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Multidimensional Living 

by Chitra Jha

These days we often hear the refrain that we are ‘multidimensional’ beings. What are these dimensions? We currently live in a three-dimensional world. However, there also are the fourth, fifth – up to infinite dimensions. In fact, we are told that in these special times we are ascending from our third-dimensional reality to a higher dimension – fourth, maybe fifth.

All these dimensions exist in the same space. Yes, they do. It is just that they vibrate at a different rate, and hence are invisible to the one existing in a different dimension.

Five known dimensions

There are five known dimensions in our space. Each dimension has its own set of laws and principles that are specific to the frequency of that dimension. The inhabitants of each dimension function very well without much resistance within that plane, because their consciousness resonates with the frequency of that dimension. Let us try to understand these dimensions and the consciousness that resides there.


~~First-dimensional consciousness is awareness as a point. The mineral kingdom resonates to this dimension. This dimension is very much a part of our bodies, in the form of minerals, water, and genetic codes. We seem to be ‘consciously’ unaware of this dimension of our being. If we were to access this awareness, we would be able to connect with the entire physical world through its basic building block, the individual molecule. If we learn to access first-dimensional consciousness, we will be able to access our own genetic coding. Eerie! Isn’t it? And yet so very exciting!


~~Second-dimensional consciousness is awareness as a point and a line. Plant kingdom and lower animal kingdoms resonate to this dimension. In this dimension, there is no self-awareness. The beings of this dimension are aware of their species’ identity. They are guided by their need for food, survival, and procreation. Their consciousness is based upon survival of the fittest. They live only within the awareness of the moment. As humans, we live in this dimension through our autonomic nervous system. This system maintains life support functions, but our five senses are completely unaware of this dimension. Some yogis are so ‘conscious’ of this dimension that they are able to control and regulate their heart beat, body temperature, and digestion.

Whenever we live in unconditional love, unconditional
forgiveness, and unconditional acceptance, we are
living in the fifth dimension, while we are Third-dimension incarnate.


~~Third-dimensional consciousness or our present ‘conscious reality’ is awareness of point, line, length, breadth, height, and volume. Higher animal kingdoms and human kingdom dwell in this dimension. Humans are made up of all the elements of the first and second-dimensional beings, as well as an individual soul. This is the distinguishing feature of a human being, as all other higher animals have a group soul. This dimension is bound by time and space, cause and effect paradigm. In this dimension, life acts as a mirror to teach us all that we seek to understand.

In this dimension, we can remember the past and the future while remaining in the present. This dimension also leaves us with a feeling of separation and a fear that we are limited, weak, and incomplete. This dimension harbors belief that we need to ‘work hard’ to achieve success. There is a belief in this dimension that reality is only what we can perceive with our five senses. Here our consciousness is limited to our ego. Individual possessions and achievements are an important part of this reality. This dimension harbors a sense of powerlessness and victim mentality. The third dimensional consciousness expands from individual consciousness to group consciousness to community consciousness to national consciousness to collective consciousness to planetary consciousness to galactic consciousness. 


Fourth-dimensional consciousness is awareness of point, length, breadth, height, volume, and time. This dimension is also known as the astral planes. Here, we live in our astral bodies. These are known as four sheaths (emotional body, mental body, causal body, and spiritual body) that exist over, under, around, and through our physical body, but can’t be seen by our five senses. However, some clairvoyants can see these sheaths as our aura. The good news is that we can even get our aura photographed by Kirlian camera! 

This reality is not always perceivable to our third-dimensional form, but the fact remains that we exist in this dimension during our dreams. This realm holds the awareness of all our past three-dimensional lives. When we have intense experiences of passion, emotion, intuition, creativity or spirituality we are in our fourth dimensional consciousness. However, this dimension still has the polarization of light and dark. Out here, our thoughts and feelings create reality much more quickly than in the third dimension; and conversely fear can create evil as quickly as love can create beauty and bliss. The fourth dimension is like a bridge into the higher dimensions. At this point of time in our earth history, we are said to be crossing this bridge. 

The fourth dimension is like a bridge into the higher dimensions; over to the fifth.


Fifth-dimensional consciousness is awareness of length, breadth, height, time, and spirit. Everything in this dimension resonates with the unity consciousness, but there is still an experience of ‘I’. However, there is no illusion of separation or limitation. There is a constant experience of ‘oneness’. We are currently headed for this dimension. In this dimension, androgynous beings live in ‘light’ bodies as opposed to our carbon-based physical bodies. At this level, there is no need to experience pain to learn our lessons; hence, there is no need for a physical body. Similarly, there is no need to have separate male and female bodies. (I think the concept of ‘ardhnarishwar’ originated here.) All actions out here are based upon love. Lower vibrations like fear, greed, lack, competition, and doubt can’t survive in this dimension. In the fifth dimension, any thing that is desired becomes manifest instantly (quite like the Inderlok/ kalpavriksh of our folk lore). Light bodies are capable of changing into any form as per their desire. There is no feeling of limitation here.

Whenever we live in unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, and unconditional acceptance, we are living in the fifth dimension. Here we hold no judgment, guilt, or negativity. 

As multidimensional beings we exist in all these five dimensions simultaneously. The moment we become aware of this fact, we become conscious of their inter-relatedness. Our unconscious, conscious, and super-conscious selves exist in all these dimensions. Hence, a multi-dimensional consciousness is our heritage. We are indeed, each an embodiment, of love and light; and our ‘light’ is multidimensional.
Chitra Jha is a life skills coach, corporate trainer and verbal ability instructor.
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 Hello Chitra

This is a wonderful piece of writing and has helped me understand the different levels of vibrations we are working with in our universe, Thank you!

Paul A Carruthers

Thank you, Paul, for being here, open and conscious.

Many Blessings,

ayanna k

Enjoyed the  information    :)   xxx

Great to hear that Martha. Thank you very much ~


ayanna k



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