respatialize human beings by activating the body chemistry in one’s mind to then participate with, rather than against the Word of God! Remember this, if one was to remove all the space between the cellular self of the human body, the mass would equate to less than the size of one cell within your body.  So to respatialize your beingness shall mean to expand the space to greater distances thus allowing the Electronic Light of the White Fire Substance to be seen in Greater Capacities!  

“Once this happens, this Greater Spectrum of Light moves into the entire 4 lower bodies of mankind thus allowing the Christ Consciousness to fully embed within each person! You have heard of the 100 monkey syndrome. 144,000 Ascended Masters of the New Adam Kadmon Race there upon Earth, shall be this trigger of human consciousness!

“Therefore, you are being Guided now to the Pyramidal Grids that shall make up the Temples of Light that you shall call the Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries. These Pyramidal Structures will encompass within Their Foundations the 64 Keys as set out by J J Hurtak, Enoch and Myself, in The Book ‘The Keys of Enoch’.  The activation of the Adam Kadmon Seed Encodements are being triggered within you now, as part of the next Evolutionary Stage for Earth and this Local Universe!

“Do not expect immediate Transmutations Dear Souls, for changes within the biology cannot happen overnight and must allow it’s own Individualized Expressions to become Manifest.  However, in saying that, for those who are ready this will happen very quickly if it is embraced with even greater Awareness and Openness to receive this Love of The Mother and Light of the Father. As these New Levels of Consciousness make Their way to the forefront of your Minds, these will decrease and put to an end the old thought programs and manifestations of them within, through and all around you!

“Remember this is not about the dissolution of the physical body, for to Serve within a material world, one must be physical and material, else We would have Evolved this Universe long before this! The New Adam Kadmon Man and Woman must therefore become a Physical Manifestation and although the Forms of the Biological Systems will change with New Physical ‘Garments of Shaddai’, they will become an Undeniable, Untouchable and Incorruptible ‘Forcefield’ within this Universe! These Physical Forms shall be Spirit Manifested with the Full Cognitive Powers of Mother, Father God, Expressing Outwardly within a material world! 

“They shall still be vehicles of flesh, but not as you presently know them to be. They will be much Lighter in density, while remaining physically visible and Real to the human eye! You of the Adam Kadmon Seed, were created simultaneously with the Heavens and agreed to be transposed along the Sacred Electronic Geometrical Light Patterns into physical incarnations. You began your Existence from the Godhead and you shall return to the Godhead when your Individualized Expression of God’s Infinite Divine Consciousness is completed here.

“The Work that you are doing here is offering, not only Earth, the potentials of expanding Consciousness into the Christ Consciousness but in more physical worlds than you could ever imagine right at the moment.

“I wish to close this Discourse now and I shall call this Part 1 for I wish to continue in an effort, to place an even Greater Awareness around this topic here within the Elemental Grace Alliance. But before I close, I wish to say this!

“The Adam Kadmon Race has been known to those who revolted against All That is Love, for eons of time and in so knowing this, they knew that their powers would be diminished if the Adam Kadmon Race was allowed to flourish and expand. So they did everything in their powers to retard the development and growth of such beings! This was done on many different levels. They interfered with all their might and continue to do so!

“Even in other realms before you entered this physical realm, they created diversions and false beliefs and malicious programs that slowed down the spin of all of your Electrons. We are here to help you clear and release these Beloved Electrons and bring them back to Speed, back to Their Pristine States of Consciousness and Awareness for you, so the Adam Kadmon Seed of the New Human Race can use and develop and promote them to your fellow human beings!

“It shall be through the Offices of the Christ, working through I, Metatron, and Lord Melchizedek and Beloved Michael and Those Who have Pledged Their Services to YHVH, that the incarnate ‘Children of Light’ shall have an opportunity to form Communities of the ‘Living Light,’ such as the New Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries or Radiation Temples. These Communities, shall be dedicated to the Mother, Father, and shall Work directly with the Heavenly Hosts and Masters’ of The Mother’s Love and The Father’s Light, especially Those of This Divine Alliance, but not limited to It!

“I step back now and shall return again shortly to Address You All again in Part 2 of this incredible Story!

“I Am Metatron”!

