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Yellow Sapphire helps you adapt to the Earth's changing environment and nourishes your body with its healing yellow ray. Among the changes requiring us to evolve today are increasing amounts of radiation from the sun. Yellow Sapphire envelops your body with its pure yellow ray, protecting your cells from solar energies that are harmful. It then awakens latent genes that allow your body to adapt to the sun's changes. This new genetic coding also protects your cells from the damage caused by electromagnetic radiation from everyday appliances and medical applications, such as x-rays. Yellow Sapphire also helps correct color ray imbalances throughout your being, thereby uplifting your health at a fundamental level.

Indications for Wearing a Therapeutic Yellow Sapphire Necklace

  • When several of the following are present at the same time:
    A skin condition (for example, acne, eczema, scleroderma, or skin cancer).

    An unwanted condition in another organ of the elimination system (i.e., kidneys, intestines, bladder, and eliminative components of the liver).

    A condition affecting the surface or membranes of cells, tissues, bones, or organs (for example, sinus membranes, the pericardium surrounding the heart, or fascia surrounding the muscles).

    An unwanted condition of the digestive tract.

    A condition associated with deficiency or depletion (for example, dehydration, exhaustion, anemia, anorexia, or the debility of old age).

    Weakness or frailty.


    Seasonal Affective Disorder (winter depression)

  • When you wish to do any of the following:
    Protect your cells from the damaging effects of radiation (for example, solar and cosmic radiation; radiation from medical devices, such as x-ray and CT scanners; or electromagnetic radiation from gadgets and appliances)

    Help your DNA adapt to recent changes in the sun?s radiation, including an increase in its yellow ray

    Support and strengthen the health of your skin and other eliminative organs

    Become more attuned to the Earth's changing environment and live more harmoniously with the planet

    Protect your cells from the damaging effects of solar radiation during air travel

Citrine also continues to act as a source of yellow ray and to provide Citrine's unique benefits. However, because Citrine's crystalline structure is not as strong as that of Yellow Sapphire, it is unable to carry the same intensity and volume of yellow ray that Yellow Sapphire now carries.

Our Changing Environment

In recent years, the sun's radiation has been undergoing an important change. Among other things, the spectrum of color rays radiated by the sun has begun to include a larger volume and higher frequency of the yellow ray. As inhabitants of the Earth who depend on the sun's rays, we must adapt to the new color-ray spectrum being emitted by the sun. In order to survive, our genetic material must evolve to accept and thrive under this new spectrum.

As with any change in our genetic material, the process of adaptation isn't always comfortable. It might include illnesses, which though undesirable, are designed to train the DNA to adjust to new circumstances. If a person heals from the illness, his DNA adapts and becomes more receptive to the new environment. Yellow Sapphire can help us make such changes and facilitate our genetic evolution gracefully, without the need for illness or other discomforts.

Wearing a solid necklace of Yellow Sapphire can help the body adapt to the sun's changing radiation in two ways: (1) it protects the cells from certain harmful energies carried by the sun?s yellow ray, and (2) it encourages the DNA to evolve and become neutral and receptive to the sun's changing radiation.

Protecting Our Cells from Solar Radiation

Yellow Sapphire also carries and radiates the yellow ray. When you wear a Yellow Sapphire necklace, its own yellow ray envelops your body and fills your aura, effectively creating a shield that protects your cells against solar yellow ray. Because the Yellow Sapphire has filled your aura with its own yellow ray, the body can accept no more from outside sources, such as the sun.

How can the sun's yellow ray be harmful, while the yellow ray from Yellow Sapphire is protective and healing? The yellow ray itself is inherently nourishing and healing. However, the yellow ray is also a carrier frequency. Like radio waves, which can carry voices, music, and other sounds, the yellow ray can carry other energies.

The energies carried by Yellow Sapphire's yellow ray are benign and supportive; they include the energies of corundum, or sapphire, and can also include other life-giving color rays.

In contrast, the sun's yellow ray carries some energies that are currently harmful to human and some animal life. Because these harmful energies piggyback the sun's yellow ray, as the outpouring of solar yellow ray has increased, so has the volume of these harmful energies. Wearing Yellow Sapphire protects us from these harmful energies.

Encouraging the Evolution of Our DNA

Yellow Sapphire not only protects our bodies from dangerous solar energies through its shielding effect; it also helps our DNA evolve so that we can live healthfully and without harm under our changing sun. To do this, Yellow Sapphire awakens and activates silent or "sleeping" genes in our DNA, and it deactivates others.

A strand of DNA consists of many genes. The information encoded in our genes tells our cells how to function and handle certain environments. We can imagine that a strand of DNA is like a piano keyboard. When you play a chord, you activate a certain set of keys and leave the rest silent. Similarly, to perform a particular function in the body, only certain genes are actively involved. Furthermore, these activated genes are among the small percentage of genes that are ever called upon to provide instructions to the cells. (Indeed, human genome researchers have observed that only three to five percent of the genes on our DNA ever actively code, or give instructions to the cells.) The rest are silent, or inactive. The keys played in a chord are like the active genes, and the rest can be likened to what scientists have dubbed the silent, or non-coding, DNA.

