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Inspiration for the Week - Walk in Beauty

The Gabriel Message card for this week: 

Walk in Beauty, live in Trust and know the benevolent Love of God guides your way.

This is one of my favorite messages. I received it the first time that I was traveling to teach a workshop in another state in 1994.

It was the answer to the question, "What do I need to know as I make this journey?"

This powerful message is just as relevant to all of us now and is the answer to the same question posed for any journey in our lives, inward or outward.

Beauty is one of those high-frequency living words that came to life after 2012. When we claim Beauty as a field of Light around us and within us, our entire being sparks to a higher level. When I feel a little low, looking for Beauty can empower me by changing my consciousness very dramatically. Anything of Beauty — Nature, a heart-melting animal video, sweet babies, music, prayer, you name what works for you — anything that opens our hearts raises our vibrational frequency. It is an extremely simple way to feel better very quickly.

Doing small things to create Beauty in our homes, such as placing even one fresh flower on the table, raises the energy frequency by bringing new life to where we live. These higher frequencies equate to us feeling more uplifted and filled with Well-Being (another of those living words).

Can you even imagine living in Trust? Knowing that there is such a thing as Divine Order, trusting that all your needs are met with Grace and Ease, having the deep trust that there is a Creative Solution no matter how dire the situation appears to be. How would that switch in your belief system impact your life?

We are being asked through this time to move into the present and open ourselves to a level of unknown that is beyond human experience. For me, it can feel like leaping empty-handed into the void. This causes all sorts of upheaval in my stomach. Yet, my deeper experience is that I am always taken care of. When I get clear about what I intend to experience, stay in present time and not project fear into my future, it allows me to move with more Ease into the unknown. I have also found that when I trust my inner guidance, all is well. Any benevolent outcome in my life is only able to come about when I can live in more trust and stay as conscious as I can moment to moment.

Knowing that the benevolent love of God guides my way has become a way of life for me, for which I am very grateful. My experience over 40 years of spiritual practice has shown me again and again that I am not alone and that I am being guided at a very deep, consistent level. We have amazing assistance now from the non-physical level, and it has become more available as the veils have grown thinner.

The key to remember is that we live in a Free Will Universe and that requires us to ask for help from the non-physical worlds. I have heard reports that assistance is within 3 days of a sincere request. It is humorous to imagine that your angels are sitting on a couch in Heaven waiting for you to ask for their assistance. When you start wondering how you can best accomplish a desire, they get excited and ready to fly to your needs. Then you move onto the next thing and they sigh, sitting back to wait until you remember to ask for their help the next time you want something. I was told that the angels need to serve us in order for them to evolve to a higher level. It blesses the Angelic Realms and helps to bring more divinity to Earth when we allow support from these beings of Divine Light.

You want to help the Angels so they don't get bored waiting to evolve, right? Support an Angel, ask for help today!

The Gabriel Messages #46

Walk in beauty, Live in trust, and know the benevolent love of God guides your way.

Dear One,

These words clarify the way to an expansive, joy-filled and peaceful life.

Walking in beauty means to look at all you see with your heart and mind. This might mean to see beyond the surface appearance of disharmony and know there is perfection and beauty within a situation. There is beauty all around you and sometimes it takes a prayer such as “Let me see the beauty here, Angels” to make this fact apparent.

Walking in beauty means to allow the awareness that there is beauty in this world to bubble to the surface, so you can be conscious of the great beauty of God’s creation. One flower holds as much of the key to universal knowledge as does a whole field of flowers.

Do all you can to be aware of the beauty around you and to bring more beauty into your world. Bringing that one flower into your home can brighten the day, as the spiritual essence in that flower permeates your world. Look for beauty every day and be grateful for all that you find.

Living in trust means that deep within there is an inner knowing that you are never alone, and that the Angels are working for you in your life. As you give your life to God and pray that Divine will be done, you can trust in the appropriate outworking in every situation for the highest good of all concerned.

Living in trust means accepting what is apparent in your life, and making a claim for the Divine Order which is inherent in every situation. Living in trust allows the Angels to comfort and inspire you so you can receive support in every area of your life.

When you know that the benevolent love of God guides your way, there is a beacon of light to follow. This love is the most powerful force for good in the universe. This love creates peace and harmony in the heart and soul of each person who remembers. Allow faith in this statement to permeate every cell of your being. You are always guided by God’s love and you are never alone. You can call on this love at any time and know truly it is there for you.

So allow this statement to become your way of life. Belief will create more love, joy and peace for you in every way.

Again Dear One we say to you:

Walk in beauty, live in trust and know the benevolent love of God guides your way.

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