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Every time ihink things can't get worse they do

Yesterday I filed a missing persons report with the police

My heart feels like it's breaking, I have no one to turn to, yet again in what seems like my darkest hour.

When are things Gunnar change for me for the better for once, 

Don't matter how much I'm trying to change for the better, my life keeps going down the crapper.

Sorry for the language but I thought I'd been through enough

Clearly some one or something doesn't think so

When have we as humans gone through enough heartbreak, enough struggling living life as good people I must have done something really bad in a past life because mine just keeps getting worse

How are we supposed to keep being positive when we have to always struggle at every turn.

I feel like I'm being punished

I'm seriously on the verge of giving up on this life right now

I feel like I'm being forsaken now

Does this sound selfish , maybe ! Possibly I don't know and im on the verge of not caring anymore.,not about mankind, but myself

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Sasha, please, take a moment & sit down & take a few deep breaths & let yourself relax & open to God's Love that I am sending you...and let your heart and mind open and accept the Love of your Soul and your Highest Divine Self... and the Love of the angels - for you are truly loved - no matter what !

Take another deep breath & say to yourself, "From the cosmic heart chakra of God, I breathe The Creator's Supreme Love into my Whole Being & into all aspects of my life with my every in-breath, & with my every out-breathe I release all thoughts that keep repeating in my mind, and I release all worries & concerns about everything going on...I release them all to God !" Stay focused on your breathing while repeating this as long as is comfortable for you.

And call upon the angels to help you right now with all aspects of your life, for they are ready to help lift you up into God's Peace & Love. And take the time to go within your divine heart in meditation that you may experience this Love & Joy.

Below is a guided meditation from Melanie Beckler with an Archangel that I feel will also help you. You can listen to the video, or if you prefer reading the text of the meditation - here's the link:

Infinite Blessing of Peace & Joy & Love, Light, & Abundance, Steve

From the cosmic heart chakra of God, I breathe The Creator's Supreme Love into my

Sasha, your plea for help has been heard by many in our Light family, who send their prayers that the Love of the Creator and the Angels lift your spirits and bolster your courage. 

I remember times in my own life when I called for help in my desperation about life's bumps. Help always stepped in in one form or another. Some were quite miraculous. Our guides are always with us. They do not step in though unless we ask. You are blessed as you ask.

Sending you Blessings of Light and Love!

May the Angels watch over you!


Dear Sasha, i understand you deeply, but PLEASE know that you're not alone, this Family is really a beautiful one, and their Hearts are full of Compassion and Love, believe me...

Love and Light Blessings


Pamela D Cousins commented:

I know how you feel. My life is very confusing I have a marriage where we sleep apart which in some ways is good in another Way it’s painful. I wake up very angry because I want to have the arms of my partner or even just the feeling of my partner been in the bed. I am trying to understand why am being punished or is it that I need to let him go or is it that I need to appreciate more of the situation and give up the need to want. I don’t want to hurt him. But I’m hurting. And it seems that he continues to put sports & etc before us living a harmonious life. It seems like I’m always the one compromising. If I don’t compromise then there’s no relationship. He is good to me when it comes to paying the bills taking care of me but I work my ass off and then I have to do everything else because it’s like living with a little kid all the time and I have to constantly voice can you pick this up can you put this back can you do this and makes me feel bad because I don’t want 
 to make him feel uncomfortable being in a relationship with me but that’s the kind of relationship he’s bringing to the table. So I struggle with leaving all the time because we spend so much time apart. Between working and sleeping apart we hardly ever have time to bond I’m confused

First I'd like to apologize for how long it has taken for me to respond... 

I would like to thank all of you for your kindness, your love and support and your prayers, this truly helped, Steve, Thank you for your loving and supportive words,I did what you advised and it did help..I just have not had chance to listen to the meditation yet.. Love and light to you kind sir x

Ishema thank you for your kind loving words. I'd been asking for help and guidance but it didn't feel like it was working at first..thankyou also for your blessings.. love and light to you x

Patrizia Thankyou for your kind words also, I never thougt of family in that way before,I did only see it as blood relatives or through marriage, so Thankyou again you shoes me a new way to see family, which is fantastic as my blood family and I don't speak, love and light to you also x

Pamela Thankyou for sharing your story,I no how difficult that can be, unfortunately it is a decision that only you can make..

The person I was referring to was my partner of 12 years, we didn't even argue and if we had maybe I could understand why.

I believed he would be coming back,  I have found out today that he is ok, but I found out only a few hours ago that he spoke to our children's social worker and he told her that we hach split up, I'm never going back and he doesn't want to see me and he doesn't want joint contact with our son and me,

So now because he won't respond to my emails, I don't know how to find closure so I can move on, he walked out in jeans and T-shirt , I'm concerned because he had a heart condition that put him in hospital for 7weeks five yes ago, I don't know if he is statstaat a mates or a park bench I have offered to leave his clothes and coats with a neighbor, as it started to rain last night and it's been at it all today, typical British now if anything happens I will blame myself and will have trouble dealing with it , I have asked God to keep him safe..

Love and light to you to x

You are not forsaken...Mother and Father Love you very much...Call on them for strength and for clarity...Don't give up...Call on Archangel Michael for protection for you and your family and even though it might be hard for you do, try to only visualize that which you wish to manifest...Where you keep your thoughts, that is what you attract...You have the power to change things...Trust, ask, allow and receive...With so much Love for you and your  family...

Thank you for your reply, it means a lot knowing that so many ppl care and are offering support, 

Love and light to you x

Dear Sasha Loise,

Life is not to ruined it but you see these are our papers from the Divine, God wants to rest of their children , what can be our level of passing our exams.

Because we are all here in this world not only for happiness only but we have to see the Cross of the Christ all the Time.

If you are near to God and want that God should love you then you will have to pass his exams.

So Please never be strong and fight for your rights bravely.

You are brave and courageous....bring out and use your wisdom to get rod of such situations.

Sending lots of Love and Courage to face any situation in life.Be Strong ....You are an Angel.




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