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My Dreams For Your Joy...By Ann Albers ... And ... Collective Ascension Template Mission by Natalie Glasson ... And ... What Service Will do for You

My Dreams For Your Joy ... By Ann Albers

Ann ..... From the Presence of Love... "I never intended for you to suffer." I felt such love. Hope you feel it too.

Love you all!
♥ Ann

The Presence of Divine Love Speaks Thru Ann.....

I never intended for you to suffer. When I dreamt you into being, my desire was to explore the many facets of self. I was still, silent potential and I began to imagine worlds, in much the same ways you – who are created in my image and likeness energetically – do when you are little children. I imagined worlds with beings of varied races and species. As I created, and experienced, these worlds within me, I imagined even greater possibility.

I imagined a world where a diversity of these beings could live in harmony. I imagined a world where I would experience myself within the diverse population. I would give you free will. I wondered what I "as many" would create, perhaps even beyond what I "as One" could dream.

And so your worlds were born. I have lived within them, allowing them a life of their own as we discover collectively who we can be. My loving will for you is that you dream beyond what I originally imagined for you, that you dream of a love that can be expressed in a multitude of forms, that you dream of interactions within our being that are loving, kind, and inspiring.

When I see you fighting and arguing and diminishing one another within me, I know I could force you to do otherwise, but in your freedom you grow in love, and I too learn the capacity of Love's presence within our collective being. I could force you to be happy by simply shifting my dreaming, but far kinder to allow you to learn to seek your joy for in so doing you create new worlds and new lives as well. I could control you but there would be the love in that, for I have created you and want you to explore and create even more.

The moment you dream a dream with love, I am flowing my attention and energy into that dream. The moment you pray for a kind interaction I am dreaming of the deeper harmony between you. The moment you ask to be healed, I am picturing you in the perfection I have always witnessed within you.

You are in me, and I am in you. You are my love made manifest, separated in a multitude of beings and forms, and collectively we explore all that we can become. Through your choices and dreams, you expand love's potential. Through your prayers you call forth greater awareness.

We are not separate. My love is your love. My dreams for your joy and expansion turn into your dreams for greater expression of my love.

Whether this expression takes the form of your desire to build a house, dress a child for school, help the downtrodden, or have a fit of rage, all movements are, in their essence, working to expand our collective being into an ever increasing awareness of the love that we are.

I treasure you, dear embodiments of my love. Dream your dreams, and then relax as I guide you – gently and lovingly – towards their expression.

Video - "Love Body Harmonization & Healing" -

Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

I've been feeling the Presence of Love so much more strongly these days. It is available to us all. It feels beautiful to feel this light taking over; possessing me to the degree I will let it. I know there is so much more surrender I can accomplish, but I will continue to do this by degrees.

One of my dearest dreams this year was to have peace in my heart even when the fears and pains of others attempt to derail me. I've gone through some very tough personal challenges the past few years as I've learned to love those who hate and hurt. I've been praying and dreaming of what it would be like to be rock solid, rooted so deeply in Love that nothing would sting anymore.

A few weeks ago I went through what would have been very tough personal drama, had it happened a few years back.
People I shared my heart with, in confidence while working through some personal feelings, betrayed my confidence. The gossip inspired pain in others who heard only an incomplete version of the story. I was maligned and made fun of behind my back. This is nothing new. My profession and my life invite censure from those who simply don't share the same experiences, but normally it would sting coming from someone I trusted.

It didn't sting this time. I felt the Presence of Love within me looking at all involved and feeling only compassion for their pain, and weirdly... I felt joy. It certainly was not my personal joy. It was the joy of the Love looking at lives that had been stuck and saying, "Now there is movement. Now there is growth. Now there are chinks in the armor of hardened hearts where light can get through. As Ann, I felt love, compassion, and sadness for the pain in those who would put me down to feel better.

The angels told me to shift my focus back to the joy. Souls were growing! Light was filtering in! This was not mine to resolve unless those involved wanted to talk to me directly. My dream for peace in my heart had finally come true. I feel the Presence ever so much more strongly.

I relied heavily on the Love that lives within us all to help me navigate these emotional waters with grace. I sat, breathed, received, and waited for guidance until I knew what to say, and that was precious little. What once would have inspired months of drama, turned into a few emails rooted in love and finding a common human experience.