Blessings of Love and Light


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Love and Light 


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Part 2 – Adam Kadmon Race – Metatron

Posted on August 14, 2016

Part 2 – Adam Kadmon Race – The Christ Councils – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Archangel Metatron – 11th, August, 2016


Greetings Dear Ones, I Am Metatron and I have returned today with Peter, to continue this Discourse that encompasses a clearer understanding of the Adam Kadmon. But more than that, I am going to share with you the direct environmental spheres to be able to Attune and Activate the DNA Encodements of the Adam Kadmon Seed! And this I tell you is where the Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries will play an even greater part than discussed to date!

I wish to share this with you Dear Souls, not to add to your present confusions, but to offer you a wider perspective in ‘Touching’ the potentials of the Attainments and Goals of what the Elemental Grace Alliance is all about! For without these deeper understandings and the expanded dynamics of this information, how can one expand their present perceptions closer to the Truth and the Universal Realities around you?

“I Am not going into the depths of explanations of what I Am about to share, for this will come later once the Radiation Centres are up and running. However, this statement does not mean that within the preparations now in process, for the Development and Creation of the Foundational Pyramidal Patterns of Light, that shall become the very Structures for such Centres, are not important!

“The Truth is, each Evolutionary Stage of any particular world has a series of Pyramidal Structures of Light, that act like Dynamos and Transformers for the Radiation of Centripetal Life Force to be Radiated outwardly to other Pyramidal Structures of like Nature and Purpose so that the Grids can be built all around the Entire Evolutionary World or Universe.

“This is now being Proposed for the Elemental Grace Alliance for the purpose of moving into its next Levels of Creation. To pass through the present levels of human consciousness, we need to move beyond this present 3rddimensional state of awareness into the next Level of Multi-dimensional Awareness and Creational Abilities!  This makes sense does it not? This is done through the Creation of more Powerful Pyramids of Love and Light Energetic Forcefields!

“So the New Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries are being offered these Newly Constructed Pyramids of Light which shall be programmed through the Great Central Sun so that all those who Work within them shall be able to be in constant communication with Higher Realms, Evolutionary Intelligences of All Levels and Dimensions. Remember, we spoke of the Adam Kadmon, who shall not only Work with those of this world but will Work in multiple ways with other Worlds and Universes for they shall not be limited just to this world. 

“More than this, for the cleaning up of this planet and the recalibrations of the present disparities within humanity, not everything is a clear and simple act of benevolence, for it will take a great deal of Understanding and Higher Awareness to make the right choices. And human consciousness as it stands today, just does not have that awareness.  So these direct links into Higher Intelligence shall be a ‘must’ for this to be successful in the shortest period of time!

“What I Am telling you here is, that every one of these Pyramids alone with each New Member of the Adam Kadmon Man and Woman, will show that Universal Mind is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient in All of Creation and not just limited to a single world! It will demonstrate how, through the experiential use of it, just how fluid Divine Consciousness Is, in Every Level of Dimensional Flow.

“These Pyramidal Structures will do more than that, they will show just how Pure Consciousness is the Principle Constant within The Adam Kadmon Man and Woman, just as it is with All Higher Beings of God Intelligence and All of God’s Creations!

“As these Pyramidal Structures are developed into their Greater Capacities and are Fully Operational, and enough are set up around the world, they will become receiving Stations or Centres of all sorts of data and knowledge that will inform the Directors and Councils of such Temples as to the State of All Levels of Consciousness and needs for each one! This shall include the complete range of Life Strata’s, and Dimensional Fields, such as micro organisms, minerals, metals, all elements, ecosystems, biomes, geological and evolutionary information.

“They will replace and become, the new Pyramidal Energy Temples within this Earth Realm and Universe that are presently Streaming the State of the Human Consciousness and Planet in all aspects of Energy Grids both in balance and imbalance. The Evolution of Mankind is now at a place in time, ready to take on far Greater Responsibility, in taking Full Control of an Evolving Universe Themselves! And these New Radiating Centres shall be the turning points for this to happen! Once they are in Place and Operational they shall make the existing Pyramids around the World redundant replacing them in all aspects of Their previous Designs!

“Therefore before Human Consciousness and indeed Intelligence can do this, they must first be Initiated into these Pyramidal Radiation Centres of Light before they can advance to the next levels of Evolution, or what I call the next ‘Time Cell’ upon planet Earth!  These Initiations will clearly demonstrate that humanity is a very dynamic Partner in Co-Operation, Co-Participation and Co-Creation with other Star Systems in this Universe and beyond!