When certain stresses or even benevolent changes occur in our environment, our DNA adapts to them by activating previously silent genes and deactivating others. A new piano chord is played. New keys, or genes, are now active, while others fall silent. The new configuration of active genes instructs the body to function better under the new circumstances. Of course, the DNA won't alter after just one instance of a stress or other environmental change; usually it takes many repetitions of a situation before the genetic changes are lasting. In the process, it is also possible that the genetic codes will become damaged, break down, or mutate. The chords sounded by these damaged genes are dissonant, and the messages they send to the cells do not support the cells' health. When this happens as a result of harmful radiation, serious diseases such as skin cancer can develop.

When Yellow Sapphire's energy fills a cell, its yellow ray awakens certain sleeping genes and lulls other active ones into repose. A new chord, or set of genes, comes into play. We can call this new set of genes the "Yellow Sapphire chord." These genes give a new set of instructions to the cells telling them how to perform their metabolic functions in an environment of intense Yellow Sapphire yellow ray. As an important side benefit, this new set of genes also allows us to function healthfully in an environment of intensified solar radiation. Again, this solar radiation includes higher amounts and frequencies of yellow ray as well as other types of solar radiation, such as ultraviolet.

If you have worn Yellow Sapphire for a while and continue to wear it when spending time in the sun, harmful solar radiation might still activate or cause mutations in a set of genes that give disharmonious and unhealthy instructions to the cells. However, if the Yellow Sapphire chord has been established, at first opportunity (usually, soon after you return indoors) the cells' DNA will revert to the Yellow Sapphire chord. This bounce-back effect occurs because of the strength and resilience of that chord. It provides a healthy rut for the genes to fall back into each time they stray.

Although initially Yellow Sapphire does not prevent the genes from being affected by solar radiation, through the bounce-back effect, it can ensure that the unhealthy changes are temporary. Over time, Yellow Sapphire's chord can become so strong and established that the DNA will insist on playing it, even when you are spending time in the sun. In other words, your DNA will become able to withstand greater amounts of solar radiation and remain unharmed.

Yellow Sapphire and the Skin

The yellow ray governs and is particularly nourishing to the organs of elimination, including the skin. Of course, the skin is the organ that receives the most solar radiation directly, and skin cancer is one manifestation of the damage that can be caused by the bombardment of solar frequencies. The resulting mutations in the skin's DNA initiate a cycle that leads toward the death of the cells involved. This cycle can be reversed by wearing a solid necklace of Yellow Sapphire. The skin's DNA can learn to adapt without causing unhealthy mutations, and the skin's cells can become less affected by the sun?s rays. (Topical applications of Yellow Sapphire would also be warranted in the case of skin cancer.)

A New Way of Looking at Color Rays

Yellow Sapphire can feel like a drink of water for someone who doesn't realize how thirsty she is or a comfortable place to sleep for someone who doesn't realize how tired he has become. Yellow Sapphire provides nourishment you may not even realize you're lacking. This nourishment is the yellow ray.

To understand how Yellow Sapphire works, we must take a new look at the color rays of life. Scientists place colors on a linear spectrum measured by wavelengths, where colors occupy a narrow portion of frequencies between ultraviolet at one end and infrared at the other. In this linear spectrum, each color has a different wavelength; red has the longest and violet the shortest. These color frequencies nourish the planet and other physical components of the solar system.

All living things are also nourished by colors, but the color rays that support life have a different character, substance, rhythm, and magnetism than those on the electromagnetic spectrum. In fact, if you could perceive the organization of these life-giving color rays, you would find that they form a circular spectrum. All of life is sustained by light in the form of color from this circular spectrum.

All life-giving energies, whether they come from food, herbs, gemstones, or other people, at their most fundamental level are comprised of complex packages of minute color rays from the circular spectrum. Equally important to the sustenance of life is sound. Sound waves shape the color ray packages and give them their unique qualities. For example, although Poppy Jasper is not a color ray gemstone, its healing energies comprise color rays that have been shaped by Poppy Jasper's subtle sound vibrations.

All color ray gemstones, including Yellow Sapphire, are primarily light-bearing vehicles. The color rays they carry belong to the life-giving circular spectrum, and the sound that a color ray gemstone emanates is the sound of the color ray itself. In contrast, the mixture of light rays that Poppy Jasper attracts and combines with its sound vibrations is more complex. Poppy Jasper's light rays are not just one color ray, but a complex combination of smaller packages of color. This is also true of all other non-color-ray gemstones.

For the sake of simplicity, in the discussion that follows, the term "color rays" always refers to the life-giving color rays in the circular spectrum, unless the linear-spectrum color rays are mentioned specifically.

Unique Properties of the Yellow Ray

When the undifferentiated white light of the life force first manifested into the seven color rays, the colors emerged in a certain sequence. Because yellow is closest in quality to the white undifferentiated light, the yellow ray was the first to emerge. Yellow was followed (not necessarily in this order) by orange and then red, violet, indigo, blue, and green. In its capacity as a carrier frequency, the yellow ray led the other color rays from the undifferentiated white light into differentiated form. It served as a bridge.

Today, all the color rays that will ever exist already exist. They are also involved in a curious process that occurs as long as enough yellow ray is available to form a bridge between the color rays and the white light. In this process, the colors continually cycle between a state of white, undifferentiated light and differentiated color. They continually phase in and out, from the invisible to the visible, and back again. In the invisible phase of a color ray's continually repeating life cycle, the color connects with its undifferentiated potential. In that invisible state, the color is renewed, refreshed, and reminded of its original nature. The color then returns to manifestation brighter and stronger than before.

