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Meditation with Divine Mother and Goddess of Victory

to receive the Flame of Victory

My beloved children of Light, I am your very own Divine Mother.

I am deeply happy with all that you have done and I am even happier that I have a great plan unfolding before each of you – a future of peace and joy and harmony and love. You have gone through many a hardship and it is time for the doors of joy to open to you.

I call upon Goddess of Victory to give you the Flame of Victory. The Flame will make you Victorious in every endeavor that you embark upon. You’ve heard ‘like attracts like’. When you are vibrating the energy of Victory, you will pull to yourself only the thoughts, ideas and impressions which lead you to Victory. You will not pull to yourself the energy of defeat. Many of you have been in the pursuit of Light for a long time. You may feel tired and weary because you have been doing this work for a long time. You look around you and see natural disasters, you see deception and greed, you see fear and worry about the future, you see people struggling and you say to yourself,

“Is this what I, myself, have been struggling for in service to other souls and the Earth; is this why I have been making so many sacrifices?”

I want you to stop and remember: allowing that thought process would be accepting defeat. You are to place your one pointed focus on victory and let go of disempowering thoughts. When you are looking at the world through the Flame of Victory, you will see yourself victorious, you will see those you touch victorious, you will see natural and even manmade disasters, the greed, the corruption, the fear, the slow economy as signs of wizening up, finding strength, gaining spirit. It is ironic that when people come to hard times they turn to higher power but it is one of the fastest and surest ways for the acceleration to a spiritually awakened state.

I want you to be victorious in helping others turn to Higher Power, in helping others turn to Higher Light; I want you to be in a place where you do not see defeat, you do not seek defeat, you do not accept defeat, you do not invite defeat. How do I ascertain that defeat will not be your choice or your destiny? By asking Goddess of Victory to imbue her Light of Victory upon you; the Light that raises your vibration above and beyond the energy of defeat, fear, failure, ego, arrogance, insecurity, uncertainty.

Meditation to receive the Flame of Victory

Goddess of Victory will reach into her own Cosmic Heart with her left hand and bring out a fistful of the Flame which is burning bright and tall, nestled in the palm of her very large hand (remember that she is almost 40 feet tall). She will hold this Flame in front of your face. As she blows her own breath of life into the Flame, see the formation of symbols and hieroglyphic encryptions which are especially encoded into the Flame for you.

These symbols are encrypted with exactly what you need to let go of the scars and grooves and fears and uncertainties of your own past and everyone that you touch.

With her right hand she will take a pinch of this Flame and place it in your Third Eye. From this point on you will see the world through the power and perspective of Victory. What you perceive, what you absorb and what you observe will make you victorious because I have willed it for you and Goddess of Victory has bestowed it upon you. This Flame will sit over the Flame of Inner Sight which has remained active and is always illumined in your Third Eye. Now you will perceive the world through this Flame of Victory and you will perceive the Inner Realms and commune with Great Beings of the Higher Realms through this Flame.

She will take another pinch of the Flame and place it in your Throat Chakra. It will be absorbed into that chakra. From this moment on, when you speak, when you communicate, whether through spoken words, written words, thoughts, or telepathically – tangibly or intangibly – your communication will be through the Flame of Victory, the Flame that will make you fearless, the Flame that will make you wise, the Flame that will make you release your ego and arrogance, the Flame that will instill the same three qualities for everyone you touch. The Flame will help you teach others. Even those who would not hear you before will now hear you, because they are now hearing you through the encoding of the Flame of Victory.

She will also put a pinch of the Flame into your Cosmic Heart. Whatever you absorb from the cosmos, whatever you absorb and transmit from and to the environment will now be filtered and impacted by the Flame of Victory. In this way, you will only retrieve victorious thoughts, victorious ideas, designs, concepts, plans, programs, projects from the environment, even in dreamtime, through the cosmic channels from the Higher Realms to the Lower Realms, from your Cosmic Heart to those you touch. The Flame of Victory is now absorbed into the Eternal Flame that resides in you Cosmic Heart.

Finally, she will put a pinch in your Personal Heart Chakra. You will connect from your Personal Heart to all people, places and things. You will be able to maintain that state of victorious wisdom, victorious love, victorious compassion, victorious power. The energy of the Flame from your Personal Heart will trickle down bathing and creating a bubble, a Golden Bubble around your Soul in your Seat of the Soul Chakra directly below your Personal Heart Chakra. In this way your Soul is united in the Flame of Victory. Your Soul can then communicate with the souls of every person, place and thing that you come in contact with.

Breathe and bathe as you absorb the final pinch of the Flame of Victory into your Personal Heart and it will be absorbed and send its illumination of Light into the Seat of the Soul Chakra bathing the Soul and creating a cocoon of Light around the Soul.

Let this Golden Light of Victory go through the presence of your own Soul, seated on its Throne in the Seat of the Soul and seep into the stem of the Peony Flower, illuminating the entire peony thereby illuminating your Solar Plexus and bathing the Sacral Plexus and Root Chakra with this Golden Light. There is a sense of joy and euphoria, a sense of upliftment. Your entire body is now bathing in this energy. Pause for a moment and enjoy this love filled experience.

