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It must be amazingly difficult to live with the turmoil, pain, and suffering in Nepal right now. The images of damage and the people impacted are incredible and heart wrenching. I feel for what they are going through, as I know anyone reading this does as well.

I decided to go to Nepal in spirit last night to do whatever I could to help. Before I departed, I attended what was described to me as an 'ethereal retreat' where I could get my energies balanced. 

I went to this retreat as my dragon selves, Obsidian, Krystiel, and Rognarak, all merged into one, and landed in the grass where I thought this retreat would be held (the actual location isn't important). I 'separated' into my many selves and laid on the grass under the stars as my human self, naked as a jay bird, no layers between me and the universe. I was surrounded by my guides and aspects of self (or at least aspects I am very familiar with).

The tree spirits also appeared, ones that had lived there before, so I was now in an ethereal forest as well, which was very beautiful to look at and feel.

There were blue colored 'circles' or spheres of energy that started to rotate around me and which expanded outward. I intended and manifested that this energy also affect my physical body at home. The energetic level in the spinning energies picked up a lot, and other beings started showing up around us, just to observe. The faeries in this ethereal forest came over and were tumbling around in the energies like socks in a dryer. They were having a great time...

I asked to create a light pyramid above me, and it formed and the amount of light and energy picked up dramatically. I was in a column of flames and pillar of light within the pyramid, as well as a spiral or tornado of energy. At one point a ship, or my ship, not sure, was hovering above me and it was like lightning bolts were striking all around me.

After a bit, with my body glowing with light, the energies surrounding me reduced, and I reintegrated all the aspects of myself, merging into dragon form again. 

Now it was time to go to Nepal.

As I approached Katmandu, I knew I didn't want to traumatize the populace with a huge dragon presence, but I did open a dragon portal and asked the many dragons coming forth to discretely strengthen the hearts and minds of the survivors, to give them hope and the ability to cope with all that surrounds them. Strength to search and help others. I asked the angels to fill their hearts with love and compassion, and to help those who perished to find their way to their destinations. I asked our galactic brothers and sisters to offer healing and energy for the bodies that are injured and tired.

I didn't want to be disruptive or cause greater chaos, but it was obvious many were needing help and guidance, so I gathered up many spirit forms in my enormous wings and lifted them up to waiting angels.

I felt there were too many to do this 'manually' so I became my Eagle Man form Arak and formed a light pyramid (again) and invited all that were lost, all that were hopelessly buried and would not survive, to come into the pyramid in spirit where they could rise up and be healed, to return to their spiritual home, and then return to help their families when so guided. With that, many came, and ascended in the pillar of light. Goddess Sophia stood with me in the pyramid as we watched many pass through.

After this, I asked angels to man the pyramid and I went to the top of Everest and just took in the majestic scenery, sitting there as a dragon.

I later learned that many had perished on Everest from avalanches touched off by the earthquake, so my prayers are with them as well.

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Here is a follow-up visit to Nepal.

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As the Nepal earthquake death toll rises, and the people are frightened to sleep inside, I went back to Nepal this morning for more spiritual work.

Flying as Obsidian, Krystiel, and Ragnarok all merged together, I lifted off from my home and traveled to Mt. Everest first. There I dusted the mountain with violet flames and circled it many times in reverence to those lost in the avalanches. I sensed no lost souls or confusion on the mountain from those that perished, and I'm very confident they have all been guided to where they need to be.

I departed Everest and headed for Kathmandu and the devastation in the city areas. I called on the thousands of dragons to come to me as I separated into three separate dragons, each of which I still feel and can focus on, but I stayed primarily within and as Obsidian. I asked this grand number of dragons to fly in formation, so we could sweep through the skies over the city and into the countryside. Krystiel's diamond light shining brilliantly connected from dragon to dragon in a a wide net of diamond light, heart to heart, and hearts to Gaia. As we flew, this net passed though all and everything beneath us, all the way to Gaia's core crystal heart. As each person was passed, their heart was filled with this light.

Each dragon breathed their dragon fire in healing shades of colors for all that walked the Earth below, and for those still trapped in rubble. We made many passes over the city with wide turns well out into nature to cover all the areas surrounding the city as well. Looking backward as we flew, I could see the landscape and the people lit up as energetic light sparkling in the night sky, even though they themselves did not know it (or most of them anyway).

When we had finished these passes, I landed in the center of the city and the three of us were joined by Gaia's golden dragon. We each faced the other in a circle and with combined and mixing dragon fire in the center, we created a huge pillar of flames in Gold, Violet, Pink, and White Iridescence. This pillar of flame burned from the center of Gaia to the highest reaches of the stratosphere. I watched as Archangels and Ascended Masters joined us, standing between the dragons, adding their own powerful light and healing energies.

I called on the thousands of dragons to touch this flame and combined with their own dragon fire, to fly into a huge tornado of dragons flying in a spiral so thick with dragons it would stir the soul of any onlooker. This tornado of dragons and fire swelled and spread outward to transmute fear and pain for all those ready to release it.

As the pillar of fire in the center completed it's job, we released our flames and in it's place a gentle but very strong swell of Golden Christ Love Light spread outward, flowing like a golden fog throughout the city.

It was time to go, so I merged the three of us back together into Obsidian to head home.

A little side trip...

I had recently read an article claiming that recent experiments at CERN (particle accelerator) happened to be aligned in timing with the onset of this earthquake, with the implication that the quake was caused by it, or somehow influenced. Whether it was or was not a factor, I'm personally not a big fan of CERN. So that is where I headed...

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I arrived at the CERN facility, and again split into three dragons. This time I focused my intent and being on Ragnarok the Destroyer (and creator). Who better to take care of some mystery machinery causing trouble for Gaia?

I landed and entered into the facility underground. Those few humans I found, I suggested leave immediately, in my most fearsome dragon voice, and they did... I then started breathing dragon fire so intense if could easily destroy anything it touched. I realize, that as a spirit form, the actual physicality of the facility is likely intact, so I focused on the small parts, the computers, the ethernet cables, the magnetic structures, and the actual racetrack the subatomic particles are accelerated through.

While I was in destruction mode, Obsidian was spraying violet flames to transmute all that needed to be transmuted to love and goodness, and Krystiel shined brilliance and iridescent flames.

I BECAME not only the dragon, but the dragon flame. I was in many places at once, as very small and very large. I was ethereal flames flying through wires and conduits, through passageways and magnets, and I could feel the intensity of this pure energy melting and destroying these 'small' systems from the inside out. I could feel this in my human body at home, while I was doing it.

After this 'work' at CERN, I flew into and through Lake Geneva to just feel clean again...

I don't know if I succeeded in wreaking any havoc at CERN or not, or if men in black will come visit me anytime soon for doing so, but the experience of becoming the actual flames was very intense and exciting.

Clearly, the work in Nepal is the focus and was the important part of this journey and mission, but this side trip was also part of the experience, so I shared it as well.



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