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Opening the Door to God's Love By Shanta Gabriel ... And ... Be Your Love Light & Let It Shine To All By Blossom Goodchild...And...Love Ray Activation & Applications By Tercy Logan

Opening the Door to God's Love By Shanta Gabriel

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

The message from Archangel Gabriel this week reminds us about the importance of Gratitude.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

Gratitude Opens the Door to Feeling God's Love.
Shanta GabrielThe essential feeling of receiving Divine Love is so delicious, most of us wish we could feel it all the time. Once we have had that feeling, we may long with every fiber of our being to experience it again, because it is our true state. I have found that when I allow myself to receive this love, it is incredibly nourishing to me on all levels.

The key that Archangel Gabriel suggested in this message really works. When I slow down and move into Gratitude, it feels as though a flood gate opens within me and Divine Love pours in. This love from the Creator of All That Is reminds me of the vastness of possibilities here for me to choose.

You have heard the expression "act as if," as a way to change our patterns of behavior. I have discovered that prayers of Gratitude have the same power. They invite the miraculous flow of Divine Love to act in our lives. These powerful prayer thoughts create higher frequencies in our energy fields and allow us to open into new levels of consciousness in seemingly miraculous ways.

When we are having an experience of darkness, we do not have to proclaim the highest states of what we ultimately desire in order to change our awareness. We only have to choose to observe even the small things that we can acknowledge as Truth and Beauty so we can gracefully lift our consciousness and shift our feelings. Ease and Grace are big components of what I want to experience.

In times of darkness, Gratitude becomes the way back Home. Sometimes it takes some effort and I need to find something in Nature to inspire me. When I look at one of my green plants or a beautiful bouquet of flowers, I can more easily thank God for the Beauty as well as what is present in and around me.

This morning I decided to let the Universe show me things I can be grateful for. Here is a list of what changed my consciousness in less than one hour.

~Deeply inspiring music
~Books that speak to my heart and inspire truth and love
~Breathing exercises that soothe me
~Green outside my window and the beauty of the sanctuary I have created for myself
~A friend that called for a brisk walk in the fresh autumn air
~People that send me inspiring messages on the internet, so I can choose to read that which uplifts me instead of what scares and confuses me.

Within a very short amount of time, I felt completely different than when I first began my day. I was given a personal experience of how important it is that I open to ways that touch my heart and allow an attitude of gratitude to overtake my consciousness. It's easier sometimes to let myself sink into old habits that do not nourish me. It seems like I have even outgrown activities that used to make me feel good. So at times, a bit of extra effort is necessary to uplift and nurture myself.

We are in a powerfully transformative time in which small efforts to change the way we feel pay off in big dividends in body, mind and emotional states. We are the Way-showers. We are creating a new life on Earth as we make choices that serve our highest good. Changes can happen very quickly now in the dimensional timelines we are learning to integrate.

I have found it useful to give thanks before I see the evidence of what it is I prefer to experience. Here is my prayer today for shifting into an attitude of Gratitude.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for the gifts and blessings you constantly shower upon me. I am so grateful for the Creative Solutions you provide in every area of my life. I am thankful for my health, my Well-being and for knowing that you are guiding me into situations that constantly serve my highest good.

I am grateful for the amazing beauty in this world that surrounds me whenever I take the time to truly see it.

Thank you for helping me to remember to slow down to take deep healing breaths. I am very grateful that I don't have to tell my heart to beat or my body to digest its food. Thank you for all the gifts of this physical body that works for me in miraculous Divine Order.

I am grateful for the new levels of Prosperity and Abundance opening to me now, and for Fulfillment in my work. I give thanks for Harmony, clear communication and Love in all my relationships. Thank you for more Balance in every area of life.

For all these blessings and the life I have chosen, I give thanks. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
The Gabriel Messages Book #34
Gratitude opens the door to feeling God's Love.
AA Gabriel:
Dear One,
When you feel God's love, there is a sense of Peace and Harmony within you. This feeling allows you to step back from the drama in your life, and to let the love of God flow into every situation. When Divine Love is flowing freely through you, miraculous healing occurs.
There is one place where you can always go to feel God's love, and that is in your heart. Gratitude is the attitude that will take you into your heart. It does not matter if you see nothing in your life for which to feel grateful, just the act of putting your hand on your heart and giving thanks opens a door in your heart to allow God's love in.
When there's nothing else, you can give thanks for just being alive. It is a gift to be in a human body, which is a miraculous instrument. You can give thanks that your heart beats, that your breathing occurs and digestive processes continue without your conscious direction.
If your life feels like a constant struggle, you can give thanks for the lessons you are learning. On the other side of the struggle is freedom. You can give thanks in advance for such freedom.
Prayer shifts our perspective so we can see a larger picture of what is actually going on in our lives. Prayers of gratitude are very powerful, and stimulate an increased flow of God's energy into every situation. This energy can create miraculous change for good. It may take a little effort to find something to be grateful for when you are feeling down, but it will create a beautiful shift in your mind when you do so. This shift is the doorway into a new awareness of the greater truth in your life.
The greater truth is that you are never alone and that you are here on Earth to remember your connection to the Divine Presence in your life. You are meant to live a happy, abundant life with deep fulfillment. In order to do this, it is necessary to step out of the problems life presents and into the flow of God's love, which will bring Creative Solutions. It is as if you step through a doorway into right action, trust, and loving awareness.