“Humanity therefore, or at the very least, the Members of the New Adam Kadmon Race, must soon be Fully Educated in the Presence and Activation of The Merkabah which shall be one of the Key Factors in moving into these New Realms of Star Seed Creation!  These Vehicles of Light shall make up a Greater Part of these New Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries, which shall be placed Strategically around the world. These Centres and Pyramids of Light shall all receive Capstones of Light that will be the Activators for these Fields of Advanced Consciousness. Just like the Capstone of Jericho that you and your colleagues placed over the Great Pyramid of Giza Peter, back in 2007!

“Can you now begin to understand why the original Physical Capstone over the Great Pyramid of Giza was never allowed to be placed in position? It was never placed there because even those advanced Souls were not ready to Hold the Power that these shall bring to humanity! Mystery Solved! The Capstone of Jericho, as We called it, was placed in Light as the prelude for greater things to come. This had to be placed in position back then, for the Planetary Energies of Light to Increase incrementally until now, in Frequency, before the New Pyramidal Light Temples could be Created and Built! 

“We won’t say ‘Made Manifest’ just yet, for first there must be an Electro/Magnetic Light Pattern constructed and held in place with Concentrations and Focus by the Adam Kadmon Members of these New Temples. Then and only then, once the Patterns are Consecrated by the Powers of Love and Light from within, can they be ‘Made Manifest’ by the Devas and Angelic Host! Yes, the formula is the same for all Creation. The Desire to Create, (Human in this case), The Pattern of that Desire (The Elementals) and the Filling in of the Love Substance to make it manifest! (The Devas and Angelic Host).

“These New Capstones of Light, shall hold the Power to be able, through the Adam Kadmon, to Evolve Humanity through the Co-Operation, Co-Participation and Co-Creation with the Higher Intelligences of The Mother’s Love and Father’s Light. Each Pyramid shall have its own Light Frequency, dependant upon the Directors and Forcefield Attractors and Councils of each Centre, Enveloped and Shrouded by One of the Pyramidal Light Structures. Through these Vibrational Light Codes of the Pyramids and Capstones, The Adam Kadmon, will then be able to breakdown and dissolve old conscious, and matter constructs, which is what the Elemental Grace Alliance is Proposing. 

“So you see Peter, this is why you have not been able to do anything of any benefit just yet. The platforms, or the ‘Rocks’ from which to build your Temples are not yet in place, and so patience remains the Guiding Light for now! It is more important at this time, to review all that you have experienced, been exposed to and informed about in the past, regarding this work and to then bring it all into this now moment for a more concentrated execution toward the Greater Goal!

“My aim in this Part 2, has been to bring to your awareness the facts that present day, conscious and matter constructs of humanity, are now well on their way to breaking down. They are in many ways automatically moving into the next Level of Evolution, through the use of New Geometrical Light Patterns that will support the New Consciousness of the Adam Kadmon Race. You are entering a New ‘Time Cell’ of awareness, a New Cosmic Flow of Light Particles that will wash away, bit by bit, the old framework of Geometric Light Patterns that previously supported the old human consciousness. As these old Grids fade and dissolve, as they continue to be washed with these Highly Charged Photon Particles, new information and new technologies will begin to surface. Old patterns of belief and programming’s will decay and fall away with them and the Electrons of Light shall become cleaner and more stable.

“ Peter, and Dear Disciples of the New Golden Age, the search has began for the New Luminaries that will lead and teach the masses, but first these New Pyramidal Light Centres must come into Creation. First One; then others will be able to follow in close succession!

“As I come to the close of this Part 2, I wish to finish on this note of clarity! The Evolution of mankind, of the human body of Creation into the Realms of Higher Intelligence must Command a Greater Awareness and deeper understanding of the processes involved. They MUST, recognize that they cannot do this alone and need all the help they can get by garnering and drawing unto themselves as many of the Higher Intelligences as they can, in close communication. As the Elemental Grace Alliance states on many occasions, this is not an evolution of individuals any more. It is not a journey of individuality, for the personality cannot exist within the next ‘Time Cell’!

