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Aotearoa ~ April 11, 2017 - Full Moon Message from
'Arlia - Pleiadian Ancestress Emissary' ...
received in Our 'Circle of Love/ at Our 'Waahi Tapu'
Stargate Portal
After Fourteen of Us Beautiful Ones in the physical
stood to Receive and Anchor the Energetic Vibrations
coming thru from Our Heavenly Realm to Infuse into
All the Dimensions, here at Our Multidimensional Portal
in the Spirit of Gratitude and Love ...
We received this Blessed Message ...
''Beloved Dear Ones, gathered in Your Circle of Love
Greetings to You Each ...
For many of You, this is a new and beautiful experience
We love, how You have come here ... of Your own will
We love, how You have surrendered, to this moment
To share Your beautiful Presence, with Us,
Who are very much, in the World, They call; the Invisible World
however, there are some of You within this beautiful Circle
Who see Us very clearly
Greetings, I introduce Myself to You -
For many of You, I am new; for some of You ...
You have heard Me; You have felt the Presence and heard
the Messages before -
I Am known as 'Arlia' of The Pleiades Planetary System ...
I have been sent by The Pleiades Council of Light
and Our Mission and Our Love Is to Be with You and to Share with You Light and Love, Always -
We are here to bridge the gap, between that, which is of the unseen, into that which is seen -
Beloved Ones, You are not here by chance and may You know
that this special moment which is Auspicious; is one where
We ask You, to lay down Your Hearts; so that You will absorb
more fully; All that is set before You -
Dear Ones, We ask that You will continue to move
and continue to walk with Your Beloved Soul ...
for Each of You now, are standing forth; in the Love, in the Light
that Your beautiful Soul has brought You here with ...
hence why, We love You so much
For You are walking in the Pure Love of Your Soul ...
For You note that there are not huge numbers here,
however - for Those that do see ...
You will see that there are huge numbers, surrounding Your Circle - there are Ancestors; there are Guides; there are Guardians - there are Those, Who are of the Realm of deep deep Consciousness - Who do not have form or shape; however They Hear and Feel Everything that is happening in this
'Circle of Love' - Dear Ones, We of The Pleiades Council ...
We Love You Each and We say to You straight Soul to Soul
We are so grateful, that You are now more, in the Soul than in the Mind ... for the Mind always takes You to that which is comfort, whereas the Soul, stretches You, more to that
which is 'of the Heart and of Compassion'
Beloved Ones; may You know that We indeed are grateful and are proud that You have shown up ... and We say to You
at this time 'Walk in the Light of Your Soul' ... for it is the Soul,
the Golden Era that You are in now; it is the Era of the Soul ...
the last Era that You were in, was the Era of the Mind -
Now You are walking in 'The Era of The Soul' ... and what brings Your Soul closer; and closer; is Your Heart, filled with Love ...
So Beloved Ones, take this beautiful Message through and know, that We walk every step of the way, with You ...
for 'We Are One - Soul to Soul' -
For Those of You; Who may have been having challenges
with Manifesting ... remember, from this time forth
Your Manifestation will be made easier ...
calling upon Your Soul; for Your Soul is directly linked with Us All hence the saying 'We Are One; Soul to Soul; Heart to Heart'
Beloved Ones, Our Message, is most certainly short, and sweet
and We say to You now; 'Live Your Soul, Walk Your Soul,
Love Your Soul' and make sure that Your Soul, takes every advantage, of every experience and situation
and with this Beloved Ones; You will never ever, go wrong ...
You will only walk, in the Light of Love -
This beautiful Message, We leave with You now ...
The Pleiades Council of Light; All Those of The Upper Realms
Those of the Realms of The Cosmos of Heaven ...
Your Star Families, The beautiful Archangels and Those of Light;
We All Love You, Soul to Soul, Heart to Heart ...
for We have Always been Connected, however
Now is the time, to consciously, consciously be aware ...
that Your Soul is, right here; now -
Dear Ones; Go Well, Go with Love, Go Soul to Soul
and Walk Always in the Soul of Love ...
We leave this with You Dear Ones, knowing that You will continue to do well and Bless Others, with Your Soul
and help Them to bring forth Their Souls, as well -
This We leave with You and Love You Always Dear Ones
Soul to Soul ~ And So It Is
And So Be It ~
It Is Done"

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Thank you Kirar for bringing us these uplifting messages,

Blessings of Love and Light,


THANK you so much



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