Gratitude is the key that unlocks the door to all you are seeking — a simple thing that brings miracles into your life. Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

Gratitude opens the door to feeling God's Love.
Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
October 1, 2017
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Be Your Love Light & Let It Shine To All By Blossom Goodchild

Federation of Light Message on Oct 1st 2017

Hello my friends. Today, I have no questions. I thought it would be nice just to let your wisdom flow into our hearts. I have reports from many that they are feeling lost and very much alone, in that … the more they feel connected along their spiritual path … the more thy feel isolated and detached from everyone and everything and at times, ready to leave the planet. Maybe some encouragement to hang on in there, would be beneficial, if that serves?

Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls of Earth, firstly we would like to project out to you our Deepest Loving Energy, so that it may be FELT BY ALL … IN THE KNOWING that it is of TRUTH and LIGHT and that nothing can stand in its way. Nothing! For the Love that we send cannot be deterred or reflected elsewhere. It is pure in its BEING and its intention is to arrive in your hearts … and so it shall ... so it has ... so it is.

Our Love for Each One is Great. We KNOW you can FEEL it. Yet, some maybe feel so far removed from it in Essence … that they have lost the KNOWING!

Lost the KNOWING?


In/of/through Each Soul IS Divine LOVE.

Divine Light.

The Essence of Soulself.

The Essence of God.

The Essence of Divinity.

The Essence of Purity.

It … is /of … your original makeup and without it you would not exist. It is always there within you … for it is of you and you are of it.

There are many who have chosen, for one reason or another to hide away this Divinity of self into the deepest pockets of their Soul and not allow the LIGHT OF DAY to penetrate anywhere near it. That, as we say, is a choice. 

It does not mean that by making this choice the Divinity goes away … or leaves, ready to come back another time when one is more in the mood to receive it!


There is much that has taken place upon your Planet Earth that has been designed to thwart and TRY to … we would go as far as to say … destroy this Divinity within. Yet, this is a pointless and fruitless exercise. For there is NOTHING and we repeat … NOTHING … that can be … made up/ thought up … that is capable of doing so.



There are, of course, levels and layers upon which this Divine thread within Each Soul is hidden.

Do not misunderstand when we say ‘hidden’. This was not the will of the Creator. It is that, through time and circumstance, the human Soul self has chosen to bury their Divinity. As we say … for many reasons.

It could be that a Soul chooses to experiment in their life with the darker side of Light … and therefore, their Divinity would conflict with that choice. It could be that a Soul has been hurt deeply in their heart and felt it safer to ‘tuck their Divinity away’ in order to keep it safe. Do you see Dearest One’s? We could offer many, many reasons according to each individual’s journey as to why this may have taken place.


Then, of course, there are those who have chosen to bring their Divine rites out into the open for all to see and appreciate. They have released and let go of any fears they may once have experienced and GIVE OF THEMSELVES … OF THEIR DIVINITY … with all their heart.



The LIGHT that they are is the most gracious, integral gift they possess and they KNOW this and desire to BE AN EXAMPLE OF IT.

Those that are feeling … apart/separate … from the world they live in, are coming across what is known as ‘Divided attention’.

That’s interesting … meaning?

Meaning that the TRUE LIGHT WITHIN THEM has reached a ‘State of Being’ that allows their connection to Source to be on a much Higher level. A much more connectable attachment from that which it has been for the human race for eons of time.

The Light that is NOW available ONCE AGAIN … is resonating at such a degree, that One’s connection to ‘HOME’ is more easily accessible. Therefore, One is able to FEEL so much more in tune with who they TRULY are.

It is due to this that they may FEEL ‘out of sorts’ with actually BEING upon the Planet. For there is Divided Energy and indeed, divided thought forms as to where this Planet is going!


