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Yes! You are the Voice for the Earth's Soul's Imperatives! By Shanta Gabriel


An Equinox Message to Lightworkers from Archangel Gabriel

Dear Ones,
We speak today of Focused Intent. It is a time of gathering in groups for ceremony as the Earth moves toward the Equinox. This season, in which there are equal amounts of light and dark, is when the Earth experiences a profound state of Balance. When there is planetary balance, it makes it easier for all to experience that state of consciousness.

This message is to reaffirm for you that the Heart-centered presence you so naturally connect to and radiate through your being is making a profound difference in the world. Most importantly, you are gaining momentum as many more are awakening. Your deep commitment to the Earth and your very presence is changing the consciousness of the world.

Your individual spiritual practice and your collective prayers have brought many blessings to the world. Know that over the past 25 years or so, the focused intent of the Lightworkers of the world has uplifted many of the most dire predictions for the Earth. As horrendous as the world events may seem to you now, the Earth was heading into greater peril than what is evident at this time.
The collective intent of all those who are participating
 in developing greater respect for the environment, equality within people, and free creative expression in the world has made a difference. All that you are doing, especially in community, will continue to empower those who are awakening. You are important to the shifting of consciousness toward a greater state of Well-being on the Earth. Together your loving kindness, your joy in Divine Light, and your open minds and hearts are demonstrating a way of living that many have been too timid to attempt.

Collectively you empower a spark of abundant freedom so many souls can awaken new vision, ideas and perspectives. This activation is radiating into the quantum field catalyzing the force of Divine Intent as it is streaming Light through the cosmos.

The shifting realities within the quantum fields are responding to your focused intent as more Lightworkers come together in groups. Especially in this time of Equinox, know how powerful it is when you work as a community to bring the Light of Balance to the world. Equanimity is the great need of the hour. Gathering together in group focus and prayer will be of tremendous benefit collectively. Many people will be able to awaken to the Divine Light that has expands exponentially from the power of your collective Intent for Balance in the world.

As your active personal spiritual practice is increasingly dedicated to more Balance and Hope for all hearts, you may find yourself feeling more free as well as supported to bring forth your Divine Expression and to fully demonstrate who you are to others. As you gain strength in the collective vision deepening in your heart, it is easier to let go of the old patterns. You are becoming more clear about what has priority in your life and what fully empowers the divine focus of your Soul to express who you truly are now.

The benefit of group support and awareness is not only personally empowering, it expands exponentially. In your prayer communities, you are expressing the collective voice of the Soul Imperatives for the Earth. All that you aspire to is now being empowered. The focus of your intent for yourself as well as your community is a catalyst of awakening that provides a beacon light leading others into a new way of life.
What you have done and are doing has had a tremendous impact on the consciousness of all humanity and on the Earth’s evolution. Do not doubt this. You are World Servers who need only to stay in your normal heart-centered consciousness to change the world. As you do this, you become a magnet to attract your soul’s community. When you work together, all things are possible.

Truly we say, Gently and with Love, Honor Yourselves. And so it is.
Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
September 4, 2018
If you resonated with this transmission from Archangel Gabriel and would like to receive more of these uplifting communications from the Angelic realm, join us for our Equinox Anusthan starting September 8. Each Anusthan brings us beautiful new insights, a sense of wonder and the affirmation that we are powerfully supported in our journey!" width="440" class="CToWUd a6T"/>

Use the power of Group Spiritual Practice to make a difference in the world!


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An Anusthan is a focused spiritual practice done during a specific period of time, dedicated to a specific purpose. It is an ancient format used in India to heighten the power and intensity of a practice. And it’s amazingly simple, particularly when supported by the energy of a group.

If you have never had the experience of a group spiritual practice that continues for a period of time, you are in for a wonderful surprise. Even if you are only able give your spiritual practice 20 minutes a day, you will be energetically connected to people from all over the world in a beautiful way that magnifies your dedicated focus for Balance and new Hope in the world.

