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Dearest brothers and sisters,


 I would share with you all  my experience.  It’s something that I have lived on Saturday 20 july, was my birthday, I don’t know if it was a gift for me, or if someone else experienced it … at 5 am i was awake, 'someone’ woke me up, i saw in front of me ( i have a door on a terrace) that sun was raising, was a particular strong red, like red oranges of Sicily,  rising up moment by moment, ‘HE’ had not his rays and light that make  close the eyes, but was a perfect red sun without rays, until 'he' was very high,  continued to be only a big red colored circle, without rays, I was able to watch it as it was an object! I don’t remember how long I spent watching it completely amazed, incredulous  and surprised!  I made some pics but was very hard to have some good, because there was too much light, I used a filter too, to make it less intense,  but no one of them is was an incredible experience...

A friend of mine on another site, told me that I have experienced Sun in 5D, was it a gift from the Higher Realms?

I still have that imagine in my eyes, and the expression of my face is smiling and surprising…


I cannot explain which are my feelings currently, i feel that i'm different, but i'm not able to distinguish the extent to which a part of myself is changed, but i feel better than before, more centered...


Another weird thin occurred yesterday night, i was making some pics to the wonderful Moon, using a tripod to have a good image, i don't understand why some pics have full Moon, and some other an image as if it were an eclipse, take a look...

Embracing the Oneness of the New Earth, i send you my Love


These are the pics, all made in  sequence , 10 seconds from one to another, and was almost midnight


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A really BIG object in front of the moon, that is!!!!


THANK YOU so much for posting, dearest Patrizia :-)


I, too, woke up in the early morning hours last Saturday and felt a DEFINITE CHANGE was taking place! The next morning the LIGHT of the Sun was different - warmer than usual ... and the last few days have surpassed it ALL!!!


We have now entered the New Era fully, according to José Argüelles and the Mayan Calendar.


July 25th was the Green Day

Yesterday a new cycle began

Today the cycle begins TURNING!


With all my LOVE on this most blessed day which is dedicated to the Fifth HEART Chamber,


Sonja Myriel

Thanks for stopping here my dearest sister! Yes, Sun is warmer than now is 40 degrees heat, and it's really hard...

I didn't understand what was occurring while i was making pics to moon, because clicking on digital camera, i saw full moon, but on the pic, it seemed an eclipse!

I received a mail from Ascending Heart this morning, they sended me greetings for the Mayan New Year, that was yesterday, so, dearest Sonja....HAPPY NEW YEAR!

All the best to you and your beloved ones!

Golden Rays

Patriziathis is the most similar image of what i saw, i caught on google

Dear SISTAR ,It feels so great  yes ,A magnificent coming together is binne al over the net and every where . The long expected and hoped for moment  . It really is happening .
It feels so GOOD to finallie see and feel this come true .I feel a growing awareness that separate manu fears and son .
This day is truly Blessed .
I hope it stay's close with us .I hope that this bubble of unawareness stay enclosed and cut of for a long long time  -I could never have dream it to become true .
I feel blessed to be alive and to feel that energetic shift, That transformation is soo encouraging to embrace others instead of distrusting and avoiding them .
With so very much love  and so Graciously .

It feels  wonderfull  ~
With all my love .

Blessed  .·´¨`· YOU

Thank's for sharing

Blessings always


Thanks Maria, :-) Blessings to you and your beloved ones!

Love, Patrizia

 Dearest siSTAR, thanks for you words of Truth,

I had your similar thought ( happy to be alive in these times) , i had it few times! Honestly i was reading  Anrita Melchizedek about agreements that every Soul does before incarnating , to help soul evolves, cleaning Karma, and my thought was that my old Soul decide to live what was lived, all issues, pains, to have the honor to live these Sacred Times, hoping to see and live the changes in the wonderful 5D that day by day is closer…

It will be wonderful to see in others’ faces disbelief and amazement, seeing that all that WE all were dreaming of, it’s finally the REAL REALITY!

I’m adding the writing from Anrita’s site in the group’ Melchizedek and Pleiadian Network, you’ll find it there.

With all my Love, Blessings and Gratitude


Dearest Sistar ,
Ohh A did reconize so much in your words ,Thank you so much  for sharring .Yes indeed it going to be GREAT to see this happening !:) I believe our soul contracts determine what situations are brought to us but not how wy''ll response or how others will .

I will go now to read Anrita’s writing about Melchizedek and Pleiadian Network ,Im happy with this .

With all my Love in Gratitude  for this wonderfull time !

Blesse By


Thanks beloved sister, Blessed be...

Love and Gratitude




Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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