If a person is deficient in yellow ray, the colors in her make-up won't be able to dip into the undifferentiated white light; or, if they do, they won't be able to complete the cycle fully. Each time they reemerge into manifestation, they will be further removed from their original potential. The colors' qualities, their character, rhythm, structure, and magnetism, will weaken. As a result, the body will show signs of aging, weakness, and frailty. If the person's yellow ray depletion becomes severe, these subatomic colors, and the atoms, molecules, cells, and organs they belong to, can become so far removed from their original nature that they will manifest disease.

In contrast, having bright, strong colors in your essential make-up supports and promotes health. By wearing Yellow Sapphire and ensuring that your body has ample yellow ray, all the essential color rays in your body will have an opportunity to be continually renewed, brightened, and strengthened.

Helping Correct Color Deficiencies

Wearing a Yellow Sapphire necklace can nourish areas of the body that are deficient in one or more color rays and correct imbalances in color ray spectrums. Doing this requires a supply not only of yellow ray, but also of the other colors. These other colors can come from such sources as the aura or other areas of the body. They can also come from wearing other color ray gemstones. Color rays can shift from one location in the body to another, and between subtle bodies, as needed. For example, when ample yellow ray is present, the physical body's organs are adept at sharing color rays among themselves; an organ with an excess of a particular color will share it with organs that may be deficient in that color. Wearing Yellow Sapphire ensures that ample yellow ray is available for this to occur easily.

When Yellow Sapphire's yellow ray encounters a deficient spectrum, it fills the portion of the spectrum that the deficient color should occupy. Because yellow has the highest vibration of all the colors, in critical situations, its presence alone can often suffice for another color, similar to the way a temporary worker fills in for a regular employee. Eventually, the deficient color will follow the yellow ray to its rightful place. Yellow Sapphire can help correct deficient spectrums anywhere in the body, at any level -- whole body, organ, cellular, molecular, and so on -- in which a color-ray deficiency might be found.

Yellow Sapphire's Work on Whole-Body Spectrums

When you wear Yellow Sapphire, its yellow ray surrounds and permeates your body, not like water fills a cup, but in an orderly pattern that resembles scaffolding. (Perhaps not surprisingly, the hexagonal arrangement of corundum's physical molecules is also particularly orderly and scaffold-like.) This yellow-ray scaffolding extends through your supra-physical, emotional, and causal auras, as well as the organs, cells, and molecules of your body. Imagine the bars of a scaffold made of yellow beams. The spaces between the beams also contain Sapphire's yellow ray but in a lower concentration.

This scaffolding facilitates Yellow Sapphire's work in several ways: (1) it strengthens the whole-body spectrum and helps correct color imbalances within it, (2) it creates bridges for color rays to travel along to reach areas of deficiency, and (3) it provides a means for unwanted energies, including excess color rays, to exit the body.

The Yellow Sapphire scaffolding provides a structure and space for other color rays to fit into. If the scaffold is deficient in blue, for example, and some extra blue ray is nearby, then the yellow-ray beams of the scaffold provide a bridge along which this blue ray can travel and enter space where it is needed in the scaffold.

The yellow ray scaffold forms everywhere that Yellow Sapphire's yellow ray permeates, directing color rays to any area that needs them. Nonetheless, the scaffold's work focuses primarily on whole-body spectrums. The yellow-ray scaffold strengthens the whole-body spectrums associated with the physical, emotional, and causal bodies. As a carrier frequency, the yellow ray also moves information along the beams of the scaffolding, thus improving communication throughout the body. This information can include how the body's parts interrelate, coordinate, and cooperate, as well as how the body fits into its environment. Other issues encompassed by the whole-body spectrum include relationships, home, diet, job, religion, where you are living, and more issues that are integral to how you are living your life, including your relationship to the Earth.

Many of our lifestyle choices are based on thoughts, worries, or concerns about our past or future. Wearing a Yellow Sapphire necklace can help bring your attention into the present moment. When you become more settled in the moment "right now, right here" you fit better into the ideal scaffolding that the Yellow Sapphire is creating. Like a good pair of shoes, when you fit better, you feel better and can go farther. Determining what your life should be is entirely up to you. If your whole-body spectrums need repair, are deficient in certain color rays, or contains too many of others, they can hold you back from appreciating the full color ray spectrum available to you in this lifetime. Yellow Sapphire can help you move in the direction of living your full spectrum and all that this implies.

The yellow ray scaffold can also help you let go of negative or useless frequencies. The light of Yellow Sapphire illuminates collections of negative or useless energies, thereby allowing the body to identify them. As Yellow Sapphire builds its scaffolding, these energies, which don't fit in the scaffold, are loosened. The body sees an opportunity to finally let go of them. As a carrier frequency, the yellow ray picks up these useless energies and escorts them out of the body. They travel along the bars of the scaffold until they reach an appropriate exit point in the aura, or they're funneled toward the organs of elimination.

Wearing a Yellow Sapphire necklace will focus all of these scaffold-related effects on your whole-body spectrum. Placing a Yellow Sapphire necklace somewhere on the body, such as an organ, will focus them on the organ's spectrum.

Membranes, Linings, and Organs of Elimination

Each of the seven color rays is particularly healing and nourishing to certain parts of the physical body. The yellow ray supports the yellow life system, which includes the organs of elimination -- the skin, bladder, urinary tract, kidneys, intestines, and eliminative aspects of the liver. Any disease or malfunction of an organ within the yellow life system is likely suffering from a yellow ray deficiency. Wearing Yellow Sapphire can help strengthen these organs and resolve conditions associated with them.

