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Reality, Dream, Illusion


This is something that many seem to think about as the world around them is opening up into new parts of themselves and other realities are becoming available.

What is real what is not real?


For your being in spirit, everything is real, it is experiencing within every moment.


Experiencing through the human as well as what is happening outside of the human reality.


As a human you are experiencing, and what you experience is part of the experience of you being in spirit as well.


As the world between the physical reality is slowly dissolving into a spiritual reality there is much more confusion happening.


As a human with no awareness of the spiritual reality, all that you experience is mostly seen as real.

As a human experiencing both the physical and the spiritual reality, there needs to be an explanation.


Explanation as why is the physical reality so much more difficult, why do negative things happen to you within the physical reality and more questions about why are you within the physical


Within the physical reality there is a sense of time, when you move out of the physical reality this sense of time disappears.


Now you are living in both, the physical and spiritual reality at the same time. Part of you within a sense of time and part of you outside a sense of time.


Within the human/physical reality time is important, within the spiritual reality not so much as there is not really a sense of time.


Now why are you here? And what is it you want to accomplish by experiencing the physical reality with many constraints?


Each and every person is here for a different reason, it is for them to find out that reason if they choose to do so.

They can take their time in finding the reason, or reasons and they can have a very active role in finding the reason or reasons for their presence upon earth and within the physical


Many know that within their dream time they visit other places, are these dreams real or an illusion?


Does it really matter, as you as you know your being is here with you, to experience it with you as it is connected to the human part of you.


To think that everything changes if you see the physical human reality as an illusion or a dream, yes for some it might have that effect. But you have to ask yourself if it is really a dream or


You are experiencing as a human, you experience the physical reality.


And your human is part of the spiritual world just as much as your so called spiritual parts. In fact you are just one being, a spiritual being experiencing a physical reality within your
entire being, not just the human part.


Everyone will experience in a different way, each person has their own views and thoughts on what they experience.


Now as free will is a subject involved in every part of your experience, it is something that is seen by many in different ways.


Yes you have free will at all times, but as you live upon the physical earth it is sometimes hard to accept the experiences you are going through as there are beings that do not comply to the
rule of free will.


This is not only upon earth, it happens everywhere else as well.


There is free will and that means you can exercise this in many ways. You are allowed to experience in any way possible and yes sometimes this will bring in conflict and control as well as
inflicting your will upon others.


Within spirit this is not really a problem as within spirit all is seen as experience.


Within the human reality, it is experienced differently and rightfully so at times, although I would like to remind you that you are all guilty of this at times.


None is excluded from taking control over others at times in many different ways, but still an infliction of your will upon others free will.


What is seen as negative within the human experience and human reality is seen as just an experience within the spiritual world.


Free will means you have choices in how to act, how others will react to that cannot be controlled by you.

Within the spiritual reality every movement of energy is action.


Within the physical reality this is the same, actions, thoughts, feelings, speaking etc.


Everything is a movement of energy and is action.

Energy is always moving so always in action.


You can make/see your actions negative or positive as a human or seen from a spiritual standpoint as negative actions within spirit.


As a human you have a different experience than what you would have if you were in spirit. Does this mean actions are wrong or right.


Yes within the human world there are certain rules you have made that consider actions wrong and right.


Dealing with this reality is part of the experience everyone has chosen to go through.


Is it real or not real, does not matter. It is experienced by the human as real, it is experienced by your spiritual being as real.


Yes it might be that your spiritual parts are just sitting there in a chair dreaming up a human existence. Does that make the experience less real?


Does it make the lessons learned less real?


Energy is moving, action is happening, no matter how you think about it as a human.  


This is why we put such great importance on fully becoming your complete spiritual being within the human reality.


Yes you will still be affected by the physical reality, there will be a different way of looking at it and a different way of making choices.


It is your choice how you want to look at it, dream, illusion or reality.


It is all an experience, maybe that would be a better word for what is happening with you and around you.


As a human you have the full right to see anything as negative or positive.


Duality as some call is just a word describing the non-connection between the spiritual and physical world.

Each and every person will experience in different ways and they have the free will to do so.


This is a very difficult subject as we are moving closer to a different understanding of the reality and experience you are having on earth.


As you move closer to a time on earth where the spiritual world once more becomes fully integrated within the physical world.


How is this going to happen?


Different for each person.


Does it mean that their experience of reality is better or less than yours?


No, it just means you are learning through experience, as each person is in their own way.


Some will actively start to create a different reality for themselves.


Others are waiting to see what happens when others create.


If you really want to see change you will have to exercise your own free will.


You will have to allow yourself the experiences and find the experiences already there within your own being and apply them to how and what you would like to create.


Now you can just use the experience of the human, or you can go further and use the experience of your whole being.

Free will, any choice is possible.


At this moment most of you still see everything from a human perspective, human thought system.


Yes there is a difference, as everything that you experience within the physical and spiritual reality is translated through the human mind.


There are many beings out there and yes some are what the human would consider negative.


Are they an illusion?  


You could see them as an illusion.


But let me give you an example, if someone's house is flooded, are you going to tell them, don't worry it is all just an illusion.


If everything is an illusion, than why are you here discussing, writing, and thinking about all of this. It's an illusion, you have nothing to think about, and it is all not real.


No point in creating a different reality, it is all an illusion.


If you do not have full awareness, you do not have complete understanding of what is happening, then how do you decide if it is an illusion or reality.



Through Petra Margolis

November 1, 2011

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