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Choice of life before life. To be or not to be? 

Study time between lives or life between life. 


In his book "Life Before Life", the psychologist Helen Wambach gives us the results of their research with regression therapy, which shows an open window to the subconscious of more than 750 people (volunteers, mostly college students ) that have agreed to be studied for it.

Subjects made possible past life regression, death in these lives, the moments before incarnating in this life, when they were in the womb and at birth.

Were subjected to questions about whether elected or not born, if their parents chose, at what point they felt that his conscience is joined to the fetus, if they had a mission in life, if they perceived their feelings in these stages and their parents.

See here a summary of some of the findings and data from their study:

Many of the subjects were performing the regressions?
Although 90% of the subjects could find answers related to questions about past lives, only 50% did so when asked about his birth.

Helen Wambach asked the reason for this difference, because if fantasized in their previous lives, they could fantasize as birth. At least, they are sure that you were born here and now.

Born and die, that we cause more anger or pleasure?
90% of subjects reported that death in previous lives was pleasant. However, none of them had lost the will to live. Therefore, Wambach had the expectation that the return to life in another body would be a process basically nice.

I was wrong.
Only 28% of the subjects was excited to relive.

Choose to be born or not?
81% of the subjects said they chose to be born. The general conclusion reached was that somehow freely chose to perform a task that cost them cope, that some did by choice and others did it by force. Most said they had consulted with various advisors. For example:
'Yes, I chose to be born. There was a group talking about it, but to me to decide. My feelings at the prospect of living the next life were that is like having to go to work, to prepare for the trip and pack the energy. "  (In order to live You must have an energy - a subtle energy  or Yin - Yang energy Qi).

A small subset (3% of those who chose birth) had apparently acted against the advice of their teachers and guides:
'Yes, it is clear that I chose birth. Some things tried to warn me, but not heard. I was impatient to finish something he started. "

19% of all subjects resisted the birth experience, to the extent that said they did not chose to be born, did not even have the impression that they were given the option to do so:
'No. It seemed as if I did not choose to be born, but others I have to. I think there was someone higher up, or others, to insist. I did not want at all '

Both groups, those who chose to birth and those who do not, others said they helped in the process of choice of another life. Of those directors of the period prior to birth, 59% of the subjects mentioned more than one.
It is interesting to note that 10% of the subjects talked about people in your life today advised them before birth. For some it was their mother or father, other relatives were killed before birth, some were people who would know later in the next life. Interestingly, made no distinction between people living in the moment that decided the birth and dead and yet unborn.

In the world between lives, our system of chronological time and the fact that someone is physically alive or not seems to be minor.
Interestingly, only 0.1% of subjects referred to God or any other form of divinity as a force that had brought them to birth.
This Wambach considered exceptional in a culture where we have a hierarchical image of a divine figure who controls our destiny after death, and possibly before birth.
By contrast, the majority of the directors were friends, or others in his group. Even those who described spiritual guides who were not necessarily indicate higher figures, but colleagues who did not live in bodies before they were born subjects.

The election of the twentieth century:
When asked if the subjects chose the twentieth century to live for any particular reason, Wambach was curious to know if this period is considered fruitful to experience physical life, or if it would be a bad thing. The fact that many individuals wish to remain in the space between life and reluctantly agreed to be born, made him think this was because it might be a particularly difficult period.

The answer to this question surprised him.


Many subjects, 41% received no impressions in response to this question or simply to answer 'No'.
Among the remaining subjects who responded affirmatively to the question, most of them, 51% chose this period because of its great potential for spiritual development, another 30% said having chosen primarily for personal reasons (usually it was because others important they had known in previous lives would be alive at the time).  Some subjects had more personal reasons, many felt they had something special to teach and why they chose this time to live.

Wambach forecasting, that the subject would describe the second half of the twentieth century as a period of difficult life was not corroborated by the data.


Only 4% of respondents to the question described this period as particularly difficult, and these subjects seemed to emphasize the positive aspect of being able to learn a lot, while talking about the difficulties.

We know of other lives?
Established a series of questions to see how subjects responded to the possibility that persons appearing in your life now will be familiar from past lives.
No less that 87% reported having met parents, lovers, relatives and friends from previous lives.

13% gave no response, the vast majority were subjects who resisted the whole process of the birth experience.
Among the 87% who answered 'Yes' to the question, there was a surprising variety of relationships is offered. Parents of this life had been lovers in the past, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and children. There was absolutely no consistency in the way that people in this world life was related in others.
The Freudian hypothesis of the daughters who wish their parents were her lovers was not evident in the data collected, nor the children saw their mothers as lovers in other lives more frequently than any other kind of relative. 


Interestingly, it was less than 3% when he spoke of the same relationships with their husbands or lovers from past lives. 

Interestingly, the relationships are not limited to past lives, but the state can be glimpsed. That surprised to subjects like Wambach.


The conclusion she drew is:
'All told the same story. We return with the same souls, but in different circumstances. We live again not only with those we love, but also those who hate or fear. Only when we feel compassion and affection only get rid of life over and over again with the same spirit, which is also forced to live with us ... '


Choice of life between life.


"A form of dynamic energy yet to be identified and measured by main stream human civilization is present in all carbon-based organic life. It is this essence in organized form that enters the physical body prior to birth and departs at death presumably more educated and with a minimum of wear and tear.  The difference between the human version and that of a cow or a worm is only a degree of complexity of such organization."


Page 64  "Far Journeys" R. Monroe,


Choice of life before birth.


M. Newton (hypnotist).

"The selection process of the body in the circle is never done in order to draw us into not necessary combinations. Scope of the choice of life is not a place selling goods at reduced prices. Planners are not interested to stun unsuspecting soul body "low quality". Each combination of body and mind makes sense for both the ego. Bringing joy to the soul as a means of physical and mental expression, the body can also cause great pain and. The lesson of this merger is to create a harmonious unity of body and soul, that they function as one. 


Certain combinations of body and soul truly create a life full of disappointments and difficult problems.

However, only twice in my practice, I came across a soul who admitted that she had requested that was replaced in the fetus, to which she could not adapt. uncharacteristic for her." 

 Michael Newton (hypnotist) - "Journey of Souls" - Case Studies of Life Between Lives.


Past lives healing

Consciousness expansion & levels of consciousnesses

Choice of life between life

Soul colors, Evolving Soul.

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