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Higher Self HOME… THE 6!


Dear brostars and sistars.. I am so sorry.. I sent out an article with a huge mistake on it.. and typos.. I do apologize.. In the Master 22 Day Solstice Article I called this coming Saturday a 6 day.. LOL.. it is a 7 day.. Magical.. I did edit this on the blog but can’t change the thousands of email subsciber articles.. I am so sorry.. I will preview the posts better!!!.1

here is my distracted  and hey I am 40 and blonde.. so I have a tiny excuse..(OH US LADIES.. WE AGE LIKE WINE GIRLS).. SMARTER, WISER.. SO … its the hair dye not the age… lol.. my sincerest apologies though.. I never want to give out misinformation..  I do get so excited sometimes I am like a whirlwind.. in my mind of multi-dimensional conversation, physical super sensory overload.. So.. back to today and what is happening.. so much..


I have a new video I am so so proud of.. I tried to find a plug in to upload videos for my subscribers and its just a pain.. I will just post links.. the videos are to hard to imbed from wordpress.. so check it out.. It is the Trailer of the LIGHTWORKER life.. love imovie app so much and am really having fun with it.. Kind of clueless to video creation.. but I was even more clueless about websites and building a blog and here we are with ANGEL HELP…  and having so much help from sweet people.. just so thankful!!! I am so grateful and full of joy today.. I send you tons of love and hope you are feeling the Winds of Change in the Energy.. as Fantastic!!!!! The Energy is ramping back up in preparation for the Solstice.. Know this is a day where your Ancestors and YOU.. all of your Past lives.. gather around you.. connect and it is a special monumental day so many feel.. and always have.. I plan on celebrating in Nature and Hanging out with all that is alive in the Akash and Crystalline Grid of GAIA.. as me, one, all, family.. etc..




Here is my video.. link.. always know what I share.. in anything.. is freely shared however you want to share it.. I do this and share my journey because I would combust if I did not share my joy and experience.. we each have our own.. we find our power WITHIN.. and its sacred to each of us.. we are magnificent creation.. YES YOU ARE!!!!! and here is a little of our journey.. we may not be promoted in Hollywood yet.. but hey.. we are known so far into the Galaxy our human mind has a hard time truly understanding the meaning of infinite.. but we are known.. we are loved and we are supported.. this was helped, of course by my family across the veil.. as always!!!  Just a one minute powerhouse for you…AS A LIGHTWORKER!!  YOUR LIFE.. IN A MINUTE!! This just pumped up many in my group.. we loved it.. 

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


I’m going to talk of something here … Fear of Spirit. What I want you to know is, the way mediums work has changed.. Because it’s appropriate in the new energy.. Ghosts or forms of energy are consciousness… Only… IMPRINTS.. LEFT BY FEAR, SADNESS, TRAUMA, ETC OF OUR Ancestors.. Sometimes by you in a past life.. These things may come up, you may feel your old life as fear.. We are going through DNA scrubbing right now.. So some of these traumas may come up.. All you have to do to is say.. With powerful intent.. I release, I step out of this karmic attribute of my past, heal it with my higher self and I step into creation energy… Your LIGHT as a LIGHTWORKER IS SO BRIGHT.. I wish you could see how darkness cannot exist when you walk in a room.. The ABSOLUTE Only thing that can cloak your light is you.. By fear.. Unshield, that’s a fear based tactic taking away your true power.. What many of you Empaths are truly feeling is what you came to feel.. The old energy, to balance it, to heal it, transmute it.. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO BE WALKING VIOLET FLAMES.. KNOW THIS.. shielding this power of your divinity.. Why?? Why are you here?? Really!! If you don’t feel what’s out there, pain, chaos, how do you manifest the want to change it.. I want you to know the power in your light.., your higher self.. How you shine.. My light years ago was as big as half a big basketball stadium on one side of the bleachers…. shown to me.. Ask your higher self to show you your light, don’t cloak your sun!! Because it’s truly like a star and the sun.. That is a LIGHTWORKER.. Only YOU have the POWER to place a jacket around your power of light, no one else.. No matter what they feel.. Only you can cloak yourself… YOU SHINE LIKE A DIAMOND IN THE SUN.. KNOW IT, CLAIM IT.. STEP INTO IT… YOUR HIGHER SELF IS THE VERY BRIDGE TO CREATOR SOURCE.. ITS RIGHT THERE … IM POSTING AN ARTICLE ON THE TRUTH OF DARK SPIRIT BELOW.. WHAT IS IT REALLY??? And I’ve seen it all.. I don’t share this lightly, I lived it.. Know this right here of your Angelic Higher Self!! and know this is for people still searching for their truth!!!

