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April 9, 2015


I have an ascension experience to share.

I was pretty pissed off yesterday, mostly angry and frustrated with relationship stuff, so I didn't think I would have a very rewarding meditation time. 

As I sat there, Sananda was sitting across from me. I asked him to sit next to me and I talked with him for a little bit. I asked him to merge into me and he said "No, I won't, you need to bring forth the golden flames of unconditional love from within yourself, not just from me."

So I ignited these flames, then the blue and violet flames in the same way. The tri-fold flames burning in my heart. I invoked the platinum, emerald, pink, aquamarine, and white flames as well, sitting in a pillar of flames.

I merged as one with Obsidian and looked at myself. As Obsidian, none of my issues of the day mattered, I was thinking those issues were so petty and didn't matter. I argued with myself and said "It does matter, for if these small issues are preventing my expansion, my growth and becoming my true potential then it matters to all of me. My ascension is your expansion as well, is your anchoring of your being in physical, so stop with the bullshit and help me."

Did I already say I had a pissy day?

I had already grounded with Gaia Sophia who wrapped her foliage around me, and filled me with her healing energy. I asked Goddess Sophia to come, and she appeared in front of me. She is so very beautiful to me, and she held my hand and kissed me gently. I just love that. I was hugging her and was feeling how her wings, or what I perceived as wings joined with her back and shoulders. It was fascinating and wonderful.

I asked her to go to the Halls of Amenti with me. I had done this meditation, one part of the series of Thoth, emerald tablets meditations earlier in the day. It was a difficult one as it has several lines to repeat that are in another language. I could barely keep up even just speaking in my head.

Anyway, she agreed to go with me. I spread my eagle wings as Arak, and we lifted out of the tub to fly away. I looked back and Obsidian was sitting nearby, staying behind.

We stood before these enormous golden doors. I demanded "Open your gates and allow me to enter. I know the secrets, I have prepared, and it's time for me to come before you, to pass your tests, die and resurrect. Do not make me go back and look up the words in another language, open your gates."

The gates opened into a courtyard with huge Egyptian God statues lined along the pathway, open to the night sky.

I started to walk forward and pulled Sophia's hand to come along with me. She resisted and pulled back. I pulled a little harder and asked her to come with me. She sat on the ground slightly sideways and I wanted to pull her along across the ground. She looked up at me, and said "You must do this alone, nobody may accompany you, it is your test, your initiation. Have no fear, I will be with you."

I released her hand and walked into the gates, which closed behind me. I was walking as Arak, and I grew in size to match the size of the statues. I thought to myself "I am one of you, I should stand tall and confident in your midst."

At the end of the lined walkway of statues, there was another doorway into an inner space. I passed through those doors, and the beings who were represented as statues outside were waiting within. I walked through them to the end of the golden room at what you could call an altar. Ra stood before me and told me to show myself as ALL that I am. I transformed into Tok, the physical representation of all aspects of myself. I saw Obsidian in the background, moving along the wall, watching with great interest.

Ra said, "You must have no fear to pass through."

I said, "I have no fear, I am ready."

Found on egyptomanian.tumblr_2

Image found on egyptomanian.tumblr

He extended his staff toward me and it penetrated my heart. He moved it from chakra to chakra, preparing my body for the next part of the process. He levitated me into a laying position, floating above the floor.

He was speaking in a language I do not know or understand. The other gods and goddesses circled around me and in one motion, all of them shoved a sword through my heart, horizontally, 12 equally spaced sacred swords.

My heart exploded in light and my body went limp. My legs dangled and my head and arms fell backward. I was balancing on a 13th sword, point upward directly below my heart.

I reminded myself to feel no fear, and I didn't, I was completely at peace.

I felt priests and priestesses anointing my body with oils and essences. My third eye, my hands, my feet, all the key centers of my physical being. They inserted a tool into my nose and pulled my brain out (a layer of it), and then proceeded to work on the brain and mind in my head, rewiring, adjusting.

Ra said, "When you are ready, when you can relax and accept, surrender to us, allow this 13th sword to flow through your heart."

I said, "I have no fear!" and I slid down the sword, fully impaled.

My entire body now exploded in white light. It was like a series of strong explosive pulses expanding outward, like several atomic bombs going off in quick succession. I rose from the swords, white hot with light, all of my body too brilliant to look at with human eyes.

I gracefully moved, so smoothly, no need for wings, just flowing as energy without losing my form. I immediately grew and expanded in size, and merged with Gaia. I was dancing within her, my body swishing through her cleansing and cleaning as I danced through her. I continued to expand and was holding her completely and totally in my hands as a planetary celestial being. I looked at the solar system and flew to Maldec and embraced myself in that form, enjoying the total and complete freedom in this magnificent ascended form.

When I returned to the hot tub, I was Tok and I was human, and both aspects, or forms were burning white hot. I played with the feeling of so completely feeling both forms at once.

I experimented with dropping myself as Tok into my human body, the merging of all aspects of myself, my higher self into my physical human body, but I didn't feel that my human body 'ascended' in the process.