“Only the Impersonality of The Life in The Universal Expression of God can go forward! It is the only way that humanity can Evolve beyond this point! Therefore to this end the physical bodies of mankind MUST be Initiated into the Realms of Light, and if you are intending to become a New Disciple within the New Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries, then such requirements have, and continue to be placed before you for your own Impersonal Love in Action choices!

“The Initiations and Attunements into the Realms of Higher Light Frequencies are the only ways one can fully embody the Over Lighting Body of the Light of the I Am Presence. Once Man and Woman has gone beyond their physiological limitations of self, and the desires are only to Serve Humanity for the Greatest Good of All Concerned for the Co-Creation with God, then and only then, can he or she be Gifted with the New ‘Garment of Shaddai’, the Garment of the New Adam Kadmon!

“Once again Dear Souls I have brought to the table a great deal of information, and so I shall step back again and shall ask Peter to reconvene at his next opportunity and We can follow on with this Discourse as Part 3.  I have not touched upon any of the complexities regarding these matters raised, for this is not the place or time. But it will, I Am Sure, help to open the Minds and Hearts of The Souls now ready to take the next leaps of Faith into these unknown territories of the human mind and Planetary Evolutionary Processes.

“I Am Metatron and await your call Peter for the next Communication Opportunity!”

Love and Blessings


Part 3 – Adam Kadmon Race – Metatron

Part 3 – Adam Kadmon Race – The Christ Councils – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Archangel Metatron – 12th, August, 2016


“Beloved and Esteemed Members of this Alliance, Peter, and Those Dear Souls who have been drawn to these Discourses by Their Own I Am Presence, I Am Metatron, and I return here today in confluence with the previous Discourses about the New Adam Kadmon Race, now in its Initiatory States of Manifestation here upon Earth.  In this Part 3 and the final Discourse by Me, I shall endeavor to cross section that of the Adam Kadmon Man and Woman with the New Pyramidal Light Temples that shall now begin to form upon the planet. These Pyramidal Structures shall be the Foundation Stones for what shall Evolve into Greater Manifestations of Light Communities for the Benevolence of the Children of Light and the Family of God.

“I Know, that at this stage of the Elemental Grace Alliance Project, I cannot go into any greater detail just yet, for this could create an air of uncertainty, confusion, disbelief, illusional projections and denial, that could turn away those who are in Truth standing upon the edge of this Giant Chasm of Unknown Knowledge and implementation of such Information and Understanding. So I Am going to make this brief and to the point to place just enough before the New Disciples to discern sufficiently for them to take Faith and Trust to a New Level of Acceptance!

“As I asked you Peter, yesterday, I invited you to go back and take charge of all that you have been given to actualize in the past and bring them to a new Level of Re-Calibration and Activation here in the Present. Do not be discouraged by the lack of human support to date, follow your Heart and Know that what is before mankind today, holds all the Keys, Signs and Maps of ‘where to from here’ if they care to look. None more than their own links to Their I Am Presence for future Guidance of Direction! So let us begin!

“Dear One’s, the Evolution of the Human Race and the Planet Earth, indeed this Solar System and this Universe, is taking place through a Collective Consciousness of Greater Intelligences in co-creation with many lower intelligent life forms. Albeit, the lower intelligent life forms are not in awareness of the Collective Nature of this Mammoth undertaking!

“However, regardless of how it all looks upon the surface through present day human consciousness, the Whole Plan for this Evolutionary Endeavour is held within certain parameters of Control and Guidance within what We will say here, as Universal and Cosmic Cycles of Time and Space. Dear Souls, the Evolution of Humanity is not on track presently, as outlined within the Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses. However, all continues to remain within the defined parameters of Governance and Deliverance!

“ I spoke of Humanity entering a new ‘Time Cell’ yesterday and this ‘Time Cell’ is in a way, an Artificial Time Zone that actually shall Warp Time upon the Planet for the purpose of assisting in making up the lost time within the previously Designed Programs for the human race to reach Its Adam Kadmon States of Consciousness! Within the Keys of Enoch, We allude to these Time Warps, and have allowed for these provisions in an effort to bring a new balance to what was originally Planned.  For those of you who have already read the Keys or who will now go and read them, you will see that there are two Sets of Time Warps Zones, one being the Natural Time Warps of the Earth in association with the Outer Planetary Systems and Worlds, and two, the Artificial Time Warps Zones. The Artificial Ones are those added to the Earth’s Planetary Cycles for the purpose of Re-Calibration and Re-Alignment to the Natural Cosmic Cycles within this Local Universe and many other Universes farther afield.