Human rules around spiritual doctrines are just that—Human rules. Step away from that and realize, “If my Higher-Self is within me, then I have a direct line to divinity.” Indeed! That is a wonderful first step. Then the Higher-Self becomes more and more available to you due to your renewed attitude of the relationship you have to it. In some circles, it is called “The Holy Spirit.” This is an energy that is the Human Beings when they need help to accomplish profound things. This is also the definition of the Higher-Self. So this is something that is acknowledged as a real part of universal spiritual energy, and it has many names. Having this energy within your DNA is really like having a pathway to manifestation. For when you begin to get in touch with this part of you, things begin to change in your life.

Spirit sees you as complete and worthy and equal to any entity in the Universe. The Higher-Self then becomes the vehicle you ride in to get there; the mastery rides upon this vehicle.
What kind of energy transference is there from Human to Human when you get close enough to interact in this way? Let me tell you: This is not an invasive transference. This divine grouping portion of your DNA is the one that shouts divinity wherever you walk. It’s the ones that tells those around you that you’re vibrating higher – that you’re starting to awaken. It’s not invasive, but informative. How many of you have had situations where you’ll meet people for the first time and they’ll be back on your doorstep over and over, until finally you’ll say, “What is it that you want?” And they say, “I just want to stand next to you. I don’t know what you’ve got, but I like it, friend, and I want more of this.” They may not even be able to describe it, but they like what you have! Perhaps you don’t even want them around, but they’re there anyway.

Some of you attract and attract. Rather than invasive, this energy is often just the other way around. This energy of balance and wisdom in the bubble that walks with you is so attractive that other humans know it and feel it…

You are an ambassador for the divine. Intuitively activate the layers of DNA that will give you peace and divinity in the face of uncertainty and frustration. This is first. YOU are first, even before the explanation you seek. Learn to accept that even when it seems like everything around you reeks with challenge, there’s a quiet spot called YOU where friends can sit and find solace in your energy. This is what a lighthouse does when the storm hits… it leads others to the safe harbors.



Dear Human Being, protection – spiritual energetic protection – is a relic of the old energy. It’s based in covert fear, and whereas there was a time when you might have wished to shield yourself from the energy of others, that’s no longer needed. Lets use the metaphor of the room that’s dark: When someone comes into the room emanating light, the dark goes away. It does stay! It doesn’t try to attack back. Instead, it’s transmuted. Dark becomes light, and you are the Lighthouse who creates this. So again, dark energy isn’t an active energy. It completely depends on an empty place to exist… and that empty place is where fear is found.
You’re the one who carries that light! It’s automatically generated when you begin to vibrate higher and develop your divinity. Wherever you walk, your light will transmute any dark energy in your path. There’s no need for protection. Use the light that you have to completely saturate anything that’s inappropriate that you come into contact with. This is a reality and a promise..
Don’t be frustrated and fearful about those around you who you believe are carrying darker energies. In this new energy, even the darkest Human Being whom you can imagine in your presence won’t have a chance to pierce the light you carry. They can’t shoot a dark gun at you! Those who try to project darkness need an empty space with no light for their darkness to exist. That, by the way, is why there’s so much frustration within so many of them. Those who carry dark energy around with them by choice simply won’t get anywhere when they try to do what they’ve always done… influence everything around them and create fear. When they can’t seem to affect you, they get very angry. Did you notice? They get angry because you don’t react to their darkness, Lighthouse.



Shine your light darlings… Shine it powerful!!!! Be the lion of light!! Fear is in your past, not in your now!!! Manifest peace… No one can STEAL your energy, your the one gifting all of humanity with the powerful sun you carry… You came to do this.. And your higher self and source can renew you in less than two minutes, just talk to your DNA, talk to your higher self.. Give it a name.. Why not!! I love u guys..


sending love to the darkest places.. and thank you to the little bit of Kryon I put here.. love that man who channels so well…. Lee Carroll.. muah!


need a lightworker friend.. here is my page..

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and the link to the AMAZING facebook group of such grace, love and light… Lightworker & Empath Support.. you are so welcome to join hands with us in a Sacred Space..

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