The Higher self that one has allowed themselves to become, finds dwelling amongst the lower, misguided energies, more than tricky to deal with. For the beauty of the Soul in its natural state, is of a different caliber altogether than that of another who is perhaps, indulging in ‘play’ that can no longer resonate with the Soul that has chosen to lift their Soul into its ‘home territory’.

We feel the need to mention of the different … levels/degrees … of ‘indulgent play’.

There are those who have taken the right of human freedom to a place that it does not thrive. It cannot thrive and those who have willingly and knowingly done so will have to … in Divine timing … undergo the consequences of their actions.

We have stated before … there is no punishment. There is no hell, as you are taught in some of your religious indoctrinations. For how can a LOVING GOD of the upmost purity, punish or condemn? Where would that leave THE GIFT OF FORGIVENESS?

Yet, that is not to say that those who have willingly set out to impose upon another’s freedom, or deliberately impose hurt or harm upon another Soul … will not have to FEEL for themselves, that which they inflicted upon another.  As we say, not as punishment, yet, for their souls understanding and growth. That in itself is more than enough … TRUTH.

Then there are those who are still asleep and have not yet chosen to awaken. They also, no longer resonate on the same ‘wave’ as those who have and those who have advanced many miles along their pathway to deliverance.

I hesitated for a minute there … checking on the word ‘deliverance’?

We felt that. And may we interrupt this flow to say that we are always happy for you to ‘check in’ … your vigilance is necessary, as you know. For TRUTH is something that those who prefer the darker areas of Light, do not wish to shine through!

Thank you … So back to deliverance?

In the meaning … we smile … that a letter is delivered’ to your home address! You, yourselves, are walking back to your home address! You shall deliver yourselves, safe and sound! In your own time.

So, it is that in these days of intense upgrading …

That’s for sure!

… One is more aware of the Higher Energies and finds it difficult and uncomfortable to Be with those … to Be in a place that no longer resonates with them … when maybe they once did.

When feeling this way … there is nothing more to do than send your Light to these … souls/places/circumstances. For that is who you are and that is what you came to do.

Manifest friendships that are of the same ‘waveform’ as yourself. The Universe will always provide your requirements, when One Vibrates within the Frequency of that requirement. It cannot fail.

We are showing to you now, Blossom, an image of lines and lines of Souls coming from all directions … and walking into the same space … the same CIRCLE OF LAND. Each of these Souls represents Each One of YOU that has chosen to bring your Divinity out into the open.


Keep walking Dearest One’s … and when thou art weary … stop for a while and drink of the waters of heaven. Fill your souls with Light Energy and allow the Divine within to connect with the ALL THAT IS.

Replenish your weary, tired Souls with thoughts of Joy and Happiness and FEEL that joy and Happiness within the very core of your Being … there is no quicker way to recharge.

Dearest Souls … you have come so far … THIS YOU KNOW.

Surely, we feel, that NOW … in these days of Unlimited Boundless Energy … pouring in/through … you can FEEL the difference? Not only within yourselves, yet, within everything.

Some of you may reside in countries that are sending out fear mongering strategies from every angle. Did it ever cross your minds that is why you chose to be born there? Or, to move there, in order to send out your LIGHT to where it was most needed?

There are no mistakes. There are simply decisions made. Do not allow that which is being branded around to ‘bring you down’.

Instead, Oh! Souls of the upmost Brightest Light … summon the strongest Love Light from the DIVINITY WITHIN YOU and send it forth to all those in fear.

Send it out to the Energy of fear itself and melt it away. Replacing it with Peace and New Beginnings.


The changes that will bring your world into a different Frequency … JUST BY YOU BEING YOUR LIGHT.

It is not the easiest thing to do, we are aware.  Due to the density in which your Earth Energy has dwelt within for so long. Yet, look around … Focus on … Feel … Breathe … that which is LOVE LIGHT. It is everywhere. It is in everything … and it is you … Each One of you … that KNOWS this and therefore, you choose to welcome it back into the forefront. Out in the open where it belongs.

EVERYTHING is LOVE … Yet, a lot of that EVERYTHING has forgotten that!


Remind Souls of who they are. Not by tapping them on the shoulder and saying ‘Excuse me, may I just remind you ...?’   Yet, by BEING that Love in the Purest Highest form of yourself that you can be, within your human form.

Your hearts … Dearest hearts … are FULL OF IT.

Let the Love that you are, spill over. Let it overflow from your BEINGS and trickle into the stream of Energy that IS THE CHANGE. Let each heart-flow … mingle into the ETERNAL STREAM OF LIFE and BRING ABOUT THE GLORY THAT IS YOURS.