When the cells in the organs of elimination meet the yellow ray of Yellow Sapphire, they are activated. Yet Yellow Sapphire can only activate an organ's ability to eliminate waste based on how well the organ can receive nourishment. Yellow Sapphire nourishes the organ with an abundance of yellow ray, which these organs crave and use more than any other color. By nourishing these organs at a fundamental level, their eliminatory functions improve.

Yellow Sapphire worn as a necklace addresses the skin and other surfaces and linings, such as the digestive tract and cell membranes. All organs have a surface membrane and thus can benefit from Yellow Sapphire. To decide whether Yellow Sapphire can help a particular condition, look for symptoms that appear on the skin and other surfaces and membranes of cells, tissues, and organs. The surfaces of major organs include, for example, the pericardium, which surrounds the heart, and the fascia, which surrounds muscles. Since the inside of the digestive tract is also like a skin, Yellow Sapphire can support the healing of conditions of the digestive tract, such as ulcers, reflux disease, Crohn's Disease, or diverticulitis.

Protection from Other Radiation

Of course, the sun's rays are not the only type of radiation that the body encounters and is affected by. Today, we are increasingly bombarded by electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from a host of electronic devices, including everyday gadgets and appliances, as well as from medical applications such as x-rays, CT scans, and radiation therapy. The DNA changes initiated by Yellow Sapphire that help us adapt to solar radiation also help protect our cells from damage caused by electromagnetic radiation.

In addition to its possible effects on DNA, electromagnetic radiation leaches yellow ray from the body, causing the many problems associated with yellow ray deficiency outlined above. Yellow Sapphire provides an abundance of yellow ray to replenish the yellow ray that has been depleted by EMR exposure.

Help for Depletion, Deficiency, and Frailty

Yellow Sapphire can help with cases of inadequate nourishment, not just on a whole-body level where food has been denied, but also at the cellular level. Harmful radiation from the sun, space, and electronic and medical devices can lie at the root of cellular malnourishment, because radiation disrupts the cells' ability to take in needed nutrients. Cells become so busy trying to protect themselves from the unwanted invasion of the radiation that they turn inward, and their membranes close to outside influences. The cells become starved and weakened at the same time they are being robbed of yellow ray and possibly suffering DNA breakdowns. In the short term, Yellow Sapphire provides enough yellow ray to offset the leaching from EMR. In the long term, Yellow Sapphire promotes genetic evolution to allow the cells to live and function normally in the midst of radiation.

Yellow Sapphire can also help resolve diseases associated with deficiency and depletion. Depletion that manifests in a physical condition suggests color ray deficiencies at a deeper level. Such conditions can include dehydration, anorexia, exhaustion, anemia (including chronic and pernicious anemia), plus the debility of old age. The weak and the frail can also benefit from Yellow Sapphire. The body will essentially lean on Yellow Sapphire's scaffolding like an energetic crutch while it is collecting color rays to feed its organs and muscles and to rebuild its own strength.

The Body's Need for Sunlight

Being in the sun shouldn't be harmful, although these days it can be. Yet spending at least brief periods of time in the sun is essential to human health. The sun sends out packages of all seven colors from the linear electromagnetic spectrum. Although these colors are not intrinsically nourishing to living things, as they pass through the Earth's atmosphere, their quality - their character, rhythm, substance, and magnetism - is changed. By the time they reach the planet's surface, a certain amount of these color rays have been modified to fit the circular spectrum of colors,i.e., enough to nourish and provide for human beings and all the planet's living inhabitants. Thus, via the Earth's atmosphere, the sun provides an abundant and essential source of color rays for the human body. Consequently, without enough exposure to the sun, people can develop color ray deficiencies. These manifest as conditions identified with a lack of sunlight, such as seasonal depression.

If you live in an area that is frequently cloudy or periodically receives very little sun, or if you work the night shift, it is helpful to wear Yellow Sapphire during periods of reduced sunlight. Wearing Yellow Sapphire can replace about 80% of the body's need for time outside in the sun. Thus, Yellow Sapphire can help if you are sun-sensitive and must stay indoors. Under Yellow Sapphire's influence, the cells will learn to use what little sunlight they get more efficiently. If you are sensitive to the sun, over time Yellow Sapphire might decrease your sensitivity. You will know that Yellow Sapphire is working when you offer (or hear) fewer complaints about how uncomfortable the weather is, hot or cold.

A note about sunburn: Yellow Sapphire should not be used as a substitute for sunscreen.

Some people notice that when they spend too much time in the sun they feel drained of energy. This can be due to the bombardment of solar radiation. Those who wear Yellow Sapphire may find that they can spend more time outdoors with fewer negative effects.

Yellow Sapphire's Effects on the Emotions

Yellow Sapphire provides emotional stability. As soon as you place a therapeutic Yellow Sapphire necklace around your neck, the overwhelming presence of the Sapphire's yellow ray fills your emotional body and starts to build a yellow ray scaffold there. This scaffold is constructed throughout the emotional body, which is less compartmented than the physical body. There, it has a protective and stabilizing effect and helps correct color ray deficiencies that may be causing emotional imbalances.

The color ray spectrums in the emotional body affect which emotions we feel. Interestingly, it is the spectrums in both the emotional and causal bodies that influence how we behave and express those emotions. A range of excesses and deficiencies in the collective emotional bodies of all the people in our community define what is acceptable emotional expression in our culture. This social spectrum information is stored in the causal body. Whereas a specific emotion will arise out of specific color spectrums in the emotional body, how we express that emotion is often dictated by the social spectrum stored in the causal body. For example, while both a British and Bedouin matron may feel the same intensity of joy or grief, each will likely express her feelings differently based on the collective spectrum of her culture.