The energy of the group also amplifies what each person experiences in their dedicated personal practice. Many find a stronger heart opening and a transformation that they were not expecting.

Here are lovely comments from past Anusthan participants to give you a taste of what you may experience:

Thank you Shanta. This is a blessing in my life at this time. I honor the humanity we share and I'm so deeply grateful for our connection, but especially your divine service in love to humanity.

Thank you so much dear Shanta Gabriel! Your support and encouragement during the past week has been so very helpful to me! This is a time of tremendous change and transition. Having the blessings of the spiritual community that you bring very precious at this time!

Thank you again for your good work. I'm loving the daily messages from you and AA Gabriel!

I am slurping up the love and strength of unified connection I feel with this anusthan and all of us attending/transmitting/feeling…joined. Thank you for offering this UNITED spiritual practice, especially at This Time.

Dearest Shanta, your writing is so lovely and inspiring.  Your words, and the energy they bring, open the hearts, lifts the spirit and I'm often brought to tears. Thank you for illuminating the way in a most glorious, radiant and never ending stream of divine love.

I just wanted to thank you, and Archangel Gabriel of course, for the Equinox Anusthan practice. Even though I have a daily practice, I did benefit from it and enjoyed the feel of community it brought, as does being part of the Circle. It has led to deeper unraveling but a strengthened spiritual practice does help with that.

Your writing and messages are magnificent!! Each day, I can't wait to read what you have sent ... this is the most ALIVE writing! I KNOW I was meant to connect with you through this sacred process of Anusthan, for I have undergone some major shifts.  I just wanted to thank you for doing a phenomenal job with this whole process.

I am SO Loving this amazing Anusthan ~ the different Archangels coming through, the different colored Lights, the beautiful altars, & people's ecstatic experiences !!!!! The information, the graphics, your writing of what is coming through is fabulous ~ I too can't wait to see the message comes each day!

Thank you for the blessing of the Solstice Anusthan. Your work is exquisite and glorious and has helped me to heal and strengthen and renew my entire beingness at this incredible and important time for our planet and for humanity.

I am so glad you are going to continue the Anusthan so those of us who want to help the world have a support group and focused cause. It can be very lonely when you feel like you're the only one you know who wants to work energetically to create a better world. I really like being able to use the Law of Multiples through the Anusthan and Immersion groups to multiply the positive energies that are coming into the world and into the hearts of humanity. Thank you for being our Light Beacon transmitter (facilitator).

Shanta - I wanted to share with you the profound nature that I am experiencing during the first 3 days of the Anusthan... I don't have words to at times to describe other then utter bliss,joy and such deep love that I feel my heart will burst at the beauty of this life.....tears of joy and deep gratitude for God and the Angels.....and our gorgeous lady Earth....such profound desire to help her heal.....I can't even begin to express my deep gratitude to you and all that are involved in this Anusthan.... definite senses of various colors and very strong images of ancient Egypt yesterday...Unity and healing....balance....I feel truly blessed to be a part of this beautiful process. Thank you!

SO phenomenal!! Yesterday I totally reached a new level of Happy that I have never touched before, and I posted about it in another group I'm in on Facebook. Things are changing in a way that is just awe-inspiring ... I have waited so long for this!

I love the Anusthan messages from the Archangels. I can't tell you how much they mean to me. When I read them love is pouring into my heart and I know all is going to be well. Thank you to you and the universe from the bottom of my heart that I can be a part of this!

I wanted to let you know how very special and different this Anusthan is for me. Before it started I felt weighed down and sad and life seemed dull and dreary. After the first two days this changed completely. Ever since I have felt uplifted, light and happy and there is a new sense of positive energy in my life.

This practice has been a blessing in my life. Shanta, thank you from all of my heart. Keep on shining!

If you long to share more Hope, Peace and Balance with others and in your own life, we would be honored to have you join our international group of heart-centered beings!

With Peace, Love and Respect,

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Sounds of Silence is a wonderful light filled site where you find lots of interesting information, pictures, videos and groups which add to what you find here at lightgrid. 

If you would like


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