We cannot find words that can reach inside you deeply enough to let you KNOW AND FEEL how much we honor Each One of you that were chosen to be here. You volunteered for this mission … you were chosen and you accepted … and here you are … walking within it and bringing it about.



Onwards … with your hearts wrapped in the arms of Angels.

Thank you so much, my friends. We Love you too … Very much! Onwards indeed!


Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

The link to be able to access all my YouTubes is

Video: "Waterfall Of Light...Energy Cleanse" By Melanie Beckler

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Love Ray Activation & Applications By Tercy Logan
(Please Do in Meditation).
This is the Council of Light that’s moving more into the forefront of this now moment. As we are acclimating to your system there are a few indications of this acclimation process that you may begin to identify. You may have an awareness of a deeper sense of calm in your mind. Your mind become still and very focused on a quality and an energy of peace.
This energy of peace also creates the invitation for your body to relax even more deeply into the energy and the consciousness of you. The Love Ray is moving more into the forefront of this Now moment to transmit the pure consciousness of this illuminated energy. Simply allow yourself to drop into this peaceful state in your mind, the relaxed state in your body, and have an awareness of the Love Ray. To first tune into the Love Ray bring your awareness to your heart and to the beat of your heart. Feel the sensation or perception that your heart is like a compass and that it is a compass of your soul. Feel the sensation that this compass is pointing you toward the true north of your soul, the path of your soul, the direction of your soul, the Love, Joy, & Happiness of your soul shining freely.

Spend a few moments in the heartbeat, the beat and the pause, Both are equally significant. As you are with the beat of your heart have the awareness of the dynamic flow of the beat and then the absence of the beat. Both the beat and the absence of the beat are very active states of the heart.

Now tune into your pituitary gland in the center of your head and imagine that in your pituitary gland there is a simple pulse as the heartbeat; there is this pulsation and then a silence, pause, or a stillness, and then there’s another pulsation and a silence, pause, or a stillness. Feel the pulse of your pituitary gland.

Then bring your awareness from the head, down through the heart, past the navel center to the base of the spine and feel a similar energetic pulse, a heartbeat at the base of your spine, Head & heart, sacrum. Now that you have been with these three places and the energy pulse that exists within these three places, choose to activate the Love Ray at the head, the heart, and the base of the spine. This energy already exists within your system, it has been dormant and awaiting this moment of your choice. The Love Ray is a high vibrational frequency of oneness. It is a vibration that creates harmony. Take a moment to go within and allow your awareness to guide you in accessing more and more of the Love Ray.
The Love Ray could also be applied physiologically to the body when there is something that has been lost – like in a stroke when you’ve lost part of your capacity to move. Applying the units of consciousness of the Love Ray can help reopen the connections to that part of the body. Or if there’s part of the body that’s gone numb the Love Ray could be one that would create the interconnectedness to the body.
This also works for relationships; Let’s say there are aspects of your relationship that have gone numb or you don’t have a direct connection to them – may be these are affection, laughter, sensuality or communication, tenderness, or gentleness. Applying the Love Ray to the relationship can help awaken those connections once again. 
Wish you a wonderful day and Blissful month ahead with lots of love & light,
Video: "Awakening All Aspects Of Your Divine Self By Melanie Beckler" -



A Vision for a World Filled with Joy and Delight

Our Vision for today is a repeat from a recent  Vision that was sent in by David Diamond from New Jersey, USA. It is so eloquent that we thought you would like to read it again. 

I create reality with my Thoughts, my Images, and, perhaps most potently, with my Feelings. I envision a world of Joy and Happiness. I feel the freshness and vitality of the moist, green grasses. My spirit is elevated by the colors and fragrances of rolling hills of brilliant flowers, shimmering in the sunlight. I feel warmth and love from the sun, and refreshing energy freely given to me by the trees. I feel as if I, and all of the beings on this planet, are an energy bridge connecting the Earth and the Heavens in sacred marriage.

I feel the delight of children singing and dancing in scintillating rainbow sprays of water and mist. I feel the love of my fellow humans, and the love of all beings, freely giving to each other, filled with awe and gratitude for the endless abundance of everything that we could possibly need. There is so much Joy, Delight and Love that I can barely contain it. So I just let it wash over me and flow through me.

People are nurturing people. People are caring for the animals, plants, minerals and waters of the Earth. They, in turn, are returning the love, many times over. There is a natural flow in this World of Joy and Delight, and we all flow with it, accomplishing whatever we want, effortlessly.

Peace, Light & Love,
David Diamond

Video: "Experience The Oneness & Bliss Of Your Divine Self" -



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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




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"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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