We never have to know how our dreams and desires can manifest. Anything you ask for with love will come to you in its essence. The peace, healing, career, relationships, abundance, etc., are already there in the divine mind. All we have to do is line our minds up with that energy and allow Love to guide us.

Here are some pointers this week to help you be guided by love.

1. Remind yourself constantly, "I do not have to know how..."

Dream your dreams as a little child would – with wonder, excitement, and anticipation and then let go. Don't worry about how they'll come about or what form they'll take. Worry is a habit we have been taught. Little children don't worry if Christmas is coming. They know. They trust.

When we trust we get miracles. I have, so many times, received financial help just when I didn't know how to pay a bill, emotional help in the form of a bubbly friend, a kind stranger, the beautiful fragrance of a rose, just when I was in need. I received answers even to computer issues when I waited patiently with faith and trust that the technical problems would be resolved. Faith is believing in things unseen, as the saying goes. In this type of Faith we allow the Divine to work in our lives.

Tell yourself often, "I don't need to know how."

Our thinking is limited.

The Divine has infinite vision, resources, and possibility.

2. Focus on Love

When I didn't know how to forgive in my past I asked God to help me love the hurtful souls. I was shown their childhood pain and compassion ensued.

When I didn't know how to pay a bill, I focused on feeling grateful for all I did have and hope arrived.

When I didn't know how to heal a body in pain I focused on anything that was beautiful and inspiring in life so I could allow the body the love it needed to self heal.

When you focus on anything to feel loving and good about, you are making room for Divine love to flow more freely in your life.

3. Go back to breathing...

The angels repeat this suggestion over and over, simply because it works. Sit. Breathe. Receive. If you haven't tried it, do it now. Just for a minute.

Try it for a few minutes a day. Try it when you're worked up and need a loving solution. Try it when you don' know how to solve a problem. Inspiration may hit, or you may simply feel the peace you need until the guidance arrives.

Make space for help through your breathing.

My wish is that we could all know our unlimited and beautiful loving nature, and that we could all feel the Love that lives within all beings. Something deep shifts within when you know you aren't dreaming alone. The creator of universes lives, breathes, and moves within us all :)

With so much love,

Video - "Receiving Activations of Light - Simple Ascension Meditation Process"

By Melanie Beckler -

Collective Ascension Template Mission by the Celestial White Beings Via Natalie Glasson

Greetings, we are the Celestial White Beings, labelled so because of our pure white celestial light. We reside within the Multi- Universal and Cosmic Levels of the Creator, which means that we receive the intentions of the Creator in their purest form before they are distributed through the 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe.

While there are many planets, stars and places of inhabitancy within the Universe of the Creator, Mother Earth and all those that reside upon her are held dearly in our hearts. The Earth is moving through such tremendous acceleration in both technology and spirituality that many on the inner planes are investing their energy, love and support to create a most beautiful outcome.

The Earth is creating a template of light, consciousness and growth which will be used for generations to come on the Earth and other places of inhabitancy throughout the Universe of the Creator. The template will be the most unique and awe-inspiring creation because it will hold the wisdom and knowledge of how to reawaken and return to oneness with the Creator as a collective civilisation and as an individual.

Many civilisations such as the Lemurians, Atlanteans and even the Ancient Egyptians as a collective consciousness and civilisation tried to create a pure template that would guide and support other civilisations in moving through ascension as a collective and experiencing the greatest embodiment of light never before experienced on the Earth. Those currently present upon the Earth, whatever age they may be, have consented on a soul level to try once more to create and form this divine template of how to achieve collective ascension.

Personal ascension is appropriate and needed, for your own inner exploration and spiritual advancements will add to and energise the creation of the Collective Ascension Template.

However there is a greater goal that resides within the depths of your soul and that is to serve others and support their inner reunion with the Creator. This simple mission of being of service is the beginning of the creation of the Collective Ascension Template.

You may have noticed that you are more eager or inspired to help, care for and inspire others, or maybe you find yourself becoming irritated that the people around you aren’t progressing spiritually quick enough. These are all symptoms of the mission of creating, awakening and grounding into your reality the Collective Ascension Template.

Why is the Collective Ascension Template Mission Manifesting Now?