If you are uncomfortable with a certain emotional behavior or way you express yourself emotionally, changing the amount and mix of color rays in your emotional body spectrum is an easy, fundamental way to make changes in your emotional expression. Simply wearing Yellow Sapphire can provide you with an abundance of yellow ray, correct color ray imbalances, and help all the other color rays find their proper places in your emotional body spectrum.

As your emotional spectrum evolves, you will become less susceptible to the influence of the community spectrum. Your own spectrum will become strong enough to stand on its own. You'll be able to "be yourself" with less susceptibility to social pressure. Both children and adults who have trouble with self-identity and succumbing to peer pressure can benefit from Yellow Sapphire. If a child cannot be responsible to wear the necklace himself, he will receive its benefits if another close family member wears it; alternately, the child could wear it at night or only when at home.

Feelings that tend to be associated with a deficiency of yellow ray include depression, anxiety, and numbness to your condition (as in not realizing how sleepy, thirsty, hungry, moody, anxious, depressed, or sad you are). Lack of honesty with yourself, not facing your true feelings, and not realizing or acknowledging the severity of a certain condition are also symptoms of yellow ray deficiency. Feelings associated with an abundance of yellow ray and well-supplied color spectrums include a healthy sense of self-esteem and self-confidence and other emotions that support one's sense of individuality.

These symptoms result when there is not enough carrier frequency, or yellow ray, to facilitate internal communication from one area or level of being to another. Although the role played by the yellow ray in this communication is relatively small, any of these feelings or symptoms can arise from a general lack of color ray nourishment, which is often initiated by a depletion of yellow ray. Such depletion can result from x-ray treatments or too much exposure to electromagnetic radiation from everyday gadgets and appliances.

Intense fear can also use up inner stores of yellow ray. Because it takes much yellow ray to process fear, having a panic or anxiety attack can leave you depleted of yellow ray. During such attacks, so much yellow ray is being used that a person's aura can appear yellow. Thus, it might be no coincidence that certain cultures brand someone as "yellow" if he is afraid. Wearing Yellow Sapphire can restore the yellow ray after an episode of fear or anxiety.

The physical body often depends on the emotional body for color rays. If the physical body lacks a color ray, it looks to the emotional body for support. Physical symptoms that go untreated keep drawing on the emotional body for color supplementation. Over time, the emotional body can get depleted. When this happens, its capacity to hold necessary color rays narrows and becomes more limited, thus diminishing the range of emotional expressions. This can lead to habitual and mechanical emotional responses. An example of this is the stereotypical old codger who increasingly wallows in complaints and grumpiness until that's all he can emote.

An emotional body that contains a full range of color rays responds spontaneously, freely, genuinely, and honestly. The greater the capacity of your emotional body to contain color rays, the healthier your emotional responses naturally will be. Yellow Sapphire provides the groundwork for color ray deficiencies to be corrected and your emotional body to experience its full spectrum of color.

Yellow Sapphire's Effects on Memory

When we experience an event, a memory is born. Our experience is impressed into the memory, or causal body, as a series of light and sound impulses, similar to the ones and zeros of computer code. The "ones and zeros" of an experience are packaged into color spectrums and become our memories. Color provides richness and dimension beyond the black and white of ones and zeros. The yellow ray is an essential ingredient in the process: it helps build the matrixes, or scaffolds, of memory spectrums for all the other colors to fit into.

The ability to retrieve memories and the process of retrieving them boils down to the ability, first, to organize the memories when they are formed and stored; second, to know where to look for them when you want them; and, third, to clearly perceive what you retrieve. Yellow Sapphire can help the causal body recognize the spectrums of experiences that occur while you are wearing Yellow Sapphire. Consequently, you can later retrieve more memory spectrums more easily. This effect will continue after the necklace is removed, for as long as a heightened amount of yellow ray remains in the causal body.

Yellow Sapphire will also help you retrieve memories collected before you wore the necklace. However, you will find that retrieval is best for memories created after you began to wear it. Your short-term memory might improve as you continue to work with the gemstone; and, as your short-term memories become long-term memories, these too can become more available.

Yellow Sapphire also tends to protect you from unwanted causal frequencies. As a result, you might find that you are less affected by people who annoyingly rehash settled arguments, or keep digging up memories you prefer would remain in the past. Your wearing Yellow Sapphire will envelop such people in the yellow ray that surrounds you, and it will touch and feed all who are close to you. With an aura filled with yellow ray, you are more likely to deal with situations in present time, and old, out-of-date spectrums will resolve more easily.

Yellow Sapphire's Effects on the Mind

The vibrations of Yellow Sapphire worn around the neck do not fill the mental aura. However, the mental body naturally tends to contain an adequate amount of yellow ray. The effects of Yellow Sapphire on the mind are not inconsequential, simply indirect. When you wear Yellow Sapphire, its yellow ray reflects off your causal aura, drawing the mind's attention to the lower bodies, where it sees an abundance of yellow ray. There, the mind perceives increased order and fulfillment of the physical and subtle bodies' color ray needs. Because the mind loves order, it relaxes in the knowledge that all is well and being taken care of. The more relaxed the mind, the more able it is to receive all color rays from their source in the undifferentiated white light. As the mind opens to the true source of light and color, it becomes a better instrument of mental activity.