“This ‘Time Cell,’ that you are now entering through your connections to Orion and the Pleiadian Star Systems, among Others, was Designed to make up the 5,000 years of ‘lost time’, that has been created by the free will choices, that humanity has been continuing to make throughout this time period. So this is what I wish you all to understand from a very Innate Level of your Being!  This ‘Time Cell’ shall only be effective, if those who hold the Seeds of the New Adam Kadmon Race can collectively align themselves with each other within a Timeless Environment, where They are not only outside of the influences of the mass consciousness of humanity, but are in Direct Communication with Those of Higher Intelligence and Dimensional Fields of Light!

“36,000 years ago The Lords of Light, The Lords of the Elohim attempted to Upgrade or Re-Calibrate a Civilization of human beings here upon Earth in the Takla Makan Desert in the Regions of South America. This Civilization was called the ‘Tak’.  The Tak started out very well and Their connections with The Higher Intelligences and Other Dimensional Worlds and Planetary Systems, was one of Truth and Divine Communion. But then the fallen Lords of Light with all their influences and the lower vibrational races interfered again and began interconnections and interrelations with These Dear Beings, which eventually destroyed the entire ‘Tak’ Civilization here on Earth.

“Again, the opportunity arose and the Atlantean civilization was Born and this time, it was through the misuse of technological advances that turned the tides of Evolution against this civilization to total destruction!

“Approximately 6,000 years ago there was a final attempt to Evolve a Highly Advanced Human Race. This time through Genetic implantation of people within the Regions of Egypt and Israel.  These Genetic Profiles contained DNA Encodements of Spiritual Gifts that were thought to be able to offer these people the Kingdom of Heaven, The Kingdom of Light for all world nations. This ultimately failed and destroyed this race due to the inability to integrate and balance such Gifts with the human element of physicality, as well as the continued meddling, prying and intrusions of the lower vibrational beings!

“Now, the interesting thing here is that all three Civilizations constructed and built Pyramids of Stone, that were aligned through the Knowledge attained from Higher Intelligences. All these Pyramids were highly charged with Ionized Particles of Light, all were aligned to the Outer Planetary Star Systems and All were inter connected with each other, albeit from outside of the Earth’s Physical Time Programs. These Stone Pyramids of many different sizes principally remain in the Takla Makan Region of Peru and South America, The Bermuda Triangle and Giza in Egypt.

“All remain connected, yet none are activated today for the purposes that they were Originally Designed for. That is except the Pyramid of Giza, which was reactivated by the replacement of the Capstone of Jericho, by your Group Peter, The Capstone of Light in 2007, in part, ready to become, because of its location upon the planet, in alignment to Outer Star Systems, it is a Key Activation Pyramidal Light Source.  I will tell you this also. The Great Pyramid of Giza is part of this Artificial Time Warp Program!

“This leads me to the New Pyramidal Light Temples that references have been made to the Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries or Temples of Light! These Temple Pyramids will not, this time, be made of stone. They will be Created out of Light Substance, Shaped and Designed in accordance with the Powers and Geometrically Perfected Divine Consciousness. And it shall be the Collective Consciousness of the New Adam Kadmon Man and Woman that will Direct and Administer to such Communities and Places of Holy Union and Communion!

“Within these Pyramidal Temples of Light anyone within the parameters of Their Structures will not be influenced in any way by old human consciousness. It will be like living within an entirely New World. Many will travel outside of these Temples to Teach and communicate with the world, but due to their own resonances and vibrational frequencies by then, any lasting effects of old human consciousness will not be part of these New Creations of Divine Consciousness!

“These Pyramidal Communities will Transmute, Transform and Transfigure all those within them with a Level of Consciousness that will bring into manifestation the Identities of the Higher Evolutionary States of Being!

“Not only this, these Temples will become the New Academic Institutions that Peter speaks of within the Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses. These Learning, Teaching and Healing Facilities will be Over Lighted by the Brother and Sisterhoods of Melchizedek, who will explain and demonstrate how to Evolve a physical human being into a Being, not having a material body! An Incorporeal Soul Vehicle, into a New Spiritual Totality to be able then to Ascend into the New Worlds of Many Mansions of the Mother’s Love and Father’s Light! This is just one of the Roles of the Orders Of Melchizedek within any developing World Evolutionary Process!