Humanity has moved through a major transitional process which began many years before 2012 and is now beginning to subside. This transitional process allowed for many illusions, and old templates of light and consciousness to fall away.

Humanity realised that they could access an incredible power within them and had the divine right to use it. A focus has been placed on releasing the illusion of being unloved, controlled, helpless, judged or judging, unable to make a difference, and being disconnected from the world, self and the Creator.

With these boundaries beginning to fall, humanity is able to realise the power they hold as individuals and how they can positively impact their reality, and more importantly, the power humanity has as a collective. An awareness of individual and collective power growing allows the mission that many generations have tried to achieve to be revealed once more. It is as if it has been dormant, waiting until the appropriate vibration and frequency of energy is achieved once more upon the Earth.

Your soul has been present within each civilisation that tried to create the Collective Ascension Template and so this is why, we, the Celestial White Beings, are bringing to your awareness this mission which you may have long forgotten and yet its energy and presence remains within your soul.

Some of you may be holding onto wounds from past experiences of creating the Collective Ascension Template, you may also hold within your being parts of the template which were created before and are still relevant and needed for this current creation of the Collective Ascension Template. In truth, you hold within you a healing process which will allow you to gift new wisdom and light to the template as well as ancient wisdom which may have been long forgotten.

There is a need to re-access this abundant energy within you and gift it to the Collective Ascension Template Chamber within Lord Buddha’s Planetary Level Ashram which has been created to house the construction of the template. The template is being formed by every soul currently on the Earth and this is why it is being housed within the Planetary Level of the Creator’s Universe.

With a new energy, era and dimension dawning and awakening upon the Earth, a sense of liberation is manifesting and humanity is being given the role of creator. Becoming the creators of the New Earth, an Earth that all wish to experience, an Earth that is aligned so deeply with the Creator that the Creator is recognised in every present moment.

One person leading the Earth forward to experience heaven on Earth is no longer appropriate and will only manifest in situations which have been previously experienced. Humanity is being invited to re-discover their untied consciousness, their infinite connection with all that is the Creator, including all sentient beings on the Earth and Mother Earth herself.

When this natural and eternal connection is once again realised, then humanity will regain their power as a collective, and this will be the foundation of the Collective Ascension Template. From there on, the Collective Ascension Template will record all that humanity achieves as individuals and more importantly as a collective to heal, create peace and raise the vibration of the Earth. Many beings on the inner planes will assist in fine tuning the template and offering humanity guidance to create the most beautiful existence for the Earth.

How Can You Play Your Role in the Collective Ascension Template?

1st Practice: There is first a need for you to recognise that your soul has agreed to support the formation of the Collective Ascension Template for the Earth now. This means that your spiritual development, healing and inner awakening is positively impacting the creation of the template and a guide for generations to come of how to evolve through the Earth school as a collective consciousness. 

In order to embody this fully, there will be a need for you to let go of the understanding that spiritual growth only occurs through suffering, pain, hardship and challenges. You may believe that you have let go of this belief, but we, the Celestial White Beings, invite you to contemplate any suffering, pain, hardship and challenges that are continuing to manifest in your reality. 

There is a need to open your awareness to the positive experiences in your life or the shifts that occur without drama, affirming these as powerful lessons and growth processes of your spiritual evolution. This will not only create a major transformation within your being and life, it will impact the collective consciousness of humanity majorly. Resulting in less disasters, suffering and pain of all forms for humanity as a collective and inhabitant of Mother Earth.

2nd Practice: Focusing upon your connections is immensely important. There is a need to build your awareness of your connection with your body, etheric body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, soul, as well as your creations in your reality, the people in your life and across the entire world. The animals, nature kingdom, in truth everything that is a part of the Earth, which includes Mother Earth. This can sound like an enormous and lengthy task to achieve and yet it can be achieved in a few minutes of meditation or quiet time.

Allow yourself to enter into a peaceful state of being, focusing on your breathing. Imagine the energy of your soul within your heart and recognise the colour it is emanating. Imagine, sense or acknowledge that you radiate the colour of your soul into your entire body, recognising each part of our body and auric field for a moment.

Then extend the colour of your soul into your surroundings ,imagining the light connecting with people, situations, even your home and surrounding areas. Then expand the energy of your soul further to connect with all the people on the Earth, all the animals, nature, everything you can imagine, as soon as you think of the connection it is created. Then simply enjoy the experience of being in the energy of the collective.