Yellow Sapphire's Effects on Intuition

When yellow ray is plentiful, the relationship among our emotions, memories, and mind improves, and we can more easily draw intuitive knowledge from any level. We have a better sense of what is right at a particular time, which decisions to make, what might lie ahead, and whatever else we need to achieve an objective such as greater health.

As yellow ray surrounds the cells in the physical body and fills the aura and the emotional and causal bodies, its scaffolding forms a system of pathways. As a carrier frequency, the yellow ray transmits information along these paths. The mind sees the pathways, picks up the information that is passed along, and puts it into words. Because the mind is more relaxed in the presence of the organization and structure provided by Yellow Sapphire, it is less likely to censor the information and more likely to pass it on to the conscious mind, where you become aware of it. In this way, Yellow Sapphire improves intuitive abilities.

Preparing for the Transition at the End of Life

Anyone who is approaching the greatest transition in life can benefit from Yellow Sapphire, as its pure yellow ray can help the person adjust to the white light he will meet when his physical body ceases to function. Again, because the yellow ray is closest in quality to white light, the yellow ray can act like a bridge and thus encourage a more peaceful transition. Thus, Yellow Sapphire can be worn to ease the fear of death.

Living Harmoniously with the Earth

If you want to develop a closer, more harmonious relationship with the Earth, wearing Yellow Sapphire is a good choice. Our DNA tells our cells not only how to behave but also how to behave with each other, so that they can communicate with each other for optimal functioning. On a larger scale, the DNA changes initiated by Yellow Sapphire will give rise not only to changes in the way a person functions but also in the way he behaves and expresses himself in his community. The new, improved combination of genetic information can help people live more harmoniously under the sun, with the Earth, and with each other, and perhaps also become kinder stewards of the planet. Yellow Sapphire will help people recognize that life depends on symbiosis and healthy relationships. Indeed, developing peaceful relationships among ourselves and with our planet, and adapting to the Earth?s changes, is essential for our survival.




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How to Wear Yellow Sapphire
Necklace Length and Time Guidelines

Wearing a solid necklace of Yellow Sapphire is essential to experiencing the yellow ray levels required for the therapeutic purposes described above. A Yellow Sapphire necklace should fall below the throat chakra and above the heart chakra. Lengths of 18 or 20 inches will suit most people, and smaller people may be able to wear a 16-inch necklace.

Wearing a solid strand of Yellow Sapphire at the throat or holding it over a chakra (with the exception of the stomach chakra) can cause a temporary electrical shutdown of the chakra. Such a shutdown is similar to what happens when a power surge causes a temporary power outage in a house. This effect is unique to Yellow Sapphire and does not occur when other color ray gems are placed over the chakras.

If you wear Yellow Sapphire to bed, there's no need to be concerned about the necklace draping across your throat while you are asleep. Your sleeping body will naturally change positions in response to either physical or energetic discomfort. Over time, your body will also adapt to the Yellow Sapphire, making you stronger in many ways, and your ability to withstand the presence of Yellow Sapphire on your chakras will improve.

To teach your body to become more neutral and receptive to an increased amount and intensity of solar energy and EMR, twice a year wear the Yellow Sapphire continually for three to five months. Thereafter, wear it intermittently for fewer months at a time. The exact amount of time required will depend on the individual.

Adaptations in DNA must be regularly reinforced if they are to become permanent. Thus, rewriting the DNA to become more receptive to solar energy is a training process. It takes at least several months of "playing the new set of piano keys" for the new chord, or genetic information, to become the norm. The first three-to-five month period will lay a good foundation of yellow ray nourishment to correct color ray deficiencies. Wearing Yellow Sapphire for another set of several months reinforces the changes already made and updates genetic codes that have slipped back into old patterns. After wearing Yellow Sapphire this way for a year, for example, it is less likely that genetic mutations in the skin cancer will develop that year or the following year. However, if you were to wear Yellow Sapphire this way for a year and then never wore it again, all things being equal, the stress of continued solar bombardment would eventually cause the gemstones' protective benefits to wear off.

Of course, if you ever feel you need to take a break from Yellow Sapphire or any other gemstone necklace, you should follow your intuition and put the gemstone aside until you are ready to start working with it again.

Between the three-to-five month periods, wear Yellow Sapphire as you like. For example, you might choose to wear it when you need extra protection, such as when you are outside in the summer sun (remember to wear sunscreen), or when you enter an environment with high volumes of EMR, such as a computer or electronics store. Since it takes some time for the physical body to fill up with Yellow Sapphire energy, it's a good idea to wear it for about an hour before entering a high-radiation environment.

Protection During Short Periods of High-level Radiation
Another circumstance in which you might want to wear the Yellow Sapphire again is when your body will be exposed to high-level, focused radiation, such as that from an x-ray or other radiation treatment. Such radiation depletes the body's yellow ray, which in turn leaves the body susceptible to damage from subsequent x-rays.

Start wearing the Yellow Sapphire necklace again at least several hours to a day before your x-ray or radiation treatment. If possible, put it around your neck as soon as you make your appointment. This will fill your body with yellow ray, provide some protection during the radiation exposure, and prevent your cells from falling to depletion levels that could make them susceptible to harm.