“Blessed Hearts, The New Adam Kadmon shall not rise within anyone who places science or religion between themselves and the Gifts of the I Am Presence. The New Adam Kadmon are those who are the living synthesis of All Levels of Consciousness, who live by experience and progress toward the Joyousness and Bliss of the Interaction and Holy Union of the I Am Presence! These Dear Souls will be those living within Communities of family, both biological and Spiritual Families, all living together without bias, racism, judgement, discrimination or prejudice. These Dear Souls will become independent, self-sufficient, self-governing, completely autonomous in maintaining balance throughout Their Environments by the use of Creative Endeavors to Live a Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit.

“Their strengths through the Collective Consciousness shall be with the use of Healing Powers, Attunements in accordance with Higher Intelligence Instruction and the dissemination of the Wisdom through Guidance and Direction offered by Their own I Am Presence and Other Masters and Beings of Light! They will also be Granted the abilities to be able to discern all Levels of Consciousness as whether they are Truth or of a lesser or lower vibratory resonance. Their Innate Wisdom will grow exponentially! As well as their abilities to decipher other languages, both earth bound and Inter-Universal Tongues! Just like the Masters do!

“These Dear Souls will also be given in advance, all information that will pertain to any Earth or Cosmic Events that shall affect the Earth and its people. There shall be changes that will come to Earth, and some dynamic ones, that are all forecast as part of the Evolution of Worlds!  Land masses will rise and fall with the change of sea levels, as Helios mentioned within the Alliance.  These changes are all part of a naturally occurring Cycle, that hold steady within any Evolving World. But in all cases these Pyramidal Temples of Light shall be Safe Havens as the Transformations unfold!

“As I begin to close this Discourse, I ask Peter, to go to the Keys of Enoch number 3-0-5 and to select several paragraphs that will best Serve this Discourse.  This Mantra of Salutation shall be one of the most important Mantras that you can have within your Knowledge base as you make you ways toward the New Narayana Joy Sanctuaries of Pyramidal Light Substance. This Mantra is Loaded with Light Sequences and Mathematical and Musical Denotations that will help you to pierce through your veils of forgetfulness into the Higher Realms of The Mother’s Love and Father’s Light!



“Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts.”

Peter:-  “Bless You Metatron, I will do this now!

“This is the Sacred Salutation, the Qedushsha, which is used by all the Hierarchy and the Sons and Daughters of Light to Greet ‘The Father’ before His Throne.  It is also used for the theophany of the Hierarchy, as well as to discern Angelic Orders through its use as a Salutation, determining those who Serve the Eternal Father and those who are His True Messengers.  The expression as a three-fold formula sets in motion a Trinitized Seal and is the Highest Expression of Teamwork in the Heavens and upon the Earth.  It is employed by the Elohim through the Kadumah Kadmon to connect with other sounds for the Divination of new worlds, whereby, Each utterance of the Sacred Expression leads to the seed form which represents the complex nature of the basic energies of the Life Forces.

“The Hosts bring with them the ‘Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai, Tsebayoth’ as the Cosmic Vibration which they extend collectively to All Creation to stimulate the processes of growth, and allow matter to feel directly the stimulus of Divine Love.

“Thus, the ‘Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai, Tsebayoth’ creates the mental, Spiritual Time Warps within your body which allows you to grow from a small microcosm into the next Level of Godhead.

“Furthermore, it is the Light Energy created by this ‘Holy Code’ that enables the body vehicle to experience the direct energy of the Masters of Light serving YHWH. This Energy Exchange is important to the higher needs of the human incarnation because it proceeds from the Code which is uttered by the four living creatures (humans, Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host) who establish the ground structure for all matter created from the Divine Substance.

“They use this Code to connect their mind with the Mind of the Father which allows them to rejoice in the Wisdom transplanted into the Mind of Creation.

“The thought-forms coming through this Time Warp remake your Genetic inputs, in order to manifest Life-Continuum and transform your Adamic Form into the next form of Godliness of the Adam Kadmon. Here, the thought-forms allow the Seed Crystal of cell division to remake Life into the next Level of Godhood.

