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Please help my son!

I am in need of help and prayers and healing for my son!  My son was diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma April 26 of 2011.  We were forced(Dr called Cps)to go the chemo route.  When all the cort stuff was behid us, I switched hospita and Dr.' the ocologist that we have now:)  The roadmap or protocol for the chemo that my son is to get is a tough one...the first round was hard...we had scans in Nov. which showed that the tumor was shrinking we were excited!!  At home I have him on several different supplements and we get acupunture b4 any chemo treatment to help with nausea and to flush the toxins out.  We were granted a wish with Make-a Wish, and in March we were in Hawaii for a week.  Meikel felt fabulous it was a vaction we both needed:)  

When we got back..I requested a scan b4 we continued with the next dose of chemo...since the scan in Nov we have been on a lot stronger dose of chemo that has made Meike reallly sick!   We recieved the scan results fro the scan 2 weeks ago....Meikel's tumor is growing.  The dr had a tear in his eye he was upset, we alll thought the tuor woud be gone.  Instead one of the chemicals caused it to grow double the size of what it was in Nov.  The dr does not know what to do.  He gave us a chemo pill to take that will hopefuly stop it from graowing, but it may not shrink.  He wants us to go to a clinical trial that starts here in 2 months.  I have started Meikel on acupunture 3x a week tryg to detox his system.

 I have him now drining carrot juice everyday as much as he can tolerate without being nauseated.  Next week we wil be doing vit infusons 2x a week.  I have him doing coffee enemas...3x a wee we will do 4times...trying to get him to the point we can do 3x a day every other day.  I have had Meike watch Gregg Braden Miracle Healing DVD... have told him that everything is energy and its a matter of shifting thought...but I am mom, he doesn't always believe me.  

Meikel is a very old soul.  He had a past life regression session last week, and came to me after and said mom you killed me last life time!  We were in Egypt he was a Pharoah n line for throan...I was a healer as well as the first Dr we had...the one that caled CPS on us because I hestitated wth chemo idea.....apparently Meikel got sick, this dr and I tried to heal him with herbs.  The dr gave him some herbs that Meikel had an allergic reacton to and died.  Now ths incident has been cleared...but he chose to come bac in this lifetime to let me try again.  We have been awae since 4a today because he is in such pain!!  The tumor is going into his lungs and he has strong pains in his shoulders and now his chest.  I need help!!!

 Please any help suggestion all prayers would be greatly appreciated!!  My son is 14

Hanne Hansen

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Dear Hanne and Meikel

I will send a healing and pray.

Love and Blessings...Arleem

Dearest Hanne, the first thought was 'oh my God, he's a baby', the second was'my mum needs help too, and the third was to hug you and Mikel so strong to let you feel my Love. I feel your son's pain, and it's bigger than a guy can withstand...Please take your vibes high, try to do it. I'll pray for you both dear, this is  a time full of many things and feelings, don't be discouraged, LOVE is upon ALL, the only words i flt in my heart  when i knew about the cerebral haemorrage of my mum were ' Love transforms and heal everything' i continue to repeat it to me, i want to give you my Healing Thoughts, Transforming Love to both of you. I send you Archangel Raphael, the Healer , may your days will be bright and full of smiles...

Light and Peace


Dearest Hanne,

My heart goes out to you and your son - holding you both in the Christ Light and sending you Love and healing.

Much love,


God be with him...lots of love and light

Absolutely Beautiful, Angel Sister Sonja!  

I would only add:

Meikel as You BREATHE in the LoveLight through your Crown Chakra down to Your Heart, SEE & FEEL the LoveLight Energizing and Awakening Your Immune System, SEE & FEEL the LoveLight move from Your HEART to Every Cell in Your Body.  SEE & FEEL it Concentrate and Illuminate Around, Within and Through the Cancer Cells, Dissolving and Vaporizing them with the LoveLight Fire of Healing.  SEE & FEEL the Tumor shrink as each Cancer Cell winks OUT and IS NO More! Keep Playing this Game of Life & Healing Yourself until ALL the Cancer Cells are GONE and the Tumor IS NO More.

 BREATHE In LOVE & LIFE.  You ARE LOVE, You ARE LIFE, You Have the POWER TO CHOOSE to Heal.  MIRACLES Are Quite REAL.  This picture is the LoveLight.   Use it, Visualize the Lights Dancing through Your Body, Healing as they  Twinkle and Whirl Around and Around, Cleansing, Dissolving and Vaporizing the Cancer Cells.  We ARE With YOU, Supporting and Encouraging YOU to WIN This Game of LIFE on Earth.  YOU CAN Do It. Believe in Yourself! We Believe in YOU. We KNOW YOU Can Do This ~ IF You Choose to Live.  

Hanne, You can help Meikel with this Process.  I KNOW You are Doing Everything You Can. You must BE Calm and Help him FOCUS on the Process. Together, with Our Creator of ALL That IS,  it Will Be Done.  We Are ALL With YOU, sending Healing LoveLight, Encouragement and Support.  BE at Peace, Dear One. 

With Infinite LoveLight & Compassion,

CrystaLin Joy

Thank you so much dearest sister CrystaLin Joy!


Beautiful!!!!  Thank you!!!!


Wow!!!  I have been off the computer a few is first day on.  Thank you everyone for your posts:)  I actually on Saturday took Meikel to a small Unity Church, we met the Rev there, she is also a friend.  She invited Meikel to sit under a copper pyramid in a room, there was crystals everywhere in this room.  Anne used to do Aura readings a long time ago and worked with Dr.'s to help cancer patients.  While she was looking at Meikel's aura and explaining what the colors mean....she said that he had lots of beams of green and white healing light comming in at him....she asked if I had a prayer group woring with him....she said that usually people wil say they will pray ands its the intent that helps...but she was actually seeing lots of healing energy hitting him....she said that is very special.  We went to see her a day after I posted here.  I love you guys sooooo much!!!!  I consider you all family!  Your words have given me strength through this experience nd for that I am so greatful!

This is the BEST NEWS Hanne and Meikel~   Prayer is powerful, real, and DOES WORK~   woo hoo!!!

hugs to all



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