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Healing Prayer For Unconditional Love & Omnipresent Compassion

Prayer for my Unconditional Love and Omnipresent Compassion 2.19.14 Albert Marsh

I’ve been feeling resentment and anger towards an acquaintance, who I believe may be feeling the same towards me. This is not my usual cheerful feeling. I woke up this morning and realized that this is caused by entity influence, and I want to heal and release it. I did an entity and thought form healing prayer, as follows:

This is a thought form healing for myself to heal & release my false belief in resentment and anger. I ask that my higher self AAA (the Holy Spirit) guide me in this.

I know that my Creator is omnipresent and unconditional love. My Creator is perfection everywhere now. My Creator is the healer of all negativity. My Creator is peace and harmony. My Creator is the healer of false beliefs.

I am one with my Creator and all of His/Her attributes. I am perfect omnipresence and unconditional love. I am peace and harmony. I am the healer of all my negativity & false beliefs about holding onto resentment & anger.

I accept my omnipresence and unconditional love in my every moment, wherever I am. Any experiences in my past of anything less than omnipresence and unconditional love are now healed, forgiven, released and lifted from me into the perfect harmony of the Creator,where they dissolve and disappear. I am now perfect unconditional love and omnipresent compassion.

I am thankful and grateful to the Creator for this healing.

I release this prayer into the Universe. I know that every word of it is true, and that the Creator accepts it and makes it so for me now. Thank you wonderful God, and so it is.

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Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on February 20, 2014 at 1:59pm

Albert wrote his healing prayer for getting rid of negativity, depression, etc based on the following info:


The Thought-Form Healing, as its name suggests, heals negative thoughts and the
many problems that may arise from them. This powerful prayer can heal anything
that needs healing. With this prayer you can heal any physical, mental, or
emotional problem for yourself or for anyone else. By turning your attention
within, you can recognize limiting beliefs and feelings. What you can feel, you
can heal. And when you identify the negative thoughts, feelings, emotions,
patterns, habits, and conditions that influence you adversely, and how they make
you feel - you can heal them.This prayer has a simple formula: Feel, name,, & then release the negative thought. Then replace it with a positive one. The prayer has 2 blank spaces. When you come across the 1st one, close your eyes & notice any negative feelings coming up. Say these out loud.Then continue reading the prayer. At the second blank space, close your eyes & name any positive feelings that are the opposite corelates of the negative feelings named in the 1st blank 

Here is the Thought-Form Healing prayer - Long Form:

“I invoke God's loving presence & power to release, eliminate, loose, & let go of any & all needs, desires, thoughts, feelings, negations, or limitations that no longer serve me. I now release & dispel the pattern within me that created any & all false beliefs (  list negative thoughts  ).

I Am now free from these negations, & I Am also free from any other thoughts & emotions that do not reflect the divine Truth of my Being. These thoughts & emotions no longer have any power over me. They are lovingly lifted, transmuted, & transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit right now & are now gone. I Am now open & free to embrace positive, life-supporting, energizing thoughts & emotions. I Am now glad, light-hearted, cheerful & free, just as God created me to be. I now welcome & accept thoughts of (  list positive correlates  ). I Am now in balance. I Am in control. Thank You God! And So It Is!!!"
"I now invoke God's loving Presence & power & heal & transform & release all negations (  list negative thoughts  )  into the divine Light of God's Love & Truth, & they are now gone. I now welcome & accept thoughts of  (  list positive correlates  ). Thank Youu God! And So It Is!!!"
This shortcut version of the same prayer can be used just as effectively as the longer version. Ask the Holy Spirit which is the most appropriate version for you.
When you speak the words “I Am,” imagine that your Higher Self is speaking those words.
Do this exercise now. Do you feel more positive and uplifted ?
This powerful prayer is a way to take command over your life by reversing
negative emotions. Once you know this prayer you no longer have an excuse to
remain in a bad mood! You have the power & means to change it. Now you have a
choice – to wallow in self-pity, sickness, depression – or you can speak out
this prayer and begin to feel better. Use it any time you feel down, either
physically, mentally, or emotionally. It works! If you are stuck in thoughts or
emotions during meditation, stop your meditation and use the Thought-Form
Healing. Here is a chart of 36 negative feelings and emotions and their opposites. If you
are feeling any negative emotions listed on the left side of the chart – the
Thought-Form Healing can help you. Use the left side of the chart for the 2nd
black space in the healing prayer, and the right side for the 3rd blank space.

1. Unworthiness, inadequacy                        1.Self-worth,
2. Sadness,pain,grief,suffering                       2. Happiness, joy,comfort,wholeness
3. Guilt, shame humiliation                            3.Forgiveness, self-acceptance
4. Limitation, poverty                                    4.Abundance, prosperity
5. Fear, trepidation                                         5.Courage, faith, love
6. Anger, hatred, hostility                             6.Love,forgiveness,friendliness
7. Blame,resentment,self-pity                       7.Accepting,responsibility,praise
8. Punishment, vengeance                            8.Forgiveness
9. Doubt                                                           9. Faith
10. Loss, incompleteness                            10.Gain, oneness, wholeness
11. Rejection                                              11. Self-acceptance, self-love
12. Sickness, ill-health                              12.Health, wholeness
13. Confusion, disorder                               13. Clarity, d ivine order
14. Inflexibility, stubbornness                       14.Flexibility, letting go
15. Attachment, obsession                           15. Letting go & letting god
16. Addiction, dependency                          16.Independence, self authority
17. Old age, death &nb sp;      ;                     17.Youthfulness, life, ascension
18. Coercion, domination                             18.Permissiveness, respect
19. Conceit, egotism                                    19.Humility, seeing God in all
20. Judgment, criticism                               20.Nonjudgment, appreciation
21. Tiredness, exhaustion                              21.Vitality, energy
22. Depression, despair                                22. Lightness, joy, love, hope
23. Frustration, obstruction, delay                 23. Letting go ,
24. Anxiety, worry                                        24. Calm, relaxation, peace
25. Evasion, flight                                        25. Assuming responsibility
26. Manipulation                                           26. Letting go, allowing
27. Pressure, stress                                       27.Adequacy, resourcefulness
28. Burden                                                       28 Giving over to God
29. Ego-façade, embarrassment                     29. Naturalness, beauty
30. Fight or flight, surv ival                             30.Nonresistance
31. Possessiveness, bondage                         31.Release, freedom
32. Jealousy,competition, envy                32. Satisfact ion, goodwill,fulfillment
33. Perfectionism                                         33. Self-acceptance, self-love
34. Impatience, irritation                             34.Patience, tranquility
35. Selfishness                                            35. Compassion thoughtfulness
36. Mistake, error                                        36. Forgiveness, perfection

Comment by silvie martin on February 20, 2014 at 3:49pm

Dear Steve:

I read all that you send and I just want to take this time to thank you so much.  Your messages are a blessing to my soul.  Namaste


Comment by Angel~a - Admin. on February 20, 2014 at 8:23pm

Thank you Steve! Great Prayer!

Love and Light,


Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on February 20, 2014 at 9:00pm

Thank you Silvie, Lori, & Angel-a for your uplifting replies.

Blessings of Love & Light to all,


Comment by Melvin "Yahweh" M. Lusterio on February 21, 2014 at 4:01am

The Good Force be with you!

Thanks, Admin Steve & Albert, for the messages! Keep it up!

The positive thoughts are chosen to be good to think & requires action to do...

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) *

Comment by Vaishali Patel on February 21, 2014 at 10:18am

Thank you so much Steve for sharing this...

Very helpful indeed...

Infinite Love, light and Bliss..



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