You have perhaps noticed a little lull in the proceedings, a small pause for breath if you will, a chance to sit back and really start see yourself in all of your glory? For again, this is what this is all about, a chance to step back from the hubbub of your everyday life and step within, close the door and enter your own inner sanctuary, where you can begin to get acquainted with the real essence of who you really are. For you are so much more than what you think, and even if this is a message we have repeated again and again, it is one we will continue to preach until the last one of you have fallen down on your knees in awe from seeing the real you for the very first time. And yes, this will take time, but it will indeed happen sooner than many of you think, for now, this process of you opening up those doors within has certainly taken on a whole new meaning.

For we are more than aware of the seemingly endless procession of inner doors so many of you have ventured through during all these years. Some of them you have entered crawling on hands and knees, almost in despair, and totally exhausted from the long haul that took you there. Other doors you have literally jumped through in glee, with your arms in the air whilst shouting for joy. And now, more and more of you will start to experience the latter, as you have already managed to work your way through so much of those old limitations that served to drive you to your knees in frustration and despair.

For now, you have all entered a part of the stream that will bring you forward with much higher speed and with less toil and frustration following in its wake. For as you jettisoned your old baggage, you also gave yourself far more leeway to enter the discover-mode instead of the cleanser-mode, and as such, we think you will all have the chance to sit back and survey what you have before you. And in doing so, you will start to see all of those open doors beckoning you, as there are no longer those high piles of old baggage hiding them from you.

So again we say, take some time to sit with yourself, breathe into your very core, and smell the scent of fresh air that is wafting toward you from those inner chambers that are beckoning you to come an visit them. For they are not the cramped little rooms of the old, filled with all sorts of debris. No, these are large and airy halls, filled with all sorts of wonders, with more than enough space for you to enter them and make yourself even larger in the process. For as you go into those new chambers, you will start to unfold and grow at a rapid rate, but never fear, you will not find yourself constricted in any way as you do so. For these rooms are there to help you to grow as much as you can, and as we said, there are no limits any more. Not to the capacity of these rooms, nor to the potential you have within, waiting for you to come and unlock it. So take some time to celebrate the fact that you have already taken yourself this far, for it is by no means a mean feat, but then, let your curiosity guide to forwards again, for now that path is well and truly cleared for you to find it with ease.