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Please help my son!

I am in need of help and prayers and healing for my son!  My son was diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma April 26 of 2011.  We were forced(Dr called Cps)to go the chemo route.  When all the cort stuff was behid us, I switched hospita and Dr.' the ocologist that we have now:)  The roadmap or protocol for the chemo that my son is to get is a tough one...the first round was hard...we had scans in Nov. which showed that the tumor was shrinking we were excited!!  At home I have him on several different supplements and we get acupunture b4 any chemo treatment to help with nausea and to flush the toxins out.  We were granted a wish with Make-a Wish, and in March we were in Hawaii for a week.  Meikel felt fabulous it was a vaction we both needed:)  

When we got back..I requested a scan b4 we continued with the next dose of chemo...since the scan in Nov we have been on a lot stronger dose of chemo that has made Meike reallly sick!   We recieved the scan results fro the scan 2 weeks ago....Meikel's tumor is growing.  The dr had a tear in his eye he was upset, we alll thought the tuor woud be gone.  Instead one of the chemicals caused it to grow double the size of what it was in Nov.  The dr does not know what to do.  He gave us a chemo pill to take that will hopefuly stop it from graowing, but it may not shrink.  He wants us to go to a clinical trial that starts here in 2 months.  I have started Meikel on acupunture 3x a week tryg to detox his system.

 I have him now drining carrot juice everyday as much as he can tolerate without being nauseated.  Next week we wil be doing vit infusons 2x a week.  I have him doing coffee enemas...3x a wee we will do 4times...trying to get him to the point we can do 3x a day every other day.  I have had Meike watch Gregg Braden Miracle Healing DVD... have told him that everything is energy and its a matter of shifting thought...but I am mom, he doesn't always believe me.  

Meikel is a very old soul.  He had a past life regression session last week, and came to me after and said mom you killed me last life time!  We were in Egypt he was a Pharoah n line for throan...I was a healer as well as the first Dr we had...the one that caled CPS on us because I hestitated wth chemo idea.....apparently Meikel got sick, this dr and I tried to heal him with herbs.  The dr gave him some herbs that Meikel had an allergic reacton to and died.  Now ths incident has been cleared...but he chose to come bac in this lifetime to let me try again.  We have been awae since 4a today because he is in such pain!!  The tumor is going into his lungs and he has strong pains in his shoulders and now his chest.  I need help!!!

 Please any help suggestion all prayers would be greatly appreciated!!  My son is 14

Hanne Hansen

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Oh, thank you soooo much for sharing this with us here, Hanne! Sooo good to receive such wonder-filled feedback!

YES! we are HERE for you - right at your side :-)))


Meikel, you are soooo very much LOVED!!!

Sonja Myriel

Beautiful news!! xxxx

I am in need!!!  This past week has been tough!  We had a vitamin infusion last week on Tuesday to help get some much needed vitamins in him...the very next day he felt like horse pucky.  We were done with the chemo pill for that week on Wednesday...Meikel was in getting in more pain.  He sleeps upstairs with e, and then walks downstairs to his room during the day and alys on couch.....he has not sinc hurts to sit up and he is windd moving.  We had a dr appoint yesterday to get blood count and check to see how he is doing.  They had a x-ray done.  Meikel's tumor is spreading.  His whte lood counts are very low...normally when his whte couts are that low he gets shots of neupogen when stimulates the bone to grow white ells.  The dr was surprised that his whte counts are so low...could be from the cheo..could be that the tumor has spread to the bone...he wants Meikel's body to produce the white cells on its own...getting shots would be to hard.  The dr is at a true loss. He suggested we set up hospice.  I was a little angry that he said that in front of my son.  On the way home he asked me what hospice was...I told him and explained.  He doesn't want it.  I told him that basically the medical system has thrown up there hands and said they don't know what to do oh well.   Meikel and I have been watching DVD's we just watched the Louise can heal your life...and they talk of affirmations...Meikel has bee doing the...just not that often...after we watched the DVD he understands that he needs to do at least 300x a day.  Meikel wants to get better!!!  I am asking all the fabulous healers to help us....we have been battling this for a little more then a emotions are spent.  Its just the 2 of us...he is all I have.  I had a dream a few nihts ago of the Great Invocation....I started to do them, going to do more often now and will decree that healing be sent to Meikel.I also have found information that I printed from a site.has o be 2-3 years ago...the top copy is if anyone knows where I can get the info it woud be great!  I actually really think I recieved the ifo from this site....but its to Lord Arcturios and the Galactic Healers....there is info in there how to ask for healing....I have the back pages and found one to ask for healing for Meikel...I can't find the front page....I do this for Meikel everynight.  Today when he wakes up, We are going to do the excerises i Chapter 10 of The Healing Code book.  A friend sent this book.....we will try.  Meikel said he will start to drink juices although he doesn't like...the chemo has made his taste buds I wil make smaller glasses.  Carrott/apple...perhaps spinich and cucumer later....will try adding ale...will start real small the slowly increase.  Any recipes and suggestions on that greatly appreciated as well...I have a picky 14 yr old......if I havn't told you all...I LOVE YOU!!  You have all been my family this past year.  I don't think I would have had the strength to make it this far with out the love and support of everyone here!  I nee you all now more then ever to help us through this.  I know Meikel wil survive this.....but now is the critical point...I have posted a picture of the x-ray on my FB site...I dont know how to upload photos here on this if you want to see what the x-ray looks like to get ca take a look there.



"Sweet Raphael, I call on you, I know that you are there,
and ask you for your healing strength in answer to my prayer.
Please take away the sadness, take away the pain,
hold me in your healing wings and make me whole again"

Dear Hanne,

My guidance tells me that to concentrate so deeply and fully on the tumor and on healing it energizes it instead of causing a healing.  Instead, see the tumor shrink until it is gone, see Meikel healthy.    Please look at Gregg Braden's Miracles on  u-tube.  There is a demonstration from China that he filmed, where a tumor disappeared by the healers concentrating on that and visualizing the organ healthy.   Also, please contact John of God of Brazil.  This healing is beyond you to do it alone. 


Much love,


Thak you thank you thank y

Sending you Love and Light Hanne and Meikel ~

Praying deeply for you ~ Angels are with you ~ LOVE ~

Perhaps explore An article in our 'Project Cancer Fighter Group:

As strength allows, consider helping him to give wings to his voice (what he wants to live for, share~gift the world);  it may open energy doors, amplify his light and gifts ~

'Heartsongs' ...“gifts that reflect each person’s unique reason for being.”  

Mattie Stepanek, one boy (many gifts)

You have my heart's love and help, anytime Hanne

Love and Blessings


I AM with you, always ...

HEALING LOVE and LIGHT to both of you, dear HANNE!


Sonja Myriel

Today I a writing with a very heavy heart. My son has passed away on Friday.  He had such a long tough battle with cancer.  I so felt that we were going to beat it, I felt it with all my I am having a difficult time making sense of the whole thing....he had sooo many energy workers working on him, and prayers comming....we got his diet right.  I feel like I failed him.  I should have done more....I just recieved the day before his passing some amazing healing pendulums...I was to late the cancer had spread everywhereMeikel is my everything, e is my world....I am soooo missing him right now and I am scared....I don't know what to do



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