Erzengel Metatron I

Question from me to Archangel Metatron:  My Beloved Archangel Metatron, I read a message on Facebook about the Platinum Ray and her use. Can you tell me more details about it?

Metatron: My beloved Isabel, I can answer to this question, but it is meant for all people.

My beloved people, I am the Archangel Metatron and alongside a variety of tasks that I have to do, I am the co-keeper of the silverplatinum flame. The original keeper is currently incarnated on your beautiful planet, and was only a few months ago made familiar with the use of her flame.

The silverplatinum flame is the flame of the Divine Feminine, the Twin flame of the goldenwhite flame of the Divine Masculine. This flame is the most powerful and strongest flame in the entire universe. The silverviolet Ray was born from her and others too. From the silverviolet flame the violet flame of St. Germain and Lady Portia was born. This already very strong flame is familiar to many of you. You use her for protection and cleaning, to transform negative and lower energies into pure love.

I warn strongly against the use of the silverplatinum flame or Platinum Ray as she is also called. Her improper use can cause great damage and kill people and animals. At this stage, humanity is not able to deal with her safely. There is only one human being on earth who can use this flame. This is her keeper. This flame is part of her light, her own energy and she is therefore in a position to safely apply the flame for herself. From the use on living beings, she was strongly warned because she still can not fully remember the correct use. As an ascended Master and incarnated Divine Feminine she is in a position to use this beautiful and powerful energy responsibly and harmless for herself.

The silverplatinum flame of the Divine Mother is a highly intelligent energy with her own consciousness. As her co-keeper I am aware that she does not send messages. I ask you therefore in your own interest, do not use her! This energy can not be tamed by you, not yet.

You have plenty of other powerful energies that you can apply safely. As a shield, the violet flame is perfect. Spiritually more advanced people can also use the silverviolet flame. But please, never the silverplatinum flame.

I regret that the dark side takes such moves to harm you.

I send you my deep, unending love. I am the Archangel Metatron.

Thank you my dear Metatron for these warning and explanatory words.

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