I looked at my human body from my perspective as Tok and invited my walk-in to occupy my human body, but that didn't seem to happen either, or if it did, I wasn't aware of it.

I am still at a loss as to what the next step in physical ascension is. I have had amazing ascension experiences, and I know they are real. I have a nasty headache now after having my brain removed... LOL

So what is the next step, or maybe the last step?

What I got was that I have a few more things to let go of, and considering how upset I was yesterday, I can understand this.

One day at a time.

Later the same day...

I just finished my morning meditation and I have a few answers.

It was very easy to see and feel myself in the same way I did last night, as this ascended being. This is a great gift.
I made sure I had a strong physical connection with Gaia and I know that is an important part of what we are all doing. Anchoring source into Gaia and humanity. It's what I've been doing for a year with an obsessive focus.

Found on egyptomanian.tumblr  

Image found on egyptomanian.tumblr

I went to the library under the Sphinx and met Thoth. I asked to see a book on teleportation. He presented me with the book, opened to the correct page. Then I asked to see it in English...

I read the passage and it seems so simple. It was also clear that my physical body needs to ascend to 5D, at least temporarily to teleport. So I asked "What comes first physical ascension or this gift?" He said "You ascended last night, you're just not seeing it and accepting it." So I asked if the baggage I carry, the things that manifested as anger yesterday are part of my block. He agreed it is part of it. So with creative intent I released this baggage and asked that what doesn't serve me be removed and healed. With a flash of light, I saw it leave. So I decided to try some teleportation.

I raised my body frequency and focused on my light body and the ascended form from last night. I imagined a beam of golden light running from me, to the core of Gaia, then upward to my destination. I asked Obsidian to be an anchor in both locations. I felt myself heading toward Gaia's core, then return to myself in the hot tub. So I tried again and this time went to my destination. I felt the grass on my feet and my bumm, sitting there, but my physical body did not come along for the ride. I did this about 10 times with different destinations. I tried the beach in Hawaii... I can feel physical sensations of my destination, but I can also feel physical sensations at my origination point. Very interesting and I will keep trying.

Then I asked what remains that I must do to ascend fully. The answer is very simple. Thoth said "When you see yourself as your ascended light body, when you see ALL people as their light bodies, ALL animals, ALL plants, ALL of Gaia, when you see family, friends, and complete strangers as their light body, you will hit the tipping point. It will just happen in full completion. You have ascended, your body has fully immersed in the 5th dimension, you just need to see yourself as that and that means stop creating the physical illusion of lower dimensions. Stop supporting that sense of your being, for it isn't fully you, only a part of you, a reflection of you."

It sounds so easy, but fully letting go of the old is a hard habit to break. I went inside and looked in the mirror. First I saw me as a normal physical human, then I focused on my ascended image. I went to talk to my daughter and first I saw her as her normal 13 year old human self, then I focused on her light body. I will be doing this practicing until it is second nature, until I no longer need to remind myself or think about it.

Should be an interesting ride.

Found on egyptomanian.tumblr_3

Image found on egyptomanian.tumblr

April 10th, 2015

Well, it's been almost a full day of working on seeing and living from the perspective of the 5th dimension. It isn't as easy as it sounds...

I went for a bike ride in our community, and it was glorious. I was seeing colors more vividly, the trees, flowers, all commenting to me, wanting to be interacted with. As I would pass someone in a car, I would look at them as their light body self. Everything felt so alive and full of power. I was full of it too, really feeling blissful.
I went to talk to my daughter and at first I saw her as a 'normal' human, then I reminded myself to look at her as her true self, and the dynamics shifted.

I had to go to Costco, and driving there I was seeing angels driving cars, dragons heads sticking out of the top of cars, and then I would listen to music and forget to look in this new perspective and fall back into older perspectives. Then I would remember and go back. I probably switched back and forth 10 times just driving to the store.

In Costco, it was an absolute circus. With so many people in one place, looking at it from a 5th dimensional perspective, the entire store was teaming with angels and other beings. I was seeing people, but also non-humans overlaid on them. I would make eye contact with people and connect with them for just second and smile, and they would smile back with a lingering look.

I stood in line to get something to drink and was feeling myself as an ascended being while watching all of this. I started to see and feel people that were hurting. So I extended healing energy around me, flowing outward and started to cry as the energy flowed. Of course this is just as I reached the front of the line and had to order, so I shut it down so I could speak.

It is really obvious why we have forgotten who we are so we could learn in an environment of separation, because with all that was going on, the 'normal' world of worries and confusion seemed so minor and small.

I will continue doing this everyday and I know it will get easier and easier as I do. Just being wrapped in the intense energies of my ascended self is tiring for my body, but it's also energizing at the same time.

Eventually, we all must see the true beauty in each other. I think it's one of the keys.

One last side note, as of today. It hasn't gotten any easier... I fully and truly believe it is an ebb and flow kind of cycle and as I continue on my path, it does get easier, but it hasn't been an instant or sudden change kind of thing. Some days yes, some days no.

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Very good- Thank you for shareing _ Shareing is careing      Namasta Capt B



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