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Dearly beloved Family of the Violet Light and Ray,

2017 can truly be called an "Imbolc year" in accordance with what I've seen so far - the IMBOLC SUN energy is continually being downloaded NOW throughout this initializing Moon of New Inspiration, called SNOW MOON here in Austria. I'm sure you feel the high peaking energies same as me - and they are turning everything we have known up to now pretty much upside down ... Lady FAITH, Consort of AA Michael, is the one who sustains us with all that we need in this dark testing period whence our lives open up to new joy and fulfillment as we learn to let go more and more of preconfined patterns, diving instead into the ocean called LIFE. The moments which will be most testing for us are the ones when our ego appears, claiming owner-  or authorship over what has begun to so naturally unfold in our lives. These are the moments when calling on Lady Faith brings immediate relief. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second - NOW! - we decide what PERSPECTIVE we take when we look at our or other people's lives. Change the perspective - and the entire scenario attains a different glow / frequency / range of possibilities of how to continue on from right THERE where the 3-D personality got stuck.

We have now entered this testing period on a prettys large scale which will help all of us who are ready for testing new waters to finetune our inner knowingness and I would like to invite you all to TRAIN this shift of perspective as much as you can in your everyday lives!

I have been receiving some interesting visions and insights since February 2nd which I will share with all of you in Perfect Divine Timing (PDT). But if you would like to aid me a bit and you are able to perceive all life's interconnectedness: Could you tell me if you are noticing something entirely NEW around the human energy field known by most of us as the "aura, as of lately"? Probably the first ones where these changes manifest are lightworkers like you and me ...Would love to hear what you have to say on that!

For the coming days until the New Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse on February 26th I envision the conclusion of the era of darkness as the new light is slowly gaining momentum again! As the LIGHT is continually and noticeably MORE every day from IMBOLC onwards, the LIGHT of the CREATOR shall shine upon us a bit longer and more intense every day from now on! What we have been working for, preparing for for so long shall finally BEAR FRUIT.

So BE it - and so it IS!

In deep, deep gratitude to my Dragon (Rider) Family, Violet Flame Soul Circle, and YOU for reading and sustaining the GRID of LIGHT NOW ON EARTH in your 3-D bodies in these times whence our focussed intention helps to stabilize and build PEACE, JUSTICE and FORGIVENESS among mankind!

I AM God's Divine Will in ACTION

I AM God's Divine WISDOM in ACTION

I AM God's Divine LOVE in ACTION





I AM THE CHARISMA of a person who stands UNITED with the WILL of the CREATOR,


I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM


Sonja Myriel RAouine

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Dear Sonja,

I can not understand the meaning of Imbolc....

Yes, I can feel the Energies have changed ...I can feel very easily and can able to connect with the source very easily...

Some I can not explain but I am feeling good...Some occult powers are helping too...

In Love, Light, Wisdom, Harmony , Balance & Peace....

I Am That I Am....My Higher Self is helping me a lot....

Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Tseboyeth.....


Imbolc is one of the four Celtic celebrations which are distributed inbetween the Solstices and Equinoxes. And it is true: Imbolc here where I live, celebrated on the 2 February or around that time at the Full Moon, marks the time when the days are becoming perceivable longer. The light is returning - and this is the main message for 2017, a year of reMEMBRANCE, the year of the awakening of humanity to group- and planetary consciousness which will open our reality to galactic communication.

Dear Sonja,
Thanks for your explanation...I was confused...Now it's clear...

Thank you Sonja for this thoughtful message. Humanity is ready for springtime in our consciousness. It is so needed!

I Am That I Am



Aum and Namaste dearest Sonja,

Thank you for sharing the above

I feel a change...a shift ..cant express it . just feel it...

The cosmic sound of Aum is resonating more and more

The trees are talking....





big hug with lots of lov


Dear Tej,
Thanks for the pictures with all explanation...

My Atma to you Namaste Sohini Ben.

Dear Tej,

You are always welcome...

Sending you Love, Light & Peaceful Blessings,

Galactic communication reverberating in the all- filling AUM sound which is growing a bit more intense now every day! Trees and dragons adobe sounding the AUM of CREATION! Humanity, are we ready to join the chorus and play our part in the Galactic Ascension Process? The immediate answer is YES! We are ready! Ready to take and share responsibility!

Love always, dearest Tej - one frequency of vibration we ARE!

Sonja Myriel


Let us UNITE and transmute back all misqualified energy into pure Divine Potential, weaving the NET of VIOLET LIGHT all around the planet!

Violet Flame Album

April 28, 2012: Entrance to the other world ...


Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


Lightgrid CONNEXION Groups

This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!


Sounds of Silence is a wonderful light filled site where you find lots of interesting information, pictures, videos and groups which add to what you find here at lightgrid. 

If you would like


to receive information from that site, please sign up, following this link.


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