Be sure to remove the Yellow Sapphire during the actual x-ray or treatment, since your aura cannot protect the gemstones themselves from the effects of the radiation, which could negatively affect their therapeutic quality. After the treatment or x-ray, put the Yellow Sapphire back around your neck and wear it for at least another five to seven days. Wearing it afterwards can be even more critical than wearing it beforehand, because then the body can correct any genetic material breakdowns before they become permanent.

Air Travel
If you have worn Yellow Sapphire as directed and then stopped wearing it for awhile, you can wear it again to protect yourself from radiation exposure during airplane flights. Yellow Sapphire will fill your body and aura with its yellow ray, thereby deflecting solar yellow ray and protecting you from the harmful energies it carries. It also prevents the EMR exposure experienced during air travel from depleting your stores of yellow ray, which can cause weakness and contribute to jet lag. Wear Yellow Sapphire for at least a week before boarding the plane, as well as during the flights both to and from your destination. If you are sensitive to radiation, it might be best to continue wearing the Yellow Sapphire while you are away and then for another week or two after you have returned home. This should correct any genetic breakdowns caused by either solar radiation or EMR.

Skin Conditions
If you are using Yellow Sapphire to help with a skin condition, try to wear the necklace as often as possible. However, taking it off at night and leaving it by your bedside will also be effective.

All in the Family
The auras of those who wear Yellow Sapphire become so filled with yellow ray that they become a source of yellow ray nourishment for others in their environment. Consequently, one Yellow Sapphire necklace per family household is usually all that is required. This will allow the whole family to receive enough yellow ray to correct any color ray deficiencies the family members may have and to promote genetic evolution. If you are using one necklace for a family, it should be of particularly high quality. Let the family members take turns wearing the Yellow Sapphire, so that each can experience maximum exposure to its yellow ray.

Wearing Other Gemstones with Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire can be worn along with any other therapeutic gemstone necklace as long as the combination suits the wearer. A gemstone that is beneficial when worn separately from Yellow Sapphire might make for a disharmonious pairing when worn with it. Yellow Sapphire is a special medicine. If included with other gemstone ingredients, test the resulting formula. Some combinations will work for some people and not for others.

To test for compatibility, follow this procedure: First remove all other gemstone necklaces, and then put on the Yellow Sapphire. After about ten minutes, pick up the other necklace and hold it in your hand. Notice whether you sense harmony in your aura and body. Then hold the necklace out in front of your chest, so that your arm is straight, and slowly move the necklace toward your heart center. Do you sense tension or resistance? If so, the two necklaces are incompatible at this time. If, on the other hand, you sense your body wanting the other necklace, or if you sense a magnet-like attraction to it, then the two necklaces are harmonious.

In general, Yellow Sapphire and Emerald are compatible, as are Yellow Sapphire and the combination necklace Ocean Rainbow. Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to check for compatibility whenever you wish to wear any two gemstone necklaces together.

Partners in Color Healing: Wearing Ocean Rainbow with Yellow Sapphire

Wearing a solid Yellow Sapphire necklace with the combination necklace Ocean Rainbow can help heal color ray deficiencies at all levels of your being. When you wear a Yellow Sapphire necklace, the color-ray spectrum that governs each body (physical, emotional, causal, and so on) is relieved of yellow ray deficiencies. The Yellow Sapphire's scaffolding also allows the other color rays to eventually find their places. This process can be enhanced if, at the same time, you wear Ocean Rainbow, which contains all seven color ray gemstones along with Pearl.

The white Pearl gently reminds your cells of the origins of the seven colors, the undifferentiated white light. Pearl is of the ocean. Our cells originate in an ocean-like environment in the womb, and our spiritual being relies on an ocean of pure life. Pearl helps the cells make these important connections so that they are more receptive to color rays and healing energies. The necklace's seven color-ray gemstones provide a source of color that the body can draw upon as Yellow Sapphire helps identify deficiencies and builds a scaffold for the other color rays to fit into. Thus, wearing Ocean Rainbow and Yellow Sapphire simultaneously helps the bodies function with greater balance and harmony.

Comparing the Protection of Yellow Sapphire and Pink Tourmaline

Wearing a therapeutic Pink Tourmaline necklace offers protection from electromagnetic radiation but through a different mechanism and in a different time frame than Yellow Sapphire. In addition, the effects of Pink Tourmaline are specific to EMR, such as that emitted by appliances and computers, and do not include protection from solar radiation.

When you wear a Pink Tourmaline necklace, its energy fills your aura, effectively transforming your aura into a shield as long as you are wearing the necklace. While you are wearing a Yellow Sapphire necklace, it fills your aura with yellow ray, which prevents the electromagnetic radiation from leaching your body of yellow ray. If you wear Yellow Sapphire long enough, it helps your DNA evolve so you can live without genetic damage in a world of high-intensity yellow ray. As a side benefit, such evolution also prevents DNA damage from electromagnetic radiation.

Furthermore, environments with high levels of EMR, such as computer or electronics stores, tend to be deficient in yellow ray because the radiation leaches it from the environment. If you are frequently exposed to such an environment and affected by its electromagnetic radiation, wear Yellow Sapphire to protect your color ray levels and, in time, teach your DNA to be unaffected by such environments. If you want immediate protection from such an environment, wear Pink Tourmaline.

