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imagine what unfolded before you when you had previously thought it......the mind that thinks thinks only of the past and future and not REALITY
think of things as this is what this is and try right now a way to see clearer...seeing clearer would be AWARENESS the empowerment ,SELF
make the patient passage seeing into life as unfolded before a safe to be time..that safe to be time is NOW AWARE REALITY
be safe in a time of dramatically changing chance of a veil of trust as it  is lifted in this situation....... the veil of trust that is lifted is TRUST IN EGO vs AWARENESS SELF
make a time of this situation of unfolding be clearer than the situation....... you realize now more graceful....all situations are mind constructs and are therefore not REALITY really realize the GRACE of the moment
able are you now that you are in person to percieve the veil of all that is in the truth of things that you once unfolded before you....THE TRUTH OF AWARENESS WILL SHOW PEACE AND RECEPTIVITY BEING OPEN TO SELF AND SELF BY VIRTUE OF ITS FULLNESS WILL SHOW
trust in things that you realize not in things of the revelation of a way that has receded before you have this.......TRUST in REALIZATION NOT REVELATION , REVELATION IS MUTABLE AND WILL BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE TRUST IN WHAT IS IMMUTABLE THERE THEN IS WHAT YOU HAVE ~SELF channeled through Faunaserene from Kuan Yin.....

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on August 12, 2014 at 6:37pm

THANK YOU, dearest Fauanserene!


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