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Waratah Bay & Minnamurra Rainforest Stones and Uluru Lightgrid Ceremony on december 21st

The following message is from Kali - I am sorry that it took me more than a week to post here, but I trust in God's Divine Guidance and that this post will come to you in perfect Divine TIMING.


Please remember that we are planning Ceremony on December 21st at ULURU - Here are the first details. More is soon to come in a broadcast message.


With all my LOVE,


Sonja Myriel RAouine



"Hi Dearest Light Workers/Weavers,


Most of these stones are now dispersed around Gaia to be worked with before, on, or after December 21st.

Some will be placed in water. some buried, some placed in grids and other ways you are guided, be great if you post what you are guided to do with the stones you receive. I am mapping where the stones are placed and appreciate you letting me know exactly where you placed them. Thanks!

The ones going to Uluru have been given to Naomi today [Sunday] and like the others, they very specifically asked to go to Uluru. Naomi is traveling to Uluru on December 17th.
We will connect with Naomi and many Light Workers across Gaia at both Sunset and Sunrise on 21st December. Both Naomi and I received a message that you can join in the ceremony at your time Sunrise and Sunset on the 21st. If anyone feels it is essential to connect at the same time I will give you Australian Sunrise and Sunset times at Uluru [this will be Dec 20th European Time] . The guidance is for everyone to tune into your own guidance to know where to be and what to do at those times.


For anyone who has not received a stone,a reminder you can connect anyhow, our bodies are the greatest connectors and our voices carry codes and frequencies along the light-sound-waves.


Much delight that we are co-creating with our star brothers and sisters to ground this Light on Gaia to re-awaken those who have forgotten their origins. Love is prevailing as each man, woman and child re-members in our everyday lives, the beauty and glory of who we are. All One. 


Infinite Love


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Dear Sonja,

I saw on 12th planet Earth was passing thro' the color of Uluru color and for two days it took to cross this color from the cosmic Consciousness portal of 12th ...Not the earth is Ascending with yellow ...Golden Yellow of Wisdom crossing the Spectrum of all the colors....going on her way very smoothly....

Day before yesterday was cloudy and to day morning it was Windy....but the Ascension is easy and having less problems due to continuous efforts from all the galactic federation, all the Light workers, lightbearers....Stars , all the other Planets are also helping....along with the Universal Cosmic Energies opening the rainbow Portal very safe.....

We are also will be benefited and every one will get some gift of Ascension from our Planet....on the completion of Ascension.....on 22nd of Dec.2012.....we all will experience the new Birth and will not have to ask any thing....will get Every necessary thing in our life with out asking.....


So BE it, dearest SohiniBen!!!

And so it IS ... :-)

I, too, feel the energies entering smoothly ... EARTH is ready, the grid is prepared to absorb and pass on the Solar Frequencies ... BRIGHTEST LOVE LIGHT BLESSINGS,

Sonja MYriel

Dear Sonja,

My Grid is ready to help us...and all the cosmic Energies to help our Planet and we all....

Now we can feel this transformation by increase in the Energy level being more positive....

Love, Light, Harmony, Balance & Peace to all....

To day my early Morning dream I saw  a Newborn Baby very cute and Very  very Happy and looking towards me ....and though was hungry may be expecting like feeding I had a wish to give also but before that I was awakened.....and can not forget that child !!!

And the person where I was a Guest was waiting for me outside to take me....but before that I awakened....

I can not understood the proper meaning but am very happy....feeling Energetic.....all the time in spite of many problems with the body.....

You know my Body was scanned three days back and surprisingly I have lost my Aura below my feet........More Grounding or reduced Prana ?


My dear and beloved SohiniBen,

I think that you are beautifully grounded ... simply ascending, lol! The child, to me, represents the Young Goddess Aspect ... let's acknowledge the maiden and offer her whatever she is in need of!!!

I have not yet posted more about this moon's qualities - but it is the Moon of Peresphone ... The time has finally come for her to enter the Heavenly Realms FOREVER again!

Your dream confirms my intuition and guidance. Let's feed the goddess and ASK HER IN!


Sonja Myriel

LATEST Message from Kali, received one hour ago:

Dec 21st  Sunrise at Uluru Australian time is 5.52 am and Sunset is 7.36 pm. 

Yesterday in meditation, I received guidance for another ceremony on Dec 21st with The Circle of One for 9 minutes from 12.12pm - 12.21pm UTC time.  Tej resonates with this name and I have been working with this group of Beings for many life-times. 

With those who this group resonates with, we are asked to create a Mandala Grid with a six pointed star with a candle lit at the centre and place stones and/or crystals to represent the four directions, keeping the grid simple and focused in the six pointed star pattern within the circle [mandala]. 

We will receive individual guidance just before and at the connection time [ UTC 12.12pm - 12.21pm]  and it's important to be in meditation for 60 mins before. 

We will be working together as the 'ground crew' to release Goddess Energy placed in sacred sites throughout the earth over eons of time to merge and enter Gaia's Core. This merged Goddess Energy will join the wave of love energy being sent around the globe by many, many Light Workers both here on Earth and of course our Star Brothers & Sisters at this special time. Together we will be assisting each man, women and child on Mother Earth to re-connect to their core essence, to re-member who we all are. There will be a period of 16 years for all to integrate the remembering. 

Infinite Love & Gratitude,

Kali of  The Circle of One 

Love and Light

Thank you xxx

Hello Dear Ones!   I am so grateful I opened this email up! I get a lot of these  from ning and don't always read all of them.   I also dreamed of new babies last night!!!     I was in a place where there were lots of babies.....they were lying on long tables- each table was a different age of baby (like 1 day old, 10 days old, etc).    It was a bit cold in the surrounding area but the babies' tables had a nice heated comfort to them. ( I was kind of cold sleeping last night).

One little baby girl I noticed in particular- she seemed to be stretching her arms upward and praying!!! WOW.

Happy Birthday to ALL!     Hugs from Faith

and I love the grid here, and love hearing everyone's messages , very interesting that Kali is communicating, and very interesting that Earth is going through color stages....      I watched 'Shift of the Ages' last night, want to highly recommend seeing it online.  free to watch once till dec 28, then they will ask a small donation. about a Mayan elder named Wandering Wolf.  very much a labor of love, the movie has been in production since 2006!  


thanks Arleem!

Seems as if a new generation of babies /human beings was to come now after 12-21-12 :-)

yesssss..I feel  the new generatiton  babies  xxx



Sounds of Silence is a wonderful light filled site where you find lots of interesting information, pictures, videos and groups which add to what you find here at lightgrid. 

If you would like


to receive information from that site, please sign up, following this link.


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