The Role of Citrine

Citrine was and still is a carrier of the yellow ray. However, because its crystalline structure is not as strong as that of Yellow Sapphire, it is unable to carry the same intensity and volume of yellow ray that Yellow Sapphire carries. Citrine carries enough yellow ray to correct deficiencies in yellow ray, but not a great enough intensity of yellow ray to affect the DNA. By way of comparison, if the color and carat weight of a Yellow Sapphire and a Citrine are identical, the Yellow Sapphire will express 50 to 100 times more yellow ray than the Citrine.

Citrine continues to act as a source of yellow ray and to provide Citrine's unique benefits. Therefore, if you desire the effects of Citrine, wear Citrine. If you want the benefits of Yellow Sapphire and are looking for a source of purer and more intense yellow ray, wear Yellow Sapphire.

Spheres vs. Rondels

There is no difference in the therapeutic action and effects of Yellow Sapphire spheres versus rondels. Rondels tend to be more economical, since they allow many more carats of high quality gemstone to be used rather than cut away.

Care and Cleansing of Yellow Sapphire
To cleanse a Yellow Sapphire necklace, every few days you are wearing it, wipe it clean with an alcohol pad or cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. Then, for a complete cleansing, place it in direct sunlight for ten to 30 seconds.

Yellow Sapphire has the ability to regenerate itself unlike any other gemstone. You can use this unique ability to purify and renew your Yellow Sapphire necklace. After you have cleansed the surface of the gems, close the necklace's clasp and arrange the strand into a double or triple circle. Make the circle as precise as you can and then lay it on a flat surface to rest.

Yellow Sapphire's yellow ray carries the frequencies of any negative energies that the gemstones may have picked up while the necklace was being worn. When you arrange the necklace in a circle as described above, these negative energies are projected inside the circle and bounce back and forth between the Yellow Sapphire gems. Eventually, the extraneous energies carried by the yellow ray cancel each other out. The only frequencies that the yellow ray does not cancel out, but in fact can strengthen, are the frequencies of the Yellow Sapphire itself.

Alcohol is preferred over water for cleansing Yellow Sapphire for several reasons. First, alcohol is more effective for removing body oils and other surface residue. Because of Yellow Sapphire's work with DNA, such a complete cleansing is important. Second, in the case of Yellow Sapphire, alcohol also works better than water to cleanse the vibratory cloud that surrounds the gemstones after use (this is not the case with other gemstones). Finally, Yellow Sapphire has no affinity with water.

Not surprisingly, the best way to store a Yellow Sapphire necklace is to arrange it in a double or triple circle and lay it on a flat surface.

How to Recognize Therapeutic Quality Yellow Sapphire
The most potent therapeutic Yellow Sapphire is a true canary yellow - that is, the color in the center of the yellow portion of the color spectrum. Although therapeutic Yellow Sapphire can occur in a range of yellow tints, the color of the gems that comprise a particular necklace should be consistent. A necklace's appearance has a vibration that speaks to the senses and brain and registers in the aura, and it should be perceived as harmonious and therapeutic. Therapeutic Yellow Sapphire looks bright; the brighter it is, the more potent its therapeutic effects will be.

Canary-yellow Yellow Sapphire is not the only variety that is therapeutic. The lighter tints of Yellow Sapphire also have their place. If a person's energetic makeup has certain sensitivities, then Yellow Sapphire of a pale yellow color would actually serve her better. The color frequency of canary-yellow Yellow Sapphire is very intense. Its yellow ray may be too much for some people to handle comfortably. If you have purchased a canary-yellow Yellow Sapphire and find it is too powerful for you, wear it for short periods of time, maybe only a few minutes a day at first, and then gradually increase the amount of time you wear it until you can wear it all day.

Gemstones can contain a variety of minerals not native to the gemstone that can contaminate the gemstone's therapeutic effects. In Yellow Sapphire, a muddy color, hints of other colors, white clouds, and black spots are signs of contamination. Avoid Yellow Sapphire that tends toward orange, and absolutely avoid black or brown inclusions.

In a graduated Yellow Sapphire necklace, the clarity of the larger gems at the front of the necklace is most important. Because of their greater mass, they are responsible for much of the yellow ray offered by the necklace. If the smaller gems near the clasp have some discreet white inclusions or minimal cracks, the necklace's therapeutic effects will not be significantly inhibited.

The vast majority of the Yellow Sapphire on the market today has been treated in various ways to enhance its color and clarity. Gemisphere is researching which treatments, if any, allow Yellow Sapphire to retain its therapeutic benefits. For example, we have learned that certain heat treatments simply mimic the conditions that the gemstones would have experienced had they been left in the Earth thousands of years longer.

For now, all the Yellow Sapphire offered by Gemisphere is completely untreated. We will continue to search for more of this extremely rare Yellow Sapphire. However, because of the rarity of the this variety, if the heat treatments described above prove to allow the gemstones to retain their therapeutic value, we may also decide to offer Yellow Sapphire that has been so treated.

We do know that the common practice of treating the gemstones with beryllium renders them not only non-therapeutic, but potentially harmful to the aura. Therefore, avoid Yellow Sapphire that has been treated with beryllium.

Gemisphere's Research Program
As part of our ongoing effort to refine and advance the science of gemstone energy medicine, we are gathering information about the experiences of therapeutic gemstone users. If you own a Gemisphere necklace, we are eager to hear about your experiences with it. We will be compiling and publishing such experiences and other case histories in the future. Of course, if we choose to publish your experiences, we will strictly protect your anonymity.

Visit for the latest news, events, and information about therapeutic gemstones.
I'm definetly getting this stone for my middle daughter , Morgan. She has eczema and is so effected by our environment.



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