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Question: How can I heal myself? Can I do it on my own?

Answer:Kryon - What is healing? First of all, always concentrate on what is the most masculine of the areas that need healing, and in every family it is the father that needs healing. Always, always, always it is the inner world we are dealing with. To straighten your life out in the outside world is near impossible. Everything is firstly in the inner world. Everything in you is light, vibrations and energy. Wherever possible work with the father. Find a way to stay energised through meditation or exercise—see to it that you always have enough energy in your body for this work because the light and vibrations in your body are energy. What you want to do is put that light into the dark spaces in your body—and release what is not working.
Be very careful to observe yourself and your life and see what is working and what is not working, and depending on how your life looks you will need that much energy, as much as possible. You can’t be dreaming bigger than possible and pushing and expanding your energies into the outside world. The first step of healing is to accept your situation and then to go inside yourself—because you are divine, you are like God, you were made in His image and He is the great creator and so are you. But, where you are hurt you will create a hurt reality in your outside world. You need your energy not for battling with the outer world, you need all of it to resolve your inner world.

So it is to see where you are creating that which you don’t want, and it is to see where you are creating hurt in your life—that which you don’t want in your life. Where there is anger and fear and sadness. These three basic energies are what are holding you back. Inside any of these three energies you will always find the inner child—who will guide you to a problem! And to where your entire family constellation is creating a negative reality. Inside of you is your entire family constellation, you are a reflection of the solar system, the sun (internally Father-Sun) is the sum total of all your fathers, the earth (internally Mother-Earth) is the sum total of all your mothers: and you are the moon, the inner Moon-Child. Your brother will be Mercury and your sister will be Venus, your uncle will be Saturn and your aunt will be Jupiter.

It is necessary that all these energies come into balance—and the way to bring them into balance is to put light into them. So you put light into your aunts and your uncles and most importantly your mothers and your fathers. The most important thing is really your father because he of all your family constellation inside of you is naturally the most masculine, and if this masculinity is not healed then none of the other family members can be healed either: it is the masculine which holds the feminine. Your father will hold your mother in a feminine space. But your mother is also masculine to the child, so there is no point in healing the child or the mother first, you have to heal what is most masculine first. It is not a matter of importance, it is a matter of order. When transporting produce to market for example, the horse and the cart are just as important as each other and just as useless without each other too. They are not in competition, they are two parts of a functional whole. But, the horse goes in front of the cart! And the father must be whole first.

Always start with the father. Start like this. When you go to bed at night, start by sending love to your father, your genetic father—or send that love to that part of you that is your father. You must come to realise that the good pure God that you are invoking to heal yourself is actually a true template of your entire family constellation, healed.

There are two main parts to this God and the first part is the father and all the male attributes of the family. The second part of God is his partner, his wife, the energy of Sofia, which naturally represents the female parts of the family. These are the two most important energies that you will invoke to heal yourself. The masculine from the father’s side within you will bring the structure, and the feminine will bring the healing thereafter. It is to begin like that, invoke the energies, feel the energies, and feel the healing happening.
Healing is always better with two people, through discussion and mutual contemplation. But you can do it alone, in fact doing it alone shows something very special: pure intent.

Question: What exactly are the uses of the energies of apology and forgiveness—does one need to apologise or seek forgiveness from a live person? Is it a matter of learning patience as this healing process takes such a long time?

Answer:Kryon - The amount of time it takes, this is a journey that everybody is on, and yes, it does take a lot of time, more or less depending on how much you have to heal and on how unconscious your parenting was. Remember though that you chose your parents, you chose to have this experience. In doing that it is clear that everything is going to work out. It’s beautiful to see yourself growing, looking back over your shoulder and looking at the past and seeing how much that you’ve grown and moved on. The quickest way, and really the only way, is to start with the father. It is like this—if you heal your father then what that can mean is that all the feminine aspects, unless there is real damage done, then those will heal too. If you heal your mother, she will heal the child will heal the other aspects of the family, and the whole constellation will heal.

The feminine is different to the masculine, it has flow. The feminine is like the river and the masculine is like the river’s banks—so as you heal the father that allows the other parts of the constellation to drop into their proper feminine roles, everything else is dependent on the father being healed.

In regard to the inside and the outside world—don’t even bother about anyone else in the outside world when conducting this process, once you have truly forgiven on the inside these people in the outside world will either fall into place or fall out of your life. You will feel pure and complete and resolved in those relationships.
The apology happens on the inside, it is an energy that you allow. Don’t judge the energy, just allow the energy of apology to flow through you and into whoever is disturbing you or into whatever is going on negatively—-and always include your father in this process. No matter who is to blame for whatever is going on, see that the energy flows through you into your father and then into the problem; and then into the rest of the family constellation. This is inner work. There is no need to go out into the world and apologise to this or that person. They will probably have no idea what you are apologising about, they might have even forgotten what you are so upset about. Forgiveness is an energy that flows, so let it flow into the problem.
If you are so hurt that you are angry with God then allow that energy to flow back to God—and acknowledge that you are angry with the world and with God and let that forgiveness come.

You will begin to feel smooth and loving and begin to become complete and as you allow the apology.
It is always a hurt child in the middle of whatever negative is going on—you are living in a dualistic reality, you created your problem along with the rest of your family constellation in spirit world and you brought that problem to work through in this three dimensional Earth. You agreed to it happening and you agreed that your whole family had to be hurt or had a certain level of unconsciousness for this to happen. So it happened and it did so perfectly as you planned it in spirit world—but unfortunately everyone around you had to be unconscious for this to happen.

Apology is to take away the guilt. In Spanish it is disculpa, take away the guild—in German it is entchuldingung—take away the guilt. Nobody is perfect, but nobody is guilty—everything is the way it should be, so apology will allow the forgiveness to flow and once it has… then the love too can flow into whatever the problem is.

We always say, a problem is an absence of love, it always starts on the inside, you are like projectors projecting your reality into the world, the problem is darkness, put light in the dark space. Once you’ve dealt with it like that—it will never come back. That is what you want.
If you try and solve a problem in the material world in the material world, then you will spend a lot of time and energy and even if you do solve it can you be sure that the problem on the inside is resolved too? No, you cannot. The only way to solve it is to solve it on the inside by shining light on the problem.

Question: What are the steps to connect with the energy of 2012?

Answer: Kryon- Yes dear ones, this is an interesting question…one with a few different possibilities… the true energy of 2012 you will be that of creating your reality out of love. There are four major energies, love, anger, sadness and fear. The anger, the sadness and the fear—hidden in them are your lessons, and the secret is to resolve these negative emotions and to get yourself through your lessons, as we explained earlier. One thing that will help you dear ones is to listen to the previous channellings where we take the audience to the energy of 2012, connecting to that energy.

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