As you have emanated the light from your soul, this means you are connecting to the soul level of all beings, you are connecting with the light in everyone and are completely safe and protected. The more you experience the practice the more it will become your natural existence, accessing the power of the collective at a soul level. You will also notice the way you act and react to people being very different. Wisdom from the collective energy of all upon the Earth may dawn to inspire you.

3rd Practice: Be aware that when you achieve or approach things as a collective, you access a power that creates beauty, transformation and truth. The collective can mean being connected and accepting of your entire being, co-creating with your guides, angels, etc, or realising that when you join with other human beings with a unified understanding much can be created. Try to approach your reality, experiences and create transformations from this perspective.

4th Practice: Ask within you during meditation or quiet time:

‘I invite my soul to reveal to me the wounds that are required to be healed from my previous attempts of creating the Collective Ascension Template. I invite the Celestial White Beings to co-create with me the healing process that is essential, allowing me to heal with ease and perfection.’

(Take time to recognise whether anything comes to your awareness that needs to be healed and invite the Celestial White Beings to bring forth healing.)

‘I invite my soul to bring forth the wisdom, energy, consciousness or love I have already discovered in the past when attempting to create the Collective Ascension Template. I now ask that this wisdom is returned to my current embodiment and returned through my expression to the Collective Ascension Template within Lord Buddha’s Planetary Ashram.’

(Take time to receive, whether you believe you have received or not, send energy to the Collective Ascension Template within Lord Buddha’s Planetary Ashram.)

I allow myself to connect with the Collective Ascension Template within Lord Buddha’s Planetary Ashram. I allow myself to receive its sacred energy and any wisdom it wishes to share with me. I recognise myself as a co-creator.

(Take time to connect and receive.)

We are present to assist and serve you,

The Celestial White Beings

Natalie Glasson’s Soul Group

 More Celestial White Beings -

Free audio download of Natalie's massage -

Video - "Experience The Levels & Dimensions Of Your Christ Consciousness"


What Service Will do for You

"Service is freedom and service brings freedom," the Grandmothers said.  "Loving service is powerful.

"Whenever you connect with others in light, whatever it is that may have previously held you back in life begins to lose its hold on you.  Each time you reach out to offer help to someone else, all that's previously limited your Being loses its grip.  As your attention begins to pour from your heart to another living soul, energy is no longer confined to just a small circle within you but moves onward and upward in a widening ring.

"You're part of the Net of Light," the Grandmothers said, "and because you are, at every minute you're fully alive and at one with all that is.  You're not now nor will you ever be separate, so each time you actively minister to others, love naturally flows through you and through them.  When you immerse yourself in giving, We or any form of the Divine can come into you, live and breathe through you," the Grandmothers said.  We can work through you then, and at moments like that you experience oneness with us.

"Service is the easiest path to spiritual liberation," the Grandmothers said. "This is true because instead of energy only rotating around your own small sense of identity, it moves to a greater circuitry.  You expand when you serve and when you expand like this, you become the flowitself.  You become the One.  Then all your so-called 'limitations' dissolve and you experience unity with all that is.  When you're giving, you automatically receive love.  And because love is your nature, each time you reach out to help others, you feel your own beauty.  You feel the joy of who you are.
"Seek a place where you can serve," the Grandmothers said. 

"Seek a place where you can help.  Do this for others, but do it primarily for you.  Because each time you do this," they laughed, "you'll be happy. You'll be happiness itself.
"And should you find that it's hard for you to offer yourself in service, if you're somehow holding yourself back, be curious about what's discouraging you.  What's stopping you from living in the flow of loving service?  Ask yourself, "What's going on?" they said, "and get to know what it is that's blocking your freedom.  You're not weak and helpless," they shook their heads.  "You're magnificent! You were made for love. What you are in fact is love in action," the Grandmothers said, and added,"The world today is starving for love in action."

You may copy this message, but please copy the full message including
 our website links. Thank you.

Wishing you all the very best,
Sharon McErlane
Net of Light and Grandmothers Speak

The Grandmothers Speak, 483 Linden St., Laguna Beach, CA 9
Video - Affirmations - Raise Your Joyful Vibrations" By Steve Noblel

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One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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