While you bathe and breathe, I ask Goddess of Victory to clear your energy field of any beliefs or behaviors that allow you the acceptance of defeat. Any energies of lower vibration that would ever give you the idea, the thought or the impression that you might want to throw in the towel and call it a day must be eradicated from your mind, heart, body and Soul. It is the mind that causes you to believe that you lost the race, that you have been defeated. When Goddess of Victory imbues the Light of Victory upon you and illuminates the Light of Victory you will never allow the energy of defeat to come near you. She will see to it that the vibration of defeat will not be attracted to you. She does this by simply raising your vibration through the Flame of Victory.

So now, Goddess of Victory will take another fistful of this Flame from her Heart and this time she will rub it from the top of your head all the way down your entire body, front and back. As she rubs it on your body, you begin to become fully aflame with the Flame of Victory, as if the surface of your skin begins to illuminate the Flame, as if every pore of your body is adding fuel to the Fire of Victory. You become fully aflame and the Flame turns from a bright Yellow-Orange to a Deep Purple Light. Then the Purple Light begins to spiral and spin from the bottom of your feet all the way up to the top of your head like a whirlwind.

As it continues spinning and spiraling it transmutes all fears, acceptance of defeat, insecurity, and all choices that are vibrationally low. The Violet Flame will release the energy of defeat and uproot the thought, the idea, the concept of throwing in the towel. It will hold you in the vibration of Victory. The Violet spins and spirals like a whirlwind all around you, going faster and faster. Sparks in the fire crackle and burst as the Violet Flame imbued in the Flame of Victory pulls the energies of defeat, failure, fears of being less than from your Five Body System and from the environment around you. It crackles and burns until all finally comes to rest in a beautiful Peach-Pink and Gold Cocoon of Light. Pause and bathe in the Light.

I especially ask her to engrave three qualities into the Flame of Victory that she has bestowed upon you:

1: Freedom from Ignorance - This quality will help you become victorious in the face of ignorance. Dogmatic and outdated belief systems can cause humankind or societies at large to act ignorantly. Cultural and religious beliefs can add to the dogma that comes from ignorance. As highly illumined initiates on the journey to fulfill your Divine Mission, it is important that you carry the aspect of the Flame of Victory which removes, transmutes, releases and uproots ignorance from within you and empowers you to remove the same from within those that you touch.
You can offer the highest wisdom to people but if they are stuck in the darkness of ignorance they will not be able to hear your words of wisdom. To instill the wisdom, we must first raise the vibrational frequency for earth and for all souls. Then we will be able to help them see the greater truth, see the world from the higher perspective. This is what I mean when I say I want all of you to be leaders and teachers.

2: Removal of Ego and Arrogance - This quality will help you to be victorious in the face of ego and arrogance; to be victorious without adopting arrogance within yourself, or promoting it in those you serve. The Flame will allow you to be victorious and unaffected by others’ egotistical behavior.

3: Removal of Darkness of Fear - This quality, encoded into the Flame, will bring you acceleration on your path removing fears, doubts and uncertainties. This aspect of the Flame will remove the darkness of fear from within you. I ask Goddess of Victory to illuminate the Flame and to encrypt it, encode it with the removal of fears – fear of unknown, fear of the future, fear of leaving a relationship in case a better one doesn’t come about, fear of leaving a job in case a better one does not come about, fear of stepping into the unknown, fear of failure, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of falling apart, all fear that may cause you to remain stagnant, all fear that may cause you to stay in situations that are detrimental for your growth in the spiritual realms and your success in the world.

You are the spearheads for my mission on earth. I want you to be victorious in the face of all uncertainties. I want you to be able to hold space for everyone that you touch. I want you to be in a position to administer healing and wholeness wherever you go and whatever you do.

Your 5-Body System, your Brain system, your Nervous System, your Body Electric, your Body Magnetic and your Light Body are fully imbued in the Peach-Pink and Gold Flame now. Allow your Light Body to extend and expand as Goddess of Victory takes her position behind you. She will hold her Scepter of Victory above your head. The moment that the Scepter of Victory is positioned above your head the Flames jump higher and wider and more brightly. The Scepter of Victory will protect you and empower you to do every act and be victorious, to anchor every Light and be victorious, to touch every Soul and illuminate the power, the might and the joy of being victorious.

Do this exercise for 30 days to fully clear all dross and to fully embody the Flame of Victory. Don’t be surprised to see another round of Violet, another round of whirlwind and crackling each time you repeat the exercise in the first few days. After a while all that needs to be removed will clear from your 5 Body System and it will settle itself in that Peach-Pink and Gold Light which brings you Victory.

Repeat the exercise. If there is a need for further clearing and in case you pick up some unwanted thoughts or energies, it may go into the Violet to bring clearing and cleansing and you may notice the Violet crackling, clearing, spinning until it settles itself into the Peach-Pink and Gold again.
Remember that we begin a new decade with the year 2011.

Walking into 2011 from this plateau will allow you to keep ascending into higher and higher Realms and events. This entire decade is about Divine Mother and the Return of Magic. I will stand by your side and walk with you through this entire decade and beyond.

I am your very own Divine Mother, so it is.

New Moon: Feb. 3 is the New Moon, a time to open up new projects, plans and programs. During the time of the New Moon, ask the Great Cosmic Being, Goddess Venus, the bringer of good fortune, to assist you with these intentions and help you fulfill your Divine Mission.

Full Moon: Feb. 18 is the Full Moon with very prominent and impactful energies. Goddess Venus, Goddess Hecate and Goddess Selene (Selena) are all involved with this phase of the moon. Call upon all three Goddesses to help you manifest both your personal and global intentions.

I wish you all a beautiful month of February.
In Love and Peace,

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I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

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