“Through its Power all creative forms are connected with the Divine Eternal Law in Holiness and Sanctification.  This Cosmic Sound provides additional octaves of Sound beyond the normal human range through which every subatomic particle is activated by its own unique Color Vibration.

“On the Highest personal level, the Trinity power of the ‘Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish’ can create a hyper-vortex, or Pillar of Divine Energy through which Super-Space and Super-Time can be crossed by this physical body, placing us in resonance with other Levels of Divine Intelligence.

“This formula can also be used to invoke Divine Protection since this Holy Expression is a Link between all Hierarchies as a Salutation of the Brotherhood with a Common Father. It creates a Pillar of Energy Protection that can be used in all practical situations for problem-solving, healing and all manner of raising consciousness and wherever we need to project energy to do the Work of the Kingdom.

“As we use this Sacred Expression, three times for the Triple Powers to be activated, we Sing and visualize the Trinity (trikaya or three-fold vehicle) over our Third Eye.  Now we are joined by a Chorus from on High as Whole Light Beings make their appearance known to us.  As we continue to use this Salutation, we are greeted by the Brotherhoods and Hosts of the Office of the Shekinah, the Christ, and the Divine Father.

 Beloved Mother, Father Life, Blessed I Am Presence, Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek, Beloved Jesus the Christ In Me, Through My Loving Heart and Peaceful Mind, I Sing this Light Filled Salutation to You and The Throne of The Light of God, To My Loving Partners in Divine Consciousness, both here on Earth and in All Other Dimensions of God’s Creations! To You All, I Rejoice in My Service to the Greater Whole.




“Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts.”


I Am That I Am

Metatron Returns!

 “And So It Is Peter!

“One last thing I would like to say, while I have this opportunity and are holding your attentions! This Elemental Grace Alliance Project has been Designed for the purpose of Re-Establishing God’s Divine Plan for Earth and The Human Races who live here.

“Mankind in his own arrogance and ignorance, has dishonored, desecrated and sullied all Cosmic Laws of Light and Love here and it is time to counteract, cancel out, reverse and negate all such violations and destructions of Earth’s atmospheres, environments and all sentient Life Streams; especially through the use of radiation, chemical concoctions, electromagnetic misuse and atomic detonations.

“Mankind has shown that he has lost control of his abilities to live a Wholesome and Loving Communal Life! He has, innumerous times, shown that he is a danger to himself, his environment and this Precious Planet Herself. Therefore, a New Plan had to be conceived, formulated and implemented to put an end to this madness, to put an end to all his misgivings, inhumane and inhospitable actions within this Evolutionary Plan for Earth and Humanity!

“So it be with your help Dear Hearts that this Elemental Grace Alliance Project, this Divine Plan, shall be a success! The Clarion Calls continue to Sound throughout the Earth Plane!

“Thank you for this opportunity for Me to Shine Greater Light upon the Adam Kadmon Seeded Race and where it is leading to at this present moment!

“To All the Blessed Souls now ready to come forward, We await you with Open Hearts to Guide you into New Territory. You are the 4th Face of Humanity to attempt this Transition here in this Universe! Let Us all make this a success this time, there shall be no 5th Face within this Universal Evolutionary Cycle! We Trust In You to Follow your Hearts Now!

“I believe I have Addressed your questions Peter! Call upon Me anytime and We can speak again!

“I Am Metatron and give Thanks and Gratitude to Everyone Reading and Listening here!



“Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts.”

“And So It Is! As Above, So Below”!

 Metatron finishes His Discourse!

 This is a link to the whole of the Key 3-0-5 in the Book Of Knowledge known as The Keys of Enoch. I would highly recommend anyone interested in this Work to read this Key thoroughly!

I have also added a link within the Page upon the EGA Website to view the book, ‘The Keys of Enoch’ if you so desire. But the physical Book by JJ Hurtak will bring greater ease for reading, albeit, it still may be viewed as a complex structure of words, due it terminologies and definitions. Truth comes in many forms, so simply use your own discernment as to whether it is right for you!

Bless You All for your Interest and Loving Desires to Work toward the Success of the Adam Kadmon Race and that of the Elemental Grace Alliance Project!

Love and Blessings


Dear Sonja,

Thanks for posting the discources here...are very important and our friends here can read and think....


Thank you,

Blessings, Ishema

LOVE you, Ishema :-)

The Good Force be with you...excellent posts, thanks for sharing & forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)



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